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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


Capt. Robert Treat, John Curtis. Jasper Crane, and John Treat, were sent, in 1660, from Branford, Milford, and Guilford, in Connecticut, to view the country and lands in New Jersey. They returned and reported favorably, and were sent back with power to select a site for a town, and make a purchase. The result at that time was a purchase of the township of Newark, by its ancient boundaries.

The Indians called the town Passaic, but the inhabitants, called it Newark, after a town in England, from which the Rev. Mr. Pierson, their pastor, had come. Trumbull, the historian, says that Mr. Pierson, and almost his whole church and congregation, soon removed from Branford to Newark, and carried with them the church records. This removal took place some time previous to the 24th of June, 1667.

DANIEL DOD, Jun., eldest son of Daniel Dod, Sen., came to Newark, a minor, probably with the colony from Branford. He had a lot of land for his home lot in Newark, about Bridge Street, and northward.

His farm lands were on the hill west of the town. In the year 1678, Daniel Dod and Edward Ball were appointed to run the northern line of the town, from the Passaic to the Mountain. He was chosen deputy to the provincial assembly in 1692.

Of the three sons of Daniel Dod, Jun., viz. Daniel, 3d, Stephen, and John, Daniel, 3d, lived the longest, and died about 1766, being eighty years of age or upwards.

From 1721 to 1731, Daniel Dod, 3d, was filling the office of freeholder and surveyor; then living on his patrimony. In the year 1737, his brother John appears in the office of surveyor. In the year 1754, John's son John, then called John 3d, was appointed Assessor about the year 1762, the names of Isaac and Amos Dod begin to appear as town officers. Isaac was a captain, and at the beginning of the revolution was appointed justice of the peace, and continued to sustain that office till his death, in 1804. Amos Dod was also captain, and Caleb Dod major, in the same regiment.

DANIEL DOD, from England, married Mary _____ , probably about the year 1646. He died in the winter of 1664-5. She died 26th May, 1657. They were both buried in Branford; they had children:

1. Mary, born 1647, and married Aaron Blachley, about 1664.

2. Daniel, Jun., born in 1649, or 1650.

3. Ebenezer, born 11th December, 1651, and died about 1675.

4. A daughter, born 29th March, 1653, died _____ _____ .

5. Stephen, born 16th February, 1655, and died in Guilford, October, 1691, in his 37th year. He married, 18th May, 1678, Mary Stevens and had children, Daniel and Stephen; his wife died previous to 1691.

6. Samuel, born 2d May, 1657. His family ran out in the female line.

7. Anne, who married Mr. Fowler.

DANIEL DOD, Jun, (son of Daniel, 1st.) had children:

1. Daniel, 3d, married Mary Alling, of Newark, and died at 80 years.

2. Stephen, 2d, married Phebe Harrison.

3. John married Miss Samson.

4. Dorcas married Mr. Ward, the ancestor of Zebina Ward, probably his grandfather.

DANIEL DOD, 3d, (son of Daniel Dod, Jun.,) and Mary Alling, had children:

1. Eunice, born 3d November, 1718, married David Baldwin, and had eight sons and two daughters, and died, 20th October, 1803, aged 85 years.

2. Sarah, born 18th December, 1720, and married Timothy Freeman, and had three sons and one daughter.

3. Thomas, born 7th January, 1723, married Sarah Newcombe. He died 8th September, 1815, aged 92 years, 8 months. She died 31st March, 1791, in her 68th year.

4. Daniel, 4th born 1st May, 1725, married, 1st, Jane Smith; 2d, the widow Martha Harrison. He died 1795, without children.

5. Isaac, born 8th July, 1728, married Jemima Williams, born 6th January, 1729. He died 19th August, 1804, aged 76 years. She died 25th July, 1810, aged 81 years.

6. Joseph, born 12th September, 1731, died 4th June, 1789, in his 58th year. He married, 1st, Mary Lindsley, who died 14ht Feb 1763, aged 29 years. He married, 2d, Sarah Williams, who idied 2d, September, 1818, aged 76 years.

