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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JAMES CAULDWELL, with his wife Mary, emigrated from Ireland, about the year 1732, when his son William was six years old, and settled on Long Hill, on lot, No. 30, addition of the Elizabethtown lots, which it appears he drew.

From tradition among the families, it would seem, and I am led to believe, that James Cauldwell's wife was Mary Gaston, sister of the father of Hugh Gaston, of Peapack.

Hugh Gaston, was brother of Capt. William Logan's wife, and probably also brother of the wife of Thomas Kirkpatrick, at Liberty Corner. His children called him Uncle Hugh Gaston, and Mr. Gaston, Mrs. Logan, and the old Kirkpatrck family claimed kin to the Cauldwell family.

JAMES CAULDWELL, had children:

1. William, who married Elizabeth Thompson, sister of Thomas, of Springfield.

2. Robert, who married _____ _____ , and died, leaving three daughters, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth.

3. Hugh, who married Jane Parker, his cousin; lived on Long Hill.

4. Abraham, married Catherine Hill; lived in Orange Co, New-York.

5. James, married Peggy _____ , lived near Goshen, Orange Co.

6. John, who died unmarried.

7. Jennet, married Mr. _____ Miller.

8. Sarah, married Isaac Roll, son of John. [See Roll.]

WILLIAM CAULDWELL, (1st child of James,) and Elizabeth Thompson, owned, and lived on lot No. 17, (addition,) adjoining Passaic River, in Morris county, immediately below Johnson's Bridge. They had children:

1. Aaron, born 7th Jan. 1752, and died unmarried.

2. James, born 23d Sept. 1753, married his cousin Elizabeth Cauldwell, daughter of James.

3. John, born 23d August, 1755, married Hannah Rutan, daughter of Abraham.

John Cauldwell, died 10th Sept. 1801, aged 46. His wife, Hannah, died, 3d June, 1797, aged 36 years.

4. Mary, born 14th Feb. 1757, married Nathaiel Littell, son of David. [See Littell.]

5. Moses, born 30th Oct. 1758, and died unmarried.

6. Sarah, born 3d May, 1760, married, 26th March, 1787, Israel Cory, son of Elder Daniel. [See Cory.]
[Sarah Caldwell m. 26 March 1787 Israel Cory by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

7. Robert, born 13th Sept. 1762, married Mary Ball, born 25th Aug. 1763, daughter of Joseph.

8. Elizabeth, born 9th June, 1764, married, 8th May, 1788, Alexander Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.]
[Elizabeth Caldwell m. 8 May 1788 Alexander Simson by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

9. Dan, born 28th Jan. 1766, married 8th May, 1788, Rachel Potter, daughter of Amos, son of Daniel.
[Dan Caldwell m. 8 May 1788 Rachel Potter by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

10. Abraham, born 5th Sept. 1768, married, 14th June, 1791, Elizabeth Rutan, daughter of Abraham.
[Abraham Caldwell m. 14 June 1791 Betsey Rutan by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

NOTE.--William Cauldwell, died in 1799, aged 73 years. His wife, Elizabeth, died 20th March, 1794, aged 65 years.

William Cauldwell, and his son John, were elders in the church here.

JAMES CAULDWELL, (2d child of William,) and Elizabeth, his wife, lived in New York, and had children.

1. Jane, who married. 2. John 3. Thomas.

JOHN CAULDWELL, (3d child of William,) lived where his father did. He and his wife Hannah Rutan had children:

1. Rachel, who died 16th Aug. 1784, aged 10 months.

2. John, who married Electa Hand, daughter of Benjamin, of Long Hill.
[John Caldwell m. 9 May 1807 Electa Hance; Both of Morristown by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]

3. Abraham Rutan, married, 1. Electa Johson, 26th April, 1815, daughter of Gabriel, Esq. 2. Aquilla Berry, daughter of Judge Berry, of Urbana.

4. Hugh, born 15th May, 1790, married, 28th July, 1811, Abigail Gibbs, born 24th Oct. 1793, daughter of Joseph Gibbs, of Elizabethtown, and lived there.

