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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JONATHAN ALLEN owned one hundred acres, No. 28 of the Elizabethtown lots, surveyed above the first mountain, on which Daniel Allen and Joseph Allen afterwards lived, who were probably his sons.

DANIEL ALLEN married Nancy Halsey, near Elizabethtown, and had children: (3d Generation.)
1. David, who married Jane Pasnet, and lived at Paterson.
2. John, who married at Pompton, and lived and died there.
3. Elizabeth married Jonathan Parsons, son of William Parsons, and died 4th July, 1844; Mr. Parsons died 9th September, 1821, at 57 years. (See Parsons.)

JOSEPH ALLEN, (brother of Daniel,) married Lydia Potter, daughter of Col. Samuel Potter, and had children:
1. Bethuel, who married, in Ohio, Clara Gee, and had a son, John; when his wife died, and he married the widow Polly Scott, daughter of John Dean, of Springfield, N. J., and had another son.
2. Phebe married David Clark, son of Stephanus Clark, Sen., in Ohio.
3. Jemima, married in Ohio.
4. Chloe.
5. Moses, died a young man, unmarried.

Lydia, the wife of Joseph Allen, died 10th Feb. 1799, aged 42 years, after which he went to Ohio, to his children, and died there.

NOTE.--I know of no connection between this family and Joseph Allen, Jun., which follows.


JOSEPH ALLEN, Jun:, married Sarah Willcockse, daughter of Peter Willcockse, Sen. (The family now spell the name Willcox.) He drew No. 113 of the Elizabethtown lots surveyed above the first mountain, about one mile east of the Mount Bethel Church, but lived in Washington Valley, between the mountains. They had children: (2d Generation.)
1. David, who married Mary Camp, daughter of Aaron Camp, son of John Camp, (or Johannes Vancampen,) of Passaic Valley.
2. Peter, married Mary Marshall, daughter of James Marshall, of Washington Valley.
3. Gideon, married, 19th August, 1787 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Susannah Cory, daughter of Elder Daniel Cory, of Longhill.
4. William married 10th March, 1790 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Nancy Marshall, sister of Peter's wife.
5. Philip, married Betsey Clark, daughter of Elias Clark, who lived on Stony Hill.
6. Henry, twin to Philip, married [28 Oct 1792, by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944] Phebe Clark, daughter of James Clark.
7. Patty, who married Joseph Doty, [See Doty.]
8. Sarah married Jonathan Ruckman, [See Ruckman.]

DAVID ALLEN, (1st child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Mary Camp, daughter of Aaron, had children: (3d Generation.)
1. Sarah, who married John Blackford, son of Benjamin Blackford, of Piscataway, and went to Readstone.
2. Jemima, married 31st May, 1785 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Joseph Cole, Jun., son of Joseph, of Scotch Plains. (See Cole.)
3. Phebe, married Jacob Allen, son of Joseph Allen, and went to Cincinnati.
4. Polly, married Levi Parker, son of Isaac Parker, and went to the Lakes, N. Y.
5. Amy, married Richard Roff, son of Richard. (See Roff.)
6. Betsey, married Thomas Willet, son of Jonathan Willet, of Stony Hill Vallay.
7. John, (the Colonel) married Betsey Cole, daughter of Master William Cole, of Scotch Plains; she died without children, and he went to the west and married there.
8. Joseph, married Hannah Willet, daughter of Jonathan Willet, above named.
9. Rachel, married Aaron Scudder, son of George Scudder, and went to the Lakes, New York.
10. Martha, married William Sherwood, of Connecticut.
11. David Allen, Jun. married Susan Townley, daughter of Matthias, son of James Townley.
12. Aaron, married at Pittsburg, and went to Ohio.
13. Squier, married Hannah Cory, daughter of Parkhurst Cory, of Stony Hill Valley, and died without children.

JOSEPH ALLEN, (8th child of David Allen) and Hannah Willet, went to French Creek, and had children: (4th Generation.)
1. Camp, is unmarried.
2. John, who married Esther Hall, and went to French Creek, Penn.
3. Bradford, married _____ Line, daughter of Amos Line.
4. Betsey, who died at about the age of 6 years.

DAVID ALLEN, (11th son of David Allen,) and Susan Townley, lived in Washington Valley, and had children:
1. Aaron, who married Maria Stead, daughter of Thomas Stead, and had children, 1st, Sophia Elizabeth.
2. Sarah Anne married Israel Moore, 21st February, 1849, son of Moses Moore, and had children, 1st, David Allen Moore.
3. Elias, married Elizabeth Caroline Spencer, 28th February, 1849, daughter of James L. Spencer, and had children, 1st, Cornelia.
4. David, 3rd. 
5. John. 
6. Mary.

PETER ALLEN, (2d child of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and Mary Marshall, had children. (3d Generation.)
1. Rhoda, who married William Ross, son of Ezra Ross, of Long Hill.
2. Noah, who married Phebe Jennings.
3. Peter, who married Phebe Johnson, of Albany.
4. Anne married Levi Gould, of New York, _____ have no children.
5. Deborah, married David Buckley, of Connecticut; have no children:
6. Betsey, married William Randall, of Scotch Plains, and have children: 
            1. Philip Randall; 2. Elizabeth Randall, who married Ebenezer Cooper; 3. Harriet Randall.
7. Mary Anne, married James Beatty, of Staten Island.

GIDEON ALLEN, (3rd son of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and Susannah Cory, had children. (3d Generation.)
1. Daniel, who married Hetty Tucker, daughter of Joseph Tucker, son of John.
2. Henry married Esther Achor, daughter of Philip Achor, of Scotch Plains.
3. Patty.
4. Phebe, married Lines Tucker, son of Joseph Tucker, son of John.
5. Fanny, married William Jennings, son of Benjamin Jennings, of Mount Bethel.
6. Lydia married, 1st, Joseph Hamilton; 2d, William Tallman.
7. Sarah, married Henry Moore, son of Henry. (See Moore.)

DANIEL ALLEN, (son of Gideon,) and Hetty Tucker, had children: (4th Generation.)
1. Rosetta, who married her cousin Ephraim Achor, son of Philip.
2. Israel Cory, married Anne Titus, daughter of William.
3. John married Anne, _____ of New-York.
4. Gideon.
5. Aristedes Heustis.

WILLIAM ALLEN, (4th son of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and Nancy Marshall, had children: (3d Generation.)
1. Marsh, who married Mary Willcox, daughter of Daniel. [See Willcox.]
2. Betsey, married David D. Smalley, son of David, Esq. [See Smalley.]
3. Sally, married Moses Stiles, of Morris county.
4. Polly, married, 1st, Mr. Woodruff, but had no children by him, 2d, Frederick Dell, 20th July, 1843.
5. Jane, married Isaac Clark, son of Abraham, of Westfield.
6. William, married Huldah Cole, daughter of Amos, of Scotch Plains.


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