7. Moses, born 18th June, 1734, and died in youth.

8. Amos, born 15th September, 1737, and died 7th October, 1811, aged 74 years. He married Hannah Condit, who died 23d June, 1826, in her 68th year.

9. Caleb, born 26th May, 1740, and died in Cauldwell. He married Hannah Harrison.

THOMAS DOD, (3d child of Daniel Dod, 3d,) and Sarah Newcombe, had children:

1. Eunice, who married Joseph Crane, and died 20th Feb. 1822, aged 80 years.

2. Ezekiel married _____ _____ , and had a daughter, Jemima.

3. Samuel married _____ _____ , and had children:

1. Hannah; 2. Isaac; 3. David.

4. Nancy married Amos Tomkins.

5. Elias married Lydia Ward, and had children: 1. George; 2. Abraham; 3. Charlotte.

6. Daniel married _____ _____ , and had children: 1. Robert; 2. Nancy.

7. Enos married Mary Edo, and had children: 1. Jemima, born 24st October, 1776, married Samuel Dodd 4th; 2. Aaron, born 19th October, 1779; 3. Sarah, born 2d Dec. 1782; 4. Samuel, born 6th March, 1787; 5. Jonas and Hannah, (twins,) born 28th March, 1792; 6. Jonas, born 6th Sept. 1796.

8. Jonathan married Eunice Smith, and had children: 1. Hiram; 2. Phebe; 3. Thomas.

9. Thomas married Mary Hallam, and had children: 1. John; 2. William.

10. Sarah married _____ _____ .

ISAAC DODD, (5th child of Daniel Dod, 3d,) and Jemima Williams, had children:

1. Sarah, born 2d March, 1753, married, 1st Matthias Ballwin; 2. Aura King, and raised two sons and two daughters, and died 1838, aged 85 years.

2. Moses, who married Lois Crane.

3. Abijah, born 9th November, 1758, died September, 1837.

4. Abby, born 8th October, 1759, died 24th December, 1764.

5. Joanna, born 9th March, 1762, married Isaac Baldwin.

6. Abby, 2d, born 26th October, 1764, married Joseph Dodd, 3d.

7. Jephtha, born 17th May, 1767, died young.

8. Jairus, born 21st January, 1770, married 9th September, 1792, Sarah Davis.

9. Isaac, Jun., born 23d December, 1772. He married the widow Jane Smith, and died 8th September, 1806.

MOSES DODD, (2d child of Isaac,) was born 9th December, 1755,married, 3d July, 1775, Lois Crane, born 26th March,17 54, and died 17th October, 1818; they had children:

1. Stephen, born 8th March, 1777, married, 1st Phebe Pierson, 29th November, 1799. She was born 25th August, 1776, and died 27th February, 1815. He married, 2d, Abigail Anne Law.

NOTE.--Stephen Dodd became a preacher of the gospel; was ordained 28th September, 1803; supphed two congregations seven years, in the town of Carmel, Dutchess county, N. Y. In October, 1810, he removed to the town of Waterbury, Connecticut, and became pastor of the Congregational church of Salem. He resigned that office in 1817, and, the 10th December, 1817, was installed pastor of the Congregational church in East Hanover, and was there still in 1839.

2. Hiram, 2d child of Moses, born 22d Nov. 1779, died 21st July, 1823. He married, 14th Feb. 1799, Julia Crane, and had children:

1. Abel Jackson; 2. Christiana; 3. Fanny; 4. Mehetabel, who died 25th June, 1815, aged 12 years; 5. Moses; 6. Jairus; 7. Lois; 8. Stephen; 9. Lewis; 10. Margaret, who died young.

