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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


WILLIAM BROADWELL, Sen., drew lot No. 13, of the Elizabethtown Survey, and probably built the house upon it by the brook where the Parsons family afterwards lived. He also drew lot No. 18, South of No. 13, where Isaiah Meeker subsequently lived; he had children: (2d Generation.)

1. William Jun., married Mary _____ , who died 23 September, 1757, aged 32 years. He had a daughter, Jane, who married her cousin Moses Broadwell, son of Josiah Broadwell, Esq.

David, married Mary Howel, 25th November, 1767 [Presbyterian Church at New Providence]; she died 9th April, 1769, aged 21 years. William Broadwell, Sen., died in 1746, aged 64 years; his head-stone is of the oldest date of any in the Presbyterian grave-yard. William Broadwell and Josiah Broadwell, Esq., were of the Committee, in 1757, to confer with the Rev. Jonathan Elmer, respecting his settlement as a minister of the Presbyterian church, in New Providence.

WILLIAM BROADWELL, Jun., andMary _____ , had children:

1. William, 3d, who died 5th May, 1761, in his 6th year.

2. Jane, who married her cousin Moses Broadwell, son of Josiah, Esq.

JOSIAH BROADWELL, Esq., lived on lot No. 18, and had children: (4th Generation.)

SONS. -- Samuel, who married Miss Lindsley, and went to Kentucky.

Hezekiah, who married Abigail Green [Hezekiah Broadwell m. Abigail Green 29 May 1769 by Rev. Jacob Green; Hanover Presbyterian Church], daughter of Rev. Jacob Green, of Hanover, and sister of the Rev. Ashbel Green, D.D. LLD. -- late of Philadelphia, who was born 6th July, 1762, and died 19th May, 1848.

Simeon, married Rachel Lindsley, sister of Samuel's wife, and went to Dayton, Ohio.

Jacob married Jane _____ , of Metuchen.

Moses married his cousin, Jane Broadwell, daughter of William. [Moses Broadwell m. 5 Nov 1788, Fanny Broadwell by Rev Jacob Green; Presbyterian Church Hanover]

DAUGHTERS.--Polly, or Hannah, married William Darling, and lived where Isaac Meeker does.

Esther, married, 1st, John Mills Frost; 2d, Ichabod Ward. [See Ward.] She died 29th April, 1835, aged 81 years.

HEZEKIAH BROADWELL, son of Josiah, Esq., and Abigail Green, had children: (4th generation.)

1. James, married and had children:

1. Charles, who is a Printer in Cincinnati. 
2. _____ _____
3. Jane, who married in Cincinnati.

2. Jacob Green Broadwell, was born 4th April, 1780, and married Susan Beach, daughter of John, son of Samuel. [Jacob Green Broadwell, bap. 31 Dec 1780, son of Hezekiah & Abigail; Hanover Presbyterian Church]

3. Abby, who died unmarried.

POLLY, (or HANNAH,) BROADWELL, (daughter of Josiah, Esq.,) and William Darling, had children:

Thomas Darling, who married Betsey McComb, of Newark, had children:

1. Herbet Herbert Darling. 2. Lewis Darling. 3. Thomas Darling, Jun.

4. Mary Darling, married Silas Lindsley, Jun., son of Silas, Esq. of Spring Valley.

5. Edgar Darling.

6. James Good Darling, married Martha Wilson, daughter of Charles Wilson, and Meriam High, daughter of Jacob.

7. Augustus Darling.

8. Isaac Darling, married Laura Seigler, of Bloomfield, and lived in Newark.

SIMEON BROADWELL, (son of Josiah Esq.,) and Rachel Lindsley, lived in Dayton, Ohio, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Silas, who married, 1st, Sally Byram, daughter of Naphtoli Naphtali, of Morristown; 2d. Anne Byram, (his first wife's sister, and had no children by her,) and had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Ebenezer Byram Broadwell, who married _____ , in Dayton.

2. Mary, who married Joseph Plunket _____ , of Dayton.

3. Simeon married _____ ; 4. Josiah married Ella Cutter, of Cincinnati; 5. Anne, married George Joycelin; 6. Amy; 7. Susan; 8. Silas.

2. Ephraim, married Jane Gardener, daughter of Benjamin Gardener and Sarah Thompson. [See Thompson.]

3. Josiah, married 1. _____ ; 2. _____ ; 3. _____ .

4. Lewis, married Nancy Valentine, daughter of David, son of Obadiah, and lives on St. Mary's River, Ohio.

JACOB G. BROADWELL, (2d son of Hezekiah,) and Susan Beach, had children:

1. Wickliff Green, who was born 9th April, 1840, and married Joanna Sayre, daughter of Nathan, of Elizabethtown; had no children.

2. Hannah W., born 28th July, 1805, married, 22d December, 1821, Samuel Parsons, 5th son of _____ _____

3. John B., born 10th November, 1807, who died at 9 months.

4. Jerusha B., born 24th January, 1809, died at 20 months.

5. William B., born 13th June, 1811, married Mary Ann Miller, daughter of Isaac Miller, of Newark.

6. Joanna H., born 26th January, 1814.

7. Eliza Jones, born 1st August, 1816; died at 3 years.

8. James Beach, born 22d March, 1818, died at 18 months.

9. Eliza Jones, 2d, born 4th February, 1820, married, 19th June, 1840, her cousin William Beach, son of James, and lived in Kentucky.

10. John Beach, 2d, born 11th March, 1822.

11. Jacob Green, born 1st October, 1825, married, 10th June, 1846, Eliza Anderson, daughter of James Anderson, of Newark.

HANNAH W. BROADWELL, and Samuel Parsons, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Margaret Parsons, 3d, who died at 17 years, unmarried.

2. William Henry Parsons. 

3. Samuel Parsons.

4. Charles Parsons, died at about 2 years.

5. Mary Eliza Parsons, died at about one year.

6. Wickliff Parsons. 7. Mary Anne Eliza Parsons. 8. Richard Parsons. 9. Albert Parsons.

WILLIAM B. BROADWELL, and Mary Anne Miller, had children: 1. George Broadwell; 2. _____ _____ ; 3. Ira Green; 4. Lillis, born 25th December, 1849.

ELIZA J. BROADWELL, and William Beach, had children, who all died but Anna McGinnis Beach.

Jacob G. Broadwell, and Eliza Anderson, had children.

1. William Henry, born 11th April, 1847; 2. James Anderson, born 25th September, 1849.


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