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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


GEORGE BROWN, (son of Andrew Brown,) lived on Stony Hill, where John W. Hand now lives. His wife's name was Elizabeth Martin, of Woodbridge. She died, 6th August, 1777, aged 25 years; and he married _____ Wood, a sister of Samuel Wood, of Dayton, and also a sister of Esther, the wife of Jonathan Totten. He had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Thompson, who married Patty Wade, daughter of Andrew, of Morris county, whose wife was Rachel Osborn, daughter of John.

2. Noah, who died at about 22 years.

3. Elizabeth, who married, 15th March, 1796, Lewis Badgley, and removed to Paterson.

Thompson Brown removed to Westfield, and owned a large distilling establishment there. He left his wife and children there, and went to Ohio. He had children:

1. Andrew Wade, born 2d September, 1811, and married Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Jesse V. Douglas, and lives in Springfield Township, at Sayre's Bridge, over Rahway River.

2. Mary married John Keith, in Ohio, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Martha Keith; 2. Andrew Keith.

ANDREW W. BROWN, and Elizabeth Douglas, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Thompson, born 14th March, 1834.
2. Mary, born 9th October, 1835.
3. Caroline, born 4th June, 1837.
4. George, born 24th June, 1839.
5. Eliza Jane, born 15th March, 1841.
6. Sarah Anne, born 12th February, 1843.
Thompson Brown died November, 1842.

Patty, his wife, died _____ , 1842, aged 63 years.

Elizabeth, wife of A. W. Brown, died 1846.


JOHN BROWN came from England to Elizabethtown, and married Nancy Badgley, daughter of George Badgley.

He removed to Stony Hill, on the Pettit place, and afterwards bought the place where his grandson now lives, where Samuel Johnson formerly lived. They had children:

1. Rachel, who married Henry Hueston, and lived at Bellville, and had children:

1. Jane Hueston, who married Israel Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.]
2. John Hueston, who died at 19 years.

2. James, who married Mary Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer, of Stony Hill.

3. William married Sarah Shaw, daughter of Richard.

4. Nancy married Allen Doty, son of Elder Joseph Doty. [See Doty.]

5. Sally married William Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.]

6. Polly married Thaddeus Titus, and went to Paterson.

JAMES BROWN, (son of John,) and Mary Lyon, had children:

1. John, born March, 1799, who married Elizabeth Radley, daughter of John, of Westfield.

2. Aaron married _____ _____ , in New York, and went to French Creek, Penn.

3. Sally married William Mulligan; live on Stony Hill.

4. Nancy married William Koyer, of Paterson, and live there.

5. Maria, who died at 18 years, unmarried.

6. Henry married Locky Moore [Henry Brown m. Rachel Moore 11 Apr 1835 by Cox; Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879, Somerset Co. Quarterly], daughter of Isaac B., of Warren Township.

7. Peter married Sarah Hemmingway, an English girl.

JOHN BROWN, (son of James,) and Elizabeth Radley, had children:

1. Fanny.

2. Mary Anne, born 1822.

3. Jonathan M. Willcox, who died at 9 months; 4. Eliza died at 12 months; 5. James; 6. Maria; 7. John Lyon; 8. Eliza Jane, born 1832.

SALLY BROWN, (3d child of James, son of John,) and William Mulligan, had children.

1. John Mulligan; 2. Mary Mulligan; 3. Jane Mulligan; 4. William Ellis Mullegan; 5. George Henry Mullegan.

NANCY BROWN (4th child of James, son of John,) and William Koyer, had children:

1. James Koyer; 2. William Koyer; 3. Henry Koyer; 4. Maria Koyer; 5. Sarah Jane Koyer; 6. Peter Koyer.

HENRY BROWN, (6th child of James, son of John,) and Locky Moore, had children:

1. Mary; 2. Albert; 3. Margaret; 4. William; 5. Isaac; 6. Jeremiah.

PETER BROWN, (7th child of James, son of John,) and Sarah Hemmingway, had children;

1. John Lever; 2. Margaret; 3. Hetty; 4. Charlotte, 5. Thomas; 6. William.

WILLIAM BROWN, (3d child of John,) became insane, and is in the New Jersey Insane Asylum, at Trenton.

He and Sarah Shaw, had children:

1. Polly, who married Israel B. Long, son of John; lived where Richard Valentine did. [See Long.] Died March 10th, 1851.

2. George married Polly Badgley, daughter of Anthony, Jun.; have no children.

3. Anne married Jacob F. Badgley, son of Samuel. [See Badgley.]

4. Hetty married Henry Price, son of William, son of Rice Price. [See Price.]

5. John married Anjoline Irvin, daughter of John W. Foster, of Westfield, and has children: 1. Amanda Merwin; 2. _____ .

POLLY BROWN, (6th child of John Brown,) and Thaddeus Titus, had children:

1. Cornelius Titus, who married his cousin, 1st, Sally Doty, daughter of Allen, son of Joseph, and had children: 1. Lorenzo Titus; 2. Cornelius Titus, Jun.; and by his 2d wife, Maria, (an Irish girl,) had other children: 3. John

2. Henry Titus married, 1st, Eliza Post, of Paterson; 2d, Mary Jane Box; has no children.

3. Jane Titus married Willard Fisk, son of Russel Fisk, and had children: 1. Amanda Fisk; 2. Russel Fisk; 3. Mary Jane Fisk.

4. Rachel Titus married Christian Overnier, and had children: 1. Cornelius Overnier.

5. Mary Titus, who died at 6 years of age.

6. Thompson Titus married Anne Lowrey, and had children: 1. Henry Titus; 2. Sarah Titus; 3. Thompson Titus, Jun.


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