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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


BENJAMIN BEDELL, lived in the house where Capt. Abner Stites, lately lived, and kept a tavern there in the time of the Revolutionary War. (2d Generation.) He married Sarah Herriman, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Mary, who was baptized 19th August, 1764.

2. Benjamin, baptized 27th December, 1769, and both died young.

3. Nathan, who married Ruth Morrell, daughter of Robert Morrell.

4. Susannah married, 1st, Jonathan Elmer [29 May 1776 by Rev. J. Elmer, Presbyterian Church at New Providence, GMNJ V19:1, Jan 1944], son of Rev. Jonathan Elmer; 2d. James Hedges, 13th April, 1788 [3 Apr 1788, Presbyterian Church at New Providence, GMNJ V19:1, Jan 1944], son of Uriah Hedges, Jun.; 3. Daniel Cochran, of Green Village.

5. Timothy married, 2d March, 1789 [2 Mar 1789, Presbyterian Church at New Providence, GMNJ V19:1, Jan 1944], Chloe Hedges, daughter of Uriah Hedges, Jun.

6. Abigail, who was blind--she died at Basking Ridge in 1846, unmarried.

Benjamin Bedell, sold his farm in New Providence to Capt. Abner Stites, and bought another at Basking Ridge, but died 13th December, 1793, before removing there.

In the spring of 1794, the family removed to Basking Ridge. Timothy subsequently sold the farm, and removed to western Pennsylvania, and the widow and her daughter, Abigail, lived and died at Basking Ridge.

Nathan Bedell died 1st December, 1793.

Susannah Cochran died 7th October, 1822, aged 63 years.

Timothy's wife, Chloe, died 3d August, 1793, aged 22 years.

NATHAN BEDELL, (son of Benjamin Bedell,) and Ruth Morrell, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Sarah, who married Stephen Sutton, son of Uriah, of Basking Ridge. [Sarah Bedell m. Apr 1800 Stephen Sutton by Rev. Robert Finley, Baskinridge; Morris County Marriages Book B]

2. Benjamin married on Long Island, and had a son, John.

3. Mary, who died unmarried.

4. Robert Morrell married Keziah Goble, daughter of Timothy Goble, of Jockey Hollow. [Robert M. Bedell m. 10 Oct 1807 Keziah Goble; Both of Morristown by Rev. James Richards; Morris County Marriages Book A]

5. James Harper married Nancy Allen, daughter of Zachariah, of Scotch Plains.

6. Betsey married Gould Silliman, of Long Island.

SARAH BEDELL, (daughter of Nathan,) and Stephen Sutton, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Catherine Sutton, who married Pierson Howel, who lives in Newark.

2. Ruth Sutton married, 1st, Benjamin Cook. 2d. Pierson Howel, above-named, as his 2d wife.

3. Eliza Sutton married. _____ _____

4. Uriah Sutton.

ROBERT M. BEDELL, (son of Nathan,) and Keziah Goble, lived at Basking Ridge, and had children:

1. Sarah, who married Lawrence Blue, of Somerville, and had a daughter, Harriet Blue.

2. William, who died at 14 years of age.

3. Betsey married Amos McIntire, and had children: 1. Harriet; 2. Jane; 3. Eliza; 4. Sarah McIntire.

4. Hervy, who died at 16 years of age.

5. Jane married William Strang, on Staten Island, and have children: 1. Robert Strang, and others.

6. Robert Finley.

7. Rebecca married James Cross;--live in Brooklyn.
[Cross, James & Margaret Rebecca Bedell, Dec 24, 1844 (by Harris); Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol I through Vol. VIII]

8. Harriet married, 18th January, 1850, Winant B. Morrell, of Brooklyn.

9. Ruth.

Robert M. Bedell's wife, Keziah, died, and he married a 2d wife, and lives in Brooklyn.

SUSANNAH BEDELL, (4th child of Benjamin,) and Jonathan Elmer, had an only child: (3d Generation.)

1. Philemon Elmer, who married, 1. Nancy Potter, daughter of Isaac; 2. Catherine Jones

And by her 2d husband, (James Hedges,) had children:

2. Mary, who married Daniel Frost, of Green Village.

3. Sarah, married Thomas Kinnan, son of Thomas.

5. Margaret married John Sturges, of Green Village.

MARY HEDGES, (daughter of James,) and Daniel Frost, had children:

1. Jedediah Sherred Frost, who married Eliza Jane Bruen, daughter of Benjamin Bruen, of Madison, and had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Charles Bruen Frost; 

2. Francis Caroline Frost; 

3. Hervy Benjamin Frost; 

4. Eliza Josephine Frost.

2. William Frost.

3. Ezekiel Frost, who died a young man, unmarried.

4. Hannah Frost, who married Isaac S. Miller, son of Isaac, of New Vernon, and had children: 

1. Mahlon M. Miller; 

2. Phebe Crowel Miller; 

3. Susan Miller; 

4. Luke Sturges Miller; 

5. Mary Jane Miller. (5th Generation.)

5. Hervy Frost.

6. Charles Frost.

7. Jane Frost, who married Nicholas Johnston, in Ohio.

NOTE.--William, Hervy, Charles, and Jane Frost, went to Ohio, and married there. Their mother went with them, and also married there.

