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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.

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JASPER CRANE and four others, about the year 1644, removed from New Haven to East Haven, where he built a house, and there his son Jasper was born, 2d April, 1651. He sold out at East Haven, 7th September, 1651, and removed to Branford, and from then to Newark.

JASPER CRANE, (son of Jasper,) was a representative from the town of Newark, in the Legislature of New Jersey, in 1699, and, indeed, the whole time of the administration of Lord Cornbury as Governor of the Province.

He was also a magistrate, and held other offices of trust.

He married Joanna Swain, daughter of Johannah and Samuel Swain.

He died 16th March, 1712. His wife died in 1720, aged 69 years. They had children John, Azariah, and Jasper 3d.

John had children:

Azariah had children:

Jasper Crane, 3d, had children:



Joseph Crane, Esq.



Jonathan Crane, Esq.








Mary Baldwin.


Jane Rule.


The children of Joseph Crane, Esq., (son of Jasper, 3d,) were Benjamin, Ezekiel, Isaac, Israel, Josiah, Joseph, Abigail, and Joanna.

Joanna married Samuel Congar, who died in 1752, and left children: David; Jonathan; Stephen; and Samuel Congar.

Joanna subsequently married Joseph Camp, Esq., and had a daughter, Joanna.

The children of Jonathan Crane, Esq., (son of Jasper, 3d, son of Jasper, Jun.,) were Samuel, Caleb, Nehemiah, Elihu, John Treat, and Margaret Johnson.

The children of Elihu Crane, (son of Jasper, 3d,) were Lewis, Christopher, Charles, Elihu, Isaac, Hannah, and Phebe.

The children of David Crane, (son of Jasper, 3d,) were Jedediah David, Joseph, Abigail Johnson, Phebe Lawrence, Mary Alling Dorcas, and Sarah.

It is said that Azariah Crane married Mary Treat. Nathaniel and Azariah Crane, sons of Deacon Azariah Crane, obtained a large tract of land, at the foot of the mountain, called Crane Town, now West Bloomfield.

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STEPHEN CRANE, it is said, was the ancestor of the Cranes in and about Elizabethtown and Westfield. He was one of the first "Elizabethtown Associates," and had sons, John Crane and Jeremiah Crane, and perhaps Daniel Crane who was born 1673, and died 24th February, 1724. Jeremiah Crane was one of the 2d generation of Associates, admitted in 1699.

JOHN CRANE, 1st, (son of Stephen,) had sons John 2d, Joseph; Matthias, Benjamin, Samuel; and daughters, Abigail, Esther, Sarah; Rebecca, and Deborah.

JOHN CRANE, 2d, (son of John, 1st, son of Stephen,) had children; (4th Generation.)

1. John, 3d, who married, 1st, Huldah Grant; 2d [Hannah Bedell 23 Apr 1775 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 18 No 4 October 1943], Miss Bedell, of Westfield; 3d, a widow Force.

2. Stephen.

3. Jacob, who went to Canada, soon after the Revolutionary war.

4. Isaac, who married [31 Dec 1760; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Mary Miller, daughter of John, and removed to Passaic Valley.

5. Joseph married [31 Dec 1760; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Ruth Miller, sister of Isaac's wife, and came to Passaic Valley.

JOHN CRANE, 3d, and Huldah Grant, had children; (5th Generation.)

1. Elijah, who married [13 Nov 1771, Jemimah Ross; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Miss Ross, daughter of David Ross, of Westfield.

2. John, 4th, married [13 Sep 1775; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Phebe Ross, sister of Elijah's wife.

3. Sarah married [8 Jun 1769; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Isaac Hendricks, of Westfield.

And by his 2d wife, who was sister of Jacob Bedell, of Westfield, he had,

4. Mary, who married [9 Feb 1794; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Aaron Sayre, of Westfield.

By his 3d wife, the widow Force, he had no children.

ELIJAH CRANE, (son of John Crane, 3d,) and Miss Ross, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Stephen, who married [Elizabeth Williams 27 Mar 1802; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Miss Williams.

2. David, who married [Anne Denman 15 Jun 1797; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Miss Denman, daughter of Andrew Denman, of Westfield.

3. Huldah married William Miller.

STEPHEN CRANE, (son of Elijah,) and Miss Williams, had children:

1. John Marsh Crane;
2. Williams Crane;
3. Marsh Crane, who married Elias Potter, son of Major Jonathan Potter, of Union,

and all went to Peoria, Illinois.

