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Militiamen of 1777 - Eastern Battalion
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Morris County Militiamen of 1777

Eastern Battalion


Content Source: The National Archives Publication Number: M246 
Publication Title: Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783 
Publisher: NARA 
National Archives Catalog ID: 602384 
National Archives Catalog Title: Revolutionary War Rolls, compiled 1894 - 1913, documenting the period 1775 - 1783 
Record Group: 93 
Short Description: NARA M246. Muster rolls, payrolls, strength returns, and other miscellaneous personnel, pay, and supply records of American Army units, 1775-83. 
State: New Jersey 
Military Org: Eastern Battalion, Morris County 
Date Range: 1777-78 
Folder: 68 

Return of Pay & Marching Subsistence

Captain Josiah Hall's Company of Col. Ford's Battalion under Brig. General Williamson from 28th Nov. to 2nd Jan. 1777. Discharged at Basking Ridge under Col. Winds. Certified August 24th 1777.

Name Rank
Josiah Hall Captain
Peter Cook Lieutenant
Benjamin Southard Lieutenant
James Lamb Ensign
Daniel Dickerson Sergeant
Mikel Cook Sergeant
Benjamin Jackson Sergeant
David Aling Sergeant
Noah Veal Corporal
David Broadwell Corporal
Elias Bradford Corporal
Samuel Winds Corporal
Asher Lyon Private
David More Private
David Garegus Private
Benjamin Salter Private
Frances Vandine Private
David Beach Private
Samuel Howell Private
Benjamin Clark Private
Silas Roberts Private
Cornelius Anderson Private
Abraham Orborn Private
Isaac Losey Private
Zeblon Locey Private
Caleb Chadwick Private
Samuel Lindsey Private
Isaac Hadley Private
Samuel Johnson Private
Jabez Brown Private
Zachriah Haden Private
Laben Ward Private
Nemiah Orsben Private
Joseph Johnson Private
Jacob Garegus Private
Daniel Jackson Private
Joseph Arwine Private
Clisbe Cobb Private
Jonathan Husk Private
Frederick Clas Private
Joshua Winget Private
Dennis Harty Private
David Carter Private
George Wigins Private
John Powers Private
Timothy Southard Private
Kanilor Forstor Private
John Mc[C]onnel Private
David Jacken Private



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