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NOTE: ULT refers to the previous month; INST. refers to the current month; CONSORT = wife/widow; RELICT = wife/widow

No. 398. Jan. 2, 1806. On Monday last, very suddenly, Mr. Samuel Morrison, of this town. Aet. 52.

At Flanders, Morris County, N. Jersey, on Friday the 27th ult. after a lingering illness which he bore &c. Dr. Robert R. Henry - a gentleman of great professional ability, and much suavity of manners, &c.&c. (obituaty)

No. 399. Jan. 9, 1806. Yesterday morning a child of Mr. James Rogers of this town.

400. Jan. 16, 1806. This morning in this town, Mr. Elijah Sneden, Aet. 52.

No. 402. Jan. 30, 1806. In this town, on Thursday night last, much regretted by a numerous circle of relatives and friends, Mrs. Sarah Campfield, consort of Jahez Campfield, Esquire, Aet. 65. 

Drowned on Monday evening last, in one of the millponds of this town, Master George C. Schroeppel, son of Mr. George Schroeppel, of New York. Aet. 10.

Nos. 403, 404, 405, = 0., 407 is missing, No. 408=0. 406 See next page. 

No. 409, March 20, 1806. Suddenly, at Trenton, on the 28th ult. Mr. Joseph Milnor, merchant of that place. Aet. 60. 

On Saturday evening last, after an illness of about a week, Master Samuel Tingley, one of the carriers of this paper, in the 17th year of his age. &c.

No. 413, April 17, 1806. Last evening in Hanover, Mr. Robert Forrest.

Nos. 414, 415?(torn) 416=0. 417 is missing.

No. 418, May 22, 1806. At Philadelphia, in the 72d year of his age, Robert Morris, Esq. The important services which distinguished the private and public conduct of this gentleman thro' out the American Revolution were such as obtain the confidence and gratitude of his country.

No. 419, May 29, 1806. On Thursday the 1st of May inst. in the 43d year of her age, Mrs. Huldah Smith, wife of Peter Smith, Esq. of Pleasant Valley, Sussex County, N.J. of whom it may be justly said, her failings were few and her virtues many. She was an endearing wife, a tender mother, and a woman of piety and industry. 

On Wednesday last, at the house of Daniel Tunis, at New Vernon, Master David Sheperd, Aet. 17.

No. 422. June 19, 1806. At Sommers (Conn.) the 27th ult. the widow Mary Sexton, in the 91st year of her age.

No. 423. June 26, 1806, on Sunday afternoon last, in this town, of a lingering consumption, Mr. Jacob F. Lewis, a native of this place, and lately a merchant of New York. &c, &c, 

In New Fairfield (Conn.) on the 9th ult. Mr. John Bradshaw, aged one hundred and four years, 10 months, and 20 days.

No. 424. July 3, 1806. On Wednesday, 25th inst. Miss Jane Tichenor of Troy. 

On Thursday last, near this town, Mrs. Rebecca Hier, consort of Mr. Abraham Hier. Act. 29.

No. 425. July 10, 1806. At Norwalk (Conn.) on Monday, the 30 ult. very suddenly, the Rev. Matthias Burnett, D.D. a native of this county, aged 60 years.

No. 429. Aug 7, 1806. At Suckasunny, on Friday eveing, the 1st inst. after a short illness, Miss Melinda Chidenter, aged 25 years, &c, & c,

No. 432, Aug. 28, 1806. Of a lingering illness, on Thursday, the 14th inst. at the house of Mr. Samuel Halliday, in this town, Mr. Richard Horton, aged 22 years.

No. 435. Sept. 18, 1806. On Tuesday night, the 9th inst. at the mansion-house of Stephen Van Rensslaer, Esq. Albany, of a lingering illness, which he bore with becoming fortitude and resignation, the Hon. William Paterson, one of the Associate Judges of the Supreme Court of the U. States, &c, &c.

No. 437. Oct 2, 1806. On Saturday last, near this town, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, wife of Mr. Timothy Johnson

On Sunday last, at New Vernon, after a tedious illness, Mrs. Mary Oliver, consort of Mr. Samuel Oliver, -aged 69 years.

No. 438. Oct. 9, 1806. On Sunday last, at his residence at New Vernon, after a few days illness, Jonathan Stiles, Esq. a worthy, useful and long respected inhabitant of that place. 

Yesterday, in this town, of the Consumption, Mrs. Christiana Morrison, relict of Mr. Samuel Morrison, deceased -- 58 years, &c. &c. (He left an only daughter.)

No. 406, Feb. 27, 1806. The beginning of the last week, at the Irish Lot, Miss Isabella Kearney. (Copied from the file of the American Antiquarian Society, of Worcester, Mass.)

No. 440. Oct. 23, 1806. Near New Haven, (Con.) Mr. Joseph Frith, member of the sen. class of Yale College, Aet. 18. killed while hunting.

No. 442. Nov. 6, 1806. On Thursday night last, Mr. George O'Hara, of this town. 

Some time since, a child of Mrs. Ferris, daughter of Mr. Edward Mills, of this town. 