NOTE.--I know of no connection between Benjamin Bedell, and John Bedell.


JOHN BEDELL, Sen., had a son, John Bedell, Jun., who was an Elder in the church, in Turkey. He lived where Isaac Crane now does, in Morris county, and owned 100 acres of land, No. 24, (Addition) of the Elizabethtown Survey, and also 114 acres, No. 20, (Addition) lying North in the next tier of lots, extending into the Great Swamp.

There was also an Elder Jacob Bedell.

ELDER JOHN BEDELL, married Susannah Valentine, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Jacob, who married Eleanor, or Aula Powers, and was also an Elder in the church.

2. William, married Esther Littell, daughter of David, Sen.

3. Martha, married Elder Daniel Cory, of Longhill.

4. Susannah.

5. Mary, married Henry Gray.

Old Mrs Bedell, widow of Elder Jacob Bedell, died 9th September, 1773,

John Bedell Sen., died 2d January, 1768.

Elder John Bedell, died December, 1763.

Jacob Bedell, son of Elder John, died 16th June, 1777, aged 51 years; his widow, Aula, married Capt. Jonathan Mulford, and died about 1803.

JACOB BEDELL, inherited half the above named Lots, Nos. 24 and 20,and owned also 120 acres in Essex county, on the opposite side of the River, 100 acres of which is still owned and occupied by his grand-daughter, Catherine, the wife of Philemon Elmer, son of Jonathan.

JACOB BEDELL, and Eleanor Powers, had children:

1. Eleanor, who married Samuel Rutan, son of Abraham, [See Rutan.] (4th Generation.)

2. Abraham, married Polly Osborn, daughter of John, Sen.

3. John, 3d, married Martha Bebout, [John Bedell m. 12 Nov 1786 Martha Bebout by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944] daughter of Peter, Sen.

ABRAHAM BEDELL, (1st son of Jacob Bedell,) sold out his lands here, and removed, in April, 1800, with John Maxwell, and William Littell, to Sussex county. (5th Generation.)

Abraham Bedell, and his wife, Polly Osborn, had children:

1. Betsey, who died young.

2. Sally, who married, 25th December, 1797, Lewis Meeker, of Union; went to Seneca county, New-York.

3. Locky, married Henry Crampton, and went to Ohio.

4. Caty, married John Meeker Littell, son of William, above named.

5. Jacob, married _____ _____; lives Newark.

6. John, married Abby Campfield, of Newark; was drowned in the North River.

7. Abraham, married Sally Edwards, _____ _____ lived in Newark.

8. William married Mary Mackerley, of Sussex, and had a child.

10. Abraham Howel.

SALLY BEDELL,(1st daughter of Abraham,)and Lewis Meeker had children: (6th Generation.)
[Sally Bedell m. 25 Mar 1797 Lewis Meaker by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

1. Abraham Meeker.

2. John Meeker, who died at about 22 years, unmarried.

3. Jacob Meeker, married. _____ _____

4. Clarissa Meeker.

5. Jane Meeker.

6. Rhoda Meeker.

7. Matilda Meeker.

8. Emeline Meeker.

JOHN BEDELL, son of Jacob, inherited his father's farm of 120 acres, in Essex county. He and his wife, Martha, had but one daughter, Catherine, born 4th December, 1787, and married in June, 1806, Erastus Jones, son of Luther Jones, from Connecticut. (5th Generation.)

Her father died 1st June, 1788, aged 24 years, and she inherited the farm, except about 20 acres, which her father sold to Nathaniel Littell, Esq.

Catherine Bedell, and Erastus Jones, had several daughters, who all died young except one, Mary Mulford Jones, who married Isaac L. Willcox, and had children:

1. Caroline Jones Willcox.

2. Erastus Jones Willcox.


WILLIAM BEDELL, (son of John, Jun.) inherited the half of the before named lots, 24 and 20, and lived where his father did. He and his wife Esther Littell, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Susannah, who married Jonathan Davis.

2. Phebe, married, 1st, Charles Johnson, son of Uzel Johnson, on Longhill, [See Johnson;] 2d, Caleb Mulford, son of Job Mulford; [See Job Mulford.]

3. Lydia, married, 7th August, 1787, Elijah Davis, brother of Susannah's husband. [Lydia Bedell m. 7 Aug 1787 Elijah Davis by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

4. Mary, married, 13th March, 1785, Daniel Hole, son of Charles, as his 2d wife. [Mary Bedell m. 31 Mar 1785 Daniel Hole by Rev. Jonathan Elmer, Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

5. James, married, 5th October, 1791, Nancy Oakley, sister of Polly, wife of John Abel. [James Bedell m. 5 Oct 1791 Nancy Oakley by Rev. Jonathan Elmer, Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

William Bedell, sold out his lands in October, 1792, to his brother-in-law, Nathaniel Littell, and with his son-in-law, and son, and their families, removed to a section of land that he purchased for $250, of Daniel Thompson, between the two Miami Rivers, in Warren county, Ohio, where they all settled.

