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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


BENJAMIN CORY lived west of Elizabethtown, towards Westfield. He was an elder in the 1st church of Elizabethtown. He married Hannah Mulford, sister of Thomas Mulford, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Mulford, who married, 1st, Betsey Clark; 2d. Maria Conklin.

2. Polly, who married David Mulford, son of Jonathan Mulford, Jun., of New Providence. They both died, leaving no children:

3. Hannah, who married [(her name is listed as Hannah E.) 17 Feb 1847 by John Ward, Pas. Of First Pres. Church; Morris County Marriages Book E] William Meeker, son of Moses Meeker.

4. Phebe married Ezekiel Miller.

5. Abigail married Joseph Hinds.

MULFORD CORY, (1st child of Elder Benjamin Cory,) with his first wife, Betsey Clark, lived near Union Village, Somerset County, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Jonathan, who died at nine weeks old, 15th January, 1792.

2. Charlotte, who died, September, 1802, aged 9 years.

3. Mary, who married Mr. Stedman.

4. Fanny, who married James H. Smith, son of Oliver Smith, of Elizabethtown.

His wife, Betsey, died 18th September, 1802, aged 31 years.

He then removed to near Elizabethtown, and married, 2d, Mariah Conklin, and had children.

5. Joseph, who married Mary M. Magie, daughter of Elder David Magie, of Elizabethtown.

6. Benjamin Crane, twin to Joseph, married Mary M. Crane, daughter of Job Crane, of Elizabethtown.

7. Aaron C. Cory, who died at about 19 years.

Mr. Mulford Cory died in 1814, aged 47 years.

Joseph and Benjamin Cory entered Princeton College together, and graduated at the same time. Studied theology; were licensed on the same day to preach the gospel, 1834; were both ordained at the same session of Presbytery, in April, 1835, Joseph over the congregation of New Vernon, Morris County, and Benjamin over the congregation at Perth Amboy, Middlesex County.

REV. JOSEPH CORY, (5th child of Mulford Cory, son of Elder Benjamin,) and Mary M. Magie, had children:

1. Joseph T., who died in infancy; 2. David Magie Cory.

REV. BENJAMIN CORY, (twin to Rev. Joseph Cory,) and Mary M. Crane, had children:

1. Julia; 2. Jane; 3. Mary; 4. Benjamin, who died in infancy; 5. Sarah.

HANNAH CORY, (3d child of Elder Benjamin Cory,) and William Meeker, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Moses Meeker, who died at about 12 years.

2. Mary Meeker, who died at about 20 years, unmarried.

3. Hannah Meeker, who married Andrew Crane.

4. Jonathan Meeker.

5. Abby Meeker.

6. Anne Meeker, who died at about 20 years, unmarried.

7. Susan Meeker.

ABIGAIL CORY, (5th child of Elder Benjamin Cory), and Joseph Hinds, had children:

1. Elizabeth Hinds, who married James Mulford, son of Jonathan.

2. Phebe Hinds married Mr. _____ Clark.

3. Jennette Hinds.

4. Lydia Hinds married _____ _____ .

5. Benjamin Hinds went to St. Louis, and married and died there.

6. Julia Hinds.


DANIEL CORY lived on the north side of Long Hill, where Israel Bebout, his grandson, now lives. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church in New Providence. He married Martha Bedell, daughter of John Bedell, Jun. She died 9th April, 1791, aged 54, and he died 26th June, 1815, aged 82 years. They had children:

1. Benjamin, who died in youth.

2. Susannah, who married [19 Aug 1787 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944] Gideon Allen, son of Joseph, Jun. [See Allen.]

3. Israel married, 26th February, 1787, [26 Mar 1787 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944] Sarah Cauldwell, daughter of William Cauldwell, son of James.

4. Sally married Stephen Bebout, son of Peter. She died 5th July, 1843. [See Bebout.]

5. Daniel, Jun., married Joanna Ludlow [m. Feb 15 1802 by Finley, Somerset Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1879, Somerset Co. Quarterly], daughter of Jacob Ludlow, of Westfield, whose wife was Phebe; who after his death married, 25th September, 1791 [(her name is listed as Phebe) by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Elder Daniel Cory, for his 2d wife. [See Obadiah Ludlow.]

ISRAEL CORY, (3d child of Elder Daniel Cory,) and Sarah Cauldwell, had children:

1. William, who married Rachel Toms.

2. Israel married _____ _____ .

3. Electa died in youth;--was drowned in Simpson's mill-pond.

4. Betsey Cauldwell, baptized 15th April, 1792, and died young. 

William and Israel removed to western New-York, north of Auburn.

Israel Cory died, 25th November, 1792, aged 26 years.

His wife, Sarah, died a few years after.

DANIEL CORY, JUN., (5th child of Elder Daniel Cory,) and Joanna Ludlow, had children:

1. Ludlow, who married Sarah Kelly, in New-York. They had a daughter, Sarah, and his wife died, and he went to Vicksburg, Mississippi, and died there.

2. Benjamin, who married Hannah Cory, daughter of Noah Cory, of Scotch Plains, and had but one child, Albinos.

Benjamin Cory died suddenly, in a fit, 26th Feb., 1849.

