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NOTE: ULT refers to the previous month; INST. refers to the current month; CONSORT = wife/widow; RELICT = wife/widow

No. 2, May 31, 1798. On Sunday last at Beverwick, Mrs. Mariana Beverhoudt consort of the late Lucas Van Beverhoudt, She was a kind and endearing mother, a virtuous and amiable woman.

No. 5 June 21, 1798. In this Town, on Monday last, of a lingering illness Mrs. M'Carty, consort of Mr. Francis M'Carty of Rockaway

No. 11, Aug. 2, 1798. On Thursday the 19th inst. at East Hampton, on Long Island, the Rev. Dr. Samuel Buell in the 82d year of his age, etc.

No. 14, Aug. 23, 1798, in This town, on Friday last, Mrs. Sarah Dickerson relict of Capt. Peter Dickerson, in the 69th year of her age.

On Tuesday, Mr. Elias Hedges, Senior, in the 53d year of his age.

No. 15, Aug. 30, 1798. Early this morning, Mrs. De Wint consort of Mr. Christian De Wint, of this town, etc.

No. 16, Sept. 6, 1798. In New York, on Sunday morning June 24 last, Melancton Smith, in the 55th year of his age, etc.

No. 19, Sept. 27, 1798. In this town, on the 12th inst. Rebecca Primrose in the 80th year of her age, relict of Henry Primrose.

Also, in this town on the 21st inst. Elisha Ayers, Esq. Attorney of a lingering illness in the 34th year of his age.

At New York, on Saturday last, Mr. Archibald M'Lean, one of the editors and proprietors of the New York Gazette.

No. 29, Dec. 6, 1798. In this town on Saturday morning last of a lingering illness, Mr. Abner Canfield, at the age of 29 years, etc.

No. 48, April 18, 1799, In this town on Tuesday last, Mr. Samuel Ward aged 75.

This morning the Widow Abigail Johnes, aged 74.

No. 100, April 17, 1800. Last evening, in this town, Mrs. Ruth Hathaway consort of Co. B. Hathaway.

No. 100, June 12, 1800. In the vicinity of this town, on Saturday evening last, Mr. John Scott at a very advanced age (aged 87)

On Sunday evening 1ast, in Hanover, In the 34th year of her age, Mrs. Phohe Darsey, consort of Dr. John Darsey, of a lingering illness. (long obituary)

No. 112, July 10, 1800. On Tuesday the 24th ult. near Flemington, Col. Charles Stewart, Commissary General of Issues, for the American Army during the revolutionary war, and since a member of Congress for the State of New Jersey.

No. 115, July 31, 1800. In this Town, about 8 O'Clock this morning of the dysentery, William Tuttle, in the 13th year of his ago, etc, son of Mr. William Tuttle.

No. 119, Aug. 25, 1800. On the 27th of July last of the Yellow Fever, in the West Indies, Mr. Richard Carmichael, son of Alexander Carmichael, Esquire of this place.

No. 127, Oct. 23, 1800. Elizabeth Alward, in this township, on Friday evening 1ast.

John Myrick of this township, on Saturday evening last. 

Colonel Chilion Ford, of a nervous fever, at Rockaway, on Sunday morning last.

Samuel Tuttle, of the yellow fever, at Hanover, on Sunday morning last.

132, Nov. 27, 1800. On the 14th Inst. at Black River, of a lingering illness C. Victor King. Etc. (left wife and family of children)

No. 141, Jan. 29, 1801. Last evening, in this Town, Mr. Moses Force

No. 149, March 26, 1801, on Sunday night last, at Troy, Dr. Joseph Parrot.

also, the same night, at the same place, Mr. Jess Baldwin.

No. 155, May 7, 1801, on Thursday last, near this town, Mr. Archibald Ferris, aged 21 years.

No. 156, May 14, 1801. On Monday, the 26th ult. near Black River, Chester township, Mr. Benjamin Horton, aged 56 years, after a short but severe illness.

No. 161, June 18, 1801, Yesterday morning, in this town, after an indisposition of some months, Col. William D'Hart, an Officer in the late American Revolutionary Army, and a Gentlemen of the Bar, for many years a resident of this place.

On Thursday the 4th Inst. at Lancaster, in the state of Pennsylvania, Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, Receiver- General of the land office for that state.