On Saturday last, very suddenly, James Thompson, an old revolutionary soldier.

No. 443. Nov. 13, 1806, at New York, on Friday, the 31st ult. of a typhus Fever, after an illness of 21 days Master Joseph Martin Green, eldest son of Timothy Green, Esq. of that city, - aged 10 years. 

Near this town, on Tuesday last, Mr. Nicholas Comissau, a native of France, and for a number of years, a resident of this country. Aet. 90.

No. 444. Nov. 20, 1806. At Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, on Thursday the 6th inst. in the 42d year of her age, Mrs. Elizabeth Dayton, wife of Elias B. Dayton, Esq.

No. 446. Dec. 4, 1806. On Monday night last, a child of Mr. Timothy Lewis, of this town.

No. 447. Dec. 11, 1806. On Monday last, at Parsippany, Dr. Henry W. Darche, of the dropsy.

No. 449. Dec. 25, 1806. On Monday last, Mrs. Keziah Morris, relict of John Morris, deceased, aged 52. 

On Tuesday, at Morris Plains, Mr. Joshua Gordon, in consequence of a fall, aged 40. 

On Wednesday, Mr. Joseph Prudden, Jun. after a few days illness.

No. 451. Jan. 8, 1807. On Wednesday night, the 31st ult. near this town, Mrs. Sally Ludlow, wife of Mr. Drake Ludlow. Aet. 23 years. 

On Thursday last, of the Consumption, Miss Joanna Prudden, daughter of Deacon Joseph Prudden. Aet. 25. 

Lately, at Stanhope, Silas Dickerson, killed by a machine in his mill.

No. 452. Jan. 15, 1807. Last week, in Mendham, Mr. James Corey

On Friday, last, at Parsippany, Abraham Kitchell, Esq. one of the Judges of the Court in this County. 

In this town, on Saturday morning last, Mr. David Hathaway, Aet. 31. 

On Monday last, a child of Mr. Stephen Hayden

On Tuesday a child of Mr. Lewis Hughes

On Wednesday a child of Mr. Timothy Allen, Aet. 3. 

On Thursday last, Col. John Bayard, of New Brunswick, one of the Judges and Justices of the county of Somerset, and a trustee of the college of New Jersey. 

At Lexington, Kentucky, Dec. 14, of an affection of the stomach, the Hon. John Breckinridge.

No. 455. Feb. 5, 1807. Last Thursday evening, at Green Village, Mr. Isaac Miller, Jun. from the upsetting of a wagon. 

On Friday last, Master Isaac Ayres, aged 16. was killed at New Vernon, from the falling of a log upon his breast, while loading it on a sled.

No. 456. Feb. 12, 1807. On Wednesday, the 25th inst. at Hanover, Mr. George Foltrenhouse.

No. 457. Feb. 19, 1807. On Saturday night last, Mrs. Elizabeth Hathaway, relict of Mr. David Hathaway, lately deceased, aged 17 years. (Combined Register says 27.) 

On Tuesday evening last, in this town, Mrs. Abigail Bleeker, at the advanced age of 88 years. (Long Obituary)

No. 458. Feb. 26, 1807. On Friday morning last, Mr. Jonathan Bigelow, aged 52. 

Suddenly in Newark, on Thursday last, John G. Whorter, Esq. in the 34th year of this age. &c. &c.

No. 460, March 12, 1807. Very suddenly, on Sunday the 22d ult. at Roxbury, Mr. James Haines. Aet. 72.

No. 461. March 19, 1807. At Mendham, on the 7th inst. Mrs. Jemima Lum, having almost completed the 90th year of her age. &c. &c. 

At Calais, on the 8th inst. Mrs. Roberts, at the age of 93.

No. 463. April 2, 1807. On Thursday morning last, in New York, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, wife of Doct. Stevens J. Lewis, and daughter of Dr. Gardiner Jones.

No. 465. April 16, 1807. In this town, on Tuesday night last, of a lingering consumption, Mrs. Phebe Cook, aged 19. 

On Friday, the 3d inst. Mrs. Hedges, relict of Elias Hedges, dec. aged 56.

No. 467. April 30, 1807. On Friday the 17th inst. in this town. Mr. Sylvanus Johnson, aged 61 years.

No. 468. May 7, 1807. At New Milford, Bergen County, on Friday, the 1st inst. Walter D. Nicoll, Esq. in the 36th year of his age.

No. 471. May 28, 1807. In Hanover, at the house of Henry Vail, on Tuesday the 26th inst. Thomas Vail, of the Society of Friends, in his 87th year. (a ghastly account of the ravages of a cancer) Buried in the Friends' burying ground near Suckasunny Plains.

No. 473. June 11, 1807. On Saturday, the 30th ult. at Calais, Mrs. June Brown, relict of the late William, in the 85th year of her age.

No. 474. June 18, 1807. At Rockaway, New Jersey, on the 10th inst. after a long and painful illness, which she bore &c. &c. Betsey Platt Jackson, wife of Col. Joseph Jackson, in the 34th year of her age; leaving an affectionate husband and three small children to lament her departure, &c.