3. Abigail, born 20th January, 1782, married, 31st January, 1800, Jacob Ward, Jun.

4. Betsey, born 3d May, 1784, married, 15th October, 1803, Henry King.

5. Ira, born 22d June, 1786, married, 20th September, 1810, Anne Harrison.

6. Fanny, born 25th April, 1791, and married, 15th February, 1813, Rev. Humphry M. Perrine.

IRA DODD, (5th child of Moses,) and Anne Harrison, had children:

1. Mary, who married Isaac Newton Dodd.

2. Moses Woodruff, who is a bookseller in New York.

3. Phebe.

4. Amarintha.

ABIJAH DODD, (3d child of Isaac Dodd, married Mary Dodd, and had children:

1. Jephtha married, 1st, Eunice Baldwin, and had children: 1. Betsey; 2. Mary. And by his 2d wife, Phebe Munn, had a daughter Jane.

2. Cyrus married Mary King, and had a daughter Catherine.

3. Rhoda.

4. Lucy, who died young.

5. Isaac married Catherine Canfield, and had children: 1. Horace; 2. Edwin.

6. Joel married Betsey Harrison, and had children: 1. Phebe; 2. Mary; 3. Jane; 4. Cyrus; 5. David.

7. David.

8. Morris.

9. Abijah, Jun.

10. Lucy, 2d, married Thomas Exley.

JAIRUS DODD, (8th child of Isaac Dodd, son of Daniel, 3d,) born 21st January, 1770, married, 9th September, 1792, Sarah Davis, and had children:

1. Joanna, born 23d January, 1794; 2. William, born 6th June, 1795; 3. Abigail, born 4th June, 1797, 4. Isaac Davis, born 17th April, 1799; 5. Sarah, born April, 1801; 6. Ambrose, born 22d January, 1803; 7. Moses, born 20th March, 1805; 8. Mary, born 20th May, 1807; 9. John, born 4th June, 1809; 10. Nathaniel, born 13th October, 1811.

ISAAC DODD, Jun., (9th child of Isaac, son of Daniel, 3d,) and the widow Jane Smith, had children:

1. Morace St. John, who died in infancy.

2. Rollin Horace, who also died in infancy.

3. Hannah, who married Caleb Davis.

4. Lydia, who married Marquis D. Thomas.

JOSEPH DODD, (6th child of Daniel Dodd, 3d,) and Mary Lindsley, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Matthias, who married Sarah Munn.

2. Ebenezer married Deborah Crane.

3. Rachel married Bethuel Munn.

4. Joseph, Jun., married Eunice Baldwin, born 5th March, 1763; she died in 1814.

5. Mary, twin to Joseph, Jun., born 10th October, 1760, married Aaron Williams.

Joseph Dodd, by his 2d wife, Sarah Williams, had other children:

6. Abigail, born 1769, and died 1st September, 1777, aged 8 years.

7. Amos.

8. Daniel.

9. Moses married Mary Smith.

10. Lydia married James Reynolds.

11. Abby married Samuel Crane.

12. Allen married Mary Osborn.

MATTHIAS DODD, (1st son of Joseph, son of Daniel, 3d,) and Sarah Munn, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Jared, who went to sea, and was pressed into the British navy.

2. William was killed by lightning, 18th June, 1799, on Governor's Island, aged 20 years.

3. Rachel, at 20 years old, was drowned, together with her father and cousin Munn, at Coney Island, in 1800.

4. Lewis; 5. Abby; 6. Charlotte; 7. Nancy; 8. Mary; 9. Bethuel.

EBENEZER DODD, (2d son of Joseph, son of Daniel, 3d,) and Deborah Crane, had children:

1. Betsey; 2. Orra Buel; 3. Mary; 4. Nancy; 5. Lois; 6. Ebenezer, Jun.; 7. Joseph Holloway; 8. Joseph Horton; 9. John; 10. Valeria.

JOSEPH DODD, Jun., (3d child of Joseph, son of Daniel, 3d,) and Eunice Baldwin, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Mary, born 27th March, 1786.