5. Peter Rutan, married Levinah Fitch; lived in Urbana, Ohio.

6. Robert M. married his cousin Betsey Cauldwell, daughter of Abraham.

7. Jerry, married, 5th Nov. 1793, Mary Eliza Boyer; all these but Rachel and Hugh went to the State of Ohio.

JOHN CAULDWELL, (son of John, son of William,) and Electa Hand lived in _____ , Ohio, and had children;

1. Abraham. who married. _____ 

2. Hannah, married 1. _____ Rutan, 2. _____ Mars. 

3. Azel, married Jane Stewart; lives near Hill Grove, Darke Co., and had children; 

1. Dennis; 2. John; 3. James Mc Nab; 4. Electa; 5. Martha; 6. Catherine; 

4. Ludlow, married; 

5. _____ _____ , who died in infancy; 

6. Phebe, married _____ _____ ; 

7. Mary; 

8. John, 3d; 

9. Peter.

ABRAHAM R. COLWELL, (so he spells his name) son of John, son of William, By his first wife, Electa Johnson, had children:
[Abraham Caldwell m. 26 Apr 1815 Electa Johnson; Bride of Chatham; by Rev. Elias Riggs, New Providence; Morris County Marriages Book B]

1. Maria Johnson, who married Dr. Wilson Everet, a printer.

2. William Johnson, who married Jane Ward.

And by his 2nd wife, Aquilla Berry, had other children: 3. Charles; 4. Eliza; 5. Mary; 6. Girden; 7. Benjamin; 8. John.

HUGH CAULDWELL, (3d son of John, son of William,) and Abigail Gibbs had children:

1. Jane, born 25th Oct. 1812, married, 4th November, 1838, Daniel Trembly, son of John, of Rahway; lived in Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. William Trembly. 2. Anna Meeker Trembly. 3. John Joseph Trembly. 4. Jane Trembly.

2. Robert, born 5th November, 1816, married, 16th, May, 1841 Julia Anne Marsh, daughter of Gideon Marsh, of Westfield, live in Elizabethtown, and have children:

1. Freeman. 2. George.

3. Hannah Maria, born 25th December, 1818, and died 25th April, 1838.

4. William McDowel, born 12th May, 1821, and died 8th May, 1839.

5. Elizabeth, born 7th January, 1823, and died 9th August, 1824 Hugh Cauldwell died 14th November, 1822, in Elizabethtown.

PETER R. COLWELL, (son of John,) and Levinah Fitch had children;

1. James, born 8th June, 1817, married, 18th Sept. 1844, to Sidney Lawrence, and died 25th Sept. 1844.

2. Robert, R. born 24th Oct. 1819.

3. Lavinah.

4. Mary Jane, born 11th August, 1823, married 5th Nov. 1843, Milo Chatfield, and died 25th Sept. 1845.

5. William Vance, born 13th Jan. 1826.

6. Anne Maria, born 23d Dec. 1828, and died 1st Sept. 1829.

7. Elizabeth Electa, twin to Anne Maria, died 21st Sept. 1845.

8. Calvin Fletcher, born 26th Feb. 1831;

9. Philander; 10. Olivia; 11. Rebecca; 12. Fanny.

Peter R. Colwell died 16th November, 1847.

ROBERT M. COLWELL, (son of John,) and Betsey Cauldwell, his wife, had children:

1. Luther Littell, born 1st December, 1818, and died at about 19 years. 

2. Eliza Jane. 

3. Abraham. 

4. Hannah, who died at about 16 years; 

5. Jonathan Chaplain; 

6. Enos; 

7. David.

Robert M. Colwell, died in the spring of 1840, in the field alone, supposed by the bursting of a blood vessel.

JERRY COLWELL, son of John, and Mary E. Boyer, had children:

1. Wallace; 2. William; 3. Jerry, born January, 1832, and died.

Jerry Colwell, son of John, was kicked by a horse on the head which broke his scull, and resulted in his death after about two and a half months. He died 24th May, 1832.

ROBERT CAULDWELL, (7th child of William,) removed to Butler county, Ohio, lived there many years, and subsequently removed to near Covington, Indiana.

