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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JAMES DUNHAM lived at Littell's Bridge, in Morris county, and owned a farm there of upwards of 60 acres He had brothers, John, David, and Joseph, and sisters, Abby and Polly: they were children of two mothers. He married the widow Sarah Hedges, who then had a daughter, Sarah Hedges, who died 7th Dec. 1820, aged 63 years, unmarried.

He had a son James, who died 5th May, 1790, aged 25 years, unmarried, and a daughter Hannah, who died 9th July, 1817, aged 54 years, unmarried.

James Dunham, Sen, died 7th June, 1796, aged 75 years. His widow died 7th August, 1807, aged 71 years. When Sarah Hedges died, this family was extinct.


JOHN DUNHAM was half brother of James; he married Keziah Marsh, daughter of Ephraim Marsh, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Nancy, who married James Tappen, and went to Ohio.

2. Hetty married Jacob High, son of John, of Westfield. [See High.]

3. John, Jun., married, 1st, Sarah High, sister of Jacob; 2d, Patty Smalley, daughter of David, Esq.

4. Jane, born 8th May, 1764, married Norris Crane, son of Benjamin. [See Benjamin Crane.]

5. Betsey married Samuel Potter, son of Caleb, son of Col. Samuel. [See Potter.]

6. Polly married Enos Meeker, of Connecticut Farms, now Union.

7. Phebe married, 14th February, 1796, Joseph Ogden Meeker, son of Jotham, of Plainfield.

NANCY DUNHAM, and James Tappen, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Sally Tappen, who married, 3d March, 1795, Capt. Samuel Bailey. [See Bailey.]

2. Keziah Tappen married Jonathan Crane, son of Joseph. [See Crane.]

3. Marsh Tappen, who died at about 18 years.

4. Samuel Tappen married Catherine Dyke, in Ohio.

5. Betsev Tappen married William Livingston, in Ohio.

6. Jane Tappen married Henry Rogers, of Plainfield, and went to Ohio.

7. Phebe Tappen married Thomas Smith, in Ohio.

8. Benjamin Tappen married Eliza Shaw, of Pennsylvania; lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

9. Isaac Tappen married Nelly Dunham, daughter of Doctor Dunham, of Indiana.

10. Susan Tappen married Peter P. Good, an Englishman; live in New York, and have an only child, Pato Good.

JOHN DUNHAM, Jun., (son of John Dunham,) and Sarah High, had children:

1. Rachel, who married Christopher Stevens, son of John. [See Stevens]

2. Deborah married, 30th January, 1796, James Sayre, son of David; live at Madison.

3. Keziah, born July, 1780, married, 20th June, 1807, Aaron Thompson, son of Thomas. [See Thompson.]

4. Joel married Eunice Baldwin, of Bloomfield, and lives there.

5 Fanny married Levi French, son of David French, Sen. [See French.]

6. Ezra married Nancy Hobro, and went to the lakes, New York, and lives there.

7. William went to the lakes.

8. Sally married 22d November, 1822, George Miller, an Englishman.

9. John, 3d, married Phebe Anne Williams, daughter of Henderson Williams, of Westfield, and had a daughter Ellen, when his wife died.

John Dunham, Jun., married, 2d, Patty, daughter of David Smalley, Esq., and had a 10th child.

POLLY DUNHAM, (6th child of John Dunham,) and Enos Meeker, had children:

1. Phebe, who married Calvin Freeman.

2. Ephraim married Phebe _____ .

3. Joseph married Electa Headley, daughter of Timothy.

4. Wheeler married Phebe Fox, daughter of John.

5. Enos.

PHEBE DUNHAM, (7th child of John Dunham,) and J. Ogden Meeker, had children:

1. Mary Meeker, who married John Squier, son of Aaron Squier, of Long Hill. [See Squirer.]

2. Sarah Meeker married Ezra Hatfield, son of Daniel, of Westfield, and had children: 1. Ogden Meeker Hatfield; 2. Phebe Meeker Hatfield; 3. Harriet Hatfield; 4. Rebecca Hatfield; 5. Charlotte Hatfield; 6. Sarah Hatfield; 7. Mary Hatfield; 8. _____ Hatfield.

3. Anna Meeker married William Line, son of Isaiah, and had children; 1. Isaiah Line, who died at 22 years 2. Huldah Line married Michael McVay; 3. Hannah Line married Anthony Farley, son of Anthony Farley, of Hunterdon; 4. George Line; 5 Sarah Line; 6. Aaron Line; 7. Amelia Line; 8. Phebe Line [See Line.]

4. Rachel Meeker married Samuel Rutan, son of Joseph, of Long Hill, and had no children.

5. John Meeker married Margaret, daughter of Anthony Farley, of Hunterdon county, and had no children.


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