ISAAC CRANE, (son of John, 3d, son of John, 2d, son of John,

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1st, son of Stephen,) removed from Westfield to Passaic Valley, purchased and lived on a tract of land of 178 acres, being lot No. 1, and part of lot No. 2, of Corsen's survey of Elizabethtown lots, above the first mountain lying south of Joseph Cory's farm. He and Mary Miller had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Jonathan, who died 14th Dec. 1770.
2. Isaac Miller died 28th April, 1784.

3. Mary, who married Samuel Parsons, son of William. [See Parsons.] She died 11th Nov. 1850, aged 89 years, 10 months. He died 25th Dec. 1822, aged 64 years.

4. Martha married 15th Jan. 1783, Nathaniel Bonnel, son of Capt. Nathaniel. [See Bonnel.] She died 30th June, 1846. He died 15th April, 1814, aged 58 years.

5. Huldah married 18th Feb. 1786 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Capt. Abner Stites, son of Elijah. [See Stites.] She died 24th June, 1835, aged 71 years. He died 29th August, 1831, aged 68 years.

6. Sally married 4th Nov. 1792 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Nathan Elmer, son of Rev. Jonathan Elmer. [See Elmer.] She died 19th July, 1838, aged 69 years.

JOSEPH CRANE, brother of Isaac, came up from Westfield, and purchased of Nathaniel Smith, in May, 1764, the Farm of 154 acres lying north of Isaac Crane's, and west of Benjamn Pettit's farm, and extending to the river. He married Ruth Miller, sister of his brother Isaac's wife, and had children, 7 sons, andll 4 daughters:

1. Samuel, who married, 7th. Nov. 1792 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Abby Roberts.

2. John married 23d Sept. 1792 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Betsey Mulford, daughter of Jonathan, Jun.

3. Stephen married Esther Thomas, daughter of William, of Stony Hill, and went to Ohio.
4. Jonathan married Keziah Tappin, daughter of James Tappin, and went to Ohio.
5. Abner married, in Ohio, Huldah Robinson, daughter of John, from Westfield.
6. Joseph, Jun., married Sally Bebout, daughter of William; lived on the Bebout farm.
7. Moses married, in Ohio, Susannah Dilts, of Warren County.

8. Joanna married [1 Apr 1787, by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944] William Valentine, son of Obadiah; went to Redstone. [See Valentine.]

9. Annar married Benjamin Corrington, 13th Nov. 1782 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]; went to Redstone.

10. Ruth married William Hole, 5th July, 1785 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], son of Charles; went to Redstone. [See Hole.]

11. Betsey married, 1st May, 1794 [by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944], Daniel Doty, son of John; went to Middletown, Ohio. [See Doty.]

Joseph Crane was born 1741, and died 7th June, 1778, aged 37 years.

Ruth, the widow of Joseph Crane, went to Ohio, with her sons, and died, over 90 years of age.

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JOSEPH CRANE, JUN., and Sally Bebout, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. William Bebout Crane, who married, 24th April, 1820, Deborah Conklin, daughter of Captain Benjamin Conklin, and had children:

1. Elias; 2. Mulford; and 3. Jerusha.

His wife, Deborah, then died, and he married, 2d, Nancy Potter, daughter of Samuel, son of Caleb, son of Colonel Samuel Potter, and had other children:

4. Elizabeth; 5. Hannah; 6. Sarah; 7. John; 8. Jacob.

William B. Crane removed to Ohio.

2. Eliza married Levi Clark, son of Daniel S. Clark, Esq. [See Clark.]

3. Ruth married [7 May 1828, Both Morris Co., by Rev. John Hancock; Morris County Marriages Book C] Linus H. Stephens, son of Christopher. [See Stevens.]

4. Jacob, who, with all the young children, except Hannah, went to Ohio and Illinois.
5. Aretas married his cousin, a daughter of Daniel Doty, son of John. [See Doty.]
6. Hannah, who died at about 19 years, unmarried.
7. Ira.
8. Nancy.
9. Catherine married her cousin, Daniel Doty, son of Daniel, of Middletown, Ohio.
10. Joseph.
11. Sarah Wheeler.

Joseph Crane died 3d June, 1829, aged 58 years.

