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Pequannock Tax List
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The following list was submitted by Kevin

Pequannock Township Tax Ratables 
May 1778 and (February 1780)

Originally from The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey Whole Number 169 Vol. 45 #1 by Kenn Stryker-Rodda


c-horned cattle   ex-exempt   h-horse(s)   hh-householder   p-pigs   
rc-riding chair (single axle carriage)sm-single man who works for hiresm&h- single man who keeps a horseu- acres of unimproved land-amount out at interest

cut-off- my copies are off-center and the right hand columns are sometimes missing data
* on 1778 list; not on 1780
(entries on 1780 list); second set of facts in parenthesis refer to changes since 1778; unchanged items not noted (the way it is in the magazine)

Numbers without letter(s) are acres of improved land that are taxed

My addendum are noted "KR"; all else is from the magazine , and probably Mr. Stryker-Rodda's

Fun Fact#1- 51 acres was estimated to be the minimum amount of land to feed a family of 6 ("A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies" Firth Haring Fabend p. 91)

Fun Fact #2-Altho the English traditionally preferred mutton, then beef, pork became the meat of choice in the colonies. Pigs required far less maintenance than cattle. ("Everyday Life in Colonial America" Dale Taylor p.79) Pork seemed to preserve better by salting and brine than beef. The invention of refrigerated rail cars would propel beef to the forefront

Fun Fact #3- Many animals were allowed to roam free. Brands and marks were recorded in the Pequanock Town Book from 1741, and strays were were routinely posted . (Some Early Records of Morris County, NJ" Stryker-Rodda)An example: "Jan. 15-1747 then came to Hendrick Mouerson a bay mare with a wite streak in her forehead and one wite foot behind and a short doock tale and a small slit in the toop of each eare coming four years ould I thinck" (ibid p.24)

Hendrick's Will of 1786 mentions a variety of animals "in the woods"of his farm.

Not -so-fun-fact: Remember , there was a war on, and the army would winter at Morristown 1777 and after Dec.1, 1779-1780 (the coldest winter in the 18th century -"Colonial and Revolutionary Morris County" Theodore Thayer p.227).

These are transcriptions of transcriptions, and subject to error; everyone is encouraged to check the original , available thru the LDS. NJ (and Morris County) is lucky, our tax records pretty much survived from 1778 until about 1822. When you consider the 1790-1820 NJ Federal Census did not, these become a valuable substitute.

