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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


SAMUEL BEACH lived near Jeffersonville, in Union Township. Married _____, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. David, who married _____, and removed to the Lakes, N. Y.

2. John married Jerusha Bunnel, daughter of David Bunnel, (whose wife was Elizabeth Jones, of Union.)

3. Ebenezer married in Washington City, and settled in New York, and had children: 

1. Maria; 

2. James; 

3. Joanna; 

4. William.

4. Susan married Isaac Miller, of New Vernon, and had children: 

1. Mary, who married Farrand Cochran, of New Vernon; 

2. Betsey married Isaac Riggs

3. Isaac; 

4. Phebe.

5. Elias married Hannah Headley, of Union, and removed to the Lakes.

6. Samuel married in Washington, settled in New York, and died there. Had children: 

1. Susan; 

2. Eliza; 

3. Julia; 

4. Harriet; 

5. Patty.

7. Hannah married Stephen Harris, and went to Redstone, Penn.

8. Patty married Mr. _____ Evarts.

9. Phebe married David Dean, of Springfield, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Elias Dean, who married his cousin, Hannah Dean, daughter of Jacob, above Springfield.

2. Jerusha Dean married Smith Lyon.

3. Hannah Dean married Joseph Smith, son of William, son of Walter, of Springfield.

4. Aaron Dean married Abby Crane, daughter of Samuel Crane, of Springfield.

5. Isaac Dean married _____, of Newark.

6. Harriet Dean married John Smith, son of William, son Walter Smith.

7. John Dean married _____ Crane, only daughter of David Crane, Esq., of Newark.

JOHN BEACH, (2nd son of Samuel Beach,) and Jerusha Bunnel, lived on Stony Hill, south of Thomas O. Scudder's, and subsequently removed to Springfield. He was born 12th May, 1757. She was born 17th January, 1764. They had children:

1. James, born 7th March, 1782, and married, 1st, Ann McGinnis, of Newark; 2d. Catherine Allen, of Newark. He then removed to Lexington, Kentucky, and married there, 3d, Betsey Ellis; 4. Mildred Garniss, cousin of Joseph's 2d wife.

2. Joanna, born 12th February, 1784, and died in infancy.

3. Susan, born 15th May, 1785, who married Jacob G. Broadwell, son of Hezekiah. [See Broadwell.]

4. William, born 7th August, 1787, married Susan Sovercool; lives in Newton, Sussex county.

5. Joseph, born 15th April, 1790, married, 5th October, 1814, 1st, Rebecca Hoaglin, daughter of Martin Hoaglin. She was born 29th June, 1795, in Kentucky--she died 17th February, 1821. He married, 2d, the widow Catherine Wallace, 29th Sept. 1822, daughter of Thomas Garniss, of New York. She was born 25th April, 1790, was cousin of James' 4th wife.

6. Jabez, born 22d June, 1792, married Maria Tillou, daughter of John Tillou.

7. Samuel, born 3d January, 1795, married, 1st, Phebe Mitchel; 2d, Elizabeth Van Pelt, in Kentucky; 3d, _____ in Kentucky.

8. John, born 12th August, 1797, married, 1st, Mary McCollum; 2d, Abigail McCollum, sisters, daughters of Aaron McCollum, of Sussex, near Newton. His 2d wife died 2d February, 1850, without children.

9. Abigail, born 18th May, 1800, married Jonathan, son of Capt. Samuel Bailey. [See Bailey.]

JAMES BEACH, (son of John) by his 1st wife, Anne, had seven sons--all died young but one, William, who married his cousin, Eliza J. Broadwell, daughter of Jacob G. Broadwell. By his 2d wife, 3 children; but one living. 2. Elisha married Elizabeth Winters, of Newton. By his 3d wife, two living--3. Thomas, 4. Lucy. By his 4th wife, Mildred, one--5. Joseph.

WILLIAM BEACH, (4th child of John Beach,) and Susan Sovercool, had children: (5th Generation 4th Generation.)

1. Anne Margaret Sovercool, who married Thomas H. Shafer, son of Isaac Shafer, of Newton, and had children; 

1. Louisa Anne Shafer; 

2. Susan Elizabeth Beach Shafer.

2. Alfred.

3. Hannah married John H. Lyon, son of Stephen Lyon, of Basking Ridge, and had children: 

1. Emma Louisa Lyon--died at two or three years; 

2. Anna Lyon; 

3. William James Lyon.

4. WILLIAM MELANCTON BEACH, (4th son of William, son of John,) married Catherine Roy, son of Stephen, of Sussex, and had children: (5th Generation.) 

1. Sarah Lucilla.

5. John Sovercool, who went to St. Louis, Missouri.

6. Jacob Coursen.

7. Joseph Greer.

JOSEPH BEACH, (5th child of John Beach,) and his 1st wife, Rebecca Hoaglin, had children:

1. Joan H., born 25th July, 1815, and died 13th Feb. 1817.

2. Mary Evelina, born 11th August, 1817, and died 13th May, 1819.

3. James Martin, born 2d August, 1819, married Malinda Slitfield, and had a son, Joseph, born 8th February, 1841. And by his 2d wife, Catherine, had children:

4. Lillis Ferrier, born 11th February, 1824, and died 25th February, 1824.

5. Thos. Garniss, born 16th Aug. 1825--died 25th Aug., 1826.

6. Thomas Garniss, 2d, born 12th December, 1827, died 14th October, 1829.

7. Catherine Garniss, born 16th January, 1829, died 16th August, 1829.

JABEZ BEACH, (6th child of John Beach,) and Maria Tillou, had children:

1. Harriet; 2. Caroline; 3. Mary; 4. Jerusha; 5. Mariah Catherine.

SAMUEL BEACH, (7th child of John Beach,) and Phebe Mitchell, his 2d wife, had children:

1. John William; 2. Margaret Jerusha.

JOHN BEACH, (8th child of John, son of Samuel,) and Mary McCollom, had children:

1. Sylvester, who married Mary Catherine Havens, of Marksborough, and went to Illinois.

2. Ithamar married Mary Elizabeth Bross, daughter of Peter Bross, of Hamburg, Sussex Co., and had a child, Jerusha Anne.



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