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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


ELIAS CORIELL was son of Abraham Coriell, of Piscataway. Elias Coriell came up from Piscataway, and settled on Long Hill, on No. 1 of the Berkley tract, adjoining Solomon Boyle's tract. He married Sarah Runyon, daughter of Richard, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Jane, who married John Melick, son of David, of Peapack, and removed to Schoharie, New York.

2. Peter married Sally Lindley, of New Vernon.

3. David married Anna Squier, daughter of Thomas.

4. Anne married John Kirkpatrick, son of Thomas, of Liberty Corner. [See Kirkpatrick.]

5. Sally married Stephen Conklin, son of William, Esq., of Basking Ridge. [See Conklin.]
[Sally Coriell m. 23 Jan 1807 Stephen Conkling by Rev. Robert Finley, Baskinridge; Morris County Marriages Book B]

6. Lydia, twin to Sally, married Isaac Davis, of Plainfield, as 2d wife. She died, 29th September, 1846, leaving no children.

JANE CORIELL, (1st child of Elias Coriell) and John Melick, had children:

1. Elias C. Melick; 2. Aaron Melick; 3. Peter Melick; 4. Sarah Melick; 5. Charlotte Melick; 6. Jane Melick; 7. Anne Melick.

PETER CORIELL, (2d child of Elias Coriell,) lived near Dead River, S. W. of the Stonehouse. He and Sally Lindley had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Elias, who accidentally got killed on board a ferryboat coming from New York.

2. Philip married _____ ; lives in Dayton, Ohio.

3. David married Rachel Nesbitt, daughter of James, near Basking Ridge, and has children: 1. Peter, who went to Illinois; 2. James.

4. Richard married Abigail Squier, daughter of Ludlow, of Plainfield, and had children: 1. Elias; 2. Anne Elizabeth.

5. Israel (Doctor) was killed by falling, or being dashed, from his sulkey in the road.

6. John, who died at home, unmarried.

7. Mary married Abraham King, son of John, near Liberty Corner, and had a child, Mary, and then died; Mary King married Robert Cross Bullman, son of Joseph Bullman, of Warren Township, and went to Illinois.

Mrs. Peter Coriell died 29th March, 1849.

DAVID CORIELL, (3d child of Elias Coriell,) and Anna Squier, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Augustus; 2. Edwin; 3. John; 4. Helen; 5. Rachel.

Mr. David Coriell died in Elizabethtown of a dreadful disease, with much the appearance of leprosy, and the widow and all the family removed to Dubuque, in Wisconsin, and the widow died there, on the 13th July, 1846, aged 60 years.

[From S. Martin-Roth we have the following information concerning David Coriell:
"you might want to make a note in regards to the last part of this page under the paragraph about the death of David Coriell where it says the family went to Wisconsin; they actually went to what was then Wisconsin Territory but Dubuque is part of IOWA".]


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