2. Sarah, born 11th September, 1788, died in 1813.

3. Joseph, 3d, born 12th September, 1790, married, in 1813, Nancy Clark.

4. Louisa, born 1st November, 1792.

5. Zophar Baldwin, born 28th October, 1794, married Jane Cochran, born 12th May, 1794.

6. Lydia, born 1st November, 1796.

7. Martha, born 27th November, 1798, and died in 1805.

8. William, born 28th February, 1801, and died in 1824.

9. Matthias, born 3d April, 1803, and died in 1805

JOSEPH DODD, 3d, (3d son of Joseph Dodd, Jun.,) and Nancy Clark, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Sarah; 2. Amarintha; 3. Caroline; 4. Margaret; 5. George; 6. William; 7. Eunice.

ZOPHAR B. DODD, (5th child of Joseph Dodd, Jun., son of Joseph,) and Jane Cochran, had children: (6th Generation.)

1. Thomas Cochran, born 15th January, 1818.

2. Sarah Louisa, born 22d February, 1819.

3. Mary Jane, born 23d May, 1820.

4. Esther Caroline, born 19th December, 1821.

5. Edward Mills, born 22d June, 1824.

6. Esther Catherine, born 26th June, 1829.

7. Catherine Mariah, born 8th October, 1835.

MOSES DODD, (9th child of Joseph 1st, son of Daniel, 3d,) and Mary Smith, had children: 1. Mary; 2. Moses, Jun.; 3. Edward; 4. Jane.

ALLEN DODD, (11th child of Joseph, 1st, son of Daniel, 3d,) and Mary Osborn, had children:

1. Joseph, who died, 3d September, 1816, in his 5th year.

2. George; 3. Daniel; 4. Mary; 5. Elizabeth.

AMOS DODD, (8th child of Daniel Dod, 3d,) and Hannah Condit, had children:

1. Isaac, born 27th June, 1763, married Polly James, who died 8th December, 1826, in her 68th year.

2. Eunice, born 2d June, 1765, married Joel Williams.

3. Mary, born 29th July, 1768, married John Condit.

4. Sarah, born 4th August, 1770, married Squier Baldwin, and died 25th November, 1832.

5. Elizabeth, born 28th February, 1773, and died 4th October, 1776.

6. Daniel, born 2d March, 1776, married Esther Ward.

7. Amos, Jun, born 4th October, 1781, married Polly Canfield.

ISAAC DODD, (1st son of Amos, 8th child of Daniel, 3d,) and Polly James, had children:

1. Betsey, who married Eleazer D. Ward.

2. Lucy married Jabez Cook.

3. Mariah.

DANIEL DODD, (6th child of Amos, 8th child of Daniel, 3d,) and Esther Ward, had children:

1. Phebe, who married Jacob K. Mead; 2. Lewis; 3. Josiah; 4. Philetta; 5. Abby; 6. Isaac Newton; 7. Sarah Anne; 8. Augustus.

AMOS DODD, Jun., (7th child of of Amos, 8th child of Daniel, 3d,) and Polly Canfield, had children: 1. James Collard; 2. David Canfield; 3. Harriet Newel.

CALEB DODD, (9th child of Daniel Dod, 3d,) and Hannah Harrison, had children:

1. Rebecca, who married Joseph Patterson.

2. Elijah married Lois Williams, and had one son, Jabez, and four daughters. One of his daughters married William Scott, and another married the Rev. Mr. Thanhouse.

3. Caleb, Jun., married Polly Bates, and had children: 1. Elijah; 2. Phebe; 3. Sarah; 4. Philemon; 5. Ezra Squiers.

STEPHEN DOD, 2d, (2d son of Daniel Dod, Jun., son of Daniel, 1st,) and Phebe Harrison, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Nathaniel, who married Ruth Condit.

