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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN BALDWIN, _____ _____ had children; (2d Generation.)

  1. Capt. Enos Baldwin, who lived in Livingston Township, and married, 1st, Phebe Williams, and had three children. 2nd, Sarah Woodruff, and three other children, 3rd, widow Phebe Tucker, by whom he had no children. 4th, widow Prudence Mulford [m. 6 Nov 1806, at Cheapside, by Rev. Aaron Condit, Hanover Presbyterian Church], and had no children:
  2. Nathan Baldwin, married Elizabeth, widow of Jerry Ball, and daughter of Jeremiah Hart, as his 2nd wife. By his 1st wife he had a son, Lewis, who married Anny Hart, his father's 2nd wife's sister.
  3. Ezekiel Baldwin, _____ who was father of Gabriel Baldwin.
  4. Molly Baldwin, who married Mr. Wade, of Union.
  5. Jemima Baldwin, married Colonel Samuel Potter, [See Potter.]
  6. Phebe Baldwin, married Mr. Ogden.


CAPT. ENOS BALDWIN, (son of John Baldwin,) had children: (3d Generation.)

  1. Phebe, who married Matthias Denman, of Springfield.
  2. Martha, married George Townley, son of Effingham. [See Townley.]
  3. Esther, married Nicholas Parcels, on W. O. Ridge, Springfield.
  4. Samuel, married Lucy Fairchild. [m. 30 May 1782 by Rev Jacob Green; Presbyterian Church at Hanover]
  5. Sally, married David Brainard Dickerson, son of Philemon, [See Dickerson.]
  6. David, married Elizabeth Reeve, daughter of Captain Isaac Reeve. [m. 27 Dec 1786; Presbyterian Church New Providence; GMNJ Vol 19 #1 Jan 1944]
  7. A daughter who married James Morehouse, son of David, the 26th November, 1788, and had a son, Baldwin, when she died, and Mr. Morehouse married Polly Potter [26 Nov 1788; Presbyterian Church New Providence, GMNJ Vol 19 #1 Jan 1944], daughter of John Potter, of New Providence. [See Potter.]

PHEBE BALDWIN, (1st child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Matthias Denman, lived in Springfield, and had children: (4th Generation.)

  1. Sally Denman, who married William Parcel; had no children.
  2. Samuel Denman, _____ _____lived and died in Philadelphia.
  3. Aaron Denman, married _____ _____ Mulford.
    [Aaron Denman of Springfield to Eliza Mulford, daughter of Major Thomas Mulford of Elizabeth Town by Rev. Mr. Reynard, Feb 13 1798; The Sentinel of Freedom, published Feb 20 1798, Newark, New Jersey]
    [Aaron Denman m. Elizabeth Mulford 13 Feb 1798, Groom of Springfield, Bride of Elizabethtown, by Menzies Rayner, Rector St. Johnís Protestant Episcopal Church; Essex Co. Clerks, NJ Archives Vol XXII pp582-598]
  4. Elizabeth Denman, married Colonel Abraham K. Wooley, son of Colonel Abraham Wooley, of Springfield.
  5. David Denman, married Miss Lyon, daughter of Elijah Lyon.
  6. Phebe Denman, married Oliver Wade, son of Jonas Wade, Esq.
  7. Mary Denman, married, 1st, Mr. Tenbrook; 2nd, Charles Atwater.
  8. Charlotte Denman, married Rodney Wilber, Esq., of Newark.

ESTHER BALDWIN, (3d child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Nicholas Parcel, had children:

  1. Mary Parcel, who married Nathaniel Squier, son of John, of Livingston.
  2. Smith Parcel married Miss Lewis, sister of Lawrence Lewis. [m. Martha Lewis 31 Dec 1795 by Rev. Jacob VanArtodate, Pastor Presbyterian Church Springfield; Essex Co. Clerks, NJ Archives Vol XXII pp582-598]
  3. Enos Parcel married Caty Smith, of Springfield.
  4. Patty Parcel married Stephen Edwards, _____ of Livingston.
  5. Nicholas Parcel married Mary Anne Lyon.                        |TWINS
  6. Esther Parcel married Smith Denman, son of Jacob.     |

SAMUEL BALDWIN, (4th child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Lucy Fairchild, had children: (4th Generation.)

  1. Sally W., who married Bern Foster.
  2. Mary married William Brewster, son of John. [m. 25 Sep 1805 by Rev Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church]
  3. Elizabeth married Abraham Cook, son of Epaphrus, of Livingston. [m. 24 Sep 1807 Groom of Northfield, Bride of Cheapside by Rev Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church]
  4. Rhoda.
  5. John married, 1st, Phebe Camel; 2d, Jane, the widow of Dr. Camp.
  6. Hannah married John Steinbreck. [m. 4 July 1822, both of Livingston, by Rev Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church]
  7. Matthias.
  8. Martha.
  9. Charlotte.