No. 475. June 25, 1807. At Little Town, on Sunday morning last, Mr. John Johnson. Aet. 44 years. 

At Hanover, on the 14th inst. Mrs. Mary Mulford, consort of Mr. Jeremiah Mulford, aged 20 years, &c.&c.

No. 476. At Pompey, Onondaga County, State of New York, on the 8th inst. after a short illness, Mr. Thomas Lewis Poore, aged 25 years, respected by all who knew him.

No. 479. July 23, 1807. Lately, near White Plains (N.Y.) after a few months illness, Mr. Samuel Degroove, formerly a student of Warren Academy. (obit.)

No. 480. July 30, 1807. On the 21st instant, at his place in Troy, Morris County, in the 74th year of his age, Mr. Ebenezer Farrand, of a long and lingering illness, which he bore with the patience and fortitude of a good man. (Obituary) 

On Monday evening the 20th inst, the Rev. Dr. Alexander MacWhorter, senior Pastor of the first Presbyterian, Church of Newark. 

At Washington, on the 19th inst. Uriah Tracy, Esq. a member of the Senate of the U. States, from the state of Connecticut.

No. 481. Aug. 6, 1807. At Hanover, on Sunday last, Mrs. Alling consort of General Prudden Alling, of that place. (obituary)

No. 482, Aug. 13, 1807. On Saturday last, in this town, Mr. Nathan Reeves Aet. 62. 

On Tuesday last, near Morris Plains, after a few weeks illness Miss Mary Clifton, Aet. 23.

No. 485. Sept. 3, 1807. Suddenly, on Saturday morning last, the Hon. Isaac Smith, Esquire, in the 72d year of his age. - late President of the Bank of Trenton. 

On Sunday night last, on Morris Plains, Mr. David Fairchild, aged 73 years. 

At Bottle-hill, on Wednesday, the 26th ult. very suddenly, Mr. Jonathan Bruen, aged 50 years. 

At Portland, on the 25th ult. Commodore Edward Prebble, aged 45 years, an intrepid and gallant naval officer.

No. 487. Sept. 17, 1807. On Sunday last, near this town, Miss Juliana Halsey, daughter of Capt. Joseph Halsey, aged 19 years.

Yesterday morning, in this town, of a consumption, Mrs. Anna Tucker, wife of Mr. George Tucker, aged 44 years.

No. 488. Sept. 24, 1807. In this town, on Saturday morning last, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Sophia Lewis, wife of Timothy J. Lewis, and daughter of the Rev. Nathan Woodhull, of Newtown, Long Island, in the 22d year of her age. (obituary) 

At his seat in Flanders, Morris County, N. Jersey, on the 8th inst. Mr. Augustine Reid, in the 78th year of his age; and on the 10th his remains were interred in the family burying ground, attended by a large and respectable concourse of friends and acquaintance.

No. 489. Oct. 1, 1807. On the 21st ult. at Flanders, Master James Stimson, in the 15th year of his age.

No. 492. Oct. 22, 1807. A short time since, at Worcester (Mass.), Mr. Isaac Green, lately of N. York. 

On the 7th inst. near this town, Mr. William Templeton, Jun. after lingering nearly a month with a broken back, occasioned by the falling of a bent of a bridge upon him, while he was assisting to raise it. 

Week before last, near Green Village, Mr. John Frost, son of Jedediah Frost.

No. 493. Oct. 29, 1807. On Thursday morning lest, at Elizabeth Town, in the 71st year of his age, General Elias Dayton, late President of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey. 

On Tuesday evening last of a lingering consumption, Mr. George Tucker, a respectable inhabitant of this town, in the 45 year of his age. In Hanover, on Tuesday night last, Mr. William Denniston, Aet. 71.

No. 495. Nov. 12, 1807. On Monday morning last, in this town, Gen. Prudden Alling, formerly of Hanover.

No. 496. Nov. 19, 1807. A short time since, at Pittsburgh (Penn.) while on his way, with his family, to the state of Ohio, the Rev. William Van Horne, late Minister of the Baptist Church at Scotch Plains, in this, - and occasionally the Pastor of the Baptist Congregation in & near this town. Savannah, Oct. 27. 

On the 24th inst. after a short and painful illness, Mr. Joseph Dennis, a native of the state of New Jersey, in the 30th year of his age.

No. 498. Dec. 3, 1807. Lately, at New Orleans, Mrs. Frances Prevost, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Smith, President of Princeton College, and Consort of the Hon. J. B. Provost, late Recorder of the city of New York. 

At Windsor (Con.), on the 26th ult. the Hon. Oliver Elsworth

No. 500. Dec. 17, 1807. On Saturday morning last, in this town, John M'Carter, Esq. Surrogate and Clerk of the county of Morris, Aet. 54.

No. 508. Jan. 7, 1808. In Danville (Vt.), a son of Mr. Isaac Morril, aged 18 years. Killed accidentally by a shot gun.

