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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


NATHANIEL BONNEL, 1st, came from Long Island to Elizabethtown--was one of the first company of the "Elizabethtown Associates," and from thence he removed to Passaic River, above Chatham, and there settled. He married Hannah Miller, of Westfield, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Benjamin (Esq.) who married Rachel Van Winkle.

2. Nathaniel (Capt.) married, 1st, Elizabeth Allen; 2d, in 1775, Mary Simpson.
[Bonel, Nathaniel, of Turkey; m. 28 Nov., 1750 to Elizabeth Allen, of So. Hanover [History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]
Bonnell, Mary, w. Nathaniel; L (received by letter). 30 Dec., 1814. fr. Bottle Hill; “dis. to Green Village” Roll 4
[History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Part II, The Combined Registers From 1742 to 1885]]

3. John married Sarah Carter.

4. Sarah married Samuel Roberts.

5. Betsey married Capt. Isaac Ward.

6. Abigail married Mr. Gardner.

7. Mary married Elijah Woodruff.

BENJAMIN BONNEL, Esq., (son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Rachel Van Winkle, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Jane, who married Abner Brown, 21st July, 1763.

2. Joanna married Matthias Woodruff, 2d January, 1764.

3. Benjamin, 2d, (bellows-maker,) married Hannah Ward, daughter of David.

4. Nathaniel married, 19th February, 1772, Sibbe Howel, and had children: 1. Calvin; 2. Luther; 3. Elijah; 4. Lockey.

5. Samuel married Betsey Crane, and had children: 1. Jane; 2. Lewis.

6. John (a tailor,) married Nancy Day, daughter of Stephen Day, Esq.

7. Aaron married, 29th May, 1785, Rachel Clark.

8. Paul married, 28th December, 1783, Mary Parsons, daughter of William, Jun., and had children: Elizabeth, Abigail, &c., and went to Ohio.

9. Rachel married, 13th March, 1783, Major Luke Miller, of Bottle Hill.

10. Sarah married Jacob Searing Parsons, son of William, Jun., [See Parsons.]

11. Abigail married Jonathan Johnson, son of Stephen Johnson. [See Stephen Day.]

12. Rhoda married Calvin Morrell, 17th May, 1787, son of Jacob, of Chatham, and went to Ohio.

13. Polly married Stephen Day, Jun., brother of John's wife.

Benjamin Bonnel, Esq., was a Justice of the Peace, and an Elder in the Presbyterian Church here. He was drowned in the winter of 1800, by the upsetting of a ferry-boat, in New York Bay, when several persons of this Valley were lost.

BENJAMIN BONNEL, 2d, (3d child of Benjamin, Esq.) and Hannah Ward, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Enos, who married Rachel Ball.

2. Matthias married Sally Ward, daughter of Ichabod, son of David.

3. Sarah married Enos B. Townley, son of George. [See Townley.]

4. Phebe married Dr. Amos King, of Chatham, son of Stephen King, of Orange County, New York.

5. Prussia married Bonnel Brant, of Chatham.

ENOS BONNEL, (son of Benjamin, 2d,) and Rachel Ball, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Jane.

2. Charlotte, who married Paul Lum, son of Israel Lum, Esq., had no children.

3. Elam W. married Tacy Howel, daughter of David, of Madison.

4. Benjamin, 3d, married Sarah De Camp, daughter of Moses, of Caldwell.

5. Alfred married Henrietta Cooper, daughter of John G. Cooper, Esq.

6. Matilda married Jotham Brant.

7. Harriet married Jared Hathaway, of Morristown.

8. John married Miss Stagg, of Elizabethtown.

9. Almira married Talbert Butler, of Staten Island.

10. Mary married, and soon after died.

11. Eliza married Mr. Baker, of Staten Island.

MATTHIAS BONNEL, (son of Benjamin, 2d,) and Sally Ward, had children:

1. Louisa, who married Albert Leonard, of Connecticut.

2. Moses Ward married Elizabeth Hunt, daughter of James, of New York.

3. Joanna Day, who died 30th January, 1850, in her 38th year.

4. Enos married Phebe Anne Gardner, of Newark.

5. Jane married Elizabeth B. Tickenor Elijah B. Tichenor, daughter of William, of Clinton.

PHEBE BONNEL, (daughter of Benjamin, 2d,) and Dr. King, had children:

1. Prussia King, who married Franklin Day, son of Moses, and had children: 1. Charlotte Day, who died at 24 years, unmarried; 2. Sylvanus Day, who married Clarissa Fenner; 3. Hannah Maria Day; 4. Almira Day, who died at 18 years, unmarried; 5. Matilda Day; 6. Harriet Day; 7. Benjamin Franklin Day; 8. Calvin Day.

