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Plate 9 - Madison
Morris Co. Up

Robinson's Atlas of Morris County New Jersey, published 1887.

The following is an alphabetical list of name from Plate 9 - Part of Madison in Chatham Townships, Morris County

Albright, Dr. John
Albright, J.P.
Baker, J.
Bardon, E.
Beaupland Est
Berry, Travers
Beveny, Mary
Brady, M.
Brittin, M.J.
Bruen, A.R.
Bruen, Benj. F.
Bruen, E.N.
Bruen, Frank A.
Bruns, John
Bryce, James Est
Bryce, W.
Bryce, William
Carter, Betsey & Phebe
Carter, William J.
Chapman, George
Coltun, Mrs.
Connelly, Pat.
Cook, C.F.
Cook, Geo. P.
DeHart, E.F.
Dumont, W.
Dumont, W.H.
Dunn, Simon
Ebling, Mrs. J.A.
Ebling, Mrs. Julia A.
English, P.
Fegan, F.
Freitz, M.
Fuller, Dr. Frank
Genung, I.B.
Genung, Isa.
Genung, Isaac
Gibbs, Mrs.
Gillam, Chas.
Gray, T.
Griswold, Mrs. J.A.
Griswold, Warren
Halsey, Isaac
Harkins, Mrs. E.
Haughwout, E.V.
Hentz, Henry
Hyghland, W.
Johnson, T.V.
Kelley, F.
Kopper, H.J. (lessee)
Lee, Th.
Lum, Charles
Lum, Geo.
Manah?, J.
Marrone, W.F.
Marsh, Mrs.
McCormick, J.
McGennis, M.
Mickey, Mrs.
Miller, J.B. Est
Muller, W.
Niles, Hon. Nathaniel
Niles, Mrs.
Pierson, M.
Pomeroy, G.
Pomeroy, Geo. Est
Pomeroy, L.
Price, Misses.
Redding, F.
Roberts, D.H.
Roper, Frank
Samson, E. Nelson
Sayre, W. Est
Seaman, F.A.
Slaughter, Thomas Jefferson
Stand, Jos.
Theband, D.E.
Trowbridge, J.
Tunis, J.M.
Tuttle, Will P.
Webb, J.A.  

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