2. Silas married Hannah Smith.

3. Stephen, 3d, married Ruth Peck.

4. Joshua married Abigail Condit.

5. Phebe married Jonathan Williams.

NATHANIEL DODD, (1st child of Stephen, 2d, son of Daniel, Jun.,) and Ruth Condit, had children:

1. Parmeneus, who married Jane Crane.

2. Matthew married Charlotte Martin, and died 20th April, 1826.

3. Mary married Daniel Condit.

4. Lydia.

5. Jane married Nathaniel Harrison.

6. Reuben married Lydia Dodd.

Reuben was drowned in the Narrows of New York Bay in 1802.

PARMENEUS DODD, (1st son of Nathaniel, son of Stephen, 2d,) and Jane Crane, had children:

1. Thaddeus; 2. Nathaniel; 3. Stephen; 4. Jephtha; 5. Daniel; 6. Matthew; 7. Albert; 8. Abner; 9. Reuben; 10. Isaac.

MATTHEW DODD, (2d son of Nathaniel, son of Stephen, 2d,) and Charlotte Martin, had children: 1. Jane; 2. Caroline, who died at two years.

REUBEN DODD, (6th child of Nathaniel, son of Stephen, 2d,) and Lydia Dodd, had children: 1. Zebina; 2. Nathaniel.

SILAS DOD, (2d child of Stephen Dod, 2d,) and Hannah Smith, had children:

1. Dorcas, who married Sophia Condit.

2. Jane married Amos Munn

STEPHEN DODD, 3d, (3d child of Stephen Dod, 2d,) and Ruth Peck, had children: 1. Jemima; 2. Phebe; 3, Stephen, 4th; 4. Jeriah; 5. Abigail.

JOSHUA DODD, (4th child of Stephen Dod, 2d,) and Abigail Condit, had children:

1. Bethuel graduated at (Queen's now) Girard College, New Brunswick, and became the pastor of the Presbyterian church at Whitesborough, New York, about 1794, and died 1799.

2. Nathaniel, who married Lucy Baldwin.

3. Phebe married Ichabod Harrison.

4. Betsey married Stephen Harrison.

NATHANIEL DODD, (2d child of Joshua Dodd,) and Lucy Baldwin, had children: 1. Bethuel; 2. Matthias; 3. Robert; 4. Alvin; 5. William.

JOHN DOD, (3d child of Daniel Dod, Jun.,) and Miss Samson, had children:

1. John, Jun., who married Jane Smith.

2. David married Sarah Harrison. He died 31st March, 1817, aged 83. She died 12th March, 1827, aged 90 years.

3. Abigail married Job Crane.

4. Mary married David Chandler.

5. Phebe married Elihu Ward.

6. Elizabeth married John Peck.

JOHN DODD, Jun., (1st son of John, son of Daniel Dod, Jun.,) and Jane Smith, had children:

1. Hannah, who married Bethuel Ward.

2. Eleazer married Abigail Harrison.

3. Uzel married Phebe Freeman.

4. John, 3d, born 5th November, 1761, and died 5th Sept. 1826, aged 65 years. He wes colonel of the militia, and commanded the detachment composing the Essex county regiment at Sandy Hook, in 1814, and subsequently became general. He married Abigail Dodd.

5. Linus, who married Betsey Pierson.

ELEAZAR DODD, (2d child of John Dodd, Jun.,) and Abigail Harrison, had children: 1. Hannah; 2. Stephen; 3. Abiel; 4. Lydia.

UZEL DODD, (3d son of John Dodd, Jun., son of John,) and Phebe Freeman, had children:

1. Mary, who married Caleb Baldwin.

2. Samuel Morris, and his only son Samuel C., both died 24th October, 1831, by entering into an old cistern to cleanse it, and died, as was supposed, in consequence of bad air in it.

3. Amanda.

4. Lucinda.

GEN. JOHN DODD, (4th child of John Dodd, Jun.,) and Abigail Dodd, had children:

1. Jemima.

2. Jane, who married Joseph Rogers.

3. Joseph Smith graduated at Princeton College in 1813. He studied physic, and practised in Bloomfield and vicinity. He married Miss Grover, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Grover, of Cauldwell.