His wife, Sally, died 31st August, 1825, aged 47 years.

JOHN CRANE, (2d son of Joseph Crane,) and Betsey Mulford, lived on part of his father's farm, and had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Jonathan Mulford, who died a young man.
2. Elias, who went to Indiana, married, and died there.
3. Huldah married Levi Willcox, Jun., son of Levi, and went to Illinois. [See Willcox.]

4. Orpha married [10 Apr 1823. Both New Providence, by Rev. John Hancock; Morris county Marriages Book C] Dr. Erastus D. Crossfield, from New England, and went to Warren County, Ohio, and had an only child, John, Edgar Crossfield.

5. Deborah married [24 Apr 1825, Both New Providence, by Rev. John Hancock; Morris County Marriages Book C] Ezra Ludlow, son of Joseph; lived in Elizabethtown. [See Ludlow.]

6. Sylvester married [15 Sep 1827, by Rev. James B. Hynshaw; Morris County Marriages Book C] Huldah Bonnel, daughter of Philemon; had three children; his wife died 13th Sept. 1835, aged 29 years. The children were Rachel, who died at 8 years and 6 months, John, and Elias. Sylvester went to Illinois, and took Elias, who soon died. John lives with his grandfather Philemon Bonnel. Sylvester was a lieutenant in the Mexican war.

7. Mary married Aaron H. Lanning, of Warren County. and had children: 1. Laura Burnet Lanning; 2. Orpha Jane Lanning; 3. John Joseph Lanning.

8. Daniel went to Indiana, and married Catherine Rogers.

9. Harriet married Samuel G. Benedict, from Connecticut, --went to Illinois, where he died, and she removed to her sister Crossfield's, in Ohio

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10. Elizabeth married Samuel T. Day, son of Stephen, and lives where her father did. [See S. T. Day.]

John Crane died 18th July, 1843, aged 79 years.

His wife, Betsey, died 9th March, 1828, aged 53 years.

JOHN CRANE, 4th, and Phebe Ross, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Rebecca, who married Major Jotham Potter, son of John; both died; left three children. [See Potter.] (7th Generation.)

2. John Grant Crane, married [5 Oct 1806, Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Sally Pierson, daughter of William, son of William, and had children:

Phebe Crane, c. John G. & Sally, b. Oct 6 1811, bap. Mar 17 1812 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey

1. John Davis Crane [c. John & Sally, b. Aug 2 1807, bap. Dec 4 1808 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey], who married Catherine Potter, daughter of William B. Potter;

2. William [c. John & Sally, b. Apr 16 1813, bap. Aug 1 1813 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey ] married [Kezia Miller 1839, Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] _____ , daughter of John Miller, of Westfield.

Abby Clark Crane, c. William & Keziah bap. June 5 1841 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey

Catharine Augusta, c. William & Keziah bap. Sept. 30, 1843 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey

Sarah Elizabeth, c. William & Keziah bap. May 31 1845 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey

William Grant Crane, c. William & Keziah bap. June 6 1847 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey

3. Elizabeth married Thomas Moore, son of Robert, of Woodbridge, and had children: 

1. David Moore; 2 Robert Moore; 3. John Moore; 4. Israel Moore; 5. Phebe Moore.

4. Phebe married Benjamin Potter, brother of Major Jotham. [See Potter.]

5. Elias, born 24th April, 1789, and married Esther Maxwell, daughter of John, lives in Union, and had children:

1. John, who married Sarah Cutter, daughter of William Cutter, of Woodbridge.
2. Mary Anne married Nathan Winans, son of Aaron, of Elizabethtown.
3. Phebe married Silas Miller, son of Abraham, son of Abraham.
4. Susan married Isaac Williams, of New-York, son of Matthias.
5. Elias Maxwell Crane.
6. Amzi Armstrong Crane.

6. Josiah married [23 Aug 1812; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Electa Ross, daughter of John, of Union and lived where Col. Jacob Crane formerly did, and had children:

1. Mary married [Mary Ross Crane m. 26 Jan 1836, Groom of Woodbridge; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Hampton Cutter, son of William Cutter above named.

2. John Grant Crane married [18 Dec 1838 Abby Brittin Miller; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Abby Miller, daughter of John O. Miller, and lives on the old John Crane homestead.