No. 505. Jan 21, 1808, at Albany, on the 8th inst. the Rev. Dr. William Linn, late Pastor of the Dutch Presbyterian Congregation in the city of New York.

No. 506. Jan 28, 1808. On Wednesday morning, the 20th inst. near this town of the dropsy, Alexander Carmichael, Esq. aged 71 years. Mr. Carmichael was a warm and active supporter of the principles of the American Revolution, - a firm friend to our Republican form and administration of government, and had sustained several offices of honor and emolument, in this county, with credit to himself, and usefulness to his fellow citizens. Another article states that he died on the 23d inst. - a native of Scotland, - a veteran of the Revolution. (Long Obituary)

No. 507. Feb. 4, 1808. Washington City, January 29 - Died. In this City, about four o'clock yesterday morning, of a consumptive complaint, the Hon. Ezra Darby, Member of the House of Representatives from the state of New Jersey, in the fortieth year of his age.

No. 508. Feb. 11, 1808, On Monday evening, near this town, of the consumption, Mr. Charles Ogden, (Son of Mr. Stephen Ogden, lately dec.) aged 31.

No. 510. Feb. 25, 1808. Very suddenly, on Saturday evening, the 20th inst. in the 68th year of his age. Mr. John Ayres, of Roxbury, in this county, &c.

No. 511. March 3, 1808. At Wilmington (Del.) on the 15th ult. John Dickenson, Esq. formerly President of the common-wealth of Pennsylvania, and author of the celebrated Farmers' Letters.

No. 515. March 31, 1808. On Tuesday, the 22d inst. in New York, Mrs. Margaret Harrison, widow of Mr. John Harrison, original proprietor of the "New York Weekly Museum". 

On Sunday evening last, near this town, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Elizabeth Pierson, aged 81. 

On Tuesday last, in this town, Mr. Gabriel Meeker, aged 62.

No. 516. April 7, 1808. Very suddenly, on Monday last, near this town, Mr. Joshua Guering, at an advanced age. 

Yesterday morning, at New Vernon, Mrs. Sturges, consort of Mr. Moses Sturges, of Green Village.

No. 518. April 21, 1808. On Friday last, at Green Village, a child of Mr. James Monro.

No. 519. April 28, 1808. On the 13th inst. at Newton, Sussex County, Mrs. Maria C. Johnson, daughter of Col. Abraham Shaver, and second wife of John Johnson, Esq. Clerk of the County of Sussex - in the 27th year of her age. 

On Friday night last, a child of Mr. Wm. Marsh of this town.

No. 521, May 9, 1808. On Wednesday last, near Morris Plains, Mrs. Thankful Tucker, relict of Ralph Tucker, aged 72. 

On Thursday morning last, near this town, Mrs. Mills, relict of Capt. Timothy Mills, in the 86th year of her age. 

Last night, in consequence of a fall from a horse, on Wednesday last, John Condict, son of Edward Condict, Esq. of this town, aged 10.

No. 524. May 30, 1808. On Sunday the 22d inst. of a consumption, Miss Maria D'Camp, daughter of John D'Camp. Esq. of Johnsburg, in this county.

No.525. June 6, 1808. On Tuesday last, at New Vernon, Mrs. Hannah Lindsly, relict of Junia Lindsly, aged 80.

No. 526, June 13, 1808. On Tuesday morning last, in this town, Mr. William B. Delaplaine, aged 50 years. 

On Friday morning, very suddenly, a child of Mr. Stephen Vail, of this town aged 3 years. (Davis Young Vail)

No. 528. June 27, 1808. On Thursday morning last, in this town, Mrs. Sarah L. Dalrimple, wife of Mr. Dennis Dalrimple, in the 23d year of her age.

No. 530. July 11, 1808. At Newark, on the 21st ult. very suddenly, of the lockjaw, Charles Halsey, aged 15. son of Capt. Stephen Halsey

Departed this life, on the 29th ult. at the house of William Steele, Esq. Springfield, Essex County, on his way to the Springs, Doctor David Jackson, of Philadelphia, in the 31st year of his age. 

On the 4th inst. at Dedham (Mass.), the Hon. Fisher Ames.

No. 531. July 18, 1808, On Wednesday last, at Green Village, a child of Mr. William Crowell, aged about 5 years,-- in consequence of drinking a quantity of ardent spirits,, &c. &c.

No. 533. Aug. 1, 1808. At Rockaway, on Friday, the 29th inst. of an inflamation of the brain, aged 19. Miss Maria Jackson, daughter of Stephen Jackson, Esq. &c. &c. (obituary) 

On Saturday last, of the consumption, Mrs. Lois Leonard, consort of Mr. Benjamin Leonard of Mendham township.

No. 534. Aug. 8, 1808. At Sandersville (Geor.) on the 16th of July last, Mr. Jared S. Russell, formerly of this town, in the 31st year of his age.

No. 535. Aug. 15, 1808. At Farmington (Con.) on the 28th ult. of an epidemic fever, Mr. John Smith, a pious and much respected inhabitant of that place.

No. 536 is missing.