2. Almira King, married, 1st, Hartman De Gray, and had children: 1. Jane Agusta De Gray; 2. Amelia De Gray. She married, 2d, Daniel Witter. Live in New York.

PRUSSIA BONNEL, (daughter of Benjamin, 2d,) and Bonnel Brant, had children:

1. Laura Adaline Brant, who died at 18 years.

2. Sofronia Brant married Mr. Scofield, and died at 22 years.

3. Benjamin Brant married in Penn., and lives in Philadelphia.

4. Lavenda Josephine Brant, lives at Sam'l Robert's.

5. Elliet Constantine Brant, lives in Newark.

6. Margaretta died at about 17 years.

7. Sarah died at about 2 years.

JOHN BONNEL, tailor, (6th son of Benjamin Bonnel, Esq.,) and Nancy Day, had children: (4th generation.)

1. Joanna, who married, as his 2d wife, Capt. Brooks, near Honesdale, Penn.

2. Barna married Lucy Brooks, daughter of Capt. Brooks.

3. Polly married Mr. Wood.

4. Stephen.

5. Julia married, 9th August, 1816, Rev. John M. Babbit, of Mendham.

BARNA BONNEL, (son of tailor John,) and Lucy Brooks, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Joan Minerva, who married Charles E. Lum, son of David B., of Union, and had children: 1. Isabel Alathea Lum, born March, 1847; 2. Jane Bruen married Ira O. Tickenor Tichenor, son of Josiah, of Clinton; 3. Mary Frances; 4. Elijah Day.

CAPT. NATHANIEL, (2d son of Nathaniel Bonnel, 1st,) was born 1731;--died July, 1809; he lived where his grand-son, Daniel L. Bonnel, now lives. By his first wife, Elizabeth Allen, he had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Abigail, born July, 1754,--married, September, 1755, Jacob Minthorn.

2. Nathaniel, 3d, born June, 1756, married, 1783, Martha Crane, daughter of Isaac.

3. Caleb Gilbert, born November, 1758, married his cousin, Joanna Woodruff, daughter of Elijah. He died 2d May, 1834, aged 76 years. She died 17th December, 1846.

4. Phebe, born May, 1761, married William Johnson, son of Uzel. [See Johnson.]

5. Jane, born April, 1763, married Samuel Crane, son of Joseph. [See Crane.]

6. Jonathan, born March, 1765, and died young.

7. Jacob, born May, 1767, was a clock-maker, married Margaret Crane.

8. Elizabeth, born August, 1769--married, 29th July, 1787, Gabriel Friend

Capt. Bonnel's wife, Elizabeth, died 20th April, 1774, and he married, 24th November, 1775, Mary Simpson, daughter of Alexander, and had children.

9. William, who died young,

10. Nancy, born July, 1778, married her cousin, Sylvanus Bonnel, son of John. [See S. Bonnel.]

11. Chloe, born December, 1779, married Abraham Samson, son of David. [See Samson.]

12. William, 2d, born January, 1783--married, 25th December, 1806, Sally Doty, daughter of James.

13. Enoch, born 5th October, 1785, is unmarried;--lives with William.

NATHANIEL BONNEL, 3d, (2d child of Capt. Nathaniel Bonnel,) and Martha Crane, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Philemon, born 29th March, 1785, married, 26th January, 1806, Rachael Noe, daughter of John.

2. Huldah, born 1st September, 1787, married, 1st, Timothy D. Pettit, son of Capt. Benjamin. [See Pettit.] Had an only son, Timothy D. 2d, she married David Noe, son of John. [See Noe.]

3. Jonathan Crane, born 29th September, 1790--married, 2d November, 1814, Phebe Ward, daughter of Ichabod, son of David.

4. Mary, born 29th February, 1792--married, 9th January, 1813, Charles Day, son of Moses, and had an only daughter, Elizabeth Day, and Mr. Day died.

5. Jane, born 3d July, 1795, married her cousin, John M. Stites, son of Capt. Abner. [See Stites.]

6. Elizabeth, born 11th February, 1797--married Matthias Osborn, son of Nehemiah. [See Osborn.]

7. Sarah, born 17th February, 1799, married James T. Lennington, and went to Ohio.

8. Maline Miller, born 22d July, 1802--married Elizabeth D. Walker, of New York.

Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d, died 15th April, 1814. His widow died 20th June, 1846. Maline M. Bonnel sailed for California, 17th July, 1849, and died of cholera, at sea, the next day.