First 2 names are cut off my copy

Job Allen 200; 6h, 19c, 4p. ex. (+20u, 2h, 13c, 0p)
(Zach Allen sm&h)
Reubin Ayrs* 35, 4c
Ben. Allenton hh (0hh; 3c)
(Jacob Allenton 1h, 2c)
(Robert Ayres 36; 2h,1c,1p)
(Corn. Arvin 50; 1h,3c)
David Brewer 92; 4h,8c,4p;ex (96, 2h,5c,3p, gm)
John Blowon 30;3h (Blowers 36; 1c)
Ezekiel Baldwin 51; 2h,5c,7p (90;3h,4c,5p) (my ancestor-KR)
Martin Berry 150; 9h,13c,3p,1s; ex (9c, 2s)
Martin Berry Jr. (25 + 8 u; 4h,5c,2p (0u; 6h, 6c)
Peter Berry 25; 4h, 7c, 3p,1s (6c, 4p)
(Peter Berry Jr. sm)
Jacob Berry *50 +25u 4h, 4c, 3p
Henry Berry * 50+ 25u ; 3h, 4c, 4p
(Jacob & Henry Berry 99+ 40u; 8h, 8c, 3p)
David Bruin 100; 2h, 15c, 3p (Brewin 125; 4c, 1p)
Samuel Berry 50 + 200u; 3h, 5c,1p; 650; ex (0)
Samuel Berry Jr. 50 +100u; 6h,7c,3p,1s (5h, 4c)
Josiah Bigelow * sm
Jon. Bigelow* sm
Elias Baldwin* 40; 2c, 1p
John Burrel Jr. hh; 1c (John Burrel 40u at Mt. Hope)
Uzal Bates in. Comn. 297
John Burns 10; 1h, 4c, ex (0h, 2c)
Josiah Beaman sm (Jr)
David Beaman 55, 3h, 12c, 2p; ex (9c)
Josiah Beaman 140; 3h, 11c (250; 4h, 10c)
Titus Berry 107; 2h, 8c, 2p; ex (96; 3h, 7c, 5p)
John Barwel* 11; 3c, 3p (torn; may be more)
Wm. Bunton 30; 2h, 3c, 1p (0; 1h, 6c, 0p)
Adam Burrel* 4c
Jacob BeSteady 100; 40c (Besteady 0; 2h, 4c)
Herick Benjam (?)* 1
John Besteady 2h, 1c, 4p (Besteady 5c, 3p)
Jacob & Job Baldwin 100; 9c, (83; 0c)
Aaron Bigelow* 114; 2h, 5c, ex
Ben. Beach 100; 2h, 6c, 3p, ex (70 + 200u; 3h, 5c, 2p, forge, sawmill)
James Barjoe 89+23u ; 9h, 11c, 7p, 1s, ex (108 +0u; 8h, 10c, 5p)
John Brown 5c, 1p, (3c, 0p)
Humphrey Booth* sm
Saml. Berry Jr.* sm
(Matthew Baldwin 35; 1c, 1p)
(Aaron & Jos. Biglow 217; 2h, 4c, 4p)
(Thos. Bartow 200u)
(Martin Berry ye 3rd sm)
(George Baily sm at Mt. Hope)
David Crane* 10; 3c
Henry Cook 17 + 20u; 3h, 3c, 4p (0u; 2h, 5c, 1p)
Hermone Corter 140; 6h, 14c, 5p, 1s ; ex (100; 8h, 9c, 1p)
Henry Corter 3h, 2c, 1p (3c, 0p)
John Conert sm (Coneirt taxed at Mt. Hope "poor")
Jon. Carter hh; 1h, 1c, 2p (Cartar 0hh, 4h, 1p)
Wm & John Coughlen 31; 5h, 8c, 3p (32; 7h, 1p)
Ben. Coe Essex 100, 15c (Essex omitted; 0c )
Robt. H. Clark hh
Robt. Clark*hh
John Corter sm (0sm, 40; 2h, 3c)
Abr. Crane* hh
Sam. Cobb* hh
Timothy Canfield sm (Tim Canfield 0sm; 1, 2c, 1p)
Walter Cardiff hh (0hh; 1c)
James Cardiff sm (2h)
Zophar Carne 149; 4h, 5c, 6p, ex (130; 3h, 3c, 1p)
Fredrick Cole 40; 2h, 3c, 1p (37; 3h )
next name illegible (Challottenburg Com. 60 + 1000)
Jon. Cheever* 50, 3h, 4c, 1p
John Canady* sm
Joseph Conger 45; 1h, 3c, 2p; merchant (27; 1p, 0 merchant; gm, sawmill)
John Cook 44; 2h, 4c, 5p (3h, 3c, 2p)
Hibernia Comp* 3000, 6h, 14c
Joseph Cripps* hh, 2c
(Peter Joseph Cripps 2c, 2p at Mt. Hope