No. 140, Jan. 22, 1801. at New York, on Friday, the 9th Inst. Mrs. Margaret V. Faugeres, in the 20th year of her age, and on Saturday her remains, attended by her relatives and friends, were deposited in the burving ground of the Bowery Methodist Church, beside the grave of her father, the late John Bleeker, deceased. Obituarv)

On Monday morning, the 12th inst. Mrs. Catharine Laverty wife of Henry Laverty, merchant, aged 16 years end 10 months.

No. 173, Sept. 10, 1801. On the 31st ult. at Bloomfield, In this state Mrs. Mary Davis, wife of Cornelius Davis, bookseller of New York.

No. 174, Sept. 17, 1801. On Sunday morning last, in Hanover, Mr. Noah Vail, much and deservedlv lamented by a numerous train of connections friends.

Yesterday in this town at 1 O'Clock P.M. after a week's illness, Silas Condict, Esq. in the 61st year of his age. We esteem it but doing justice to the feelings of the public in general and especially of a numerous circle of relatives and friends, to say that by his death, society is deprived of one of its most worthy and useful members. It would be even tedious to recapitulate the list of public officers he has sustained with talents integrity end honor. And though it should he insisted by none that he has carried republican principles to an extreme, yet all must allow it to have been an extreme, for more consonant to the genius of the American government, and far more conductive to general liberty and happiness then the opposite extreme. He was by nature, endowed with a strong mind, an active genius, and a happy serenity of temper. He united with his public talents, industry and fidelity in his own private business, and was more than commonly endeared to his family connexions and friends. His life and death were proofs of his regard to the Christian religion, and equal proofs, how much Christianity conduces to human happiness.

No. 175, Sept. 24, 1801. On Saturday morning last, in New York, in the prime of life, Mr. Stephen Jackson son of Stephen Esquire of Rockaway. We cannot but mingle with the parents and relatives of the deceased a tear of sympathy and condolence on this peculiarly distressing bereavement. Added to agreeable manners and an amiable disposition, he possessed genius and talents, which held forth a bright prospect of rendering him both useful and ornamental to society.

On Monday morning last, near this town, Mrs. Gard, Relict of Capt. Daniel Gard, aged 52 years.

No. 176, Oct. 1801, On Friday last in this town, of a lingering illness Mr. John T. Howell, in the 47th year of his age.

This morning between the hours of one and two O'Clock. Abraham Brazier Arnold, AE. 18, son of Col. Jacob Arnold, near this town after a short and painful illness. A youth of amiable character, whose eulogium a numerous and respectable circle of relatives and friends cannot fail to express in the silent eloquence of sighs end tears.

No. 177, Oct. 8, 1801. At Hanover, in this county on Monday evening, the 28th ult. Mrs. Gummerson, with all the symptoms of the ye1low fever prevailing in New York, having returned from a visit in that city on the Wednesday preceding.

No. 179, Oct 23, 1801. On the 27th ult. at Long Hill, this county, in the bloom of youth, Miss Fanny Cooper

Also at the same place about two hours after her burial, George Cooper, her father.

No. 181, Nov. 6, 1801. On Wednesday evening last, near this town, Mr. David Pierson, Sen. in the 48th year of his age.

No. 184, Nov. 27, 1801. At Newark, on Saturday evening last, William Peartree Smith, one of the judges of the Interior Court of the county Essex.

No. 185, Dec. 4, 1801, In Littleton, on Monday the 30th ult. Mr. Jacob Vail, only son of Henry Vail, aged 21.

On Tuesday, the 1st inst. near this town, Mr. David Parker, of Connecticut Farms, in the 21st year of his age.

(185) On the evening of the same at Pompton, Mrs. Colefax, wife of Robert Colefax, Esq.

On Wednesday the 21 inst. in this town, a Child of Elijah Holloway.

On Thursday, the 3d. Inst. near this town, Mrs. Harris, wife of Wvnans Harris, in the 38th year of her age.

No. 187, Dec. 10, 1801. Very suddenly on Monday morning last, near this town, Mr. Enock Conger, Senior, aged 59 years.

No. 188, Dec. 25, 1801. Near this town on Wednesday morning last, Mr. Phillip Condict, in the 95th year of her age.

