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Spanish American War
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Morristown In the Spanish-American War by Rev. A.M. Sherman, published Jerseyman office, Morristown, NJ, 1900.

The war between the United States and Spain commenced on the 21st of April, 1898, and ended on the 12th of August of the same year. Often referred to as "The Great Humanitarian War", so far as the American government was concerned, it was fought for the purpose of liberating a long and grievously oppressed people from the misgovernment and cruelty of a foreign power, and the establishment on their behalf, in Cuba, with America's aid, a government based on Freedom.

At the sinking of the battleship "Maine", 266 of her officers and men were either killed outright, drowned in the murky waters of Havana Harbor or fatally injured. Among those lost were Lieutenant JENKINS and Engineer MERRITT.

The war between the United States and Spain virtually commenced April 21 1898, when the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs at Madrid prematurely thrust into the hand of General Stewart L. Woodford, the American Minister at Spain, his passports, thus rudely breaking off diplomatic relations between the two countries; but war was not formally declared by the United States Congress until April 25 1898, when it was announced to have existed since the 21st inst. On the 23rd of April, Predisent McKinley, acting under authority of the United States Congress confered by act of April 22, issued a call for 125,000 volunteer troops; and in response to which 750,000 applications for enlistment were prompltly received.

The Third New Jersey Volunteers were mustered out of service at Athens, Ga., on Thursday, February 9th. The young Morristonians who were in the regiment arrived home on Saturday morning. They are:

  • Corporal J. Edwin Van Dyke, Company G;
  • J. Edward Rodermond, Company G;
  • David C. Van Gilder, Company G;
  • Fayette Howe, Company G;
  • Daniel Jamieson, Company M;
  • Rufus G. Whitehead, Company G;
  • Frank S. Meeker, Company G; and
  • Allyn H. Thompson, Company A.

The last three named are members of Humane Engine Company, and that organization last night held a reception in honor of the returned soldier-firemen. A varied program, which included recitation and speech making, was enjoyed, and a repast was served. —Chronicle, February 17, 1899.

Defenders of National Honor

Roll of men from Morristown, New Jersey, and vicinity, who served in the United States army and navy in the Spanish-American War, commencing April 21, 1898, and closing August 12 of the same year.

Section 1 - A-H

Section 2 - J-W

Female Nurses who Served

Signed contract as army nurses Sept 14 1898. Contracts annulled in May, 1899. Were in 3d Division, 1st Army Corps.

Catherine T. ABELL

Lillian RILEY



Elizabeth McBRIDE




Signed contract October 14, 1898. Contract annulled February 18, 1899.

Catharine T. FARRELL






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