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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


Joseph Doty came from the east end of Long Island, and owned part of lot No. 39 of the Elizabethtown lots, in Stony Hill Vallay, on which he lived. He married Sarah Badgley, sister of John and James Badgley, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Joseph, Jun., who died young.

2. George, who married Sibbe Howel.

3. John married, 1st, Sarah Potter, and 2d, Sarah Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark. [See Daniel Clark.]

4. Anthony married and had but one child,

1. William Parsons Doty, who married, 1st June, 1793, Peggy Badgley, daughter of Moses, son of Joseph Badgley. [See Badgley.]

5. Elizabeth married Jeremy Ludlow, son of Jeremiah. [See Ludlow.] "Old Mr. Doty died 10th September, 1768," per Rev. Mr. Elmer's record.

GEORGE DOTY, (2d child of Joseph Doty, 1st), lived on Stony Hill, and owned a mill on the brook running down by Samuel M. Magie's and Israel Doty's. He and Sibbe Howel had children:

1. Joseph, 3d, who married Polly Allen, daughter of Joseph, Jun., of Washington Valley. [See Allen.]

2. George, Jun., married Nancy Cook.
[George Dotee m. 20 Sep 1791 Nancy Cook by Rev. Jacob Green; Prebyterian Church Records at Hanover, Morris, NJ 1746-1796]

3. David, who went to the lakes of New York, and married there.

4. Kezia married Stephanus Clark, son of Daniel Clark. [See Daniel Clark.]

5. Sarah married John Clark, Jun., son of Elder John Clark.

JOSEPH DOTY, 3d, (1st child of George,) lived where his grandfather, Joseph Doty, 1st, did. He and his wife, Patty Allen, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Anthony, who married Mary Willcox, daughter of Levi.

2. Allen married Nancy Brown, daughter of John.

3. David married Sibbe Clark, daughter of John, Jun., son of Elder John Clark.

4. Sarah married Aaron Oakley, son of Thomas. (See Oakley.)

5. Aaron (Capt.) married, 15th Dec. 1811, Betsey Hedges, daughter of Gilbert, and went to Luzerne county, Pennsylvania.

6. Sibbe is unmarried.

7. Mary married Jesse F. Pitts, son of George Pitts, of Orange county, New York.

8. Martha married, 24th January, 1824, Benjamin Weed, from Massachusetts.

ANTHONY DOTY, (1st son of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Mary Willcox, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Rachel, who married William Boyland; lived in Newark.

2. Betsey married John Winans Hand, son of Nehemiah and has no children.

ALLEN DOTY, (2d son of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Nancy Brown, had children:

1. Anna, who married Benjamin Lacy, and had children:

1. Moses Lacy; 2. William Lacy.

2. Rachel, who married Ephraim Howard, and removed to the west.

3. Aaron married, 1st, Rachel Quackenbush; 2d, Ellen Medan; 3d, _____ _____ .

4. Ellen married, 1st, Samuel Vangesen, and had children:

1. Mary Anne Vangesen; 2. William Vangesen; 3. Abby Vangesen.

Her husband then died, and she married Edward Brown, and had no children by him.

5. Squier. 

6. Joseph.

7. William married Mary Simpson, daughter of William.

8. Sally married her cousin, Cornelius Titus, son of Thomas Titus, of Patterson, New Jersey.

9. Jane went to the west with her father, and married there.

10. Mary, and 

11. Abraham.

CAPT. AARON DOTY, (3d son of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Betsey Hedges, had children:

1. Jane, who married Philetus Foster, born 2d October, 1810, son of Silas, of Chatham.

2. Phebe married Daniel Hedden, of Clinton.

3. Martha, born 1824, married, 1843, Smith Taylor, of Millville.

4. Sabina married John Baldwin, of Chatham, son of Moses, son of David.

5. Josiah. 6. George.

JANE DOTY, (daughter of Capt. Aaron, son of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Philetus Foster, had children:

1. William, who married Hetty Clark, daughter of John R. Clark, on the first mountain.

2. Emily married Ambrose Mulford, of Green Village.

3. Sophia married Samuel Johnson, from Ireland.

4. Lucinda; 5. Phebe Anne; 6. Margaret; 7. Mary; 8. John;

9. Elizabeth; 10. Manning; 11. Edwin Foster.

MARY DOTY, (7th child of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Jesse F. Pitts, had children:

1. James Clark Pitts.

2. Theodore L. Pitts.

MARTHA DOTY, (8th child of Joseph Doty, 3d,) and Benjamin Weed, had children:

1. Ira Doty Weed; 2. Hannah Maria Weed; 3. Marcus Hervy Weed; 4. John Wesley Weed; 5. Gideon Allen Weed; 6. Mary Elizabeth Weed; 7. Julia Anne Weed.

Joseph Doty, 3d, died 8th December, 1844, aged 93 years. His wife Patty, 13th April, 1820, aged 55 years. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church, from January, 1808, till he died.


JOHN DOTY, (3d son of Joseph Doty, 1st,) and Sarah Potter, lived in Stony Hill Valley, near, but west of his father's house, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Chloe, who died 27th November, 1772, unmarried.