Joseph Casterlin* 1
(Joseph Corrinton 1c)
James Coe 1h, 1c, 1p)
(Thos. Codmas 100)
(Nathl. Clifton tx)
Wm. Cook 200, 2c, 1p. forge, saw mill)
(Thos, Carr 10; 1h, 2c, 5p)
(Thos. Conger 1c Blacksmith)
(James Cardiff sm at Hibernia)
(Walter Cardiff 2h, 1c, at Hibernia )
David D. Camp* 60; 4h, 4c, 2p, ex
Jacob D. Camp* sm&h
John Devenport 200; 2h, 2c, 2p (Davenport 3h, 3p)
(Abr. Davenport 3h, 5c, 2p)
Norm. Devenport* 3h, ?c, 3p
Richard Die 50; 4h, 7c, 8p, 1s, ex (100; 2h, 5c, 2p, tanyard)
John Die 150; 3h, 7c, ex (100; 2h, 2c, 2p)
Thomas Die 150; 3h, 7c, 4p, ex (4h, 1p)
Tho. Clin. Doremas 50, 3h, 6c, 3p (C. 2p)
Coline Doremas 70 + 30u; 7h, 13c, 5p, 1s, ex (3h, 8c, 1p 0s)
Peter Cline Doremus 50 (C. 3h, 4c, 1p)
Thos, Doremas 160; 5h, 7c, 6p (158; 4h, 0p, trader)
Henry Doremas 62; 2h, 6c, 4p (0p, tanyard)
Cornelias Doremas 60; 2h, 7c, 1s, ex (4h, 4c)
John Doremas 60, 4h, 5c, 3p (3h, 0p)
Phillip Dormer 50; 2h, 2c, 4p (3h, 4c, 0p)
John Dodd 200, 4h, 12c, 4p, 1s, ex (3h, 10c, 5p, 0s)
Edw. Downedy* hh, 2c
John DBow 100+20u, 5h, 6c, 4p,ex, 24 (7u; 4h, 5c, 3p, 0, trader)
(Garret DBow 2c, 1p)
Paul DBow 90 +10u; 3h, 5c, 2p (0u; 6h, 4c, 1p)
John Dulhagen 100 + 85u; 7h, 6c, 3p (135 +0u; 5h, 10c, 0p)
John Dulhagen for Garrison* 14c
Barth. Dodd 100; 2h, 6c, 3p (7c, 1p)
Peter Doremas 5+25u; 2h, 2c, 1p (16+0u; 1h, 4c, 0p, trader)
Thos. Dodd 100; 3h, 8c, 4p (4h, 6c, 3p)
John DMott40; 4h, 9c, 3p (3h, 1p)
Garrit DMott 40; 3h, 9c, 1p (4h, 7c)
Henry DMott (320 + 40u; 14h, 24c, 14p, 70, ex (0u; 12h, 21c, 7p. 0)
Michael DMott 1s (os, sm)
Jacob DMott 1s (os, sm)
Henry DMott 1s (os, sm, Jr.)
Jacob Devenport 49; 3h, 9c (4h, 6c, 7p, gm)
John Devenport Jr. 70; 2h, 5c, 4p (3h, 1p)
Lent Devenport 70; 4h, 7c, 3p (50; 3h, 5c, 0p)
Peter Devenport 28; 2h, 3c, 4p (29; 4h, 2c, 3p)
Banajah Daniels 1h, 3c, 2p, ex (2h, 2c, 0p)
James Davis hh (ohh , 1c, at Hibernia)
Adam Dmott 460 +102u; 12h, 20c, 15p, 3s, 222, ex (Demout 562 +0u; 8h, 12c, 4p, 2s , 0, gm)
Exrs. of Fredrick Demout* 173
Walter DGraw* 2h, 4c, 1p
Sterling Daniel 25; 1h, 2c (Daniels 50; 2h, 3c, 2p)
Aaaderion Demondy sm (Derondy)
Mathew Demondy (Derondy)
(John Dunham sm&h)
(Lambertus Derondy 3h, 6c, 3p)
(James Daniels sm)
(Simon Denike sm at Mt. Hope)
(Patrick Doutan {Doulan?} 2c at Mt. Hope)
(Daniel Doutan {Doulan?}no entry at Mt Hope)
Corad Esler 40 + 80u; 3h, 7c, 4p, ex (0u; 4h, 6c, 5p)
John Esler sm (0sm, 70)
(Conrad Esler Jr. hh)
(Henry Esler gm)
Casper Eng-h-t hh, 1c (Englehart 0hh, at Mt. Hope)
Garrit Eof sm&h (0 sm&h; hh, 1h)
(Wm. Elsworth 1h, 1p, 1s, 18.9)
John Jacob Faith, Esq. 363 + ; 15h, 15c, 3p, rc, 2 waggon (365 + 6000u; 12h, 20c, 2p, 1 waggon, 1 phaeton, furnace forges, 1s)
