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From History of Morris County 1739-1882, WW Munsell, 1882, p30-31

The following is a list of recruits raised in the 1st regiment foot militia, commanded by Colonel John Munson, in Morris county, who were to serve nine months from the day of their joining any of the four regiments raised by the State for the service of the United States. They joined the Jersey brigade June 5th 1778, at Mount Holly, and no doubt participated in the battle of Monmouth:

Captain Luse's Company, 2nd Regiment

From Roxbury:
Aaron Bailey
John Clawson
William Cooper
John Hamler
Jacob Hinckle
Spencer Lake
Michael Pace jr.
Benjamin Parr
John Parr
John Smith

From Mendham:
Matthew Conner
James Gibson
Hiram Howard (unfit for duty on account of a wound)
James Jordan
Andrew McRoath

Captain Cox's Company, 3d Regiment

From Roxbury:
William Mapes

From Mendham:
Joseph Bedford
Elijah Leonard
Reuben Wood

From Pequannock:
Elihu Howard
Eleazer Perkins

Captain Ballard's Company, 3d Regiment

From Mendham:
Elkanah Holloway
Lemuel Twigley
Eleazer Woodruff

From Roxbury:
Timothy Morris

Andrew Conard & John Turney, Penn., deserted
Jabez Bigalow, Mendham, drum major 3d regiment
James Kenebough, Pequannock, Captain Patterson's company, 3d regiment
Moses Losey, Mendham
Stephen Leonard, Pequannock
Stephen Arnold, Mendham, Captain Morrison's company, 1st regiment
William Halsey, Hanover, Captain Baldwin's company, 1st regiment
David Sargent, enlisted in the continental service


May 27th 1778 Congress made a new arrangement of troops, consolidating the battalions and reducing the number of field and other officers. March 9th 1779 it was resolved that the army should consist of eighty battalions, of which the Jersey troops should form three. This new arrangement was not finally consummated until the summer of 1780. In this new and last establishment Matthias Ogden was colonel of the 1st regiment, Israel Shreve of the 2nd and Elias Dayton of the 3d.

Recruits for the regiments of the continental line in the field were again obtained from the State militia, and the following lists have been preserved of these new levies:

"A return of recruits from the eastern regt. of the county of Morris, commanded by Colonel Sylvanus Seeley; mustered and past to serve in the State regiment until ye 1st of January next, agreeable to a law of s'd State passed at Trenton 7th June 1780." All enlisted the first week of July.

NamePlace of abodeCaptain of the Company
Joseph WadeLong HillLayton
Gilbert BunnellChathamCarter
Thomas StaggParsippanyBaldwin
Daniel SimersPequannockMinard
William GarretHanoverS. Munson
Jesse WoodShort HillKitchel
John HarparieBottle HillJ. Ward
Abraham GobelMorristownPearson
John GarrisonPomptonDebow
John RobartsTroyJ. Ward
Daniel BatesPequannockMinard
Isaac RossShort HillLayton
John ParrottMorristownJos. Beach
Gershom LiverMorristownStephen Munson
George GardnerMorristownW. Munson
Asa BeachMorristownBeach
Thomas Johnston (light horseman)MorristownArnold
Wright ReadingChathamWard
John LasierPomptonJ. Ward
David ParrottPomptonDebow
Eb. McDonaldChathamCarter
Conrod EslerPequannockMinard
Benjamin RomerPomptonArnold
Samuel PriceTroyJ. Ward
Samuel SewardRockawayKeen
Sylvanus JohnstonRockawayHall
John LaneRockawayHall

"A return of recruits from the eastern regiment of Morris county, commanded by Colonel Sylvanus Seeley; mustered and approved to join the New Jersey brigade until 1st of January next, under act passed June 14th 1780. All enlisted between June 27th and July 20th 1780."

NamePlace of abodeCaptain of the Company
James RichardsonChathamCarter
Moses BroadwellMorristownCarter
Dunham WilkersonMorristownM. Munson
Jesse CraneHanoverS. Munson
Daniel GouldTroyJ. Ward
Daniel T. BunnellMorristownM. Munson
Amos CraneParsippanyBaldwin
Cornelius McDermottElizabethtownLayton
Anthony PalmerHanoverS. Munson
Martin MitchellTroyWard
Daniel WilcocksLong HillLayton
Philip LunneyChathamJ. Ward
Isaac GarrigusRockawayHall
John Abnir(?)RockawayHall
Benjamin RomerMorristownJ. Beach
Abraham LudlumMorristownL. Pearson
Robert McCleanHanoverKitchel
Daniel BatesHanoverMinard
Thomas BrannonMorristownBeach
George CheshenoundsMorristownBeach
Samuel PricePequannockDuBois

"List of bounties paid by Jonathan Stiles jr. on recruiting service according to an act of March 11th 1780." The bounty paid was 1,000 to the soldiers and 200 to their officer. In some instances half those amounts were paid. They were mustered by Lieutenant Colonel Benoni Hathaway and joined their companies in the continental line between March 30th and May 4th 1780.

NamePlace of abode
Paul RheamMorristown
John MoorMorristown
Isaac JohnsonMorristown
Andrew ThompsonMorristown
George CarterMorristown
David GordonHanover
Windsor JohnsonHanover
Joseph YatesHanover
James DerrickHanover
Moses HeadleyHanover
James CeaserSussex county
Isaac WooleyMorristown
John WilliamsMorristown
Watson LudlumMorristown
Robert MillerBernard's
William WoodSussex county
Moses BroadwellMorristown
Jacob BroadwellMorristown
Paul ClutterBernard's
James Wigan (Wagen)Bernard's
John Beaufort (Bellfort)Sussex county
Michael CoffeeMorristown
Thomas McMurtreeBernard's
Isaac RossBernard's
Isaac PriceMorristown
Abraham EmmisMorristown
William SmithMorristown
Thomas SmithMorristown
William WorthMorristown
Henry CarraganMorristown
John JacobusRoxbury
Jesse LoseyRoxbury
Jacob Cahoon 
Samuel Ogden 
Ezekiel Price 
James Jones 
Richard Hugg 
George Smith 
Tomas Reiler 
Abraham Gaskall 
Henry Flantan 
Zechariah Rossel 
Nathan Turner 
George Laney 
Michael Wood 
Henry Moore 
John Darwin 
Reuben Mickel 
Jedediah Mills 
Jonathan Bailey 
Elias Wood 
Annanias Clark 

Daniel Kiney is on Col. Hathaway's list and not on Colonel Stiles's.

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