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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


HENRY ALWARD came from England, married Miss Compton; lived between Liberty Corner and Basking Ridge, near the mill now owned by Matthias Woodard, and had children: (2d Generation.)

  1. David Daniel, who went to French Creek.
  2. John.
  3. Henry, Jun., who married Mary Cox, and had children: (3d Generation.)
    [Mary, wife of Henry d. Oct ? 14, 1776 in 48th yr. Basking Ridge Pres. Churchyard]
  1. John, who married--and had children, Henry, and two others.
  2. Samuel married Caty King, sister of John King, of Liberty Corner.
  3. Benjamin married Sarah Ayers, daughter of Elisha Ayers, and sister of Major John Ayers, of Basking Ridge.
  4. Sarah married Daniel Hampton, whose father lived where John Steele did.
  5. Mary married, 1st, Mr. Vankirk--2d, Cornelius Tunison, of Washington Valley.
  6. Mercy married Ephraim Martin, son of Col. _____ Martin.
  7. Henry, 3d, married Osee Pennington, daughter of Jonathan Pennington.
    [Osee, widow, dau of Jonathan & Osee Pennington, d. Apr 4 1823, aged 59 years Basking Ridge Pres. Churchyard]
  8. William married Elizabeth Cross, daughter of William.

SAMUEL ALWARD, (2d child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) and Caty King, had children: (4th Generation)

  1. Mark.
  2. Mary, who married John Pope, Jun., son of John Pope.
  3. David.
  4. Henry married _____ _____ lived at Succasuna Plains.
  5. Sally married John Mizener, of Peapack.
  6. Samuel, Jun., who went to the Lakes, New-York, and married there.
  7. Betsey married Mr. Brown, of Monmouth Co.
  8. Charlotte went to Michigan.

BENJAMIN ALWARD, (3d child of Henry Alward, Jun.) and Sarah Ayers, had children: (4th Generation.)
[Benjamin Alward, d. Oct 24 1813, aged 62, Basking Ridge Pres. Churchyard]

  1. Elisha, who died at 27 years (by the kick of a horse) unmarried. [Elisha Alward, d. Mar 20 1802, aged 27, Basking Ridge Pres. Churchyard]
  2. Mary, married Joseph Ruckman, son of Jonathan Ruckman. (See Ruckman.)
  3. Jane married John Yeatman, an Englishman, and went to Philadelphia; they had no children.
  4. Hannah married Nathan Ruckman, brother of Joseph. (See Ruckman.)
  5. Benjamin, Jun., married Lydia Coddington, daughter of Benjamin Coddington.
  6. Sarah, married Jonas Bird, son of George Bird, of Mount Bethel.
  7. Esther, (twin to Sarah,) married Stephen Lawrence, son of William Lawrence, of Schoolies Mountain.
  8. William, married Phebe Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer Lyon, and went to French Creek, Penn.
  9. Elizabeth married Benjamin Boylan, son of Dr. James Boylan, of Vealtown.
  10. Anne married Samuel Carman, of French Creek, Penn., and lived there.
  11. Stephen married Miss _____ Pool, of Schoolies Mountain.
  12. Daniel married Mary Miller, daughter of Smith Miller.
  13. Phebe, twin to Daniel, married John Kinsey, of Amboy, and live there.

SARAH ALWARD, (4th child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) and Daniel Hampton, had children: (4th Generation.)

  1. John Hampton, who married, as his 2d wife, Miss _____ Bloodgood.
  2. Mary Hampton married Mr. _____ Jackson.
  3. Henry Hampton married Miss _____ Edgar.
  4. Dr. William Hampton married Eliza Leddel, daughter of Dr. William Leddel, of Mendham.
  5. Penina Hampton did not marry.
  6. Dr. Reuel Hampton.

MARY ALWARD, (5th child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) and Cornelius Tunison, had children:

  1. Henry Tunison, who married Miss _____ Casner.
  2. Elizabeth Tunison married John Bakeman.
  3. Nelly Tunison married John Bray, of New Brunswick.
  4. Hannah Tunison married Jephtha Mundy; lives at Middle Brook.

MERCY ALWARD, (6th child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) and Ephraim Martin, had children: (4th Generation.)

  1. Patty Martin, who married Samuel Stites, son of Isaac Stites, of Mount Bethel, and went to Illinois, and had 14 children.
  2. Mary Martin married Mr. _____ Scudder.
  3. Betsey Martin married _____ _____
  4. Richard Martin lives near Rahway _____

HENRY ALWARD, (7th child of Henry Alward, Jun., and Osee Pennington, had children: (4th Generation.)