Robert Cauldwell, and his wife Mary Ball, had children:

1. Joseph, born 7th November, 1795, married Nancy Reynolds, and had children:

1. Mary Jane; 2. Eleanor; 3. Robert; 4. Franklin; 5. Joseph; 6. Amzi.

2. Aaron, born 16th August, 1797, and died at about 22 years, unmarried.

3. Rachel, born 20th February, 1799, and died at 7 or 8 years of age.

4. Elizabeth, born 24th, January, 1801.

5. Hannah, married S. S. Moody, and had children:

1. Mary Moody; 2. Robert Moody; 3. Matilda Moody; 4. Elizabeth Moody; 5. Ulysses Moody; 6. Nathaniel Moody.

6. Margaret, married James Elder, and had children:

1. Marietta Elder; 

2. John Boyd Elder; 

3. Robert Elder; 

4. Abraham Colwell Elder; 

5. Pamela Elder; 

6. Eleanor Elder.

7. Jane, married, 1st, Anthony Dancer, and had children:

1. Eliza Dancer; 

2. Mary Elizabeth Dancer, 

and by her 2d, husband, John Hayden, had other children; 

3. Robert Hayden; 

4. Lorena Hayden.

8. Mary, married William Thompson, and had children:

1. Aaron Thompson; 

2. Levi Thompson; 

3. Mary Thompson; 

4. Margaret Thompson; 

5. Robert Thompson; 

6. Lucinda Thompson.

9. Hugh, married Martha M. Galloway, and had children:

10. Abraham, married, for his third wife, Elmira Boo, and had 3 children: 1. William; 2. Ellen; 3. Christian.

11. William married _____ _____ .

12. James, married Mahala Patson.

DAN CAULDWELL, (9th child of William,) and Rachel Potter, lived on the same section of land with Robert, and had children:

1. Polly, who married David Johnson, son of Uzel Johnson, of Long Hill.

2. Betsey, married Josiah Carter.

3. Nancy, was drowned in the Little Miami River.

4. William, married twice.

5. Catherine, married her cousin, Jerry Cauldwell, son of Abraham.

6. John.

7. Sally, married Hugh Stevenson.

8. Charlotte, married Mr. Stone, and soon after died.

9. James, married Lydia Anne Hilyer.

10. Rachel, died a young woman.

ABRAHAM CAULDWELL, (10th child of William,) and Elizabeth Rutan, lived on the same section of land with Robert and Dan, and had children:

1. Joseph, who married, 1st Ibbe Linn; 2. Betsey, the widow of Mr. Stewart, and daughter of Mr. Thompson, and by Ibbe Linn, had children:

1. William,who married a Miss _____ Stewart.
2. James Thompson.
3. Ella Jane, who died at about 19 years.
4. Catherine.

And by his 2d wife, Betsey Thompson, had children: 5. Freelove; 6. Sarah Ellen; 7. Minerva.

2. Jerry, who married his cousin Catherine Cauldwell, daughter of Dan.

3. Hannah, who married, and had one child, which died in infancy; her husband died, and she married, 2d, Mr. _____ Hulse, and had children:

1. Elizabeth Hulse, who married James Denise.

4. Betsey married her cousin, Robert M. Cauldwell, son of John, and had 7 children: [See Robert M., son of John.]

ROBERT CAULDWELL, (2d son of James Cauldwell,) married _____ _____ , and had children:

1. Sarah. 2. Mary.

3. Elizabeth, married, 1st, Mr. Woodruff, and had a son, Joel Woodruff, who died; Mr. Woodruff then died, and she married, 2d, Jacob Denman, and had children:

1. Elizabeth Denman, who married Stephen Muchmore, son of Samuel.

2. Moses Denman, married Patty Morehouse, daughter of Isaac, of Cheapside.

3. Aaron Denman, died at about 45 years, unmarried.

4. Isaac Denman, went a ship-carpenter to sea, and never returned.

5. Robert Denman, married Jane Miller, daughter of Major Luke Miller, of Madison.

6. Hiram Denman, married Sally Hardy, daughter of Joseph T. Hardy, of Cheapside, lived on White Oak Ridge, and had an only son, Theodore.

7. Hetty Denman, married William Parcel, son of Thomas, of White Oak Ridge.
8. Smith Denman, married Esther Parcel, daughter of Nicholas, of do.

ELIZABETH DENMAN, (daughter of Jacob,) and Stephen Muchmore, had children:

1. Elizabeth Muchmore, who married Elias B. Sturges, son of Ebenezer Sturges, of Chatham, and had children:

1. Harriet Sturges, who married Hervy Lum, son of Samuel.
2. William Henry Sturges. 3. Mary Elizabeth Sturges. 4. Benjamin Smith Sturges.

