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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN DAVIS, was born 11th January, 1731, and died in the spring of 1760. He married Sarah Crane, born 9th January, 1728. (2d Generation.)

They had children:

1. Anna, born 7th March, 1753, and married William Pierson, of Westfield.

2. John, born 29th December, 1754, and was killed at the battle of Springfield, in the Revolutionary war.

3. Jacob, born 6th February, 1758, and died 22d February, 1843; was an elder in the church at Westfield. He married Mary Littell, 2d child of Moses Littell and Abby Thompson. She was born 13th March, 1762, and died 21st October, 1823.

JACOB DAVIS, (son of John,) and Mary Littell, lived in Westfield, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. John, born 20th October, 1779, married Phebe Acken, daughter of Deacon Joseph Acken, of Westfield, and died 14th March, 1850.

2. Sarah, born 28th October, 1781, married Henry Hand, 15th child of Hezekiah. [See Hand.]

NOTE.--Sarah, the widow of John Davis, married David Conkling, as his 2d wife, who was born 29th May, 1721. By his two wives, David Conkling had children:

1. Daniel Conkling, born 23d January, 1751.

2. Mary Conkling, born 27th January, 1755.

3. Hannah Conkling, born 14th February, 1757.

4. Sarah Conkling, born 30th March, 1759.

5. Abigail Conkling, born 13th December, 1761.

6. Samuel Conkling, born 21st July, 1765.

7. David Conkling, born 10th January, 1767.

The three or four last named may have been children of Sarah.

3. Betsey, born 29th January, 1784, married, 1st, Lewis Ludlow, son of Matthias, 2d, William Mulford, son of John.

4. Isaac Littell, born 10th October, 1788, and died 12th April, 1845. He married, 1st, Margaret Farrand, of Newark; 2d, Catherine, widow of George Price, and daughter of John N. Oliver, of Elizabethtown.

5. Jacob Davis, Jun., born 30th October, 1793, and died 22d May, 1817, unmarried.

6. Mary, born 5th April, 1796, married Isaac French, son of Robert, of Springfield.

JOHN DAVIS, (son of Jacob,) and Phebe Acken, had 7 children: (4th Generation.)

1. Joseph Acken Davis, who married his cousin, Mary Mulford, daughter of William, and had children:

1. Phebe Ladoiska Davis.
2. _____ .

2. Mary Davis, who married David M. Woodruff, of Union, and had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Hiram Washington Woodruff.
2. James Woodruff.
3. Jacob Woodruff.
4. Wesley Woodruff.
5. Mary Woodruff.

3. Rebecca Davis married Henry B. Faitout, of Union, and had children:

1. Emma Faitout.
2. James Faitout.

4. Betsey Davis married Benjamin Pierson, son of John D. Pierson, son of William Pierson, of Westfield, and had children:

1. Mary Pierson.

5. Jacob Davis married Sarah Cory, daughter of Jonathan, son of Andrew Cory.

6. Thomas C. Davis is a merchant in Newark.

7. Sarah Anne Davis married Hervy Cory, son of Jonathan, and a brother of Jacob's wife.

SARAH DAVIS, (2d child of Jacob Davis and Mary Littell,) and Henry Hand, removed to Sandusky, Ohio, where he died, and she removed to a place below Peoria, Illinois, where she died. They had 11 children: (4th Generation.)

1. Abigail Hand, born 25th July, 1801, and married Mr. _____ Raymond.

2. Nancy Hand, born 8th August, 1803, married _____ _____ .

3. Jacob Davis Hand, born 24th October, 1805, married -- --.

4. Moses F. Hand, born 4th November, 1807, married -- _____ .

5. Mary Davis Hand, born 8th December, 1809.

6. Betsey Davis Hand, born 3d April, 1812, married _____ _____ .

7. Rhoda Hand, born 27th August, 1814, married _____ _____ .

8. Henry Hand, |twins, born 21st June, 1817,|married-- --.

9. Sarah Hand, ||married-- --

10. Caroline Hand, born 21st March, 1820.

11. Catherine Hand, born 10th October, 1822.

BETSEY DAVIS, (3d child of Jacob Davis,) and Lewis Ludlow, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Melancthon Ludlow, who died a young man, unmarried.

2. Benjamin Ludlow, who married Fanny Smalley, son daughter of Abner, son of James, and had an only daughter, 1. Elizabeth Ludlow.

His wife, Fanny, then died, and left his daughter here with her grandfather Smalley, and went to Buffalo and married there.

3. Sarah Ludlow, who married, 1st, William Miller, son of Lewis Miller, of Westfield, and had a son:

1. Lewis Miller, who married Martha Hand, daughter of Matthias, son of Nehemiah.

She married, 2d, Caleb Miller, son of Nathaniel, of Springfield, and had, 

2. Israel M. Miller; 3. Mary Miller.

She married, 3d, William Day, of Elizabethtown, an Englishman, and had, 

4. Catherine Day; 5. William Day.

Lewis Ludlow, after having three children, died, and his widow, Betsey, married William Mulford, son of John. [See Mulford.]

ISAAC L. DAVIS, (4th child of Jacob Davis,) and Margaret Farrand, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Charlotte, who married Elias Riggs Wilkison, son of Josiah. [See Burrows.]

2. Margaret, who married John Campbell, of New York.

Isaac L. Davis, by his 2d wife, Catherine Oliver, had children:

3. Sarah.

4. Henrietta married _____ _____ .

MARY DAVIS, (6th child of Jacob Davis,) and Isaac French, lived at Westfield, and had children:

1. Robert French, born 24th September, 1814, married Phebe Mooney, daughter of James, and had children:

1. Mary Elizabeth French.
2. Isaac Halsey French.
3. Richard French.
4. James French.
5. Phebe French.

2. Catherine French, born 7th December, 1817, married William Woodruff, son of Benjamin, son of Robert Woodruff, whose wife was Mary, daughter of Andrew Denman, and had children:

1. William Alfred Woodruff.

3. Mary French, born 23d December, 1822, married Benjamin Woodruff, son of Benjamin, of Westfield. She died 16th August, 1847, and he died, leaving no children:

4. Jacob Davis French, twin to Mary, married Lydia Pierson, daughter of Moses Pierson, of Westfield.


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