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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


ABNER BAILEY was a hatter. He came from Connecticut, and bought a house and a small tract of land of Jeremiah Clark, and lived on it, (where the widow Polly Day now lives.) He married, 1st, Margret, -- she died 15th March, 1793, and he married, 2nd, the widow Sarah, -- a sister of Philip Cochran, of New York. Mr. Bailey died January, 10, 1810, without children, and his widow Sarah, married, 23rd September, 1811, Thomas Baldwin, son of Nathan, of Union, as her second husband; he died by accidentally falling from a wagon, (See Baldwin,) and she died April 18th, 1835, aged 72 years. Mr. Bailey, left no heirs, in New Jersey.


JONATHAN BAILEY lived at New Vernon, Morris county. He married [m. 3 Sep 1771; Presbyterian Church New Providence; GMNJ V18 #4 Oct 1943] Rachel Osborn, daughter of John Osborn, Sen., and had one son, Samuel, who lived in Passaic Valley, where Benjamin Hand now lives, [See Osborn.] (3rd Generation.)

SAMUEL BAILEY, married Sally Tappen, daughter of James Tappen, [See Dunham.] He was a Captain of the Militia, and died May, 1824, aged 52 years. They had children: [m. 3 Mar 1795; Presbyterian Church New Providence; GMNJ V19 #1 Jan 1944]

  1. Jonathan, who married Abigail Beach, daughter of John Beach.
  2. Samuel married Mary Lindsley, daughter of Joseph Lindsley Nancy Lindsley, daughter of Matthew G. Lindsley, son of Major Lindsley, of Morristown.
    [m. Mary S. 2 Dec 1835, by Charles Hoover, at Morristown, Presbyterian Church Morristown; Morris County Marriage Book D]  [Bailey, Samuel; m. 2 Dec., 1835 to Nancy S. Lindsley; d. 16 Oct., 1851, aet. 40; History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]
  3. Esther married, 6th July, 1820, Squire Manning, son of James, son of Isaac Manning, of Plainfield, and had an only daughter, Sarah, who married William T. Brokaw, son of Cornelius, of Plainfield. Mrs. Esther Manning died September, 1840, and Mr. Manning married Mary Stevens, daughter of John Stevens, of Newfoundland, New Jersey, and died 19th December, 1850.

JONATHAN BAILEY, son of Captain Samuel Bailey, and Abigail Beach, lived in Newark, and had children: (4th Generation.)

  1. Silas, who married Mary Haddon, daughter of Benjamin Haddon, of New York, and had children:
    1. Theodore, 
    2. Reynolds.
  2. Henry, who married, 24th December, 1850, Elizabeth A. Reuck, of Newark.

SAMUEL BAILEY, Jun., son of Captain Samuel Bailey, and Mary Lindsley Nancy Lindsley, lived in Morristown, and had children:

  1. William Francis.
  2. Sarah Kirtland.
  3. George Edgar.
  4. Theodore Frelinghuysen.

SARAH MANNING, (daughter of Squire Manning,) and William T. Brokaw, had children:

  1. Joel Terry Brokaw, born 11th December, 1845.
  2. George Brokaw, born 20th May, 1849.

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