No. 537. Aug. 29, 1808. Of consumption, on the 20th inst. in Bernardstown, Somerset County, Maria Steel, daughter of Mr. William Steel, in the 24th year of her age. (only child, obituary) 

Very suddenly, on Wednesday last, in Hanover, a child of Mr. John Garfield, aged 5 years. We are informed that this is the first child Mr. Canfield has lost out of a family of 17 children.

No. 541. Sept. 26, 1808. At Springfield, on Friday, the 16th inst. Deacon William Reeve, a pious and much respected inhabitant of that place age 92 years.

No. 543. Oct. 10, 1808. At Caldwell, Essex County, on Thursday last, after a tedious illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation Mrs. Elizabeth Gould, wife of Thomas Gould, and daughter of Major John Ayres, of Baskingridge, in the 23d year of her age. 

Suddenly, on Wednesday last, Mr. Joseph Ward, much regretted by all who knew him &c. (Newark Centinel)

No. 544. Oct. 17, 1808. At Newark, on Saturday night, the 8th inst. Alexander C. M'Whorter, Esq. Counsellor at Law, and Surrogate of Essex County. 

At Chatham, on the following morning. Mr. Benjamin Bonnel

In this town last Thursday morning, Robert M. son of Sylvester D. Bonnell, - aged 10 months.

Nos. 547, 548, 549, 550, 551, 552, 553, 554 are missing.

No. 559. Jan. 31, 1809. On Friday morning last, Charles R. Bull, son of Mr. Nathaniel Bull, of this town, aged 1 year.

No. 562. Feb. 21, 1809. In Augusta, Georgia, George Steptoe Washington Esq. of Virginia, nephew of the late President Washington, in the 37th year of his age. 

At Schooley's Mountain, on Wednesday, the 1st inst. in the 72d year of his age, Mr. Washington Hann, Sen. after a short illness, &c. & c.

No. 563. Feb. 28, 1809. On Saturday last, in this town, the widow Elizabeth Humphreville, aged 54. 

On Sunday last, very suddenly, Mr. Joseph Marsh, of this town, in the 54th year of his age.

No. 565. March 14, 1809. Of an inflamatory complaint, on the 8th inst. George Washington Hinchrnan, son of Capt. William Hinchman, of Flanders in this County, aged 10 months and 6 days.

No. 567. March 28, 1809. On Friday last, in this town, Mr. David M'Carle

On Sunday last, Mrs. Tingler, wife of Mr. Jacob Tingler, of this town,

No. 569. April 11, 1809. On Monday morning, the 3d Inst. in this town Mr. Joseph Woodman, a native of Germany, said to be upwards of one hundred years old. 

On Sunday last, at Green Village, Mrs. Lindsly, wife of Mr. Stephen Lindlsy, aged 42.

No. 570. April 18, 1809. On Thursday last, at Dover, in this County, Mrs. Nancy Losey, wife of Mrs. Jacob Losey, aged 37 years. Of this woman it may be truly said, she was a kind neighbor, an affectionate mother and sister, an amiable wife, and a pious and sincere Christian. 

Was drowned, on Wednesday night last, by falling from one of the docks at N. York, Mr. John O'Hara, son of Mrs. Helen Depalatine, of this town, his body was found the following morning, and interred near the city on Friday.

No. 572. May 2, 1809. At New York, on Wednesday last, in the 18th year of her age, Miss Sarah Matilda Hoffman, daughter of Josiah Ogden Hoffman, Esq.

No. 577. June 6, 1809. At Chatham, on Wednesday last, Mr. Frederick Smith, son of Peter Smith, Esq. of Flanders. 

On Sunday evening, the 28th ult. near this town, Mrs. Rebecca Norris, wife of Mr. Stephen Norris, Aet. 82. 

Yesterday morning, in this town, Mrs. Anna Brown, wife of Mr. Richard Brown, Aet. 22.

No. 578. June 13, 1809. On Thursday morning last, in this town, Mr. Benjamin Dickerson, aged 27. 

Same day Mr. Charles Tucker, aged 40.

No. 579. June 20, 1809. On Thursday morning the 8th inst. Thomas Paine author of the Rights of man, &c. Interred in New Rochelle, N.Y.

No. 581. July 5, 1809. On Tuesday the 13th inst. in Oxford township, Sussex County, Mr. Jacob Swayze, aged thirty nine years, youngest son of Israel Swayze, dec. of a very severe and painful illness, which he bore with the utmost Christian fortitude and resignation; he has left an affectionate and disconsolate widow, five children, and a large number of respectable friends and relatives to mourn the loss of a valuable friend.

No. 584. July 25, 1809. At Flanders, on the 10th inst. in the 71st year of her age, of a short but painful illness, Mrs. Sarah Reid, relict of the late Augustine Reid, &c. &c.

No. 585. Aug 1, 1809. At Chatham, on Sunday, the 23d of July last of the palsy, Mr. Nathaniel Bonnel, aet. 78. a respectable inhabitant of that place.

No. 586. Aug 8, 1809. On Tuesday evening last, at Mount Kemble, Miss Edwards, aged 80 years.