3. Martha married Joseph Parrot [m. 30 Aug 1820 Both of Long Hill by Rev. Elias Riggs; Morris County Marriage Book B], son of Thomas Parrot, Esq. She had but one child:

1. Phebe, who married Augustine Trowbridge, and had children:

1. Martha Jane; 

2. Joanna: 

and Phebe died May 1st, 1847.


ELNATHAN CORY lived in a house near where now stands the house of the Rev. Waters Burrows. His wife's name was Hannah. He owned about 200 acres there, formerly owned by Jacob Carle, and also about 100 acres, No. 33, of the Elizabethtown lots, south of that tract. (2d Generation.)

He died the 8th October, 1766, aged 65 years.

His wife died 24th January, 1785. He left his lands to his five sons:

1. Ebenezer, who married, for a 2d wife, Mary or Molly Mills, of Westfield. He lived where his father did, and owned west of the parsonage lot. He died 14th April, 1784.

2. Jeremy, who owned next west of Ebenezer, and sold to Dr. Jacob Jennings, who built the "Red House," by the well, west of Nathan Elmer's present dwelling. Jeremy Cory married, 18th December, 1764, Mary Wood. She died 25th June, 1776. They lived in Morris county, where Luke Parsons now does, and had children:

1. Daniel Cory; 2. Noah Cory; 3. Hannah Cory.

3. Thomas married Jane Roll, said to be sister of John Roll, son of John, 1st. He lived where Mrs. Noe now lives, and had children:

1. Cate Cory; 2. Betsey Cory; 3. James Cory; 4. Mary Cory.

4. James lived where Jonathan M. Meeker now does. He married Patty Carter, of Chatham, and had children:

1. Jacob Cory; 2. Luke Cory; 3. Simeon Cory.

5. Joseph lived in 1775, in a house that stood in William Kindell's orchard, south of Benjamin Pike's house. He married, 10th September, 1765, Phebe Simpson, a sister or daughter of old Alexander Simpson, and had children:

1. Nathan Cory.
2. Jacob Cory.
3. Stephen Cory, who died 13th January, 1773.
4. Elizabeth Cory, who died 15th January, 1773.
5. Joseph Cory, Jun., married, 22d July, 1783, Martha Morehouse.

6. Job married, and had a son, David Parsons Cory, and went to the Mississippi.

EBENEZER CORY, (eldest son of Elnathan Cory,) and his 1st wife, Hannah, who died 25th October, 1763; had a daughter, Sarah, who married, 1st, John Johnson; 2d, David Martin: and by his 2d wife, Molly Mills, had children: (3d Generation.)

2. John, who married 15th June, 1774, Rebecca Raimond, and went with the militia to Ticonderoga, and there died.

3. Ebenezer, Jun., who died 20th December, 1772.

4. Elnathan married Sarah Walker, daughter of Richard and Sarah Walker.

5. Hannah married, 2d October, 1775, John Walker, son of Richard.

6. Samuel married Hannah Davis, sister of Jonathan and Elijah Davis, and had children: 1. Mary; 2. Hannah; 3. John Cory.

7. William, who died at 22 years.

8. George, born 15th September, 1772, married Rachel Price, born 20th March, 1771, daughter of Abraham Price.

9. Job.

10. Mary, who died 6th November, 1784.

GEORGE CORY, (8th child of Ebenezer,) and Rachel Price, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Mary Anne, who married Lewis Osborn, son of John Osborn, Jun. [See Osborn.]

2. Locky married Daniel Oakley, son of Thomas. [See Oakley.]

3. Betsey married William M. Griffin, son of Isaac. [See Griffin.]

4. Benjamin married Eliza Willcox, daughter of Benjamin; has no children.

5. William, born 13th July, 1802, married Harriet Leforge, born 4th August, 1802, daughter of Abraham, of Somerset Co.

6. Polly married, 15th June, 1822, George Van Benscoten, of New York.

7. Sally married, 4th February, 1824, James C. Vaught, of New-York.

8. Hannah, born 20th October, 1810, married William Ryckbeck, of New York; had no children. He was killed by the upsetting of a locomotive engine.

9. Jane, who died in youth.

10. Abby married David Devoe, of New-York.

WILLIAM CORY, (son of George, son of Ebenezer,) and Harriet Leforge, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Abraham Morrel, born 1st August, 1828; 

2. Mary Elizabeth, born 31st August, 1835; 

3. William Ryckbeck, born 8th April, 1837; 

4. Apollos Elmer, born April _____ .

POLLY CORY, (daughter of George,) and George Van Benscoten, had children:

1. Mary Jane Van Benscoten; 

2. Sarah Van Benscoten; 

3. Henry Van Benscoten; 

4. John Van Benscoten; 

5. George Van Benscoten; 

6. Tunis Van Benscoten; 

7. James Van Benscoten; 

8. Martha Van Benscoten.

SALLY CORY, (daughter of George,) and James C. Vaught, had children:

1. George C. Vaught, born 19th July, 1828.

2. John William Vaught. Mrs. Vaught then died.

ABBY CORY, (daughter of George,) and David Devoe, had children:

1. Sarah Anne Devoe; 

2. Theodore Devoe; 

3. Almira Devoe; 

4. Mary Louisa Devoe; 

5. Leander Devoe; 

6. Emmagene Devoe; 

7. Adaline Devoe, born 11th April, 1840; 

8. Matilda Devoe; 

9. Sophia Devoe; 

10. Lavenia, born 23d October, 1845.


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