He was state senator under the new constitution of New Jersey.

4. Amzi also graduated at Princeton, and engaged in the practice of the law. He was a member of council, and of the assembly of the state legislature. He died in 1838, unmarried.

5. Sarah married William Whelpley.

6. Charlotte married Hugh Randolph.

7. Phebe.

8. Louisa married Jesse Pitt, Esq.

Dr. JOSEPH S. DODD, (3d child of General John Dodd,) and Miss Grover, had children:

1. John.

2. Amzi, who graduated at Princeton.

3. Stephen Grover, who also graduated at Princeton.

4. A daughter.

And by his 2d wife Doct. Dodd had two children.

LINUS DODD, (5th son of John Dodd, Jun., son of John,) and Betsey Pierson, had children:

1. Acsah, who married Daniel D. Condit.

2. Calvin.

DAVID DODD, (2d son of John Dodd,) and Sarah Harrison, had children:

1. Polly, who married Abijah Dodd.

2. Zebina married Betsey Range.

3. Elizabeth, who died 21st August, 1794, aged 30 years.

4. David, Jun., married Lydia Ward.

5. Sarah.

6. Abby married John Baldwin.

7. Phebe.

8. Lydia married, 1st, Reuben Dodd; 2d, John Baldwin.

ZEBINA DODD, (2d child of David, son of John,) and Betsey Range, had children:

1. Polly.

2. Lydia, who both died with consumption, unmarried.

3. Nancy, who married Mr. Meeker.

4. John Range.

5. Tyler.

6. Israel.

DAVID DODD, Jun., (4th child of David, son of John,) and Lydia Ward, had children:

1. Ezra; 2. Mary; 3. Chandler; 4. Reuben; 5. Joshua; 6. Margaret; 7. Almira, who died 16th September, 1822.

STEPHEN DOD, (the 5th child of Daniel Dod, 1st,) married Mary Stevens, and settled in Guilford, Connecticut. They had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Daniel, who was born about 1679, and married Elizabeth _____ , at about 22 years. He removed to Newark, when he was about 27 years of age.

2. Samuel married Hannah Savage, of Middletown, Connecticut, 19th January, 1704. Their father Stephen had divided his lands in Guilford by will, equally between Daniel and Samuel.

Daniel sold, and by will quit-claim dated May 3d, 1707, conveyed all his right and title to the lands and tenements left him by his father Stephen, to his brother Samuel, of Guilford; most of these lands are in the possession of the descendants of Samuel Dod to this time (1839).

DANIEL DOD, (son of Stephen, son of Daniel Dod, 1st,) and his wife Elizabeth, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Stephen, born 4th April, 1703, and married Deborah Brown.

2. John married Jemima Harrison.

3. Timothy married _____ _____ .

STEPHEN DODD, (son of Daniel, son of Stephen,) and Deborah Brown, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Zebina, who married Mary Baldwin.

2. Thaddeus married Phebe Baldwin.

He graduated at Princeton College, and studied theology.

3. Daniel married Charity Freeman, and had children: 1. Silas; 2. Ithiel; 3. Daniel.

4. Parmeneus married Patience Wright, and had children: 1. Daniel; 2. Mary; 3. Ziba; 4. Phebe; 5. Stephen; 6. Azubah; 7. Sarah.

5. Uzel married Abigail Homan, and had an only child Martha; 6. Elizabeth; 7. Keziah; 8. Deborah; 9. Sarah; 10. Hannah; 11. Abigail.

LEBBEUS DODD, (1st child of Stephen, son of Daniel,) and Mary Baldwin, had children:

1. Hannah; 2. Eunice; 3. Phebe; 4. Stephen married Mehetabel Gould; 5. Abner married Hannah Gould; 6. Rachel; 7. Mary; 8. Daniel married Nancy Squier; 9. Abigail; 10. Elizabeth.