[Sarah Louisa Crane, c. John G. & Abby, bap. Apr 3 1841 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey
Mary Elizabeth Crane, c. John G. & Abby, b. Sep 5 1842 bap. June 3 1843 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey
Philip Alfred Crane, c. John Grant & Abby, bap. Apr 5 1845 Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

3. Anne Elizabeth, married [29 Dec 1838 Job S. Williams, Groom of Elizabethtown; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Job Williams, son of Moses Williams, of Union.

4. Josiah married [11 Jun 1843; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Sarah Jane Miller, daughter of Jacob.

7. Huldah married John Potter, also a brother of Major Jotham, and had but one child, Mary Hannah Potter.

8. Sarah, who is unmarried.

SARAH CRANE, (3d child of John Crane 3d,) and Isaac Hendricks, had but one child,

Huldah Hendricks, who married Aaron Pearce, son of Melvin, of Scotch Plains, and had children:

1. Hendricks Pearce, who was a physician, and married a daughter of Enoch Miller.
2. Felix Pearce.
3. Melvin Pearce.

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BENJAMIN CRANE, (son of John, 1st,) son of Stephen Crane, married Esther Woodruff. She died 22d February, 1809, aged 98 years. They had children:

1. Benjamin Crane, 2d, who married Phebe Halsey, daughter of Joseph Halsey, who lived between Elizabethtown and Rahway.

2. Eleazer Crane, who married Susan Day, (5th child of David Day, Esq.,) and died without children. [See Day.]

BENJAMIN CRANE, 2d, and Phebe Halsey, lived in Westfield, and had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Benjamin, 3d, born 29th November, 1761, married Sarah Thompson, daughter of Hezekiah.
2. Abigail, born 27th November, 1762, and died unmarried.

3. Norris, born 9th February, 1764, married [21 Jun 1790; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Jane Dunham, daughter of John, Sen.

4. John, born 18th April, 1765.
5. Phebe, born 19th December, 1766, married John Johnson, wholesale grocer, New-York, as his 2d wife. She had no children.
6. Sarah, born 12th April, 1771, married John Ogden, of Green Village, Morris County.
7. Abigail, 2d, born 17th September, 1774, and died young.

BENJAMIN CRANE, 3d, (son of Benjamin, 2d, son of Benjamin, 1st, son of John, son of Stephen Crane,) and Sarah Thompson, lived in Westfield, and had children: (6th Generation.)

1. John, who married Mary Clark, daughter of Robert, of Westfield.
2. Abigail married [3 Aug 1808, David R. Keyt; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] David Keyt, son of James.
3. Esther, who died at about 18 or 20 years, unmarried.
4. Hezekiah Thompson married, 1st, Amanda Osborn; 2d, _____
5. Phebe married, 1st, Francis Randolph, son of Dr. Robert; 2d, George R. King, of Warren County, and lived there.
6. Charlotte King married Hedges Baker, son of Daniel. [See Baker.]
7. Norris, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and married there.
8. Jacob Thompson went to Cincinnati, and died there at 35 years, unmarried.
9. Benjamin, 4th, married Electa Baker, as her 2d husband, daughter of Daniel.
10. David Johnson married Anne Eliza Roll, daughter of Isaac, son of John.
11. Moses Thompson married Eliza Scudder.

JOHN CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Mary Clark, had children: 1. Benjamin Franklin; 2. Abigail; 3. Betsey Anne. (7th Generation.)

ABIGAIL CRANE, daughter of Benjamin, 3d, and David Keyt, had children: 1. James Keyt; 2. Anne Eliza Keyt.

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HEZEKIAH T. CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Amanda Osborn, had children: 1. John.

PHEBE CRANE, (daughter of Benjamin, 3d,) and Francis Randolph, had children: 1. Bennington Randolph; 2. Sarah Anne Randolph married Samuel Clark.

And by George King, Phebe had three other children.

BENJAMIN CRANE, 4th, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Electa Baker, lived at Patterson, and had children:

1. Catherine Shelts, who died at 5 or 6 years.
2. Alfred Britton.
3. Margaret Baker.
4. Benjamin Hervy.
5. Sarah Thompson.
6. Joan.
7. Jane.
8. Electa, who died young.

DAVID J. CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Hannah Eliza Roll, had children:

1. James.
2. Jacob Thompson, who died at 2 1/2 years.
3. David Newton.
4. George King.
5. Isaac Roll.
6. John Hezekiah.
7. Benjamin Franklin, who died at two weeks old.

