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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


EDWARD BALL lived in Newark--was Sheriff of the county of Essex in 1693. In 1678, Edward Ball and Daniel Dod were appointed to run the Northern line of the town of Newark from Passaic River to the Mountain. He had a son, Thomas, and also a daughter, Abagail. She married Daniel Harrison, who died 1st December, 1738, aged 77 years. His son, Thomas Ball, had nine sons.

DAVID BALL, who lived in Rahway, had a son, Stephen Ball, who was spitefully hung by the British refugees at Bergen Point, 29th January, 1781, in consequence of his activity and daring as a partizan patriot, leaving a widow, two daughters, and a son, Ezekiel Ball, Jun., who removed to Middletown, Ohio, and was a Justice of the Peace, Judge of the Court, and Post-master there, many years.

EZEKIEL BALL, Esq., of Middletown, Ohio, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Stephen, who was a Captain in the Militia, in 1805.

2. Abigail, who married Matthew Nichols.

3. Polly married Abraham Squier, son of William, son of Benjamin Squier, of Westfield.

4. Hannah.

Among the nine sons of Thomas Ball, son of Edward, probably were,

1. Timothy Ball, who lived in Rahway, and had a son, Stephen, and two daughters.

2. Tusken Ball, of Middleville, who built Tusken Hall there.

3. Nathaniel Ball, of Connecticut Farms.

4. Dr. Stephen Ball, whose daughter was the wife of Hobart Littell, of Newark.

5. Edward Ball, of Clinton, who married Esther Mulford, daughter of Captain Jonathan Mulford, of New Providence.

6. Joseph Ball, who married Phebe Hand, daughter of William Hand, of Livingston, [See Hand,] and whose daughter, Mary, married Robert Cauldwell, son of William Cauldwell, of Passaic Valley, and went to Ohio. [See Cauldwell.]

NATHANIEL BALL lived at Connecticut Farms, near where the tavern is now kept, on the turnpike. He _____ _____ had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Phebe, who married Jacob Jennings, of Passaic Valley, Morris county. [See Jennings.]

2. Rhoda, who married Patrick Crilley, an Irishman, of Connecticut Farms, now Union, and had children: 

1. John Crilley; 

2. Moses Crilley; 

3. Sarah; 

4. Esther; 

5. Martha Crilley; 

6. Betsey Crilley; 

7. Elias Crilley; 

8. David Crilley.

3. Rebecca married Mr. _____ Loyd, of Camptown, now Clinton.

4. James married Eusice Eunice  Meeker, of Connecticut Farms.

5. Salome married Solomon Line, of Sodom--went to Redstone, Penn.

6. Esther married John Mulford, son of Job, [See Job Mulford.]

7. Aaron married, 1st, Patty Wade, daughter of Captain Henry Wade, of Union; 2d, Hannah Willis, daughter of Nathaniel, of Springfield.

8. Nehemiah married Esther Sallee, sister of John Sallee, and had children: 

1. Betsey; 

2. Elihu; 

3. Nathaniel; 

4. Puah and Esther, twins; 

6. Sineas; 

7. James.

9. Pauh married John Sallee, and removed to Trenton, Ohio.

10. Davis married Miss _____ Hetfield.

11. Eunice, married Doct. Wats Watts Bonnel, of Union.

JAMES BALL, (4th child of Nathaniel,) and Eunice Meeker, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Rhoda, who married Jacob Stookey, and had chidren:

1. Stephen, who died at about 16 years;

2. Eunice; who married _____ _____;

3 David, marrried, 1st, Betsey Howard; 2. Sophia Rittenhouse;

4. Abby, who went to New-York, and married there.

5. Aaron Stookey, who married and lived in New-York.

2. David, who married Abby Wade, daughter of Caleb Wade, and lived at the Turnpike gate, in Union, and had children:

1. Eliza, who married Jotham Brown, son of Henry, and died leaving three children:

1. James Brown,

2. Abby Brown,

3. Caleb Brown.

2. Jane, married John Potter, son of Benjamin son of John, [See Potter.]

3. Phebe, married John Burnet, son of Daniel, son of Matthias Burnet, and had children: 

1. Anna Burnet, 

2. Caroline Burnet.

4. James, married Jane Burnet, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Burnet, and had children: 

1. William Merton Boll Ball.

5. Samuel, married Caroline Willcox, daughter of Noah Willcox, son of Noah, and had children: 

1. Emma Ball.

AARON BALL, Esq., (6th child of Nathaniel,) and Patty Wade, had children:

1. Polly, who married Abner Meeker.

2. Aaron, married, 1. Betsey Willcox, son of John Willcox, 2. Betsey Woodruff.

3. Henry, married, 1st, Hannah Conklin, daughter of Benjamin Conklin, of Union; 2nd, Sarah Mullock, daughter of William, of Mount Hope, Orange county, New-York.

4. Phebe married John Hallock, Jun., son of John, of Orange county, New-York. He was Judge of the County Court, and member of Congress. 

By his 2d wife, Hannah Willis, Aaron Ball, Esq., had children:

5. Harriet, who married Stephen Bonnel, son of Abraham, of Plainfield.

6. Nancy married Joseph Shotwell. Live in Rahway.

7. John, who went to Mexico when a young man, and married there, and had two children, and died there in June, 1845.

POLLY BALL, (1st child of Aaron, Ball, Esq.,) and Abner Meeker, had children: (6th Generation.) (7th Generation.)