No. 191, Jan. 15, 1802. At the City of Bur1ington, on Monday the 4th, James Kinsey, Esq. L.L.D. and Chief Justice of the State of New Jersey in the 70th year of his age.

No. 193, Jan. 29, 1802, Yesterday morning, near this town, Mr. Zophar Hathaway, in the 45th year of his age.

No. 194, Feb. 5, 1802. Suddenly, on Friday last, of the infirmities old age, Mr. Samuel Roberts, E.56. one of the first settlers of this town; a man who had for a great number of years been one of the pillars of the Church, and one of our most useful and active members of society. For a number of years past he has been confined to his room, and as it were, buried from the world; His views were borne above it, and he died as he had lived, with entire resignation to the will of Providence. He breakfasted with the family in the morning, as usual, and within one hour from then, when any alteration was perceived in him, he was a corpse.

Suddenly on Tuesday last, near this town, of an apoplexy, Mr. Prudden, aged 34. This young man united in himself all the qualifications which could render him a useful member of society in all his dealings -temperate, sober, and industrious, in his pursuit kind and charitable to his neighbors, he had deservedly acquired esteem of all around him, and to crown all, he had at an early life, become a professor of the Christian religion, and was an? to the church. He has left a widow and five young children, and circle of relatives to mourn his loss.

Early this morning, near this town, of a lingering illness, Mrs. Sarah Stiles, consort of Jonathan Stiles, Esq. at an advanced period of life. Her character, combined the tender parent - the kind relative -the affectionate friend - the pious Christian; and as long as religion, virtue, goodness have their votaries, her memory cannot ceased to be revered. Funeral will take place tomorrow morning, at 11 O'clock, when her friends are invited to attend.

196, Feb. 19, 1802. Yesterday at Littletown, Mr. John Vail by his death, society are deprived of a truly useful and valuable member.

201, March 26, 1802. On monday morning last, at Bottlehill, Mr. John Muchmore, an aged and respectable inhabitant of that place.

202, April 2, 1802. A few days since in the bloom of life, Mr. Elisha Alward son of Mr. Benjamin Alward, near Stony Hill, with a blow which he received in his breast from a horse. He was a young man of exemplary industry, strict punctuality, and inflecible integrity; and his untimely death, tho' more acutely felt by his immediate relations and friends, will be sincerely regretted by all who knew him.

Lately at Springfield, Mr. Barnabus Evans, aged 72. formerly an inhabitant of this town.

No. 208, May 14, 1802. Near this town on Monday last, Mrs. Phebe Bridge consort of Mr. Kitchel Bridge, in the 23d year of her age.

No. 211, June 4, 1802, at Mount Vernon, on Saturday the 22d ult. age 71 years, Mrs. Martha Washington, relict of the late illustrious Gen. Washington.

Lately at Troy, in the state of New York, in the 102d year of his age Mr. Conradt Bush, one of the poor of that town.

No. 219, July 30, 1802. At Burlington, July 15th. William Brown, a day laborer (killed by a cannon shot, - left wife & 4 small children.

No. 220, Aug. 6, 1802, In Paris, Citizen Dolmieu, Professor of Mineralogy in the Museum of Natural History; famous for his sufferings in prison. He left behind him a most interesting work, nearly completed on the Philosophy of Mineralogy. It written during his confinement. The black created by the smoke of his lamp, diluted with water, served him for ink; his pen was a small bone, which with infinite labor, he ground on the flag stones of his cell; and the greater part of the work was transcribed on the margin, and between the lines of a few books they allowed him to keep. Some extracts from this work have appeared in the Miners Journal. It is to be regretted that the author did not live to finish it, as he intended to introduce a new classification into the science, and to improve the ancient nomenclature.

No. 221, Aug. 15, 1802. Last evening, at Newark, after several days illness of the dysentery, Mister David Stiles, son of Mrs. Sarah Stiles of this town. (obituary)

No. 222, Aug. 20, 1802. On the 17th ult. at Aux - Cayes, Bartholomew Dandridge, Esq., Consul for the United States. &c. &o.

At his seat in Virginia, aged 66 years, Gen. Daniel Morgan, celebrated for his military prowess and exploits, during the American Revolution.

