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Plate 23 - Borough of Dover
Morris Co. Up

Robinson's Atlas of Morris County New Jersey, published 1887.

The following is an alphabetical list of name from Plate 23 - Borough of Dover, Randolph Twp., Morris County [It appears as it encompasses more land mass than Plate 22, but seems to show only major land holders.]

Brotherton, James
Buck, P.
Byram, Mrs. E.
Carpenter, C.W.
Crystal, George
Evans, Thos.
George, Richard
Goodale, J.A.
Hurd, J.W.
Jenkins, D.
Jennings, M.
King, W.F. Est
Lord, J. Cooper, Est
McDavit, Wm.H.
Oram, Robt.
Phillips, W.W.
Richards, George
Ross, E.J.
Simpson, J.H.
Tucker, D.C.

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