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The History of Morris County 1739-1882, published by WW Munsell, 1882

Pastors of the
First Presbyterian Church, Morristown

Rev. Timothy JOHNES, D.D. began his labors August 13th 1742; was ordained and installed February 9th 1743; continued pastor until his death. He died September 15th 1794, in the 78th years of his age, the 52nd of his pastorate and 54th of his ministry.

Rev. Aaron C. COLLINS was settled January 6th 1791 as colleague pastor of Dr. Johnes; he was dismissed after a brief and unpleasant pastorate, September 2nd 1793.

Rev. James RICHARDS, D.D., was settled May 1st 1795, and dismissed April 26th 1809. Like Dr. JOHNES, Dr. RICHARDS was of Welsh descent. He was born at New Canaan, Conn., October 29th 1767. Dr. RICHARD died August 2nd 1843, Newark.

Rev. Samuel FISHER, D.D., settled August 9th 1809, dismissed April 27th 1814.

Jonathan FISHER was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary army, was taken sick in the performance of his duties, and died of camp fever in this town [Morristown] in March 1777, three months before the birth of his son Samuel, the successor of Mr. RICHARDS. He was buried in the old cemetery in the rear of the church. Samuel was born in Sunderland, Mass., June 30th 1777.

Rev. William A. McDOWELL, D.D., settled December 13th 1814; dismissed October 23d 1823. Dr. McDOWELL was born at Lamington, N.J. in May 1789. He died September 17th 1851 in Morristown.

Rev. Albert BARNES; ordained and installed [First Presbyterian Church, Morristown] Feb. 8th 1825, dismissed June 8th 1830. Died Dec 24th 1870, Philadelphia, Pa.

Rev. Charles HOOVER; settled February 8th 1832; dismissed March 10th 1836.

Rev. Orlando L. KIRTLAND; settled March 23d 1837; dismissed August 26th 1840.

Rev. A. Henry DUMONT, D.D.; settlerd January 20th 1841; dismissed July 9th 1845.

Rev. Alexander R. THOMPSON; ordained and installed January 14th 1846; dismissed July 28th 1847.

Rev. James RICHARDS, D.D.; settled Dec 28th 1847; dismissed April 15th 1851. Mr. RICHARDS was the son of the second pastor of the church.

Rev. John H. TOWNLEY; settled Dec 27th 1851; died Feb 5th 1855. He was born at Westfield, N.J. in March 1818.

Rev. David IRVING, D.D.; settled Nov 5th 1855; dismissed May 10th 1865.

Rev. Gavin LANGMUIR; settled July 17th 1866; dismissed September 9th 1868.

Rev. John Abbott FRENCH; settled Dec 21st 1868; dismissed Jan 31st 1877.

Rev. Rufus Smith GREEN began his labors here June 17th 1877, and was installed on the 18th of the following month.

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