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Boonton Weekly Mar 19 1891
Morris Co. Up

Local News

  • A. Zabriskie advertises horses at auction today.
  • Mr. P. V. Salmon has returned from the West with a lot of fine horses.
  • P. V. Salmon retuned this week from the West with 38 Iowa horses suitable for all kinds of work.
  • Philip H. Estler has sold his house in West Boonton to a New York gentleman.
  • Chas. L. Chovey, of Madison, is the new Chairman of the County Republican Executive Committee.
  • The name of J. S. Salmon, one of the Directors of the Board of Trade, was inadvertently omitted last week.
  • Mr. J. J. Gordon is changing his residence from the Vreeland farm to the Megie cottage, on Church street.
  • Charles Vreeland, of Newfoundland, has purchased the Seeley Lish property, and will soon take possession.
  • The Board of Directors of the Board of Trade have elected the following officers: President, C. A. DeCamp; Vice-President, J. S. Salmon; Secretary, Wm. M. Smith; Treasurer, M. S. Condit.
  • Edward Guiton was arrested Monday by Marshal Gilmartin for disorderly conduct on Brook Street, on Saturday evening, March 14th. He was fined $10 and costs by Justice Anthony.
  • Enos G. Budd was beaten for Assessor in Mt. Olive by one vote by A. H. Bartley. Mr. Budd has been Assessor for many years, and he will be missed when the Board of Assessors meet in annual session.
  • The four years' term of A. W. Doremus, the Democratic Postmaster at Boonton, expires February 28th, 1892; that of James S. Melick, P.M. at Dover, on May 22d, 1892; and that of Catharine W. Baker, P.M. at Millington, July 18th, 1892.
  • The Stickle divorce suit at Rockaway is brought into prominence again by the divorced wife's appeal from the decision of the Chancellor, and an application for alimony pending the appeal. Theodore Little, counsel for the husband, argued that the decree of the court had granted divorce and that Stickle is no longer the husband of the woman, therefore cannot be compelled to furnish alimony any more than any other person, as no man can be compelled to support a wife from whom he is divorced.


The funeral of John Bott, of Rockaway Valley, whose death occurred on Saturday, from consumption, took place Tuesday, at the Rockaway Valley M.E. Church, and was largely attended. Rev. Fred. Bloom, of Dover, preached the sermon. The deceased was a member of Arcana Lodge, F. & A. M., of Boonton, and was buried with Masonic honors, Dr. Wigg, W. M., officiating. Mr. Bott was well known and had hosts of friends who sincerely sympathize with the family in their bereavement. The deceased leaves a wife and no children. He was engaged in the milk trade for many years, and delivered milk every morning to his Boonton patrons, with whom he was very popular on account of his geniality and obliging manners. Age thirty years.

A Rockaway Physician Drowned

Sad Death of Dr. Menagh

Rockaway and vicinity was greatly stirred for several days last week over the sudden disappearance of Dr. Menagh, an aged physician of that town. The last seen of him alive, it is said, was at a restaurant, on Thursday evening, where, with his daughter and Miss Rahl, he had partaken of oysters. There he parted with the women, saying he was seen going in that direction. Parties searched the woods and dragged the Rockaway River. His hat was found a half mile below the town by the edge of the river, where it had lodged in some bushes. Later his umbrella was found in the river not far from the bridge which he would have had to cross on his way home. The search continued till Monday of this week, when some men found one of his rubbers in the river, and just before noon the body was caught by a grapling hook and brought to the surface. It was imbedded in the mud of the river bottom about five hundred yards below the Main Street bridge. There were no marks of violence about his person, and no disarrangement of his clothing, thus doing away with the belief that on the stormy night of the 12th, when going to his home he must have missed his way to the bridge, and walked into the river a little below that point at the place where his umbrella is found. Coroner Hughson, of Morristown, was summoned and impaneled a jury. After deliberating, they returned as their verdict that the deceased had met his death by accidental drowning. Dr. Menagh was about 65 years of age, had resided all his life in Morris County, and was widely known because of his prominence, both as a physician and a citizen. The funeral took place yesterday from his late residence in Rockaway.

Maddened With Pain

Samuel Muerner, Run Over By A Train Attempts to Beat Out His Brains

While passing the station at East Madison, Friday night, Samuel Muerner, a blacksmith, 40, fell from a train on which he was a passenger and disappeared beneath the wheels. The train was stopped, and expecting to find the man dead the train hands ran back. When they reached him they found he was still conscious, but so badly hurt that he was praying for death, and was attempting to kill himself by beating his head with a large stone. He inflicted several severe wounds upon his scalp before he could be picked up, and when he was moved he implored the men to kill him. He was placed on the train and taken to St. Michael's Hospital, in Newark, where he is likely to die.

Some Personal Notes

  • Mrs. Prof. Wood has withdrawn her membership from the Presbyterian Church
  • Mr. Temple's eye continues to improve. His many friends are pleased with the fact.
  • Mrs. Thomas Ellicott, of Cleveland, Ohio, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. DePoe, in this place.
  • Miss Mary B. Jenkins was instrumental in getting Dr. Inglehart to lecture for the benefit of the Library Association.
  • Mr. George Richards, of Dover, has been appointed by Governor Abbett, a member of the State Board of Managers of Lunatic Asylums.
  • Mr. C. S. Norris, our former townsman, now of Norwich, N.Y., was in town yesterday. His firm have opened a salesroom in New York.
  • Notwithstanding Judge Kanouse's age, he walked from his residence in East Boonton to the M. E. Church, Monday night, and enjoyed the lecture.


  • The new house opposite Minard's store which is being build by Christopher Miller, will be occupied about April 1st by Melvin VanDuyne, of Lincoln Park.

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