REV. THADDEUS DODD, (2d child of Stephen, son of Daniel,) graduated at Princeton College, in 1773, and settled in the gospel ministry in Western Pennsylvania. He and Phebe Baldwin had children: 1. Cephas; 2. Stephen; 3. Sarah.

STEPHEN DODD, (4th child of Lebbeus, son of Stephen,) lived in Newark; was a surveyor and judge of the court of common pleas in Essex county. He and Mehetabel Gould had children:

1. Mary.

2. Lebbeus.

3. John Gould.

4. Sarah Anne.

5. Charles.

6. William graduated at Princeton College in 1833, and is Professor of Mathematics in Center College, Kentucky.

7. Stephen.

8. Mehetabel.

ABNER DODD, (5th child of Lebbeus, son of Stephen,) was a mathematical instrument maker in Newark. He and Hannah Gould had children:

1. Horace; 2. Susan; 3. Charles; 4. Jacob; 5. Catherine; 6. Abby Elizabeth married, 13th June, 1850, John W. Stryker.

DANIEL DODD, (8th child of Lebbeus, son of Stephen,) was a machinist. He made the machinery for a steamboat at Elizabethtown, New Jersey, and went towards New York to try it, when he with his assistants were blown up, and perished in the ruins. He, with his wife Nancy Squier, had children:

1. Ezra Kitchel. 2. Lewis Southard. 3. Caroline. 4. Susan.

5. Albert Baldwin (Rev.) graduated at Princeton College in 1822, and was Professor of Mathematics in that college till his death.

6. Mary. 7. Charles.

8. William graduated at Princeton College, and is a Presbyterian minister; preaches at Port Richmond, near Philadelphia.

JOHN DODD, (son of Daniel, son of Stephen, son of Daniel, 1st,) and Jemima Harrison, had children:

1. Adonijah, who married Mary Ogden.

2. Mathias died unmarried.

3. James married Sarah Harrison.

4. Cody died unmarried.

5. Abel married Martha Osborn.

6. Jemima died unmarried.

7. Betsey died unmarried.

ADONIJAH DODD, (3d son of John, son of Daniel,) and Mary Ogden, had children: 1. Aaron; 2. Catherine; 3. Samuel; 4. Matthew.

JAMES DODD, (son of John, son of Daniel,) and Sarah Harrison, had children: 1. Abraham; 2. Phebe; 3. Hannah; 4. Naomi.

ABEL DODD, (5th child of John, son of Daniel,) and Martha Osborn, had children:

1. Jemima; 2. Rachel; 3. Polly; 4. Phebe; 5. John; 6. William, who died in infancy; 7th, William, 2d, who also died in infancy.

TIMOTHY DODD, (brother of John, and son of Daniel, son of Stephen,) married _____ , and had children:

1. Jesse, who married Miss Perry, and had children: 1. Joseph. 2. A daughter, who married Mr. Riker.

2. Timothy, who died unmarried.

3. Phebe, who died unmarried.

SAMUEL DOD, (2d son of Stephen, son of Daniel, 1st,) and Hannah Savage, lived in Guilford, Connecticut, and had children: (NOTE.--Samuel died 24th May, 1757.)

1. Ebenezer, born 22d December, 1705, married, 1st, Sarah White, of Hadley, and died 19th May, 1782.

2. Samuel, Jun., born 28th February, 1707, and died 25th Aug. 1751, unmarried.

3. Hannah, born 25th July, 1712, married, 18th May, 1737, Thomas Burgis. They had two sons and three daughters; one of the sons died in infancy. She (Hannah) died 26th July, 1795.

4. Sarah, born 24th April, 1715, married John Burgis. She (Sarah,) died January, 1787. They had no children.

Ebenezer married, 31st August, 1737, Hannah Benton, his 2d wife, and for his 3d wife married, 22d April, 1741, Mary Evarts, and had a daughter Mary, born 10th January, 1742, and died within 20 days and; the mother died 18th November, 1790.

