George Whiteman
Morris Co. Up

Biographical and Genealogical History of Morris County New Jersey. Illustrated. Vol. II., Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1899.

A liveryman of Chatham, whose residence in Morris county dates from 1890, Mr. WHITEMAN is one of the boys in blue who, at the call of their country, went forth to battle for the Union, and throughout the years of his manhood he has been known as a loyal citizen, whether in days of peace or war.

He is a native of Oswego county, New York, and a son of Abram WHITEMAN, who was of German descent, but was born in the Empire state, where he followed the occupation of farming. He was one of a family of ten children, the others being:

  • Betsey, who married Isaac MITCHEL;
  • Henry;
  • Lany;
  • William;
  • Philip;
  • Catherine, wife of John KENYON;
  • Jacob;
  • Abraham; and
  • Sallie, who married Jacob SCHULTZ.

To the parents of our subject were born five children, of whom he is the eldest. The others are

  • Charles, a resident of Philmont, New York;
  • Robert, who is living in Hudson, New York;
  • Jarvis, of Ghent, that state; and
  • Frank, of Chatham, New York, who is now holding a lucrative position as a telegraph operator. He is an expert in that line, and has made a number of important discoveries concerning telegraphy.

Reared in the state of his nativity, Mr. WHITEMAN there remained until after the inauguration of the Civil war, when, prompted by a spirit of patriotism, he joined Company A, One Hundred and Twenty-eighth New York Infantry. He was first sent to Baltimore, and later participated in a number of engagements; but, ultimately, on account of ill health, was sent to the hospital and discharged by reason of his physical disability.

On the 18th of February, 1864, Mr. WHITEMAN married Miss Addie WAUGH, daughter of John and Sarah (SUCHWELL) Waugh, natives of Madison, New Jersey. His wife died February 3, 1882, leaving one child,

  • Ray;

for his second wife he chose Ella C. RATHBUN, a native of Madison, New Jersey, and a daughter of Amos C. RATHBUN. Socially Mr. WHITEMAN connected with the Grand Army of the Republic, and thus continues military associations and friendships. He votes with the Republican party and is a stanch advocate of its leading measures. In business he is straight-forward and reliable, and his courtesy to his patrons, combined with an earnest effort to please them, has brought to him good success.

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