No. 587. Aug. 15, 1809. This afternoon in this town, Mrs. Elizabeth Ford wife of Mr. Samuel Ford, aged 39.

No. 594. Oct 3, 1809. On Monday, the 25th inst. at Hanover, William Darcey, son of Dr. John Darcey, in the 17th year of his age.

No. 598. Oct. 31, 1809. On Saturday last, at the Speedwell works near this town, in consequence of the discharge of a gun which was supposed not to be loaded, Mr. John D. Coombes, aged 22. 

On Sunday evening the 8th inst. At Bridgeton, Cumberland county, New Jersey, after a very short illness, Mrs. Mary Elmer, wife of Jonathan Elmer, Esq. in the 64th year of her age.

No. 599, Nov. 7, 1809. On Tuesday morning, the 31st ult. in this town a child of Mr. Loammi Moore, aged 1 year. (Henry Southard Moore

On Thursday last, a child of Mr. Silas Johnson, aged 1 year. 

On Friday at Booneton, in this County, of a lingering illness, John Jacob Faesch, Esq. Aged 32. Those who were best acquainted with his disposition and character, know best how to estimate his loss.

No. 600. Nov. 14, 1809. At Flanders, on Saturday, the 21st ult. Mr. William Smith, son of Dr. Peter Smith, aged 22. 

Last Saturday, in this town, Mrs. (Anna) Estey, consort of Mr. Moses Estey, in the 47th year of her age -- leaving a numerous family to mourn her loss.

No. 601. Nov. 21, 1809. Last evening, at Morris Plains, Mrs. Huldah Parish, wife of Mr. Joel Parish, late of Connecticut, in the 66th year of her age. 

At Wilmington, Delaware, on the 14th inst. Samuel White, Esq. Senator of the United States from the state of Delaware. 

At Wethersfield, Conn. on the 4th inst. Col. John Chester, aged 60. He was an officer of great merit in the Revolutionary war, and highly distinguished for his bravery at the battle of Bunker Hill.

No. 604. Dec. 12, 1809. On Saturday last, at Dover, Mrs. Ann P. Losey relict of James P. Losey, dec. aged 65.

Nos. 605, 606 are missing.

No. 607. Jan. 2, 1810. On Wednesday last, near this town, Mr. Jabez Lindsly, aged 23.

No. 608. Jan. 9, 1810. On Thursday last, Mrs. Leonard, wife of Mr. Samuel Leonard, near this town.

No. 609. Jan. 16, 1810. Last Sunday morning, in this town, Mrs. Elizabeth Ludlow, wife of Mr. Jonas Ludlow

Same evening, a child of Mr. John Halsey, aged about 18 months.

No. 611 Jan. 30, 1810. On Friday the 26th inst. at Morris Plains, Mr. Daniel Tibbles, of Newark, aged 23 years 9 months. 

On Sunday last, Mrs. Brookfield, wife of Mr. John Brookfield, near this town.

No. 612. Feb. 6, 1810. On Saturday last, Mr. Abrahm Clark, near this town.

No. 613. Feb. 13, 1810. On Friday last, George Vail, son of the Widow John Vail of Little Town. 

Very suddenly, on Sunday morning last, Mr. Johnathan Hill near this town.

No. 618. March 20, 1810. On Tuesday last, at Newtown (L.I.), the Rev. Nathan Woodhull, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in that place, in the 54th year of this age. (Obituary)

No. 620. April 3, 1810. On Saturday last, at Green Village, Mrs. Frost, wife of Mr. Ezekial Frost, -- Aet. 20. 

Yesterday morning, in this town, of a lingering illness, which she bore with christian fortitude and resignation, Mrs. Eunice Canfield, wife of Mr. Jacob Canfield, Aet. 44.

No. 624 is missing.

No. 626. May 15, 1810. Last Saturday morning, in this town, after a short but painful illness, Mrs. Mary Pierson, relict of Aaron Pierson, dec. aged 66 years.

No. 630. June 12, 1810. On Thursday last, near this town, Miss Susan Gould, daughter of Joseph Gould, Esq. of Caldwell, Essex County, aged 28 years. 

On Sunday last, a child of Mr. Ezra Halsey, Jun. (George)

No. 631. June 19, 1810. At the house of Robert Ogden, in Sparta in the County of Sussex, New Jersey, on the 24th of May last, Mr. Oliver Green a Licentiate of Worcester Association, Massachusetts.

No. 632. June 26, 1810. On Wednesday last, near this town, Mrs. Sarah Beers, wife of Mr. Samuel Beers, aged 23.

No. 633. July 3, 1810. On Tuesday last, of a Consumption, Mrs. Sarah Gardner, consort of Joseph Gardner, of Spring Valley, aged 34.

No. 635. July 17, 1810. In the township of Newton, Sussex County, on the 8th inst., after a lingering illness, Peter Struble, Sen. aged about 68 years. He was an honest, careful, industrious and thriving farmer: his father, Deitrick Struble, died in Pennsylvania last year, at the age of 98, -- before his death he had the satisfaction of being informed that there were then living 197 of his descendents. 