PHILEMON BONNEL, (1st child of Nathaniel, 3d,) and Rachael Noe, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Huldah, who married Sylvester Crane, son of John. [See Crane.]

2. Mary Noe married Ashbel A. Tomkins, son of Joseph. [See Tomkins.]

3. Ellis married, 1st, 11th November, 1835, Betsey Day Potter, daughter of Major Jotham, and had children: 1. Ellis; 2. Phebe Pettit; 3. Rachel Noe; 4. Jotham Potter.

Ellis Bonnel's wife, Betsey, died 7th June, 1843, aged 31 years, and he married her cousin, Charlotte Potter Osborn, daughter of Stephen B., and had other children: 5. Betsey Pettit; 6. Hannah Burnet.

4. Nathaniel, 4th.

5. Martha Crane married, 3d December, 1845, John Noe, son of Frazee, son of Lewis, and died 11th May, 1849, without children.

6. John Noe.

7. Maline.

8. Sally Doty married, 13th February, 1847, Isaac L. Wood, son of Daniel S. [See Wood.]

JONATHAN C. BONNEL, (3d child of Nathaniel, 3d,) and Phebe Ward, had children:

1. Mahetabel, born 8th December, 1816, married William Littell, son of John Littell, Esq. [See Littell.]

2. Julia, born 1st January, 1819, married, 27th April, 1836, Dr. John S. Smith, son of Abner Smith, of Long Hill. Dr. Smith died 16th August, 1841, without children.

3. Harriet.

4. Charity Frost.

5. Emeline.

6. Jonathan.

7. David Ward.

SARAH BONNEL, (7th child of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d,) and James Lennington, had children:

1. William Lennington.

2. Thomas Scott Lennington.

3. Nathaniel Bonnel Lennington, twin to Thomas S.

4. Martha Jane Lennington.

MALINE M. BONNEL, (8th child of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d,) and Elizabeth D. Walker, had children:

1. Helen R., born 4th February, 1836.

2. Martha C., born 30th May, 1839.


JOHN BONNEL, (3d son of Nathaniel Bonnel, 1st,) and Sarah Carter, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. James, born 10th October, 1758, married Rosa Burnet, lived by the Franklin Mill.

2. Nancy, born 4th September, 1760, married William Day, son of Stephen, Esq. [See Day.]

3. Jonathan, born 12th May, 1763, married, 10th August, 1783, Mary Burnet, sister of Rosa.

4. Israel, born 24th May, 1765, married Fanny Hand.

5. Joanna, born 20th October, 1767, married Moses Day, son of Paul. [See Paul Day.]

6. Hannah, born 9th September, 1770, and died young.

7. Sylvanus, born 28th February, 1773, married his cousin, Nancy Bonnel, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel.

8. Eleanor, born 21st January, 1776, married Matthias Ward, son of Capt. Enos, of Chatham. [See Ward.]

9. David, born 5th September, 1778, and died at 18 years, by the fall of a tree, in the Great Swamp.

10. Sally, born 28th July, 1781--married Ezekiel Sayre, born 1st February, 1774, and died 20th January, 1850. He lived where his wife's father did, near Passaic River, by the brook, near the line between New Providence and Springfield.

11. Caty, born 1st February, 1784, and died in infancy.

JAMES BONNEL, (1st child of John, son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Rosa Burnet, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Stephen Carter, who married Sally Simpson, daughter of Isaac Simpson.

2. Electa married Abraham Walker, son of Asher, and died, leaving a daughter, Electa Walker, who married Dr. John L. Munn, son of Dr. J. B. Munn, of Chatham.

3. Elias married Caty Simpson, daughter of Isaac Simpson.

4. Hannah married Stephen Parcel, had a son, John Parcel, and removed to the west.

5. Nancy, who went to the west with Hannah, and died.

6. David married Sally Day, his cousin, daughter of Sally Bonnel, daughter of John.

7. Mahlon, twin to David, married Sally Oliver, daughter of Capt. Oliver, of New Vernon.

STEPHEN C. BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Sally Simpson, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Catherine, who married Nathan Foster, son of Stephen, of Union, and had children: 1. Sarah Bonnel Foster; 2. Susan Foster.