Eben.Farrand 143; 25c, 1p (8c, 0p)
Saml. Farrand 104; 3h, 5c, 2p (2h, 2c)
Phineas Farrand 41; 3h, 5c, 2p (Phenias 140;4h, 4c, 4p, 1s, smith)
George Fervor* hh
Simon Forster* sm
Wm. Fordham hh, 3c (Fordom 2p, at Mt.Hope)
Ben. Fairchild sm (&h .at Mt Hope)
(Nathl. Fairchild 1h, 1c, 1p, 1s, smith)
Richard Faller*hh
Martin Fredrick 61, 3h, 6c, 4p (67; 2h, 5c, 0p)
Peter Francisco 100; 2h, 7c, 3p (3c, 1p)
Adam Fredrick 2h, 1c (2c)
Conrad Fredrick 20, 2h, 3c, 1p (3h)
Peter Fredricks 70; 2h, 7c, 3p (3c, 1p)
Peter Fredrick 2c at mt. Hope)
Fredrick Fredrick 100; 4h, 9c (5c, 1p)
Rich. Francisco 135; 9h, 8c, 6p, 20, ex (125, 2p, 0)
David Feighter* hh, 1c
Bethuel Farrand 110 (80; 2h, 2c)
(Fredrick Fine 8; 1h, 2c, 1p)
(Aaron Francisco 25; 3h, 3c)
(Robert Frier sm)
(Judah Gridly 1h, trader)
(Joshua Gearing 55)
(Abigail Gould 5; 1h, 1c)
Isaac Gould 73; 3h, 7c, 6p (75; 4h, 4c, 0p)
Jacob Gould , Esq. 147; 4h, 5c, 3p; ex (140; 5p)
Rob't Gould 129; 3h, 7c, 4p, ex (135; 2h, 2c, 2p, 1s, trader)
Rob't Gould Jr. 95, 7h, 3c, 2p
Henry Guier* hh
Jemima Gorden* hh
John Gould 100; 5h, 6c, 5p, ex (4h, 5c, 0p)
Mathias Gromow sm (0sm, 1c)
(Jacob Gromow sm)
Conrad Hopler 322; 4h, 11c, 8p, 1s (222; 5h, 13c, 3p)
Joseph Hopler hh; 1h, 2c, 1p ,188.5 , ex (0hh, 10, 70)
Peter Hiler 172 + 50u; 5h, 8c, 9p, ex (Hilar, 180 + 0u, 9c, 0p, gm)
Joseph Harriman 130; 3h, 3c, 3p (2h, 4p)
John Hiler 4h, 6c, 2p, 35 (5c, 0)
Peter Hiler Jr. 4h, 6c, 2p (3h, 3c, 2p)
Nicholas Hiler 231; 4h, 6c, 1p, ex (3h, 5c, 2p)
Nich. & ___iet Hiler 40; 2h, 2c, 2p (Nich. & widow 0p)
Philip Hiler 4h, 6c, 4p (5c, 3p)
John Hymen* hh
Char. Hoff sm&h (hh instead)
Jacob Hopper hh (0hh, 1c)
Philip Hurling sm&h (hh instead)
Daniel Hayard 50; 2h, 2c, 4p (2c, 1p)
Dan. Howard* 4c
(John Howard 2c)
Wm Helme 10, 3h, 4c, 3p, ex (Helm 5, 0p, gm)
Aaron Head_ _ ; 3h, 3c, 3p (Headden 98; 2h, 5c, 2p)
Sam. Headden 43; 2h, 2c, 2p (1p)
John Harriman 50; 2h, 3c, 3p, ex (2p)
Richd. Harriman sm
Silas Hatheway 66; 1h, 2c, 1p (2h, 3c, 2p)
Christian Hoffman hh, 2c (0hh, 1p at Mt. Hope)
Joseph Hull* 94; 3h, 19c, 2p
(Andrew Hubbard 1c at Hibernia)
(Corn. Hiers 1c)
(Saml. Howel 90; 2h)
(Elisha Hubbard sm)
(Cor. Hoagland hh, 1h, 2c)
Edw. Jackson 90; 1h, 4c, 1p (2h, 3c, 4p)
Ben. Jackson 90; 1h, 4c, 1p (2h, 3c, 4p)
Stephen Jackson* 12+11u
James Jennins 50; 2h, 4c, 1p (3c, 3p, tavern)
Henry Jacobus 10; 2h, 5c, 3p (4c, 2p)
Rulif Jacobus* 5c, 3p
Abr. Jacobus sm (Jr. 0sm, 30, 2h)
Brant Jacobus Jr. sm (0sm, 100u)
Cornelias Jacobus Jr. 2h, 5c (Jr. omitted, 1p)
James Jacobus 340 +40u , 11h, 24c, 10p, 2s, ex (James B. 270 + 0u; 7h, 18c, 6p, 1s)
Abr. Jacobus 260; 9h, 20c, 8p, 1s (160; 8h, 18c, 4p, 0s)