SUSANNAH BEDELL, (1st child of William,) and Jonathan Davis, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. William Davis, who married Sarah Lamb, daughter of Colonel Joseph Lamb; they both joined the Shaking Quakers, among whom he died; she is with them yet.

2. John Davis, married Elizabeth Serrin, and removed to Texas.

3. Mary Davis, went to the Shakers, where she continues.

4. Huldah Davis, who married John Monger.

5. Hester Davis, married Joseph Q. Lamb, son of Col. Joseph Lamb, [See Lamb.]

PHEBE BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Charles Johnson, had children:

1. Betsey Johnson, who married Boaz Murphy, in Ohio.

2. Charles Johnson, married Betsey Trembly.

Mr. Johnson died, and she married Caleb Mulford, as his 2d wife. Mr. Mulford, by his two wives, had children:

1. Jacob Mulford, married Jane Hole, daughter of John.

2. Rebecca Mulford, married Elias Littell, son of Ephraim, son of Andrew, [See Littell.]

3. William Mulford, married Martha Meek.

4. Job Mulford, married Mary Dudley.

LYDIA BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Elijah Davis, had children:

3. Esther Davis, Jonathan Davis, and Elijah Davis, who all went to the Shakers, and are lost.

MARY BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Daniel Hole, had children:

1. Phebe Hole, who married Daniel Clark, son of Daniel, a Baptist Preacher.

2. Esther Hole, married David Bowers.

3. Stephen Hole, married Miss _____ Eddy.

4. Catherine Hole.

5. Aaron Hole.

6. Mary Hole.

7. Elizabeth Hole.

JAMES BEDELL, and Nancy Oakley, had children:

1. John, who married Nancy Enyart.

2. William.

3. Esther.

I know of no connection between Benjamin, John and Henry Bedell.


HENRY BEDELL, lived in Passaic Valley; his 1st wife's name was Sutton, by whom he had two children:

1. John, who married Deborah Mulford, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Mulford.

2. Henry, Jun., went to Sussex, married and raised a family there. 

The first wife of Henry Bedell, Sen., died, and he married a 2d wife, in the southern part of New Jersey, and soon after removed to the State of Georgia;--settled and died there, leaving three other children:

3. Chester, who married in Georgia; --had no children.

4. Jacob, married in Georgia, and had a son, Henry.

5. Phebe, married;--nothing is known here of her children.

Henry Bedell, Jun., went to Sussex; married and raised a family there. I have learned nothing of them.

JOHN BEDELL, (1st child of Henry Bedell,) and Deborah Mulford, lived by the Spring at the then called Bedell's Bridge, (now called Littell's,) and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Isaac, who married Mary Kinnan, daughter of Thomas Kinnan, Sen.
[Bedell, Chester, son of Isaac & Mary d. Sept 2 1811 age 6.3.13; Basking Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard]

2. Stephen, married Phebe Drake, and lived in Sussex, where his father did, and had eight children:

3. Ezekiel, married _____, and died, leaving two children.

4. Mary, married Martin Vandyke. Mary died, and Mr. Vandyke married Ezekiel Bedell's widow.

5. Esther, married Jacob Crossman.

John Bedell, with his family, except his son Isaac, removed to Sussex county, near the Delaware River;--he died there.

Isaac Bedell, lived on Long Hill, where Samuel Stanbury formerly lived, and had ten children; four of which died in infancy;--the other six were, 1. John Kinnan; 2. Sarah; 3. Deborah; 4. Isaac; 5. Mary; and 6. Chester. Deborah died in youth, and Chester died in childhood.

Isaac Bedell, removed to Mendham, where his wife died, Subsequently, he with three of his children removed to Athens, Ohio, where he died. [Isaac Bedell was admitted as a member of the First Presbyterian Congregation, Mendham in 1833 and at some point dismissed (not positive which Isaac Bedell this referred to); The First Presbyterian Congregation Mendham, Morris County New Jersey History and Records 1738-1938 by Helen Martha Wright, published by the author.]

Sarah married Ezekiel Day, of Mendham, and went to Athens with their father, and subsequently to Illinois, and had children:

1. Mary; 2. Phebe; 3. Sarah.

Isaac, married Harriet Martin, daughter of Isaac Martin, of Mendham, and also went to Athens, and settled in that vicinity, and had children: 1. Mary; 2. Sarah.

Mary also went to Athens with her father.

JOHN K. BEDELL, (son of Isaac, Sen.,) married Hannah Jones, near New Vernon, and lives there, and had ten children: (5th Generation.)

1. Chester, who married Amy North, of Long Island, and had children: 

1. William Forrester; 

2. Levi North, who died young; 

3. John Chester, who also died young; 

4. Mary Elizabeth.

2. Phebe married Daniel Oliver, of Water street, Mendham, and had children: 1. Mary Irena; 2. Chester.

3. Deborah.

4. Sherrod, who died young.

5. William.

6. Mary married Daniel Smith;--lives in New York.

7. Sarah; 

8. Abigail; 

9. John, who died young; 

10. Isaac.



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