2. James M., born 13th August, 1809, and died 1848, unmarried.

3. Elias, born 9th July, 1811, and died 1836, unmarried.

4. Nancy, born 16th May, 1813, married, 15th August, 1832, William Andrews, from Ireland, and had children:

1. Thomas Andrews;

2. Stephen Bonnel Andrews.

5. Electa, born 4th July, 1816--married, 24th October, 1835, James Helm, and had a son, Elias Bonnel Helm, and died 28th February, 1837.

6. Stephen Carter, born 7th June, 1818, and died 21st September, 1820.

7. Hannah Parcel Bonnel, born 1st September, 1821, and married, 3d June, 1838, David N. Ruckman, son of Nathan. [See Ruckman.]

ELIAS BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Caty Simpson, had children:

1. Edwin, who married Eliza Scofield, of Connecticut.

2. Caroline married Thomas Smith, of New York.

3. Rhoda married Francis Doremus.

4. Elias Freeman married Maria Tashier.

DAVID BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Sally Day, had children:

1. Harriet, who married Benjamin Wade.

MAHLON BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Sally Oliver, had children:

1. Joanna, who married Henry Lytle, of New York. 

2. David, who married _____ _____; 

3. John; 

4. Henry; 

5. Sarah; 

6. Salina; 

7. Mahlon; 

8. Cornelia.

JONATHAN BONNEL, (3d child of John Bonnel, son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Mary Burnet, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Matilda, who married Alexander Bruen, son of Joseph, and had children:

1. Serenus Bruen, who married a daughter of David Burnet.
2. Jonathan Bruen married Sally Muchmore, daughter of Stephen.
3. Harriet Bruen married Mr. Knapp, from Connecticut.
4. Albert Bruen married _____ _____. Live in Chester, Morris county.
5. John Bruen married _____ _____, in Newark.
6. Charlotte Bruen married _____ _____.
7. Hervy Bruen.

2. Ichabod, who married Sally Parcel, daughter of Thomas, and had a child, Mary Bonnel, who married John Helm, of Basking Ridge.

3. Joel, who married Arabella Halsey, of Hanover, and had children:

1. Albert Bonnel married a daughter of Carter Bruen, of Madison.
2. Mary Anne Bonnel married Mr. _____, from Conn.
3. Joel Bonnel, Jun., married _____ Meeker, daughter of John Meeker.
4. _____ _____.
5. Francis.

4. Alva, who married Nancy Halsey, sister of Joel Bonnel's wife, had children:

1. Halsey Bonnel, who married _____ _____, in Newark.
2. Marcus Bonnel married Miss _____ Lacy, of Elizabethtown.
3. Elizabeth Bonnel, not married.
4. Joel Bonnel married _____ _____.
5. Sylvanus Bonnel married _____ _____.
6. John Bonnel.

5. John went to the west, and was drowned.

ISRAEL BONNEL, (4th child of John Bonnel, son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Fanny Hand, had children:

1. Harriet, who married Lewis Freeman, near Green Village, and had children:

1. Lewis Freeman; 
2. Francis Freeman; 
3. Sarah Freeman; 
4. a son; 
5. a daughter.

2. Sarah.

3. Lewis married _____, and left his wife, and went to Iowa.

SYLVANUS BONNEL, (7th child of John, son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Nancy Bonnel, lived at Springfield, and had children:

1. Eliza, who married George Sayre, son of Nathan, of Elizabethtown. Live at Madison, (he is a merchant there,) and had children:

1. Sylvanus Sayre; 
2. Edward Sayre; 
3. Theodore Sayre, who died in infancy.

2. Calvin married Julianna _____, from Philadelphia, and had children; 1. William; 2. Nancy; 3. _____; 4. _____ _____

3. Hervy married _____ _____, in Iowa.

4. John.

5. Charlotte married Abner Stites, of Springfield, son of Abner Stites, of New Providence.

6. Sylvanus.

7. Nancy.

8. William.

All these, except Eliza and Charlotte, went to Iowa, and settled there.

SALLY BONNEL, (daughter of John,) and Ezekiel Sayre, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Sally Day, who married her cousin, David Bonnel, son of James, and had an only child, Harriet, who married Benjamin Wade.

2. Electa Sayre, who married Stephen Bower, son of Daniel, and had children: 1. George Bower; 2. Laura Bower; 3. Catherine Bower; 4. Franklin Miller Bower; 5. a son.

3. Catherine Sayre, who died at 35 years, unmarried.

4. David Sayre, married Mary Spencer, daughter of Samuel, son of William, and had children; 1. Frederick Sayre; 2. _____ _____; 3. _____ _____. (5th Generation.)

5. John Edgar Sayre.

6. Lewis Sayre. Lives at St. Louis, Missouri.


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