2. Smith Muchmore, who married Mary Tucker, daughter of Elias Tucker, and had children:

1. Elias Muchmore. 2. Anne Elizabeth Muchmore. 3. John Joseph Muchmore.

3. Hetty Muchmore.

4. Sarah Muchmore, married Jonathan Bruen, and had children: 1. Elizabeth Bruen; 2. George Washington Bruen.

5. Joel Muchmore, married Elizabeth Bond, daughter of Nathaniel Bond, of Springfield, and had children: 

1. Caroline Muchmore; 2. Eliza Muchmore; 3. Frederick Muchmore.

MOSES DENMAN, (2d child of Jacob Denman, and Elizabeth Cauldwell,) and Patty Morehouse, had children: 

1. Mary Denman; 2. Isaac Denman, and then Moses Denman went to the Lake country, New-York.

ROBERT DENMAN, (5th child of Jacob Denman, and Elizabeth Cauldwell,) and Jane Miller, had children: 

1. George Denman,; 2.Louisa Denman; 3. Sarah Jane Denman; 4. a daughter 5. Electa Denman.

Robert Denman then removed to Ohio.

HUGH CAULDWELL, (3d son of James Cauldwell,) and Jane Parker, lived where his father did, at the foot of Long Hill, where Abraham Parrot now lives.

NOTE.--Jane, the wife of Hugh Cauldwell, had a sister, Mary Parker, who married 24th January, 1787, James Stinson. Jane and Mary Parker's, father, was brother of John Parker, who married Betsey Pettit, daughter of Benjamin Pettit, Jun., James Parker, brother of John, went to New England, and settled.

HUGH CAULDWELL, and Jane Parker, had children:

1. John; 2. James; 3. Elizabeth; 4. John, 2d; 5. Sarah; and 6. Jane. These all died young, except John, 2d, and Jane.

John, married Mahateble Mehetabel Day, daughter of Colonel Israel Day. and had children:
[John Caldwell m. 11th day of _____ 1806 Mehitable M. Day; Groom of Morristown; Bride of Springfield by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]

1. James, who married Martha High, daughter of Ephraim, son of Jacob, and went to Illinois.

2. Israel Day, married Catherine Hoagland, of New-York, and had children: 

1. Frederick Ludlow, who died June, 1848, aged 10 years; 2. Catherine; 3. Jenette; 4. Elizabeth; 5. _____ .

3. Elizabeth, born 1812, is unmarried.

4. Hugh, who went to St. Louis, Missouri; -- returned, and died in Newark.

5. William, who died in infancy.

6. Jenette, who died at 2 1/2 years.

JANE CAULDWELL, (daughter of Hugh,) married Daniel Rutan, son of Joseph, son of Abraham, and had children:

1. Hugh, who died in Newark.
2. Hannah, who also died in Newark.

Daniel Rutan lived where his father and grand-daughter grand-father had lived; he died 6th February, 1820, aged 28 years, and his widow, Jane, removed to Newark, where both her children died, and she died 2d February, 1849, in Newark, aged 61 years.

ABRAHAM CAULDWELL, (4th son of James,) and Catherine Hill, in Orange county, New-York, had children;

1. Nathaniel, who married Miss Crawford, daughter of Jennet Miller.

2. John.

3. Abraham.

4. James.

5. Sally.

6. Susan.

JAMES CAULDWELL, (5th child of James,) and Peggy _____ , of Orange county, New-York, had children:

1. Thomas.

2. James, 3d.

3. Elizabeth, who married her cousin, James Cauldwell, son of William.

4. Sally, married James Young.

5. Mary, married Zach. Young, nephew of James.

6. Temperance.

JENNET CAULDWELL, (daughter of James,) and Mr. _____ Miller, had children:

1. John Miller, who married Charity Rutan, daughter of Abraham, and had a son, James, who lived near New Vernon.

2. Samuel Miller, married Abigail Roll, daughter of John Roll,2d. and had children: 1. Rachel Miller; 2. Abigail Miller.

Samuel Miller's wife, Abigail, died 20th March, 1788, and he was killed, 4th July, 1793, by the upsetting of a wagon loaded with stone.

3. Abraham Miller.

4. Jennet Miller, married Mr. Crawford, father of the wife of Nathaniel Cauldwell, son of Abraham.

5. James Miller.


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