EBENEZER DOD, (son of Samuel, of Guilford, Connecticut,) and Sarah White, had children:

1. Sarah, who married Giles White, of Hadley.

2. Mary married Leumen Ward, of Guilford.

Both returned from Guilford many years since. The Dod family in Guilford, in the line of Samuel, is extinct.

In a town meeting at Newark, 13th February, 1679, Samuel Dod, (the 6th child of the English Daniel Dod, 1st,) of Branford, was admitted a citizen and a planter, and had his land assigned him on the hill at the north end of the town, since called Governeur Place. Subsequently he had new lands assigned him on the east side of his brother Daniel's land on Watssessing Place. He had a son,

Samuel, Jun., born about 1694, married Mary Pierson. He died 16th April, 1773, in his 78th year; she died in 1795, about June. They had children:

1. Martha, born 20th May, 1731, and married Matthew Harrison.
2. Mary, born 16th December, 1732.
3. Hannah, born 18th December, 1734, married _____ Smith.
4. Samuel, 3d, born 11th January, 1736, married, 1st, Elizabeth Hinman: 2d, Sarah Baldwin; and died of small-pox, in July, 1795.
5. Aaron, born 13th January, 1738, and died 9th March, 1821, aged 83 years.
6. Rebecca, born 5th Feb. 1740, married Samuel Fairchild.
7. Keturah, born 26th July, 1744.
8. Jemima, born 25th March, 1747, married Isaac Suverill.

SAMUEL DOD, 3d, (son of Samuel Dod, Jun.,) and Elizabeth Hinman, had children:

1. Jonas, born 1762, and died 20.h August, 1770, aged 8 years.

2. Naomi, born 1764, and died 24th May, 1766.

3. Abiathar, who married, 1st, Cornelia Cadmus; 2d, Sophia Cogswell; 3d, Mary Bigelow.

And by his 2d wife, who died 14th October, 1819, he had,

4. Elizabeth, who died 20th August, 1770, in her 2d year.

5. Elizabeth, 2d, who died 13th June, 1790, aged 16 years.

6. Samuel, 4th, who married Jemima Dodd.

7. Abner married, 1st, Betsey Canfield; 2d, Charlotte Walter, and died 17th January, 1833.

8. Patty,

9. Naomi, who married Joseph S. Ward.

ABIATHAR DODD, (3d child of Samuel Dod, 3d,) and his 1st wife, Cornelia Cadmus, had a daughter.

1. Cornelia; and by his 2d wife, Sophia Cogswell, had children:

2. Christopher Cadmus Washington.

3. Cornelius; and by his 3d wife, Mary Bigelow, had,

4. William.

SAMUEL DODD, 4th, (6th child of Samuel Dodd, 3d,) and Jemima Dodd, had children:

1. Samuel, 5th.

2. Sarah.

3. Aaron, who married Sarah Nutman, who died 26th September, 1805, aged 60 years.

4. Mary.

5. Martha.

6. Lorinda married Isaac King.

ABNER DODD, (7th child of Samuel Dodd, 3d,) and Betsey Canfield, had children:

1. Eliza; 2. Abner; 3. John; 4. Anne; and by his 2d wife, Charlotte Walter, Abner Dodd had, 5. Samuel; 6. Charlotte.

AARON DODD, (3d child of Samuel Dodd, 4th,) and Sarah Nutman, had children:

1. Mary, who married the Rev. Amzi Armstrong, of Mendham.

2. Job, who died of cholera, 1834, aged 58 years.

3. Rebecca married Samuel Ingham.

4. Joanna, who died 27th September, 1815, aged 58 years.

5. Robert married Rebecca Randall, and had a daughter, who died of consumption.

6. George Adams, who died 6th February, 1812, in his 24th year. The family of Aaron Dod is now extinct in the male line.


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