2. James, born 16th January, 1756, married, 29th September, 1788, Nancy Locey, daughter of Daniel Locey, of Mendham.

John Doty's wife then died, and he married Sarah Clark, daughter of Daniel, and had children:

3. Daniel, born 23d March, 1765, and married, 1st, Elizabeth Potter, 2d, Betsey Crane, daughter of Joseph, and went to Middletown, Ohio, and settled there.

4. John Doty, Jun., married Phebe Cooper, of Hanover, and removed to Western New York, and from thence to Middletown, Ohio.

5. Zina went to Ohio, with his father and family, and married there.

6. Betsey married, 22d March, 1794, Stephanus Clark, Jun., and went to Ohio. [See Stephanus Clark.]

7. Jane went with her father to Ohio, and married Samnel Clark, there.

8. Chloe, 2d, died 27th December, 1784.

9. Ketura, who died young.

JAMES DOTY, (2d child of John Doty,) and Nancy Locey, had children:

1. Sally, who married William Bonnel, son of Capt. Nathaniel. [See Nathaniel Bonnel.]

2. Betsey married James H. Pierson, son of Jacob Serring Pierson. [See Parsons.]

3. Israel, born 1st July, 1794, married, 1st, Sally Noe, daughter of John; 2d, Eliza Squier, widow of Joseph Squier, and daughter of Henry Mundy, of Rahway.

4. Phebe married Edward Hedges, son of Gilbert. [See Hedges.]

5. Jenette married Abraham Clark, son of Samuel Clark, Esq., and had an only child, James Doty Clark.

Mr. James Doty died 14th December, 1747, aged 90 years 11 months. Nancy, his wife, died 19th April, 1741, aged 73 years. Sally, their daughter, wife of William Bonnel, died 5th January, 1843, aged 54 years. Betsey, their daughter, wife of James H. Pierson, died 10th December, 1832, aged 42 years. Sally, wife of their son Israel Doty, died 3d October, 1828, aged 31 years.

ISRAEL DOTY, (3d child of James, son of John Doty,) and Sally Noe, had children:

1. James, who married Harriet Fairfield, of Boston, and live there, and had children: 1. James 2. Harriet.

2. John Noe Doughty.

3. Matthias married his cousin, Rachel Noe, daughter of Ellis Noe, and had children: 1. John Henry.

4. Israel, Jun.

DANIEL DOTY, (3d son of John, son of Joseph Doty, 1st,) married, 1st, Elizabeth Potter, eldest child of Amos, son of Daniel Potter, 1st. He married, 2d, Elizabeth Crane, daughter of Joseph Crane. He left home 10th September, 1790, on an exploring tour down the Ohio river, and landed at Cincinnati 23d October, following when there were but two log-houses in that city; one of them was occupied by Major Benjamin Stites, from the Scotch Plains, Essex county, New Jersey, the other was occupied by Capt. John S. Gano. St. Clair's defeat was on the 4th day of Nov. 1791. The Rev. Daniel Clark, from Pennsylvania, was the first minister of the gospel in that region. Daniel Doty had no living children by his first wife. He was born 23d March, 1765, and died 8th May, 1848. He returned from Ohio to New Jersey, and married, for his 2d wife, Elizabeth Crane, and again soon removed to Ohio, and purchased a large tract of land at and about Middletown, and settled upon it. He, with his wife, Elizabeth Crane, had children:

1. Joel, born in New Jersey 9th February, 1795, and was drowned in the Miami river at 11 years old.

2. Noah, born 6th May, 1796, in Ohio, and died in his 7th year.

3. John, born 15th December, 1797, and married Peggy Jewel, daughter of John, of Middletown.

4. Daniel, born 9th August, 1799, married, 1st, Molly Burges, daughter of Anthony. He married, 2d, Catherine Crane, daughter of Joseph, son of Joseph.

5. Betsey, born 16th January, 1801, married Ambrose Doty, son of George, son of George, and had children:

1. Nancy, who died in Iowa, at 19 years; 2. Huldah; 3. _____ .

6. Huldah, born 8th January, 1803, married John Williamson, and had children: 1. Daniel; 2. Hendrick died at about 19 years; 3. Joseph; 4. Ellen; 5. Elias; 6. William; 7. Mary Anne; 8. Sarah Jane; 9. Abner; 10. John Henry Williamson.

7. Orpha, born 8th June, 1804, married Thomas Van Tyle, and had children:

1. Sarepta, who married Mr. Golden, and died at about 20 years, had no children.

8. Sarepta, born 16th February, 1806, married, 1st, James Jewel, brother of John's wife; 2d, Aretas Crane, son of Joseph Crane, son of Joseph, and had children: 1. John Jewel; 2. Albert Jewel; and by Aretas had, 3. Joseph; 4. Sarah; 5. William; 6. Elias.

9. Joseph, born 7th January, 1808, married Mary Vail, daughter of Samuel, son of Samuel, brother of Stephen Vail, the proprietor of Middletown, and had children: 1. Russel; 2. Gilbert; 3. Ruth Jane; 4. Zina; 5. Deborah; 6. Ellen.

