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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


EDWARD DRAKE came from Piscataway and settled in Washington Valley. (2d Generation.)

He married Molly Vail, and had children:

1. Joseph, who went to the South and married there.

2. Jeremiah married, for a 2d wife, Elizabeth Wooden, sister of Ezra.

3. Andrew married Eunice Martin, daughter of Edward.

4. Mary married Mr. Vail.

5. Caty married Ebenezer Lyon, son of Peter Lyon, of Stony Hill. [See Lyon.]

6. Sarah married William Littell, son of Andrew, and went to Sussex. [See Andrew Littell.]

JEREMIAH DRAKE, (2d son of Edward,) and his first wife, had children:

1. Jeremiah Drake, Jun.

2. Joseph.

3. Betsey.

4. Mary.

Jeremiah Drake, by his 2d wife, Elizabeth Wooden, had children:

5. Peter, who went to Albany and married there.

6. Jacob married Rebecca Runyon, daughter of Ephraim, of Piscataway.

7. Joel married Phebe Noe, daughter of Lewis Noe, of Long Hill.

8. Rhoda.

9. Mary.

10. Edith married Washington Leason; live on Long Hill.

ANDREW DRAKE, (3d son of Edward,) and Eunice Martin, had children:

1. Noah, who married Margaret Cole, daughter of Jonathan Cole.

2. Polly married Gideon Allen, Jun., son of Gideon, of Washington Valley.

3. Experience married Thomas Martin, son of Azariah Martin.

4. Martha married James Frazee, son of Jotham Frazee, Esq., of Scotch Plains.

5. Sarah married Samuel Seacore.

6. Piatt married Hannah Smalley, daughter of Daniel, son of David Smalley, Esq.

NOAH DRAKE, (son of Andrew, son of Edward,) and Margaret Cole, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Ezra, who married, 1st, Polly Williams, daughter of Zophar Williams, of Passaic Valley, and had one daughter,

1. Eliza Williams, who married Freeman Tucker. son of Lines. 

Ezra's wife died, and he married Polly Baker, daughter of Jonathan I, and had children: 

2. Mary Williams; 3. Jonathan Baker; 4. George Whitefield.

2. Dorcas married Jacob Shotwell, son of Ralph. [See Shotwell.]

3. Jonathan married Mariah Frazee, daughter of Maxwell, and had a daughter, Sarah Anne, when he died.

4. Humphrey Martin married Sarah Frazee, daughter of Maxwell, and had children: 1. Jonathan C; 2. Maxwell Frazee. His wife, Sarah, then died, and he married the widow Sally Young, and daughter of Philip Achor, and had children: 3. Margaret; 4. Eliza, and then removed to Michigan.

5. Randolph married Jane Randolph, daughter of Simeon, and had children: 1. Edward; 2. Margaret Anne; 3. Experience; 4. Simeon; 5. David.

6. Edward Drake, (son of Noah, son of Edward.) married Mary Waldron, daughter of Laffert Waldron, and had children: 1. Hannah Anne; 2. Jonathan; 3. Daniel; 4. Harriet; 5. George Washington.

7. William married Huma French, daughter of David French. Jun., and had children; 1. Matilda; 2. Noah; 3. David.

8. Nathaniel, born 22d July, 1815, married Sarah Tingley, born 11th Sept. 1815, daughter of Squire Tingley, and had children:

1. Emma, born 27th Sept. 1837; 2. Lucretia, born 13th October, 1839; 3 David, born 18th January, 1842; 4. Albert, born 7th August, 1846.

9. Eunice married James Drake, son of Elkanah, and had children: 1. Madison; 2. Anne Eliza; 3. James Drake.

10. Sarah married William Cornell, and had children:

1. Thomas Lavender Cornell; 2. Mary Cornell.

11. Piatt married Julia Brant, daughter of David.

12. John Q. married Thirza S. Stewart, daughter of Wm. D. Stewart, Esq.


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