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Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

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A well-known farmer and miller of Boonton, Horace N. VAN DUYNE, was born in Montville township, Morris county, June 8, 1834, and is a representative of an old family of Holland that was founded in America at an early period in our colonial history. The first of whom we have authentic record is James VAN DUYNE, who with his parents emigrated from Amsterdam, Holland, a location being made on Long Island, where the city of Brooklyn now stands. He remained there until he had attained his majority, after which he came to New Jersey, locating in what is now Montville township, Morris county. Here he erected the house which is still standing and now occupied. Here were born his son

  • Richard, and his son
  • Martin, and his sons
  • Elias O. and
  • Horace N.

James VAN DUYNE married, and his son Martin was the great-grandfather of our subject. Martin VAN DUYNE had three sons,

  • William,
  • Martin and
  • Richard,

the last named being the grandfather of our subject. He was a prominent farmer and a member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married Elizabeth FREDERICKS, and their children were

  • Martin R.;
  • Daniel, who married Phoebe CRANE, of Caldwell, New Jersey;
  • Sarah, wife of Joseph HENION;
  • Jane, wife of Nicholas HUYLER, of Boonton; and
  • Isaac, who married Rachel MILLEDGE, and resided in this county.

Martin R. VAN DUYNE, the father of our subject, acquired a good practical education in his youth, and then learned the tanner and currier's trade, which he followed for a number of years. He also served as a member of the militia, and was a public-spirited citizen who did all in his power for the advancement and upbuilding of the community with which he was connected. After his marriage he located on the farm which is now the home of our subject, built a tannery and conducted the same for a number of years. He was a prominent and active member of the Dutch Reformed church, and his life, which was in harmony with the teachings of the church, won him the love and confidence of many friends. He married Julia A. CRANE, a descendant of Jasper CRANE, who emigrated from England and located in Branford, Connecticut. His wife was Alice, and their son

  • Azariah married Rachel LAMSON, and their son, also named
    • Azariah, was a deacon in the church and married Mary TREAT. One of the children of this marriage was
      • Stephen CRANE, and to him and his wife, Rhoda Crane, was born a son,
        • Benjamin, who married Mehitable DUNNING.

In the family of this worthy couple was a son to whom they gave the name Benjamin and who wedded Eleanor STILES. By this last marriage was born Julia CRANE, the mother of our subject. Martin R. and Julia VAN DUYNE became the parents of nine children:

  • Rev. Elias O., of Boonton;
  • Horace N.;
  • Sarah F., wife of George C. FREEMAN, of Orange, New Jersey;
  • Elizabeth E., deceased wife of John BANTA;
  • Harriet J., wife of Isaac M. WILLIAMS, of Orange;
  • Hettie M., wife of B. R. HILL, of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania;
  • Simeon, of Boonton;
  • Lucy A., wife of A. G. BROWN, of South Orange, New Jersey; and
  • Lewis, who makes his home in Boonton.

The father of these children spent his entire life in Morris county. Born in Montville township, November 27, 1804, he passed away February 7, 1878, at the age of seventy-four, and his wife died October 7, 1873.

Horace N. VAN DUYNE learned the trade of wheelwright and followed that pursuit for sixteen years in Boonton, and during that period he erected several business houses which he still owns. In 1872 he returned to the old homestead in order to care for his parents and relieve his father of the arduous duties of managing the property. He erected a steam gristmill, which he conducted for several years in connection with agricultural pursuits. He is now engaged in bee culture and is the owner of a very fine apiary. He is a man of excellent business and executive ability, sound judgment and keen foresight, and carries forward to successful completion, whatever he undertakes. In connection with his other interests he is a stockholder in the Boonton National Bank, and is regarded as one of the most reliable and substantial business men in his section of the county.

On the 22d of May, 1858, Mr. VAN DUYNE was united in marriage to Miss Catharine BANTA, who was born March 9, 1837, and is a daughter of Henry and Catharine (LOW) BANTA. Their union has been blessed with two children. The son,

  • Freeman H., born June 18, 1861, wedded Mary L., daughter of Azariah CRANE.

The daughter,

  • Hattie M., born January 19, 1865, is the wife of William J. SMITH, and they have two children,
    • Clifford F., born November 3, 1892; and
    • Julia Catharine, born May 16, 1896.

In his political views Mr. VAN DUYNE is a Democrat and is well informed on the issues of the day and deeply interested in the success of his party, but has never sought or desired political office, preferring to devote his energies to his business, in which he is meeting with signal success. He holds membership in the Christian Reformed church, of Lower Montville, and is serving as one of its elders.

This biography was scanned and contributed by Catherine Smith DeMayo.

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