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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


THOMAS CARLE lived on Long Island, and had two sons:

Jona; Jacob.

Jona Carle sold, in the year 1729, to Benjamin Pettit, of New Rochelle, in the State of New York, 105 acres of land adjoining Passaic River, and yet in the Pettit family.

In the deed, from John Blanchard for the Church Parsonage lot, Jacob Carle is said to adjoin it on the west; therefore it would seem that Jacob Carle and Jona Carle owned from the Parsonage lot up the river, to about the middle of the Pettit farm, and that Jacob sold the remainder to Elnathan Cory, who subsequently owned it.

Jacob Carle removed to the farm now owned by John Worth, on the north of Dead River. He then bought 500 acres, the one-fourth part of the Berkley Tract of 2000 acres, north of Passaic River, on which his grandson, Daniel Carle, now lives.

Jacob Carle married Rebecca Stites, daughter of William Stites, and had children:
[Carle, Jacob d. Nov 29 1769 in 67th year
Carle, Rebekah (widow of Jacob) d. Apr 30 1770 in 64th year
Carle, Timothy (son of Jacob & Rebekah) d. Sept 10 1759 in 10th year
Carle, Elijah (son of Jacob & Rebekah) d. Aug 10 1759 in 22nd year
Carle, Jacob (son of Jacob & Rebekah) d. Aug 29 1759 in 13th year
Basking Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard transcriptions]

1. John, who married Providence Layton, sister of Capt. Peter Layton. (Providence and Peter Layton's mother was sister of Richard Runyon, Sen.

2. Sarah, who married Bedient Baird, who lived where Clark Squier does.

3. Jonas, who married Anna Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper, 1st.

John Carle, son of Jacob Carle, lived on Long Hill, on the 500 Acre Tract, which was divided between him and his brother Jonas. He was a Justice of the Peace, a Judge of the Court and several time times, a member of the Legislature of the State, and in 1783, was a member of the Privy Council.

JOHN CARLE, ESQ., (son of Jacob,) and Providence Layton, had children: (3d Generation.)
[Carle, John, Esq. d. Aug 23 1815 in 82nd year
Carle, Providence (w/o John) d. Dec 7 1816 in 70th year
Carle, Rebekah (d/o John) d. May 12 1776 aged 14 years
Basking Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard transcriptions]

1. Jemima, who married, 22d April, 1771, Samuel Hayden, and went, after the war, to Canada.

2. John, married Lydia Perrine, and he became a Presbyterian minister.

3. Sally, married Alexander Kirkpatrick, son of David. [See Kirkpatrick.]

JONAS CARLE, (son of Jacob,) lived where his father did, and Anna Cooper, had children:

1. Betsey, who married James Vail, son of Isaac Vail, who was brother of Daniel Vail, Sen. [See Vail.]

2. Jacob, who died a young man, unmarried.

3.Elijah, who died in youth.

4. Anne is unmarried, and lives with her brother Daniel.

5. Timothy, who died at 19 years of age, unmarried.

6. Daniel is unmarried, and lives on the farm his father owned.

7. Sally, married Ebenezer Williams, son of John. [See Williams.]

8. Lydia, married the same Ebenezer Williams. They live near the cross-roads, one mile east of Basking Bridge.

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