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From the book Dover Dates by Charles D. Platt we find the story of the beginning of the Soldier's Monument that is found in Hurd Park, Dover, NJ.

The original idea for the monument was from Peter C. Buck, who with the town's approval began the task of raising funds to build it. The Soldiers' Monument of the Second District of Morris County was dedicated at the Hurd Park on Memorial Day, 1822.

The bronze statue is entitle "The Spirit of the American Doughboy".

In 1922 a large bronze tablet was donated by Charles N. Polasky with the following inscription:

"In Memory of the Veterans of the World War and the Men who gave their lives for their County from this District, whose names appear on the stones below." Erected 1922.

There were thirty-eight men who died, from the Second District of Morris County, and there is a stone for each man, with a bronze tablet with his name on as follows:

Anderson, Harry B.
Atkins, Herbert
Baker, William H.
Booth, John R.
Buck, Charles C.
Bickert, W. Joseph
Cannon, Thomas A.
Castimore, John
Chamberlain, Bertram
Chiarella, Samuel
Cox, Bertram F.
Donaldson, James A.
Feeley, Frank
Flatt, William H.
Harner, Ernest J.
Hartford, Michael J.
Hennessey, James C.
Hocking, William J.
Farley, Peter V.
Thomas, John
Huested, Stephen
Kepler, Anthony
Kedzuf, Michael
Lewis, William W.
Manning, Vincent
McKenna, George E.
Meeker, Alward W.
Meeker, Henry F.
Mulligan, N. Leslie
Parke, Richard S.
Quail, LeRoy
Reiley, John J.
Reynolds, Frank E.
Rogers, Edgar B.
Smith, Herbert
Stark, Henry
Swackhammer, George T.
Sylvester, Anthony


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