No. 236, Nov. 26 1802, at Connecticut Farms, Mrs. Rachael Thompson aged 69 years; and on the 3d. inst. Mr. Thomas Thompson, husband of the above deceased, in the 91st year of his age. ***He had 15 children two wives, and 77 grand children, 167 great grand children, and 20 of the 5th generation. (Newark Gazette)

No. 238, Dec. 10, 1802. Lately at his farm in Kingwood, Col. Aaron Dunham, formerly supervisor of the district of New Jersey.

No. 239, Dec. 17, 1802. On Wednesday evening last, in this town, Mrs. Harriet Ford, relict of the late Col. Chilion Ford, age 31 years. (obit.)

No. 241 Dec. 31, 1802 The 13th inst. at Florida - state of New York, the Rev. John Joline, a faithful minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a native of Elizabeth-Town.

No. 243 Jan. 12, 1803 On Tuesday morning last, near this town, consort of Monsieur Lamesle late from Guadaloupe

No. 244 Jan. 21, 1803 This morning, after a short but painful illness Mr. Aaron Pierson, a worthy and respectable inhabitant of this town, leaving a disconsolate partner, and a numerous circle of relatives and friends to lament their loss.

No. 245 Jan. 28, 1803. On Wednesday last a child of Daniel Tunis

On Thursday last a child of Stephen Hayden.

On Thursday last near Littleton, Mrs. Gideon Howell, aged 75 years.

On Saturday last, near this town, Jane Howell, daughter of Mr. Silas Howell of Albany.

On Sunday last, at Hanover, Mr. Moses Johnson, aged 72 years.

No, 247, Feb. 11, 1803, On Monday last, near this town, Mr. Solomon Munson, aged 78 years.

No. 248. Feb. 18, 1803. Very suddenly, on Tuesday last, at Bottlehill, Miss Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Mr. Benjamin Thompson of that place aged 18 years.

Lately, at his house in New Brunswick, Gen. Anthony W. White.

No. 249, Feb. 25, 1803, on Saturday the 12th inst. Mr. Joshua Lambert aged 73.

On Thursday, the 17th inst. Mrs. Phebe Lindsly, consort of Hiram Lindsly, aged 22.

On Sunday morning last, a Child of Maj. Daniel Phoenix.

No. 250, March 4, 1803, this morning, in this town, Capt. Timothy Mills in the 85th year of this age.

At Camptown, on the morning of Thursday last, Mr. David Camp, son of Caleb Camp, Esq. (long account of the accident which caused his death.

No. 253, March 25, 1803, on Thursday the 10th inst. at Springfield, Mr. Charles Farr, formerly an inhabitant of Hanover.

On Friday night last, a Child of Gabriel H. Ford, Esq. 

Yesterday morning, near this town, in the prime of life Miss Phebe daughter of Mr. Jeduthan Day.

No. 255, April 5, 1803, at New Ipewich, two small children of Mr. D. Bigelow, drunk a lot of rum.

At Fairfield, on Sunday morning last, the Rev. Benjamin Woodruss, the 71st year of his age. For many years a worthy and respectable pastor of the church in that place, and an able advocate of the gospel he professed.

No. 257, April 22, 1803. On Saturday morning last, Mr. Christian De Wint near Parsippany.

No. 258, April 29, 1803. Suddenly, on Saturday morning last, Mrs. Jerusha Wood, consort of Mr. Jonathan Wood, age 75 years.

No. 260, May 13, 1803, Near this town, on Saturday morning last, Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold, consort of Col. Jacob Arnold, AE, 50. She was exemplary in every relative duty, and a professor of Christianity, the benign and cheerful influence of which she manifested in all her deportment.

N. 261, May 20, 1803. Lately, at Mendham, Mr. James Wells

No. 267, July 1, 1803. At Whatnung Plains on Wednesday last Mrs. Jane Wyck, AE, 26.

No. 276, Sept. 2, 1803. On Tuesday last at Hanover, Mr. Benjamin Green of the Yellow Fever, which he had taken in New York.

No. 283, Oct. 21, 1803 On Monday the 10th inst. at Troy, Morris County in the 19th year of his age, after a short illness, Caleb Smith, oldest son of Col. Hiram Smith of that place. A young man eminently distinguished for his exemplary conduct and conversation, and deservedly esteemed and beloved for his pleasing manners and many amiable virtues, by a numerous family and extenstive circle of acquaintance. In his death his parents sustained an irreparable loss, and society is deprived of a youth who fair to become one its brightest ornaments. (Newark Sentinel)

No. 289, Dec. 2, 1803. On Sunday evening last, at Newark, Col. Samuel Deputy Post Master of that town, in the 65th year of his age.