DAVID BALDWIN, (6th child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Elizabeth Reeve, had children:

  1. Isaac, who married Mary Roll, daughter of Brooks Roll, [See Roll.] [m. Mary Rawle, 15 Dec 1811; Presbyterian Church Westfield]
  2. Moses married Elizabeth Ball, daughter of Enoch Ball.
  3. Lydia married Jacob Morehouse, son of Benjamin, who was half brother of Enos Littell's wife. [m. Isaac Morehouse, 22 Sep 1814, both of Cheapside, by Rev. Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church]
  4. Aaron married Anna Gould, daughter of Samuel, of Caldwell.
  5. Nancy married, 1st, Zophar Canfield [m. 18 Apr 1818, Groom of Chatham, Bride of Livingston, by Rev Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church]; 2d, Andrew Ayers [Mrs. Nancy Canfield m. Andrew Ayres, 21 ___ 1838, both of Livingston Twp, Essex Co., by Joseph M. Ogden, Minister; Morris County Marriage Book D], son of Samuel, of Ulster county, New York.
  6. Enos, who died at 23 years, unmarried.
  7. Catherine married, 1st, Abraham French [m. 11 Dec 1822, Groom of Springfield, Bride of Livingston, by Rev Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church], son of Robert; 2, Andrew Miller Camp.
  8. | 8. William married Margaret Dean, daughter of Daniel Dean, of Springfield.
    TWINS. |
  9. | 9. Mary married William Littell, son of Enos;-- had no children. [m. 26 Oct 1825, of Cheapside, Hanover Presbyterian Church]
  10. Abner married Hannah Day [Abner Baldwin m. Hannah R. Day, 22 Sep 1830, of Chatham, by Rev Joseph M. Ogden; Morris County Marriage Book C], daughter of Charles Thompson Day, son of Thaddeus.
  11. David married Elizabeth Carnes, of Pennsylvania, and went to Michigan.
  12. Harriet married Leander Tyson.

ISAAC BALDWIN, (1st child of David Baldwin,) and Mary Roll, had children:

  1. Julia Anne, who married William Gouldy.
  2. Cornelia A. married Stephen M. Littell, son of Enos. [See Littell.]
  3. James Augustus married Catherine Brown, of Newark.
  4. Elizabeth married Mr. Styer, in Ohio.
  5. Mary married Henry Anderson.
  6. Lydia.

MOSES BALDWIN, (2d child of David Baldwin,) and Elizabeth Ball, had children: (5th Generation.)

  1. John, who married Sabina Doty, daughter of Captain Aaron Doty.
  2. Joanna married Dennis Smith, of Newark.
  3. Hervy Dayton.

LYDIA BALDWIN, (3d child of David,) and Jacob Morehouse, had children:

  1. Hervy Williams Morehouse, who married Julietta Baldwin.
  2. Aaron Baldwin Morehouse married Elizabeth Gould, daughter of Richard.
  3. William Sanford Morehouse married Mary Emily Davison.
  4. David Baldwin Morehouse.

AARON BALDWIN, (4th child of David,) and Anna Gould, lived in Newark, and had children:

  1. Harriet, who married Moses Searing.
  2. Lewis Broadwell married Amanda Ogden.
  3. Milton (is a Doctor,) married Aveline King;-- lives in Newark.
  4. Martha Louisa married George Hall.

NANCY BALDWIN, (5th child of David,) and Zophar Canfield, had children:

  1. Enos B. Canfield, who married Julia Costar Benjamin.
  2. Jane Canfield, who died at 16 years; and by her 2d husband, Andrew Ayers, had children:
    1. Catherine Victoria Ayers.
    2. Jane Ayers.

CATHERINE BALDWIN, (7th child of David,) and Abraham French, had children:

  1. Abraham Morris French; 

and by Andrew M. Camp, had

  1. Harriet Elizabeth Camp, who died at 4 years of age.

WILLIAM BALDWIN, (8th child of David,) and Margaret Dean, had children:

1. Jacob Henry.

ABNER BALDWIN, (10th child of David,) and Hannah Day, had children:

  1. Aaron.
  2. Mary Elizabeth.
  3. Theodore.
  4. Charles Thompson.
  5. Lydia, who died at about 2 years.
  6. Abner, who died at about 2 years.
  7. James.

DAVID BALDWIN, (11th child of David,) and Elizabeth Carnes, had children: (5th Generation.) 

  1. Margaret: 
  2. George Martin; 
  3. Sarah Anne; 
  4. Charles; 
  5. Elias Reeve; 
  6. William.

HARRIET BALDWIN, (12th child of David,) and Leander Tyson, had children: 

  1. David Alexander Tyson; 
  2. Lewis Baldwin Tyson; 
  3. Mary Elizabeth Tyson; 
  4. William Courtland Tyson.


NATHAN BALDWIN, (2d son of John Baldwin, 1st,) had children: (3d Generation.)

  1. Thomas married, 1st, _____; 2d, 23d September, 1811, Elizabeth, the widow of Abner Bailey. [listed under Abner Bailey, her name is reported as Sarah - sister of Philip Cochran, she d. 18 Apr 1835, age 72]
  2. Ethan.
  3. John.
  4. Ezra, who married Abigail Clark, daughter of Elder John Clark. [See Clark.]