10. James Mier, born 8th October, 1809, married Susan Anderson, and had children: 1. Joel; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Ruth Anne; 4. Elias; 5. Daniel; 6. Jerusha.

11. Jerusha, born 9th January, 1814, married Simeon Taylor, and had a son, George Taylor, when Mr. Taylor died.

12. Elias, born 23d June, 1815, and died in Iowa, at about 22 years. He married Pamelia Bogart, and had a son, Noah.

DANIEL DOTY, Jun., (son of Daniel,) and Mary Burge, had children:

1. Randolph, who died at 23 years; 2. Mark; 3. John. And by Catherine Crane had, 4. Aretas; 5. George; 6. Pitman; 7. Sarah, who died at 4 years; 8. Joseph; 9. Daniel.

JOHN DOTY, (4th child of John,) and Phebe Cooper, had children:

1. Electa. 2. Harriet. 3. John, 3d.

ZINA DOTY, (5th son of John Doty,) married Sarah Moore, daughter of Levi Moore, whose wife was Hannah Enyart, daughter of Benjamin, and brother of Rufus, [see Daniel Thompson,] and had children:

1. Electa, who died in infancy; 

2. James died at 10 years; 

3. Levi died at 14 months; 

4. John died at one year; 

5. Elizabeth married James Daugherty, and had children:

1. Hannah Cevilla Daugherty; 2. Aquilla Daugherty; 3. Melissa Daugherty; 4. Sarah Daugherty; 5. Harriet, Daugherty.

6. Mary married Robert Chapman, and had a son, Butler D. Chapman.

7. Hannah married Aquilla Daugherty, brother of James, and had children: 1. Electa Jane Daugherty; 2. Sophronia Mariah Daugherty.

8. Noah is unmarried in 1851.

9. Sarah married William McNichols, and had children:

1. Emma McNichols; 2. Ellen McNichols.

BETSEY DOTY, (6th child of John Doty,) and Stephanus Clark, Jun., had children:

1. John Clark, who died at 19 years.

2. Jonathan Clark married Betsey Patten, and had a son, Samuel.

3. Zina married, 1st, Sarah Clendennen, and had a son, Valentine Clark.

4. Patty married Abraham Clark, son of Jabez, son of Daniel, and had children: 1. Nancy Clark, who married Mr. Freeman; 2. Daniel Clark; 3. Catherine Clark; 4. Stephanus Clark; 5. Martha Clark; 6. Washington Clark.

5. Abraham Doty.

6. Jotham Doty.

7. Elizabeth Doty.

JANE DOTY, (7th child of John Doty,) married Samuel Clark a relative of Stephanus; went to Illinois, and had children:

1. James Clark; 2. Abby Clark; 3. Sarah Clark, and others.


JOSHUA (Doty, after a time written) DOUGHTY lived at or near the mills at the west end of Long Hill. He married Sarah Boyle, 8th child of Solomon Boyle, 1st, and had children:

1. Solomon, who married Polly Pierson, daughter of Jonathan Pierson, whose wife was Agnes Ludlow, 2d child of Col. Cornelius Ludlow, of Long Hill. Solomon Doughty was first brigadier, then major-general, of militia.

2. Margaret married Joseph Bullman, and went to Ohio.

3. Susan, who died unmarried.

GEN. SOLOMON DOUGHTY, and Polly Pierson, had children:

1. Agnes, who married Doct. John D. Jackson, of Rockaway, Morris county.

2. Joshua married Susan Southard, daughter of Col. Isaac Southard, of Somerset. He is a merchant, and president of the Somerset County Bank.

3. Betsey Pierson, born 1803, married Doct. Charles H. Jackson. from Rockaway. She died 28th July, 1838, soon after she was married, and without children.

4. Sineus, who was born 1808, and died 20th October, 1832, unmarried.

5. Sarah Maria, born 13th July, 1814, and died 25th July, 1838, unmarried.

6. Eugene S., who married the widow Elizabeth Underdunk, at Somerville; he is a lumber-merchant there; he has children:

1. Eugene.

DOCT. JOHN D. JACKSON, and Agnes Doughty, had children:

1. Edward E., who married Miss Osborn.

2. Charlotte married Mr. Robison, son of Collin Robison, Esq., of Morristown.
[Charlote Jackson m. 27 Sep 1841 Alexander Robertson; Groom of Morris Town; Bride of Pequanac Twp.; by Barnabas King, Minister of the Gospel; Morris County Marriages Book E]

3. Mary married Mr. Chandler.
[Mary Elizabeth Jackson m. 9 Sep 1846 Lyman A. Chandler; Both of Rockaway; by Barnabas King, Minister of the Gospel; Morris County Marriages Book E]

4. John Jackson, a physician in Rockaway.

5. Agnes.

6. Laura.

JOSHUA DOUGHTY, Esq., (son of Gen. Solomon Doughty,) and Susan Southard, had children: 1. Louisa; 2. Sarah; 3. Mary; 4. John Rolan; 5. Joshua; 6. Susan.


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