No. 293, Dec. 30, 1803. On Saturday last at Mendham, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Eliza Hampton, wife of Dr. William Hampton, in the 22d of her age. As a daughter she was dutiful and tender as a sister affectionate as a wife, kind and endearing; and as a christian her piety calm resignation to the decrees of Heaven evinced her hope in religion and future happiness.

On Tuesday morning last, A Child of Mr. William Johnes of this town.

No. 296, Jan. 20, 1804. On Monday morning last, Mrs. Stiles, consort of Jonathan Stiles, Esq. of New Vernon.

No. 300, Feb. 17, 1804. At New York, on Sunday last, Mrs. Margaret Ogden wife of Mr. Albert Ogden, formerly of this town. She possessed in an eminent degree, those amiable qualities which adorn the human character, which secured to her the love and esteem of a numerous circle of relatives and friends, who will long hold her memory in mournful rememberance, and heave a sympathetic sigh at her untimely fate.

No. 307 April 6, 1804. Last week, at Mount Kemble, near this place, Mrs. Elizabeth Kemble AE., 90, relict of the late Peter Kemble, Esq.

No. 309 April 20, 1804. On the morning of the 12th inst. at his residence in Salem, Col. William Barrett, member of the Legislative Council for Salem County.

On Monday the 16 inst. at Baskingridge, Mrs. Hannah Anderson, consort of James Anderson, in her 43d year.

On Sunday morning last, at Mendham, Mrs. Sarah Wills, relict. of James Wills, deceased, aged 36.

No. 310, April 27, 1804. On the morning of the 12th inst. at his residence in Salem, Col. William Parrett, member of the Legislative-Council for Salem County.

On Monday, the 16th instant Baskingridge, Mrs. Hannah Anderson, consort of James Anderson, in her 43rd year.

On Sunday morning last, at Mendham, Mrs. Sarah Wills, relict of James Wills, deceased, aged 36.

Lately, in Lithuania, a man aged 163 years. This modern Methusaleh, at 89, married a second wife, in the 15th year of her age. He had been a soldier - had been wounded but never had been sick. A monument is raised on his grave. He was 11 years older than Old Parr, who died in England, in 1654, aged 152. and who had lived in ten reigns.

In Kingston, (Eng.), Mr. George Gregory, aged 106, supposed to be the last of the crew of the Centurian, in which Lord Anson circumnavigated the world. (From Harvard College Library)

No. 311, May 4, 1804. At Monticello, on the 3d ult. Mrs. Eppes, daughter of Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States.

No. 312 is missing. No. 313 O. Nos. 314, missing No. 3l5, = 0

No. 316, June 7, 1804. At Littleton, on Monday morning last, Mrs. Gard, wife of Mr. Joseph Gard, aged 40 years.

Lately, at Veal Town, Mr. Samuel Harris.

At Baskingridge, Mrs. Rickey, consort of Col. Israel Rickey.

No. 317, June 14, 1804. At Newark, on Thursday last, Mrs. Rachel Boudinot, consort of the Hon. Elisha Boudinot, Esq.

Nos. 318, 319, 320 = 0.

No. 321, July 12, 1804. On Friday morning last, of the consumption, Miss (Mary) Ball, daughter of Mr. Jacob Ball, of Hanover, aged 14 years.

On Monday morning last, at the house of Mr. Daniel Lindsly, in this town, of a lingering illness, which he bore with uncommon fortitude, Mr. (John) Day, lately from the West Indies, aged 44 years.

Nos. 322, 323 = 0.

No. 324, Aug. 2, 1804. At Parsippany on Monday last, Mrs. Mehetabel Darby of that place.

No. 325, Aug. 9, 1804. On the 1st inst. Mr. Elijah Brown, Aet. 78. 

On Friday last, near this town, Sarah Whitehead, relict of Isaac Whitehead dec. in the one hundred & fourth year of her age.

On Tuesday morning last at New Vernon, Mr. Jonathan Benjamin, Aet. 64.

No. 326 = 0.

No. 327, Auq 23, 1804. Last evening, at Malapardus, Mr. Daniel Carmichael a respectable inhabitant of that place, aged 64.