EZRA BALDWIN, (son of Nathan,) and Abigail Clark, lived near Cheapside, and had children: (4th Generation.)

  1. Phebe, who married Joseph T. Hardy, and removed to Ohio,
  2. Sally married Matthias Swaim.
  3. Stephen married Hannah Morehouse.
  4. Esther married Ebenezer Morehouse.
  5. Abigail married Benjamin Morehouse, brother of Stephen's wife.
  6. Mary married John Davison, son of John.
  7. Daniel married Catherine Meeker.

STEPHEN BALDWIN, (3d child of Ezra,) and Hannah Morehouse, had children: (5th Generation.)

  1. Phebe, who married Jacob Reeve, son of Elias.
  2. John Clark married Phebe Roff.
  3. Lewis married Sally Parcel, daughter of Thomas.
  4. Mary married Joseph Horton Reeve, brother of Phebe's husband.
  5. Ezra married Martha Burtis, daughter of Abraham, of Brooklyn.
  6. Abigail married Aaron Day, son of Joseph, son of Thaddeus.
  7. Hannah Maria.
  8. Lydia married Samuel Bailey, son of Samuel, of Springfield.
  9. Sarah.

JOHN CLARK BALDWIN, (2d child of Stephen,) and Phebe Roff, had children: (6th Generation.)

  1. Emily Clark Baldwin.
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Baldwin.
  3. Abby Maria Baldwin.
  4. Stephen Clark Baldwin.


GABRIEL BALDWIN, (son of Ezekiel,) removed from Connecticut Farms to Longhill, North of New-Providence Church. He married Rachel Littell, daughter of John or Henry Littell. She died 30th October, 1794, aged 63 years. He died _____, aged 86 years. They had children: (2d Generation.)

  1. Mary, who married Nehemiah Osborn. [See Osborn.]
  2. Samuel married, 13th March, 1794, Johannah Squier, daughter of Ellis Squier, went to Ohio, and had children: 
    1. Squier, who married Sally Crowel, daughter of Samuel, of Dayton, Ohio; 
    2. Amos married Miss _____ Tucker, near Hamilton, Ohio, and died soon after; 
    3. Surah married Uriah Sawyer, in Ohio, a Yankee.
  3. Susan married Nathan Halsey, of Parcipany, and had children: 
    1. Alfred Halsey; 
    2. John Halsey; 
    3. Albert Halsey, who died young; 
    4. Nancy Halsey, who married Abner Bonnel, son of Ichabod Bonnel, of Chatham; 
    5. Arabella Halsey married Joel Bonnel, brother of Alva; 
    6. Susan Halsey married, 1st, Richard Vaus; 2d, she married _____ _____ 
    7. Rachel Halsey, twin to Susan, married Charles Pool, an Englishman, and had children: 
      1. Elizabeth Pool, born 1st July, 1843; 
      2. John Halsey Pool; 
      3. Dwight Pool. (3d Generation.)
  4. Nancy married Daniel S. Wood, Jun., son of Captain Daniel S. Wood. [See Wood.]
  5. David married two sisters, Phebe and Polly Brant, daughters of David Brant, and by Phebe Brant had one child: 
    1. Ellis D., who married Jane Todd, daughter of William, son of James Todd, whose wife, Jane Martin, was daughter of Alexander Martin, of Longhill. 

And by Polly Brant had children: 

  1. Samuel, who married Mary Coddington, daughter of John Coddington, and grand-daughter of Samuel Parsons;
  2. Asa married Emeline Wilkison, daughter of Nathan Wilkison.

ELLIS D. BALDWIN, (son of David, son of Gabriel,) and Jane Todd, had children: [Ellis D. Baldwin m. Jane Todd, 31 July 1839, by English; Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879; Somerset County Quarterly]

  1. David.
  2. Catherine.
  3. John.
  4. Emily.

SAMUEL BALDWIN, (son of David,) and Mary Coddington, had children:

  1. Phebe.
  2. Sarah Anne.
  3. John.

ASA BALDWIN, (son of David,) and Emeline Wilkison, had children:

  1. William.
  2. Caroline.
  3. David.
  4. Mary Elizabeth.

[ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Asa Baldwin b. 1814 in NJ married Adeline/Emaline Wilkinson, on the NJGenWeb website it leaves off their son, Samuel Baldwin b. 1850 in New Providence, New Jersey, as well as younger sister Charlotte b. 1854. On the 1860 census records, she is referred to as "Lottie".

Samuel married Georgianna Totten and they had 4 daughters, Jennie E. (1870-1940) , Stella (1871) , Bertha (1876) , and Lena (1879). Jennie Baldwin married William Shuster. Jennie died of a ruptured appendix because she feared doctors and refused to go. My mother remembers them carrying her out of the house.

They had two children, William and my grandmother, Elsie Mae (1908-1965), who married Marvin White (1904-1964) of Hackettstown, NJ. They had one daughter who lived to adulthood.
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