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Chester - 1860
Morris Co. Up

SCHEDULE 1. Free Inhabitants in Chester Township in the County of Morris State 
of New Jersey enumerated by me, on the 20th day of June 1860, David W. Dillicker Asst. Marshal.
Post Office Peapack.

Patry, John J.154MFarmerNJ01
Patry, Lydia145FNJ02
Patry, Elizabeth C.114FNJ03
Brown, Alfred137MFarm LaborerNJ04
Brown, Louiza123FNJ05
Brown, George H.16MNJ06
Brown, Anna H.11FNJ07
Patry, Jacob148MFarmerNJ08
Patry, Marinda H.151FNJ09
Patry, Eli C.120MNJ10
Babcock, Hariet18FNJ11
Howell, Stephen R.125MFarmerNJ12
Howell, Margaret V.121FNJ13
Howell, George18/12MNJ14
Lindaberry, Jacob H.140MFarmerNJ15
Lindaberry, Mary Ann140FNJ16
Lindaberry, William H.112MNJ17
Lindaberry, Richard V.19MNJ18
Lindaberry, Benjamin F.17MNJ19
Lindaberry, Isaac111MNJ20
Lindaberry, Jacob C.152MFarmerNJ21
Lindaberry, Catharine Ann144FNJ22
Lindaberry, Emaline118FNJ23
Lindaberry, Conrad114MNJ24
Lindaberry, Anna Marie18FNJ25
Kennedy, Hiram H.147MRetired FarmerNJ26
Kennedy, Henry L.114MNJ27
Luse, Ann151FNJ28
Luse, Henrietta122FNJ29
Luse, Mary116FNJ30
Luse, Henry114MNJ31
Luse, John W.112MNJ32
Emmans, William H. K.126MFarm LaborerNJ33
Opdyke, John132MNJ34
Opdyke, Anna133FNJ35
Opdyke, Mary18FNJ36
Opdyke, Lydiann16FNJ37
Opdyke, Arabell14FNJ38
Opdyke, William11MNJ39



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