  1. Jonathan, who married Deborah Burrows, daughter of Waters Burrows, of New Providence.
  2. Mary married Goin McCoy, son of James McCoy, of Basking Ridge.
  3. Anne married Jonathan Hand, son of Jonathan Hand, of Basking Ridge. (See Hand.)
  4. Osee.
  5. William married Miss _____ Allen, of Peapack.
  6. Henry, 4th, married Fanny Guerin, and soon died.
  7. Jacob married and soon died.
  8. Joseph married Matilda Doty, daughter of David, son of Zeb.
  9. Betsey married, 1st, John Ryerson; 2d, Mr. Barman.

WILLIAM ALWARD, (8th child of Henry Alward, Jun.) and Eliza Cross removed to the Lakes, New York, and had children:

  1. Phebe.
  2. Sarah.
  3. Nathaniel.
  4. Jerusha.
  5. William.
  6. Squier.
  7. Jarvis.

BENJAMIN ALWARD, Jun, (5th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Lydia Coddington, had children: (5th Generation.)

  1. Hugh, who went to Illinois.
  2. Esther, who married John Phillips, of Newark.
  3. Sarah, who went to Illinois.
  4. Jackson, who went to Illinois.

SARAH ALWARD, (6th child of Bejamin Alward,) and Jonas Bird, went to the Lakes, New York, and had children:

  1. Esther Bird, who died at about 18 years, unmarried.
  2. George Bird, who died at about 16 years.
  3. Phebe Bird.
  4. Silas Bird.
  5. Sarah Bird.

ESTHER ALWARD, (7th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Stephen Lawrence, had children:

  1. Mary Lawrence, who married Stephen Coleman.
  2. William Lawrence, married Miss Coleman, sister of Stephen.
  3. Sarah Lawrence, married William Walk.
  4. John Lawrence, married Miss _____ Pool.
  5. Benjamin Lawrence,
  6. Sylvester Lawrence.
  7. Amanda Lawrence, married her cousin Benjamin Alward, son of David.
  8. Elizabeth Lawrence, died at about 12 years.
  9. Stephen Lawrence, Jun.
  10. Jane Lawrence.

ELIZABETH ALWARD, (9th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Benjamin Boylan, had children. (5th Generation.)

  1. Anne Boylan, who died at about 22 years, unmarried.
  2. Sarah Boylan, married William Hoff.
  3. John Boylan, _____ lives in Newark.
  4. William Boylan, _____ lives in Brooklyn, N. Y.
  5. James Boylan, _____ lives in Newark.

STEPHEN ALWARD, (11th child of Benjamin Alward,) and his wife, Miss Pool, had children:

  1. Sarah.
  2. Esther.
  3. Benjamin.

DANIEL ALWARD. (12th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Mary Miller, had children;

  1. Benjamin, who married his cousin Amanda Lawrence, daughter of Stephen Lawrence,
  2. Moses Miller married Sarah Drake, daughter of Abraham J. Drake, son of William, of Schoolies Mountain.
  3. Elizabeth.
  4. Elisha, born 29th April, 1826 -- married, 31st August, 1847, to Rachel Drake, daughter of the above-named William Drake.
  5. Daniel, Jun.
  6. William. 
  7. Esther.
  8. Smith Miller.
  9. Rachel.

PHEBE ALWARD, (13th child of Benjamin Alward,) and John Kinsey, of Amboy, had children:

  1. Daniel Kinsey.
  2. Sarah Kinsey.
  3. Esther Kinsey.
  4. Wesley Kinsey.

JONATHAN ALWARD, (1st child of Henry Alward, 3d,) and Deborah Burrows, had children:

  1. Edward, who died,--September, 1834, aged 25 years.
  2. Jonathan Pennington, born 21st July, 1812,--graduated at Princeton College, -- studied Theology, became a Presbyterian Minister, -- married Catherine Fredenburg, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Fredenburg, of Somerville. They went to Western Africa, as Missionaries. He died there in April, 1841, and she returned home.
  3. Osee.
  4. Waters Burrows married his cousin, Mary Frances Burrows, daughter of the Rev. Waters Burrows.
  5. Francis, who died in 1845, aged 25 years.
  6. Eliza Anne, who died in her 9th year.
  7. Joseph, born July 4th, 1828, is preparing for the ministry.



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