Nos. 328, 329 = 0.

Nos. 330, Sept. 13, 1804. At Philadelphia, Rev. John Blair Linn.

At New York, Commodore James Nicholson.

No. 331 = 0.

No. 332, Sept. 27, 1804. In this town, on Tuesday last, at noon, Mrs. Phebe Pierson, consort of Dr. Ebenezer H. Pierson in the year of her age. She had been for several weeks in a state of decline. Her suavity of manners, intelligent mind, and native benevolence of heart, had justly acquired her the esteem of all her acquaintance; and, when recollected, will but add to the already heart rending grief of an affectionate husband and bereft children.

At Elizabeth Town, on Saturday evening the 15th inst. of a nervous fever, Miss Henrietta L. Williamson, in the 25th year of her age, daughter of Matthias Williamson, Jun, Esq.

No. 333, Oct. 4, 1804, This morning, at New Vernon, Mr. Joseph Fairchild, Aet. 80.

No. 334, Oct. 11, 1804. On Saturday the 29th ult. near Baskingridge, Col. (Reuben) Ferris. Aet. 72.

No. 335, 336, 337, 338, 339 = 0.

No. 340. Nov. 22, 1804. At Newark, on Friday, in the 19th year of his age, Mr. Thomas Ward, son of Col. Thomas Ward.

At Elizabeth Town, on Thursday last, Mr. Robert Halsted, Aged 22, son of Dr. Robert Halsted of that place.

No. 241 = 0.

No. 342, Dec. 6, 1804. In this town, last Thursday evening, of a consumption, Miss Susan Emmel, daughter of Mr. George Emmel. Aet. 21 (obituary)

On the 23rd ult. near this town, Mr. Jabez Condict, Aet. 65.

No. 343, 344 = 0.

No. 345. Dec. 27, 1804. At Woodbridge, on the afternoon of Friday last, Mrs. Charlotte Ayres, wife of Mr. Asher Ayres of that place. Truly affecting and melancholy was the manner of her death; while standing before the glass combing her hair, she fainted, and fell down, and in less than twenty minutes, expired.

Nos. 346, 347, 348 = 0.

No. 349. Jan 24, 1805. Yesterday, at the house of Mr. Recompense Stanbery, in this town, Monsieur Delisle Dupres, aged 38 years, lately from the West Indies.

No. 350, Jan. 31, 1805. Died, on his farm near this city (Trenton) the 12th ult. of a painful illness, which he bore with becoming fortitude, and resignation, General Joseph Brearley, in the 93rd year of his age.

He was a zealous advocate for the liberties of America. In 1775, he raised the 2d company (and after the death of Capt. Faullener at Ticonderoga was senior captain) in the 2d New Jersey Regiment, and marched with Col. Maxwell, into Canada. For the last ten years, Gen. Brearley commanded the brigade of Hunterdon militia, and always sustained the character of a brave soldier, and an excellent officer. (Trenton T. Amer.)

No. 351, 352, 353, 354 = 0.

No. 355, March 7, 1805. On Monday evening last, near this town, Mr. William Woodruff, Aet. 55.

No. 356 = 0.

No. 357. March 21, 1805. On the 8th inst. in the 66th year of his age, at Middletown in the county of Monmouth, Joseph Stillwell, Esq. one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, and one of the Justices of the Peace, of that county.

On the 6th inst. At Washington, Col. William Burrowes, late Colonel Commandant of the Marine Corps.

At Cincinnati, State of Ohio, Maj. Thomas Doyle, of the U. States Army. His remains were committed to the grave with the honors of war.

At Walton (Con.) Mrs. Rebecca Betts, aged 100 years, 10 months, and 2 weeks. She left behind her a daughter of 70, one son of 72 and another of 74.

At Brookfield (Mas.) Mrs. Damaris Olds, aged 103. Her descendants were 10 children, 79 grandchildren, 127 great grand children, and one of the fifth generation.--Total 217.

Nos. 358, 359 = 0.

No. 360. April 11, 1805, At Sparta, Sussex County, on Sunday, the 3lst ult. Major Elias Ogden, of that place.

No. 361, April 18, 1805. At N. York, week before last, aged 80. the widow of the late Major General Lord Stirling.