MOSES T. CRANE, (son of Benjamin, 3d,) and Eliza Scudder, had children:

1. Theodore Augustus.
2. Sarah Anne.

NORRIS CRANE, (son of Benjamin Crane, 2d,) and Jane Dunham, (born 13th May, 1765,) lived in Sterling Valley, and had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Nancy, born 29th September, 1790, and married William Pierson Conklin, son of William. He lived in New-York; his widow Nancy is blind; lives with her brother-in-law, Israel Bebout.

2. Isaac, born 25th October, 1792, and married Polly and Anne, two daughters of Thomas Parrot, Esq.
3. Sally, born 27th March, 1797, and married Peter Parrot, son of Thomas Parrot, Esq, [See Parrot.]
4. John, born 29th September, 1799, and married Abby Flatt, of New-York, and lives there.
5. Benjamin, born 16th April, 1802, and married 2d December, 1824, Julia Bebout, daughter of Stephen.
6. Albert, born 17th March, 1804, and married _____ _____ , daughter of Anderson French, of Westfield.

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7. Mary, born 16th March, 1807, and married Israel Bebout, son of Stephen. [See Bebout.]

Norris Crane died 21st February, 1846.

Jane, his wife, died 23d June, 1848.

ISAAC CRANE, (son of Norris, son of Benjamin Crane, 2d,) and his 1st wife, Polly Parrot, had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Abraham, who married Margaret Ayers, daughter of Richard of Long Hill, and had children: 1. George Abraham and Margaret, twins; 2. Joanna; 3. Richard Henry; 4. William; 5. a son and daughter, twins.

2. William, born 30th January, 1820, married, 28th May, 1849, Mary Cole, daughter of Elias Cole, of Scotch Plains, and had children, 1. Cornelius.

3. Anne.

And by his 2d wife, Anne Parrot, he had other children: 4. Mary. 5. John Halsey. 6. Albert. 7. Isaac.

JOHN CRANE, (son of Norris,) and Abby Flatt, had children: 1. Phebe; 2. Norris; 3. Caroline; 4. Charlotte; 5. Hannah; 6. Benjamin Franklin.

BENJAMIN CRANE, (son of Norris,) and Julia Bebout, had children: 1. John Ogden; 2. Fanny; 3. Sarah.

ALBERT CRANE, (son of Norris,) and _____ , had children: 1. Jane; 2. Lucy; 3. Mary; 4. George; 5. James.


STEPHEN CRANE, born 1709, and died July 1st, 1780, was probably son of Jeremiah, son of Stephen Crane, 1st. His wife's name was Phebe, who died 17th August, 1776, aged 62 years. (4th Generation.)

They had children:

1. Daniel, born 3d January, 1735.

2. Stephen, born 14th October, 1737. He was killed by a party of British soldiers, on their way to Connecticut Farms, when that place was burnt.

3. Elizabeth, born 10th March, 1740.

4. David, born 27th November, 1742, married, 21st November, 1762, Anne Sayre. She was born 23d May, 1742, and died 24th November, 1805. They had children; 1. David, born 7th Feb. 1772, and died 27th September, 1791; 2. Sarah, born 13th May, 1778, and died 16th September, 1778. He married, in 1806, Agnes or Neaty Cooper, daughter of John, son of Daniel Cooper, 1st, but had no children by her.

5. William, who entered the army, and accompanied General Montgomery to Quebec, and was severely wounded in the attack on that city. He became general of the militia after the war. He

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married twice; his 2d wife was Abbe Miller, daughter of Benjamin; had 6 children.

6. Phebe, born 2d June, 1750.

7. Joseph, born 20th May, 1752; married, 1. Susannah Ross, who died 22d October, 1781, aged 32 years; 2. Margaret Van Vechten, of Somerville.

8. Jonathan, born 15th May, 1754.
9. Catherine, born 8th October, 1756.

GENERAL WILLIAM CRANE, (5th child of Stephen,) had children: (5th Generation.)

1. William, who was commodore in the United States Navy. He died about 1844.
2. Ichabod B., a colonel in the United States Army, now in command at Governor's Island.
3. Joseph H. married Julia Elliot; lives in Dayton; is judge of the supreme court of Ohio.
4. Mariah, who lives with Joseph; is unmarried.
5. Joanna married John Magie, and died about 1818, leaving a daughter Julia Magie.
6. Phebe, who died about 1818, unmarried.