Brant Jacobus 70; 3h, 11c, 3p 1s, rc, ex (6c, 2p, 0rc)
C_as Jacobus _8, 4h, 8c, 4p (Corn. 100; 5h, 7c, 3p, trader)
Peter Jacobus* 5c
Dan. Jackson* 1h, 3c, 1p
(John Jacobus 2h)
(James Jacobus Jr. hh, 2h)
(Jotham Johnson 340)
(Jonathan Johnson sm&h at Mt Hope)
Edmund Kingsland 150; 4h, 6c, 3p, 1s (4c)
Jacob Knowse 100; 2h, 8c, 5p (4h, 6c, 0p)
John Knowland 3h, 8c, 7p (2h, 7c, 1p)
Mary Kent 10; 3h, 8c, 2p (2h, 2c, 1p)
Joseph Kitchel 40; 1h, 3c (1c, 1p)
John Keriss 3h, 4c, 3p (Kerris 3c, 2p)
Abr. Kitchel 150; 4h, 12c, 4p, ex (+100u; 6h, 5c, 2p)
James Kester hh; 2c (Keirsey 0hh at Mt. Hope)
Wm Ketchum* hh
Helmer Kent 96; 2h, 4c, 1p (106; 4h, 5c, 3p)
(James Kenyboth 1c)
(Ruliff Kerris 2h, 2c)
(Luke Keirstead 1s)
(Thos. Keepers 200; 2c, forge, sawmill)
Christion Lowrie 60; 3h, 5c, 2p, ex (Lowree 4h, 3c)
Jacob Lish 25, 2c, 2p (0; 2h, 1c, 0p)
Francis Lo_ 1h, 5c, 2p (Losaw 2h, 3c)
Amos Lindsly 226; 2h, 15c, 4p, ex (76; 1h, 8c, 0p)
Eliphalet Lyon 50; 4c, 3p (0; 1h, 2p)
Moses Lindlsy sm (0sm, 50)
Levi Lindsly sm (0sm, 50)
Wm. Leary 17; 2h, 2c, 1s (& Elsworth, 1p, trader, rc)
John Lish hh (0hh, 2c, 1p)
Ben. Lawrence 50, 2h, 4c, 2p (3h, 3c, 0p, tavern)
Effingham Low 100; 3h, 4c, 4p (Effington 2h, 3c, 1p)
John Lyon* sm
Cornelias Little* sm
Saml. Lindsly 50; 2h, 3c, 1p (3h, 2c, 0p)
Eleazor Luse 100; 3h, 7c, 3p (5c, 1p, tavern)
John Low 100; 3h, 4c, 6p (6c)
Eben. Lindsly sm (sm (0sm, 1h, trader)
Lambert Larue 125; 3h, 6c, 5p (Lambertus 3c, 0p)
Peter Lafrance* 1c, 2p
(Zeb Losey 1c)
(Abr. Low sm)
(Stephen Leonard sm)
Saml. More (60)
Saml. Miller* 1 for Copperus
Henry P. Mand_ sm
Peter Mourison* 60
John John Mead 200+ 150u; 16c, 8p, ex ( Meads 120 +, 5h, 10c, 3p)
(John Jn. Meads Jr. 40, 2h, 3c)
Peter Jn. Meads 40, 2h, 2c)
Wm. yellis Mandeville 87+ 8u; 9c, 5p (Wm. Y. 37+ 0u, 4h, 0p)
Jacob Millir 90= 80u; 3h, 3c (Millar 100 +0u; 4c, 1p, saw mill)
Fredrick Millir 250+25u; 6h, 5p (Millar, 200+ ; 5h, 12c, 6p, 0)
John Millir Jr. sm (&h)
(John Millar ye 3rd sm)
Adam Millir 550; 9h, 19c, 10p, ex (Millar 500; 7h, 13c, 1p, ?yard)
John Millir 266; 4h, 7c, 2p (Millar 200; 3h, 5c, 0p)
Thos. Mahew hh, 1h, 1c, 3p (0hh)
Genny McCloud* hh, 1c, ex
Henry Millir 130; 4h, 10c, 6p (Millar 6h, 12c, 5p)
John Morenas* 4, 1c
Henry Mourison 100, 4h, 9c, 5p (7c, 2p)(my ancestor-KR)
Henry Mourison Jr.* hh, 2c
Abr. Mourison* hh, 1h
John M_chlir hh, 1c (Merchler 0hh, 2c at Mt Hope)
David Maclaughton*hh
John Messacre*hh
Wm Makean sm (McKean at Hibernia)
John Mead* sm&h
Jacob Meed 85; 5h, 11c, 7p (Meads 75; 7c, 0p, 1s, tanyard)
Abr. Mourison* 50; 2h, 2c, ex
Robert Millir 3h, 4c (Millar 13, 2h, 3c)
Ann Millir* 1h, 3c
Anthony Mandevile 90; 4h, 1oc, 6p, 1s ((5h, 9c, 4p 2580?)
