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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


REV. JONATHAN ELMER was born in Norwalk, Conn,' the 4th June, 1727. He married Amy Gale, near Goshen, Orange county, New York. He came to Turkey, and became the stated minister of the Presbyterian church and congregation the 1st of October, 1757, and was installed the 13th November, 1765, and continued the pastor till the 14th Oct. 1793, when he was dismissed, and was never afterwards settled. He died 5th June, 1807, aged 80 years; his wife Amy, died 24th July, 1812, aged 94 years. They had children:

1. Jonathan, born 15th July, 1750, married, 29th May, 1776, Susannah Bedell, daughter of Benjamin; had a son Philemon, and a daughter Hannah, baptized 30th May, 1784, and died young; and he died 29th March, 1784, aged 34 years. (2d Generation.)

2. Philemon, born 13th Sept, 1752, became a physician and a surgeon in the army of the Revolution. He married, 1st, 13th Nov. 1774, Mary Marsh, and lived in Westfield; 2d, Catherine Slack; 3d, the widow of Charles Clark, Esq.

3. John, born 29th Sept. 1754, and died 14th May, 1764.

4. Moses Gale, born 26th September, 1757; he became a physician, and married, 2d December, 1792, Chloe Meeker, daughter of Matthias Meeker, of Morristown; he lived where John T. Willcox now lives; he died 31st May, 1835; his wife, Chloe, died 19th June, 1833, aged 60 years.

5. Sarah, born 11th August, 1760, and married, 4th April, 1779, Abraham Morrell, of Elizabethtown, who died 15th April, 1794, and she then married Thomas Lovell, merchant of New York.

6. Nathan, born 5th November, 1763, married, 4th Nov. 1792, Sarah Crane, daughter of Isaac.

NOTE.--The four first children were born at Florida, near Goshen, in the highlands of Orange county, N. York, and the two last in Turkey, or New Providence.

JONATHAN ELMER, son of Rev. Jonathan Elmer, and Susannah Bedell, had but two children: 1. Hannah, who married, 18th January, 1795, Thaddeus Thompson, and died in child-bed, with her first child; 2. Philemon, who married Nancy Potter, daughter of Isaac, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Abigail Caroline, born 4th February, 1807, and died 20th July, 1807.

2. Jonathan Gale, born 13th August, 1808, and died 25th April, 1828, aged 20 years.

3. Abigail Caroline, 2d, born 5th January, 1810, and died 14th March, 1845, aged 35 years, unmarried.

4. Louisa, born 28th October, 1811, and died 21st January, 1829, aged 18 years, unmarried.

5. Potter Elmer, born 6th July, 1813, and went to Western Pennsylvania, and married, 8th March, 1839, Amy McFarlan.

6. Nancy, born 12th January, 1815, and died 27th July, 1836, aged 21 years, unmarried.

7. Philemon, born 14th January, 1817, and died a young man in Western Pennsylvania.

8. Simeon Dunn, born 2d December, 1818, and died 24th February, 1835, aged 16 years.

9. Amy, born 27th November, 1820, and married 7th April, 1846, William C. Green, son of Calvin, of Madison, and had children: 1. William Elmer Green; 2. Sarah Caroline Green.

10. Israel, born 29th July, 1822, died 29th September, 1826.

11. Sarah Lovel, born 25th February, 1825, and died 8th July, 1850, aged 25 years.

Nancy, the wife of Philemon Elmer, died 31st December, 1831, aged 49 years, and he married Catherine, the widow of Erastus Jones.

DOCT. PHILEMON ELMER. (son of the Rev. Jonathan Elmer.) and Mary Marsh, had children:

1. Sally, who married Doct. Loree.

2. Polly married Doct Quimby, of Westfield, and died without children.

And by his 2d wife, Catherine Slack, Doct. Elmer had children:

3. Betsey married Ellis Potter, of New York, and had children: 1. Frank Potter; 2. Ellis Potter; 3. Edward Potter.

4. Caty married Aaron Coe, Esq., now of Westfield, and had children: 1. Philemon Elmer Coe, now an Episcopal minister; 2. Catherine Coe.

5. Nancy; 6. John; 7. Julia; 8. Caroline; 9. Stewart.

The five last named children of Doct. Philemon Elmer died unmarried.

DOCT. MOSES ELMER, (son of Rev. Jonathan Elmer,) and Chloe Meeker, had children:

1. Matthias Meeker, baptized 24th July, 1794, and died.

2. Henry G Elmer maried, 8th December, 1822, Pamelia Johnson, daughter of Gabriel Johnson, Esq., and died 11th February, 1824, aged 25 years.

3. William, who died unmarried.

4. Apollos Morrell married Mary Britton, daughter of Col. William Britton of Madison, and had one daughter,

1. Elizabeth, who has become deaf.

Mrs. A. M Elmer died in 1836, and he married, 12th April, 1838, Theodocia Morrell, daughter of Rev. Thomas Morrell, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

2. William Henry.


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