JOSEPH CRANE, (brother of General William Crane,) and Susannah Ross, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. William, who married Sarah Townley, daughter of Richard. [See Townley.]
2. Susan married Henry Weaver, and went to Trenton, Butler County, Ohio. She died 22d January, 1851, aged 75 years.
3. Nancy married Abraham Van Sickle, and went to Trenton, Ohio, and by his 2d wife, Margaret, had children:
4. John, who married Sarah Conover, and lives in Hamilton, Ohio; is a major of militia.
5. David lives on the River St. Joseph's, Ohio.
6. _____ Van Vechten.
7. Sally, who died unmarried.
8. Richard, who lives near David.

WILLIAM CRANE, Esq., (1st child of Joseph,) and Sarah Townley, had children:

1. David R. Crane who married Phebe Anne Hallam, daughter of Lewis Hallam of New-York.

2. Agnes married Rev. Curtis Tally, a Methodist minister, and had a daughter, Helen Williams Tally.

3. Richard T. Crane, married Jane T. Dolebeer of Union, and had children: 1. Theodore T. Dolebeer; 2. Frederick T. Dolebeer.

4. Joseph W. Crane, married, 1st, Harriet J. Willcox, daughter of Ezekiel, and had a daughter, 1. Harriet Jemima Crane. His wife died, and he married, 2d, Emma S. Brookfield, daughter of Lewis P. Brookfield of Spring Valley, and had children: 2. Lewis W.; 3. Augustus.

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Jonathan T. Crane, who graduated at Princeton College, and became a Methodist minister, is Principal of the "Pennington Male Seminary." He married Mary Helen Peck, daughter of Rev. George Peck, D. D., of N. Y., and had a daughter, Mary Helen Peck.

SUSAN CRANE, and Henry Weaver, had children:

1. Nancy Weaver, who married Mr. Clawson.
2. William Weaver married Miss Clark.
3. John Weaver married Miss Bowman.
4. Polly Weaver married James Beard.
5. Samuel Weaver.
6. Eliza Weaver.
7. Clark Weaver.

NANCY CRANE, 3d child of Joseph, and Abraham Van Sickle had children: (7th Generation.)

1. Susan Van Sickle, who married, 1st, Mr. Long;2d, Mr. Bailey: 3d, Mr. Brown.
2. Henry Van Sickle
3. Mariah Van Sickle.
4. Catherine Van Sickle.
5. Joseph Van Sickle.

MAJOR JOHN CRANE, (4th child of Joseph,) and Sarah Conover, had children: (7th Generation.)

1. William, who married Rachel Crawford, and had children: 1. John; 2. William.
2. Joel H. married Sarah Walker.
3. Margaret married H. M. Moore, and died.

4. Tryphena E. married Thomas Davis, and had children; 1. Charles Davis; 2. Margaret Davis; 3. Thomas Davis. 5. George W.;6. Mary. 7. Mariah E.;8. John C. 9. Jane C.;10. Joseph.

JUDGE JOSEPH H. CRANE, (3d son of General Wm.,) and Julia Ann Elliot had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Mariah, who married Doctor Clements, and had a son, Joseph Clements.

2. William. 3. Wilbra. 4. James. 5. Henrietta. 6. Joseph. 7. Clements.

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TIMOTHY CRANE(*) married Mary Congar, a sister of Designer Congar, who lived in a house which stood near where Dayton Badgley now lives.

Timothy Crane and Mary Congar lived in the house next to and east of Amos Morehouse. They had an only son Jeremiah, who married Joannah Cogswell, daughter of Nathaniel Cogswell, near Chatham, and had children:

1. Jeremiah, who married Jane O. Clark, daughter of David C. Clark, and had no children;

2. Designer Congar Crane, who married Mary Beach, daughter of Benjamin Beach, of Mendham, and died leaving two children:

1. Joanna Crane, who married Robert Hatch, of Newark.
2. Harriet.

DESIGNER CONGAR had children:

Polly Crane, baptized 19th January, 1785.
Anna Designer, baptized 13th April, 1786, as the daughter of the widow Congar.
So it seems that Designer Congar died between those two dates.


(*) I have not learned to what family Timothy Crane belonged.


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