Ben. Minard 50, 2h, 4c, 3p, ex (3h, 1p)
Jacob Mourison 50; 3h, 5c (2p)
Mouris Mourison 50; 3h, 3c, 3p (2h, 2c, 2p)
David M_enas* hh, 2c
John Mourison 300; 1h, 19c, 2p (50; 2h, 4c, 0p)
John Mandevile 2h, 4c (ye 2nd 3h, 5c)
John Mandevile Jr. 148 + 30u; 4h, 7c, 3p, ex (0 Jr, ye 3rd , 0u, 5c, 0p)
David Mandevile 50; 4h, 7c, 1p (100; 3h, 10c, 5p)
Wm. Mandevile 20; 2h, 6c, ex (55; 4c, 1p)
John yellis Mandevile 100; 7h, 9c, 6p (John Y. 143; 5c, 1s)
Henry Mandevile Esqr. 53 + 26u; 8h, 8c, 5p, ex (54 + 110u; 6h, 9c, 1p)
Henry Mandevile 53 + 120u; 2h, 5c, 2p, ex (58 + 110u; 6h, 9c, 1p)
Abr. Mandevile 140; 5h, 10c, 3p (4h, 8c, 4p)
Peter Mandevile 140; 5h, 10c, 3p (4h, 8c, 4p)
Henry Mandevile Jr. 80; 3h, 5c, 1p (75+100u; 4h, 3c, 2p)
Seth M_urin 70; 3h, 6c, 6p, ex (Mahurin 0, 4c, 4p)
Mouris Mourison 50; 3h, 4c, 4p (3c, 0p)
John Millige 1h, 3c (2h, 2c)
James Millige 30; 2h, 2c, 2p (1c, 0p)
John Millir* at Copperas mine sm
Thos. Martin*sm
Joshua More 56; 2h, 6c, 4p (Joshuah 80; 3c, 0p)
John Munson* 57; 5h, 6c, 3p
(James Munson 57+1000u; 4h, 5c, 2 forges)
Isaac Millir 100; 3p (Millar, 0p)
Francis More 14; 4c, ex (16; 1h, 3c, 2p)
John P. Meed 100+10u; 4h, 15c, 3p (Mead 130; 10c, 1p, tanyard)
Francis Macarty 45?; 2h, 3c, 2p (96; 1p)
(John Mourison Jr. 3h, 3c, 2p)
(Jacob Minton 144, 2h, 2c)
(James Mattox 1c)
(Isaac Mead 1c)
Danl. Mead 1c)
(Rob't Morris Esqr. 250u)
(Humphrey Millige 2h, 1c)
(Thos. Mun tx)
Jon. Nicols* sm
John Nafie 150; 4h, 9c, 4p, ex (5h, 7c, 3p)
(John Norman 1h, 4c)
Saml. Ogden Esqr. 1+1000; ex
Sebastion OCover 2c, ex (Sebaston Hoover)
John Parliman 100; 5h, 5c, 1p, ex (4c, 4p)
Abr. Peer 125; 4h, 5c, 2p, ex (3h, 3p)
Tunis Peer 125; 4h, 4c, 5p, ex (5h, 7c, 3p)
John Peer 127; 2h, 3c, 2p (3h, 1p)
Widdow Peer 1h, 3c, 2p, ex (0h, 2c, 1p)
Eleazer Perkins 50+30u; 3h, 8c, 2p (Elazor 0+0u; 0h. 2c, 1p)
James Parker* sm
Jacob Peer 225; 2h, 1c (125; 3c, 2p)
Saml. Price* 30; 1h, ?c
Thos Peer hh, 1c (0, 2c)
James Price* sm
Saml. Peer* 100; 3h, 5c, 5p, ex
Joseph Porter* hh
Phillip Price hh, 2c (0hh, 1c)
(Phillip Price Jr. 1c, blacksmith)
David Pervost Jr. sm&h
David Perost 11h, 16c, 7p, 2s, 80 (Pervost 12c, 6p, 1s 200)
John Parret* 2h
(Richard Parrot 1; 1c, gm)
Yerry Peterson 3h, 5c (2h)
(James Peer 116, 3h, 5c, 4p)
(James Palmer tx)
(Edmund Parker tx)
Peter Roome Jr. 123+30u; 6h, 6c, 7p, 1s (tx)
Saml. Roome 4h, 5c, 3p (Rome 65; 1c)
Laban Roberts 25; 1c, 1p (2h, 0p)
Joseph Rogers hh; 2c (0hh; 2h)
Peter Roome 100+14u; 6h, 7c, 3p, 1s, ex (Rome 124+30u; 4h, 2p, 200)
Wm. Ross 123; 2h, 9c, 1p (Esq; 3h, 8c)
Saml. Roome* 44+14u; 1p
Michael Rider 2c (3c at Mt. Hope)
Peter Roberts 2h, 2c, 1p (hh, 1c)