1. Martha Meeker, who married Turner Frazee, son of George, of Westfield.

2. Rachel Meeker, married James Ireland, an Englishman.

3. Aaron Ball Meeker, married Hannah Frazee, sister of Turner, and had children: 

1. Anne Judson Meeker; 

2. George D. Boardman Meeker; 

3. Harriet Newel Meeker.

4. Mary Meeker, married William Woodruff, of Elizabethtown.

5. Henry Wade Meeker, married Julia Clendenen, daughter of George.

6. Obed Meeker, married _____.

7. Ezekiel Meeker, married _____.

8. Henry Meeker, married _____.

NOTE.--Abner Meeker, and all his children, except Aaron Ball Meeker, removed to Ohio, and lived in the vicinity of Franklin, Warren county.

MAJOR AARON BALL, (2d child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) lived at Westfield, and by his first wife, Betsey Willcox, had an only child, Henry, who married Betsey Woodruff, daughter of Asa, of Westfield.

HENRY BALL, (3d child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) is a Baptist Minister,--lives in Sussex county, and by his 1st wife, Hannah Conklin, had four children: (6th Generation.) 

1. Newton; 

2. Newton, 2d; 

3. Mary; 

4. William Vanhorn, who all died, and his wife died.

By his 2nd wife, Sarah, Rev. Henry Ball had children: 

5. Thomas Jefferson, who also died young; 

6. John; 

7. Clarissa Jane; 

8. Elizabeth; 

9. Hannah, who died young; 

10. Harriet; 

11. Julia; 

12. Phebe; 

13. Martha.

PHEBE BALL, (4th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and John Hallock, Esq., had children:

1. Dewitt Hallock; 

2. Charlotte Hallock; 

3. Sanford Hallock.

HARRIET BALL, (5th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and Stephen Bonnel, had children: 

1. Eliza Bonnel, who married J. A. Wood;--live in Jefferson County, New York; 

2. John Bonnel; 

3. Julia Bonnel; 

4. William Henry Bonnel.

NANCY BALL, (6th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and Joseph Shotwell, live in Rahway, and had children: 

1. Gustavus Shotwell; 

2. Harriet Shotwell; 

3. Henry Shotwell; 

4. John Shotwell.


TIMOTHY BALL, (probably one of the nine sons of Thomas) married and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. John, who married, 1st, Miss _____ Crane, and had children: 

1. Calvin; 

2. Luther; 

3. Rachel. 

John married, 2d, Miss _____ Fairchild, and had other children; 

4. John; 

5. David; 

6. Daniel; 

7. Uzel.

2. Uzel Ball, son of Timothy, married Abigail Burnet _____, and had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Enoch, who married Joanna Lyon, daughter of Daniel.

2. Jonathan married Phebe Headley, daughter of Cary, and had an only son, Uzel.

3. Noah married Fanny Edwards, daughter of Aaron.

4. Lafayette married Phebe Parker, daughter of Joseph, and had an only son, Andrew.

5. Rachel married James Hogan, and had children, Ira and Rachel Hogan.

6. Rhoda married William Johnson.

7. Mariah married Daniel Parker, brother of Phebe.

ENOCH BALL, (son of Uzel,) and Abigail Burnet, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Calvin, who died at 21 years, unmarried.

2. Abby, who married Josiah Durand, son of Briant.

3. Betsey married Moses Baldwin.

4. Jonathan married, 1st, Jane Condit, daughter of Jared; 2d, Peery Stevenson.

5. Mahala married John Gildersleeve, son of Joseph.

6. Randolph married Hannah Stevenson.

7. Mary married William Hollinn, son of Jacob.

NOAH BALL, (son of Uzel, son of Timothy Ball,) and Fanny Edwards, had children:

1. Charles, who married Emeline Hand, and had children: 

1. Henrietta; 

2. Thomas; 

3. Fanny Jane; 

4. Juliette; 

5. Salina; 

6. Susan; 

7. Theodore; 

8. Noah; 

9. Catherine.

2. Susan married Albert R. Meeker.

3. Mariah married Thomas A. Reeve, son of Walter S. Reeve.

4. Marcus Lafayette married Pamela Durand, daughter of Henry.

5. Jane married Nathaniel Burt.

6. Daniel Freeman married Catherine Alexander, daughter of John.

7. Caroline married James S. Brady.

8. Harriet.

9. Emeline married John Gardner, son of Daniel.

RHODA BALL, (daughter of Uzel,) and William Johnson, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Hervy Johnson; 

2. Susan Johnson; 

3. Mariah Johnson; 

4. Eliza Johnson; 

5. Alexander Johnson; 

6. Alonzo Johnson; 

7. Charles Johnson; 

8. Jephtha Johnson.

MARIAH BALL, (daughter of Uzel,) and Daniel Parker, had children: 

1. Uzel Parker; 

2. Caroline Parker; 

3. Abby Parker; 

4. Mary Anne Parker; 

5. Harriet Parker, 

6. Daniel Parker; 

7. Joseph Parker; 

8. Almira Parker; 

9. Albert Parker.


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