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Plate 7 - Madison
Morris Co. Up

Robinson's Atlas of Morris County New Jersey, published 1887.

The following is an alphabetical list of name from Plate 7 - Part of Madison in Chatham, Morris and Passaic Townships, Morris County

Baker Est
Ballantine, Robt F.
Baldwin, Albert
Bryce, Mrs. J.
Burnett, S.D. Est
Burnet, B. Warren
Cobb, G.T., Est
Conklin, A.W.
Danforth, George H. Est
Dwight, Jonathan
Force, Isabella
Ford, F&I
Harper, Chas. W.
Hays, Henry
Howell, Benj.F.
Howell, B.F.
Jones, J.
Kitchell, Dr., Est
Lathrop, Mrs. F.S.
Macknet, Theodore
Muchmore, Lyman
Muchmore, W.F.
Peddie, J.
Pierson, W.W.
Plum, Mathias
Sayre, Rich
Theabud, Ed.V.
Treadwell, Mrs. A.M.
Wilder, Enos  

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