Jacob Roome 3; 3h, 12c, 2p (Rome 0; 0h, 2c, 1p)
(Jacob Rome Jr. 65; 4h, 3c, 2p, 1s, tavern)
(Ichabod Ross 1c)
(George Ryerson 150u)
(Isaac Ross sm)
(Christian Resuff 1h, 4c)
(John Rocinter 1c, 1p at Mt. Hope)
Nic. Slingland 190; 7h, 10c, 4p (Nic. Slingerland 100; 8c)
Joseph Sticker 2h, 2c, 2p (4c)
Peter Stickel 50; 2h, 4c, 2p ex (1p)
Barney Simonson 3; 1h, 2c, 3p (3c, 0p)
Francis Seig* hh, 1c
George Showger 3h, 6c, 2p (can't read, cut off-KR)
John Stagg 10; 3c, 1p, ex (0)
Rob't Smith* hh
Thos. Stiles 60; 2h, 5c, 13p (3c, 8p)
Peter Velt Smith* 10u; 10
Saml. Stiles 150; 2h, 7c, 2p (cut off-KR)
Isaac Stiles 80; 2h, 5c, 4p (3c, 4p)
John Stiles 100; 2h, 7c, 3p (cut off-KR)
Elijah Stiles 40+20u; 2h, 4c (60+0u; 3h, 6c, 2p)
Rob't Sanford 360; 6h, 16c, 13p (& Vanhouten 350; 10h 14c)
Rob't Sanford Jr. 145; 4h, 7c, 6p (4p)
Philip Scuyler 200+100u;3h, cut-off -KR (300+0u; 5h, 5c, 1p, 1s)
Peter Slingerland sm&h (80; cut-off-KR)
John Steward* hh, 1c
John Vell Smith 10 (John V. cut-off)
Georg Seig hh, 2c (0hh, at Mt. Hope)
James Steward hh; 3c, 2p, ex (Stewart 0hh, 5p at Mt. Hope)
John Smith*hh
Joseph Scott sm&h (2h, 1c, cut-off-KR)
Allex. Smith sm (Elexander at Hibernia)
Henry Spear sm
Helmer Sipp*6h
Egbert Sandow 130; 6h, 10c, 5p, ex (Saunders 7c, 4p)
John Salter 14; 1h, 1c, 2p, ex (12, 0p)
(John Salter jr. 59; 2h, 3c, trader, tavern, 1500)
John Scarmihorn 300; 6h, 13c, 5p, ex (150+145u; 4h, 10c, 1s)
John Scarmihorn Jr 100; 3h, 7c, 1p (6c, 0p)
Aaron Scarmihorn 100; 2h, 4c, 2p (4h, 5c, 3p)
Jonah Smith 79; 1h, 1c (2h, 4c, 2p)
Christian S_t 40; 2h, 3c, 1p (Strait 40; 2h, 2c)
Daniel ___ _; 3c (Strait 40; 2h, 2c)
Jacob Straight 25; 2h, 2c, 1p (Strait 35; 0p)
John Snyder 30; ?h, ?c, 5p, ex (Snider 150; 3h, 2c, 2p)
Peter Snyder 108; 6h, 12c, 5p, 2s (Snider 118; 11c, 6p)
Abr. Straight* sm&h
Patrick Savage*hh
Bernard Smith 4c, 2p, ex (1h, 1p at Mt. Hope)
Wm. Sanford* hh, 1h, 1c
(John Stephens Esqr. 500u)
(Elex Stewart 1c)
(Abr. Strait 2h, 1c)
(Jsoeph Smith sm)
(Wm. Stephens 1c)
(Thomas Stewart sm)
(Henry Strock 1c at Mt Hope)
(John Shields tx at Mt. Hope "poor Indeed"
Robert Thomson hh (0hh, 1c)
Jacob Taylor 25; 4h, 4c, 5p, ex (30; 3h, 5c, 4p)
Thomas Tone 55; 2h, 3c, 2p (54; 4c)
Jacob Tharp 50; 2c (2p)
Asher Tharp 30; 1h, 3c, p (37; 2h, 2c, 2p)
Henry Tuttle 140; 3h, 11c, 3p, ex (100; 16c, 2p. forge. sawmill)
Eben. Tuttle* 100; 4h, 7c, 5p, ex
Gileon Terhune 100+50u; 4h, 9c, 2p, ex (3h)
Moses Tuttle esq. 347, 6h, 44c, 7p, 100 (& hoagland 160+137u; 13c, 6p, gm, 1s, rc, 0)
Michael Tenerce hh (0hh, 1c at Mt. Hope)
(Sma'l Tuttle 110)
(John Tucker 100, 1h, 2c, 3p)
(Andrew Tenike {no entry})
(Nathan Tomkins 3, 6c)
(Joseph Thurston tx. at Mt. Hope)
