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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


PHILEMON DICKERSON lived at the east end of Sterling Valley, on the road to Morristown. He married Johannah Sweazy, above Morristown. He died 12th April, 1777, aged 38 years. His widow married Isaac Badgley. He had children:

1. David Brainard, who married Sally Baldwin, daughter of Capt. Enos Baldwin, of Cheapside, and lived there.

2. Peter married Catherine Day, daughter of Thaddeus, son of Paul.

3. Caleb married Matilda Brown, daughter of Daniel, of Madison.

4. Hannah married, 19th February, 1767, Lot Darling.

5. Philemon, Jun., who died, 5th August, 1776, aged 14 months.

DAVID BRAINARD DICKERSON, (1st son of Philemon,) and Sally Baldwin, had children:

1. Philemon, who married Hetty Paradise; lived in Springfield, and was a justice of the peace there.

2. Sarah married William Gibbs; had no children.

3. Mary, who died unmarried.

4. Israel married Caroline Budd, daughter of Doctor J. C. Budd. [See Day and Budd.]

PHILEMON DICKERSON, Esq., (son of D. Brainard,) and Hetty Paradise, had children:

1. William, who married Euphemia Kelly.

2. John married, 1st, widow Ellen Camp, and daughter of Isaac Roll, son of John Roll; 2. Mary Stackhouse.

3. Sarah Anne married Stephen Shafer.

4. Philemon, Jun., married Mary Roll, sister of John's first wife.

5. Weslev.

6. Julianne married Theodore Birt, son of Jacob, of Springfield.

PETER DICKERSON, (2d son of Philemon,) and Catherine Day, had children:

1. Philemon married, 1st, Cornelia Howel, daughter of Calvin; 2. Hannah, widow of Squier Badgley, and daughter of Benjamin Sturges.

2. Paul, who died aged 20 years.

PHILEMON DICKERSON, (son of Peter,) and Cornelia Howel, had children:

1. Calvin, who married, 1st, Mary Ulick, daughter of Adam, of Hackets Town, and had a daughter, Mary Catherine. His wife then died and he married; 2d, Miss Tester, of Sterling Valley.

2. Paul.

3. Mary Catherine, who died 22d July, 1841, aged 21 years.

4. Cornelia married, 15th May, 1845, Samuel Schureman, son of John McClasky Schureman, and went to Illinois.

5. Peter; 6. Eliza; 7. Sarah Anne; 8. Electa; 9. William Day; 10. Stephen; 11. Mary Catherine, 2d.

CALEB DICKERSON, (3d son of Philemon,) and Matilda Brown, had children:

1. Samuel, who married Mary Freeman, of Woodbridge.

2. Mary is unmarried.

3. Brainard married Mary Ridgeway, of Staten Island, and went to Ohio.

4. Caleb is unmarried.

5. David went to Tuscaloosa, and married there, Elizabeth Mallard.

6. Wesley went to Natchez, Mississippi, and married Elizabeth Wright, and died there.

7. Philemon married Catherine Griffin, daughter of William M.

8. Israel, who died young.

9. Caroline married David A. Harrison, son of Abraham, of Orange.


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