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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


WATERS BURROWS, married Frances Meeker, (daughter of James, son of Robert Meeker.) They removed from Elizabethtown, and lived where Stephen Day does, and had children:
[Walter Burroughs, Private, Essex Co., Militia; b. 3 Aug 1746, d. 5 July 1845 aged 85 yrs; m. 13 Oct 1771 Frances b. 18 Nov 1750 d. 24 Dec 1793 d/o James Meeker; Children:
1. Hannah, who married Stephen Day
2. Stephen, d. 1850.
3. Nancy.
4. James.
5. Aaron.
6. David.
7. Mary d. 1838; m. Josiah Wilkison d. 1838
8. Deborah m. Jonathan Alward
9. Waters, Jun., b. 1791 d. 1860 m. Margaret Wood b. 1790 d. 1869, daughter of Captain Daniel S. Wood.
Revolutionary Soldiers of New Providence, GMNJ Vol III No 2 Oct 1927 Whole No. 10]

1. Hannah, who married David Jones; lived where Jonathan Totten does.

2. Stephen, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio. He died of cholera in 1850.

3. Nancy went to Cincinnati with Stephen.

4. James went to western New York.

5. Aaron went to western New York.

6. David went to Cincinnati,—has three sons in Iowa, John, David, and _____ , and Frances and Mary Anne, in Newark, N. J.

7. Mary married Josiah Wilkison. She died 30th April, and he died May 1st, 1838.

8. Deborah married Jonathan Alward (son of Henry, 3d,) of Basking Ridge. [See Alward.]

9. Waters, Jun., (Rev.) married Margaret Wood, daughter of Captain Daniel S. Wood.

Mr. Waters Burrows died 5th July, 1815, aged 69 years.

REV. WATERS BURROWS is a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He and Margaret Wood had children:

1. Sarah Anne, who married Abraham Parrot, son of Squier. [See Parrot.] 2. Mary Frances; 3. Samuel; 4. Waters, 3d.

MARY BURROWS, (7th child of Waters Burrows,) and Josiah Wilkison, had children:

1. James M. Wilkison married Eliza Payer Poyer, of Warren county, and lives there.

2. Stephen Burrows Wilkison married Drusilla Young, daughter of Stephen, of East Madison.

3. Mary Burrows Wilkison married Daniel Y. Harrison, of Newark, and went to Cincinnati.

4. Elias Riggs Wilkison married Charlotte F. Davis, daughter of Isaac L., of Elizabethtown.

5. Eleazer B. Wilkison married Hannah Anne Dickerson, of Sussex.

MARY BURROWS, (daughter of Waters,) and Josiah Wilkison, had children:

1. James M. Wilkeson, (son of Josiah,) and Elizabeth Poyer, of Warren county, had children:

1. Josiah, who died at one year.
2. Abiathar, who died at one year.
3. Jonathan A., who died at 4 years old.
4. Samuel, born 1826.
5. Isaac Newton, who died at 7 years old.
6. John Newton, born 1829.
7. Elias Riggs, born 1829.
8. Charlotte Anne Poyer, born 1835.
9. Mary Margaret Burrows, born 1837.
10. Malvina Young, born 1840.
11. James Jaquet, born 1843.


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