Simon Vaness Jr. 96+107u; 13h, 14c, 8p, ex (205+0u; 7h, 11c, 5p)
(Simon Vaness ye 3rd sm)
Henry Vaness 41 (40; 2h. 2c)
Yellis Vaness 41 (40; 1h, 2c)
Peter Vreeland* 75; 1h, 4c, 3p (see Ruliff Vreeland)
Daniel Vreeland 125; 4h, 9c, 8p (5h, 8c, 6p)
Henry Vanhouter* 2h, 3c, 1p
Ben. Vanwincle 25, 1h, 2c (1p)
Jacob Vreeland 120;2h, 6c, 8p (125; 3h, 4p)
John Vreeland 2h, 4c, 4p ((5c, 2p)
(John Vreeland Jr. 170; 8h, 15c, 3p, 1s)
Martin Vanduin 95+86u; 4h, 13c, 2p, ex (99+0u; 12c, 8p)
Henry Van houten* 2h, 4c, 4p
Eliz. Vangelder 198+70u, ex (0u)
Jane Vaness Widd. hh (ohh, 2c, 1p)
John Vangelder 192+70u;9, 15c, 8p, 2s, ex (& Evert 0u; 8h, 13c, 1100 "at 20d per hund.")
Evert Vangelder* hh
Cornelias Vaness 150; 5h, 9c, 4p (153; 10c)
John Vreeland* 170; 8h, 13c, 4p, 1s, ex
Jacob Vaness 125; 8h, 16c, 8p {torn, maybe more} (231; 9h, 19c, 5p, 2s)
Nicholas Vreeland 170; 6h, 20, 10p, 2s, ex (5h, 17c, 5p)
James Vanduin 202+56u; 7h, 20c, 6p, 1s (14c)
Abr. Vanduin 45+113u; 3h, 9c, 1p (11c, 3p)
Rich'd Vreeland 10; 4h, 4c, 1p (5c, 3p)
Ruliff Vreeland 75; 3h, 5c, 4p (& Peter 150; 6h, 10c, 8p)
Garret Vreeland 33; 5h, 4c, 4p (4h)
Henry Vanhout 58; 6h, 4c, 2p (Vanhouten 225; 4h, 5c, 4p)
John Vanhouten 300; 1h, 2c, 3p, ex (0; 2h)
Simon Vanriper* 3h
Isaac Vanduin* 80; 2h, 2c, 1p
Isaac Vanduin Jr. 10u; 2c, 2p (0u; 4p)
Garret Vanderhoof 3h, 4c (5h, 10p)
Rich'd Vandehoof 2h, 2c, 3p (Vanderhoof 1h)
Michael Vanderhoof * hh,
Henry Vanderhoofhh, 1c (0hh)
Garret Vater* sm&h
Chris Vreeland sm (Christopher)
(John Vanderhoof 140; 3h, 3c, 4p)
(Abr. Vangelder 19; 1h, 2c, 2p, 1s)
(Bakeman Vanbury 13)
(Abr. Vanzile 1h, 2c, 2p)
Charls Winter 50; 2h, 4c, 3p (Charles 3h, 6c, 2p)
Timo. Ward 22; 3h, 5c, 5p (4c)
Christr. Wamsly hh, 1; 4h, 3c (Christopher 0hh, 2h, 1c)
John Jacob Welker sm (at Mt. Hope)
Godlet Welker hh, 2c (0hh, at Mt. Hope)
Jacob Weaver hh, 1c (0hh, at Mt. Hope "poor")
John Wisher 10; 2h, 1c, 2p (2c, 1p)
John Wilson* hh, 3c
John Wilely* sm
Thos. Welsher* sm
James Winans 10; 2c, 1p (12; 3c, 2p)
Wm. Weaver 70; 3h, 8c, 6p (7c, cut-off-KR)
Saml. Williams hh (0hh, 10, 2c)
Mark Walton 22; 2h, 3c (1h, 5c)
Georg Wiggans* hh, 2h, 1c, 1p
(Gershom Wiggans 1h, 3c, 2p)
Wm. Willis hh, 2c (0hh, 1h)
Robert Wilson* sm
(Thomas Willocks 2c, 1p)
(William Wamsly 2; 2h, 2c, 1200)
(Isaac Wamsly 2h, 1c, 2p)
(John Wyman tx at Mt. Hope "poor")
Amos Young 70; 2h, 3c, 4p (1h, 1c, 1p)
Nathan Young 70; 2h, 3c, 2p (1h, 1c, 1p)
Gilbert Young sm (at Mt. Hope)
Peter Young 260; 8h, 8c, 3p (255; 10c, 6p)
Arthur Young 76; 2h, 11c, 2p
Arthur Young in Company for __peras Mine* tx
Thos. Young* sm
(Francis Zeck 1c "poor at Mt. Hope")


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