Nos. 362, 363, 364 = 0. 365, 366 are missing. 367 = 0.

No. 368. June 6, 1805. On Thursday the 23rd ult. Mr. Jacob Ogden, near this town.

No. 369, June 13, 1805. Suddenly on Saturday night last, with a fit of the asthma, Caleb Russell, Esq. Clerk of the County of Morris, Aet. 56.

At Mendham, on the same night, Mrs. Ruth Corey, consort of Mr. James Corey. Aet. 60.

At Newton, Sussex County, on the 29th ult. Thomas Anderson, Esq. Aet. 61.

On Sunday, the 19th ult. in Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, The Rev. Mr. Logan, etc. (He died in the pulpit)

No. 370. June 20, 1805. Near this town, last Sunday evening, Mr. Samuel Mills. Aet. 84.

In Bath, (Eng.) the Hon. Thomas Pownall, formerly governor of New Jersey. Thomas Pownall was governor of Massachusetts in 1757.

Nos. 371, 372, 373,374, 375, 376 = 0.

No. 377. Aug. 8, 1805. On Tuesday the 30th ult. at Hacksensack, Bergen county, Col. Nehemiah Wade, formerly Clark of that county, in the 46th year of his age.

On Sunday last, the Youngest Child of the Rev. James Richards.

No. 378, Aug 15, 1805. On Monday last, Jacob Foster of Lyons Farm, put a period to his mortal existence, by hanging himself.

On Wednesday Abiel Canfield, of Newark, terminated his earthly career in like manner.

Same day Deborah Potter, wife of David Potter, of New Providence, threw herself into a wall, and was taken out dead.

No. 379. Aug 22, 1805. Of a lingering illness on Friday last, at the house of Dr. Dunham, in New Brunswick, Mr. Theodorus Tuthill, of this town aged 44 years.

380= 0.

No. 381. Sept 5, 1805. On the 30th ult. a child of Mr. Stephen Vail, aged 2 years.

On the 2d. Inst. Mrs. Whitehead, consort of Mr. Onesimus Whitehead, Aet. 59.
On the 2d inst. the Youngest child of Mr. William Tuttle of this town.
At Peekskill (N.Y.) on Thursday the 29th ult. in the 107th year of his age Mr. John Thompson.

No. 382, Sept. 12, 1805. At New York, on Sunday last, with the epidemic prevailing in that city, Mr. Paul R. Johnson, son of Richard Johnson, Esq. of this town.

Yesterday morning, at the same place, of a lingering illness, Mrs. Crane, consort of Mr. Matthias Crane, formerly of this town.

No. 383. Sept. 19, 1805. On Sunday last, Mrs. Jane Pierson, relict of Elijah Pierson, dec. aet. 87.

No. 385. Oct. 3, 1805. Of the yellow fever, on Friday morning last, at the house of Mr. David Mills, in this town, Mr. Daniel B. Fletcher, lately from New York, aged 29 years.

Yesterday morning, Silas Condict, a child of Dr. Lewis Condict, of this town.

No. 386, Oct. 10, 1805. In this town, yesterday morning, Caesar Dumanine Gachet, a native of Guadaloupe, aged 25 years. He has left a wife and one child, to lament his death.

No. 387. Oct. 17, 1805. At Hanover on Wednesday of last week, Mr. Daniel Tuttle in the 82d year of his age.

At Charleston, on the 28th ult. Major General William Moultrie, in the 87th year of his age, etc.

No. 389, Oct. 31, 1805. On Sunday last, near this town, Madame Boisobin, consort of Monsieur Vincent Boisobin Beauplan, aged 33 years, etc. (obituary) She left a large family of small children.

No. 395. Dec. 12, 1805. On Tuesday evening last, at Parsippany, Dr. John Darby, an aged and respectable inhabitant of that place.

No. 396. Dec. 19, 1805. On Tuesday morning last, at Troy, of a lingering illness, John Cobb, Esq. one of the Judges of the court of Common Pleas, for the county of Morris.

Last week, at Hanover, Mrs. Ogden, consort of Mr. Stephen Ogden.

No. 397. Dec. 26, 1805. On Monday last, of a rose cancer, at the house of Mr. Seth Gregory, on Morris Plains, Mrs. Loies Ames, wife of Mr. Levi Ames, aged 51 years.

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