On Friday night last, in this town, Mrs. Stagg, wife of Mr. Samuel Stagg.

No. 636. July 24, 1810. On the 10th inst. near Suckasunny Plains, Mr. Abraham Lee, aged 58 years. 

At Rlockaway, in this County, on the 10th ult. John Allen, a tailor by trade, supposed near 40 years of age, a native of one of the Eastern States, It is believed he served his apprenticeship in Providence, R.I.

No. 637. July 31, 1810. At Elizabeth Town, on Saturday last (21st) Isaac Johnson, of Morristown, who was drowned while bathing in Messrs. Bonnel and Day's mill pond.

No. 638. Aug. 7, 1810. On Wednesday last, in this town, in consequence of a fall she received, by which some bones were broken, Mrs. Gertrude Doughty, relict of Thomas Doughty, Esq. dec. at the advanced age of 85 years. Of her it may with the strictest propriety be said, that she was a kind friend, an affectionate parent, and pious Christian.

No. 639. Aug. 14, 1810. At Hanover, on Friday the 3d Inst. at an advanced age, Mrs. Elizabeth Green, relict of the Rev. Jacob Green

At Malapardus, on Monday, the 6th inst. of the Palsey, Mr. John Ogden in the 70th year of his age.

(639) On Wednesday last, in New York, the Hon. John Broome, Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York, aged 72 years.

Washington Morton, Esq. formerly Counsellor at Law in the City of New York, died at Paris on the 3d of May last.

No. 640. Aug. 21, 1810. Last Sunday morning, in this town, after a short but severe illness, David Carmichael, Esq. High Sheriff of this County, in the 46th year of his age.

No. 647. Oct. 9, 1810. On Wednesday night last, Frances Campfield, a child of Dr. William Campfield of this town, aged 6 years.

No. 648. Oct. 16, 1810. On Saturday last, at Green Village, Mr. Thomas Miller aged 74 years.

No. 650. Oct. 30, 1810. 1\t Hanover Neck, on Monday, the 15th inst. in the 19th year of her age, Mrs. Phebe Kitchel, wife of Mr. Aaron Kitchel, Jun. 

At Chester, on the 22d inst. Mrs. Huldah Haines, wife of Capt. Jared Haines, aged 43 years.

No. 651. Nov. 6, 1810. On Tuesday last in this town, Mr. William Dickerson, aged 37 years. 

Last Friday night, in this town, after a painful and lingering illness. Mr. James Mills, son of Mr. John Mills, aged 29 years.

No. 653. Nov. 20, 1810. On Monday evening, the 12th inst. after a short but severe illness, Mr. William Salmon, of Roxbury, in the 47th year of his age. &c. &c.

No. 654. Nov. 27, 1810. At Troy, in this County, on Thursday, the 22d inst. of an inflamation of the lungs, Mrs. Eleanor Smith, the wife of Hiram Smith, Esq. in the 51st year of her age. &C. (obituary)

No. 655. Dec. 4, 1810. Near this town, on Wednesday last, Mrs. Jemirna Allen wife of Mr. Timothy Allen, aged 27 years.

No. 656. Dec. 11, 1810. Last Friday, at Whatnung Plains, Mrs. Abigail Stiles, wife of Mr. Ebenezer Stiles, aged 78 years.

No. 657. Dec. 18, Dec. 1810. Last Thursday, at Green Village, Mr. Zophar Freeman, aged 83 years.

No. 658. Dec. 25, 1810. At Ogdensburgh (N.Y.) on the 20th ult. Lewis Morris Ogden, Esq. aged 27 years, - formerly of Newark.

No. 659 is missing.

No. 660. Jan. 8, 1811. Last Sunday morning in this town, Julian, child of Mr. Peter.A. Johnson, aged 3 years. 

On Sunday the 30th ult. at Morris Plains, of a typhus fever, Mr. Lindley Vail aged 20 years. 

At Calais, on Thursday last, of a pleurisy, Mr. Elisha Meeker, aged 37 years.

No. 663. Jan 29, 1811. At Morris Town, St. Lawrence County, State of New York, on the 27th ult. of the Consumption, Miss Emily Augusta Ford daughter of Col. Chilton Ford, deceased, late of this place, aged 14 years.

No. 664. Feb. 5, 1811. On Thursday last, a child of Mr. Timothy Allen near this town.

No. 655 is missing.

No. 667. Feb. 26, 1811. At Mendham, on Wednesday last, Mr. Samuel Cozadt, aged 82 years. 

A Columbia, State of Ohio, on the 22d ult. Col. Oliver Spencer, a revolutionary officer and formerly of Elizabeth Town, in this state, in the 75th year of his age.

No. 668. March 5, 1811. 2~t. New Vernon, on Friday the 22d ult. Mr. James Miller, in the 87th year of his age.

No. 669. March 12, 1811. At Sea on the 19th ult. on his passage from the island of Guadaloupe to New York, Mr. John A. Pierson, son of Mr. Daniel Pierson of this town, in the. 2nd (?) year of his age. &c. &c. 

Near this town, on Saturday last, Mr. Elezer Byram, aged 46.

No. 671. March 26, 1811. In New York, on the 18th inst., Mr. Charles Apthorp Williamson, student at Law son of Dr. Hugh Williamson, aged 21 years and 5 months. &c (He died in a warm bath) 

On Sunday last, in Chatham township, Mr. Philetus Carter, aged 42. 

At Whippany, on Thursday evening last, Mrs. Jerusha Ward, wife of Mr. Timothy C. Ward, aged 74 years, a lady exemplary for her piety, benevolence, and other Christian virtues.

No. 672. April 2, 1811. On Friday last, near this town, Mrs. Amy Mills, wife of Mr. Nehemiah Mills, aged 54. 

At New Vernon, on Sunday last, Mrs. Johanna Miller, wife of Mr. Isaac Miller; aged 54 years.

No. 673. April 9, 1811. On the 25th ultimo, at Meadow Ridge, Chatham Township, Captain John Blanchard, in the 81st year of his age. 

On Thursday morning last, in this town, after a few days illness of a dropsy in the heart, Mr. James Bryant, aged 26 years.

No. 675. April 23. 1811, on Thursday last, a child of Mr. Augustin Trowbridge

On Friday, a daughter of Mr. Samuel Camp, aged 11 months. 

On Saturday, a son of Mr. Jacob Shipman, aged 11 months.

No. 677. May 7, 1811. On Monday the 29th ult. in Chatham township, Mrs. Sarah Patterson, at the advanced age of 89 years. 

On Tuesday morning last, near this town, of the Consumption, Mr. Jacob Smith, aged 43 years. 

On Wednesday last Miss Hetty Talmadge.

No. 678. May 14, 1811. On Wednesday last, in this town, of the Consumption, Mrs. Irene Mills, wife of Mr. Silas Mills, aged 40 years.

In New York on the 7th inst. Dr. John Rogers in the 84th year of his age. - lingering decay, &c. &c. 

On Friday last, at Green Village, a child of Mr. Caleb Munson, Jun. aged 3 years. - scalded to death.

No. 679. May 21, 1811. On Friday last in the City of New York, Joseph Halsey, Esq. of this township, aged 56 years. He had gone into the city on business -- was taken sick &c. &c. (buried in this place - left wife and family)

No. 681. June 4, 1811. On Tuesday morning last, at Hanover, Mr. Matthias Burnet, in the 63rd year of his age. 

On Saturday last, at New Brunswick, of the pleurisy, the Rev. Dr. Ira Condict, pastor of the Dutch Church in that city.

No. 682. June 11, 1811. Suddenly, on Thursday morning last, at Green Village, Charles Frost, son of Mr. John Frost, dec. in the 14th year of his age. 

On Sunday last, a child of Mr. Isaac Johnson.

No. 683. June 18, 1811. Very suddenly on Friday night, at the house of Mrs. D'Hart, in this town, Mrs. Elizabeth Minton, aged 28 years. 

At New Vernon, on Thursday, the 13th inst. Mr. Lyon Loper, in the 68th year of his age.

No. 684. June 25, 1811. On Saturday last in this town, a Child of Mr. John Young, aged 2 years.

No. 685. July 2, 1811. On Wednesday last, at the house of Joseph Lewis, Esq. in this town, a child of Mr. Charles H. Morrell, of Geneva in the State of New York, aged 7 months.

No. 686. July 9, 1811. On Sunday last, near Plainfield, in Somerset county, Mr. John Tharp, Jun. aged 30 years. 

Very suddenly, near this town, on Monday evening se'hnight (sic), Miss Mary Phillips, daughter of Mr. Jonas Phillips, aged 39 years. 

On Wednesday last, a child of Mr. John Pierson, near this town, aged 3 years.

No. 687. July 16, 1811. On the 17th ult. after a long illness Samuel Chase, Esq. associate judge of the Supreme Court of the U.S. 

At Wardsbury, (Vt.), Mr. Ebenezer Fisher, of Dover, while hiving a swarm of bees, one of them stung him on the end of the nose &c. (he died 30 minutes after) 

On Tuesday last, at the Whatnung Plains, of the Consumption, Mrs. Price, wife of Isaac Price, aged 68 years. 

On Saturday last, Mrs. Mabel Hathaway, wife of Mr. Josiah Hathaway, aged 38 years.

No. 688. July 23, 1811. At Morris Plains, on Saturday last, of the Typhus Fever, Mr. Joseph Turner, aged 22 years. 

On Sunday the 14th inst. at Hanover, of a lingering illness, Mr. David Corey, a respectable inhabitant of that place.

Na. 689. July 30, 1811. On Tuesday the 16th inst. at Mount Pleasant, Charles Hoff Esq. 

On Monday Se'nnight (sic), very suddenly, in this town, Mr. Silas Hathaway, in his 39th year.

Number 689 is the last issue of the GENIUS OF LIBERTY. It contains the Editors farewell address. It was succeeded by the MORRIS TOWN HERALD, on August 6, 1811.

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