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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOSEPH FRAZEE was one of the eighty associates of Elizabethtown, who associated together for the purpose of managing, settling, surveying, and disposing of the lands of the "Elizabeth Town Grant," purchased of the Indians, a part of which, lying above the first mountain, was surveyed, in the years 1736 and 1737, into 100-acre lots, and distributed among the freeholders of Elizabethtown, by lot. (2d Generation.)

Joseph Frazee drew and owned two of those lots, Nos. 64 and 65, lying in the valley at and about the Falls Mills, but not including the mill site, (the mill site at the Falls having been taken up of the proprietors before the survey was made, to the number of 25 acres, by Daniel Cooper, of Morris county.)

Joseph Frazee had children:

1. Cornelius, who married Sarah Robins.

2. John married Hannah Willcox, daughter of Peter, Jr., 5th December, 1764.

3. Henry married Sarah Maxwell, daughter of William Maxwell.

CORNELIUS FRAZEE, (son of Joseph Frazee,) and Sarah Robins, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Cornelius, Jun., who married, 1st, Sheba Hedges, daughter of Benjamin Hedges; 2d, Mary Tilyou, daughter of John Tilyou.

2. Betsey, who married William Badgley, son of Robert, son of James, 1st.

3. Hannah, who went to the South, and married there.

CORNELIUS FRAZEE, Jun., (son of Cornelius,) and Sheba Hedges, had children:

1. Polly, who married John D. Murphy, and had three children.

2. Sally married Abraham Hyat, and had one son.

And by his 2d wife, Mary Tilyou, he had children:

3. John, who died at 16 years of age.

4. Catherine, who is unmarried.

5. Moses, who married Susannah Hamilton, grand-daughter of John Hamilton.

JOHN FRAZEE, (son of Joseph,) and Hannah Willcox, had children:

1. Peter.

2. Noah.

After the death of John Frazee, the family removed to the West.

HENRY FRAZEE, (son of Joseph,) and Sarah Maxwell, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Polly, who married Samuel Badgley, son of Anthony, 1st. [See Badgley.]

2. Maxwell, born 10th November, 1774, married Nancy Badgley, sister of Samuel. He married, 2d, Nancy, widow of Noah Cory, and daughter of Joseph Line; had no children by her.

3. Moses married Susan Miller, daughter of Benjamin, of Scotch Plains.

4. Sally married Jacob Foster Stites, son of Isaiah, of Scotch Plains.

MAXWELL FRAZEE, (son of Henry, son of Joseph Frazee,) and Nancy Badgley, had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Henry, who died at 12 years.

2. Noah, born 31st August, 1799, married Betsey Squier, born 13th December, 1792, daughter of Aaron, of Long Hill.

3. Maria married Jonathan Drake, son of Noah, and had a daughter, 1. Sarah Anne Drake, when he died, and she married Jacob F. Randolph, son of John, as his 2d wife, and had children: 2. Abby E. Randolph.

4. Anne married James C. Lyon, (son of John,) as his 2d wife, and had no children.

5. Sally, (twin to Anne,) married Humphrey M. Drake, (son of Noah,) and had children:

1. Jonathan C. Drake.
2. Maxwell F. Drake.

When she died, and he removed to Michigan.

6. Abby married the above-named Jacob F. Randolph, and had children: 1. Mary M. Randolph; 2. George W. Randolph.

When she died, and he married her sister, Maria, Jonathan Drake's widow.

7. Susan married Enoch Rino, and had but one daughter, 1. Susan Rino.

NOAH FRAZEE, (son of Maxwell,) and Betsey Squier, had children:

1. Henry, born March, 1819, married Mary French, daughter of Willis, and had children: 1. George Willis; 2. Sarah Elizabeth; 3. Anne Augusta.

2. Aaron; 3. Mary, who died at 12 years; 4. Samuel, born 11th February, 1826; 5. Squier, born 1st December, 1827, married Catherine _____ ; Anson, born 27th August, 1829; 7. John, born 25th November, 1832; 8. Anne, born 30th March, _____ .

MOSES FRAZEE, (son of Henry,) and Susan Miller, had children:

1. Betsey, who married Abraham Nelson, who kept the tavern, in 1849-51, at Scotch Plains, and had children: 

1. Julia Anne Curry Nelson; 2. Marth Nelson; 3. Loyd Nelson; 4. _____ _____ .

2. Phebe married Aaron Drake, (son of Hugh Drake, and Hannah Littell, daughter of Jonathan Littell,) [see Littell,] and had children:

1. Delia Drake; 2. Randolph Drake; 3. Sarah Drake; 4. Louisa Drake; 5. Henry Drake.

ASA FRAZEE was son of Joseph Frazee, of Connecticut Farms. His children know not of any relation between them and the other Joseph Frazee. He married, 25th June, 1775, Sophia Littell, daughter of Andrew Littell. He lived on the north side of Sutton Hill (or 2d mountain); they had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Jemima, who married, 1st, Abner Tucker, son of Jacob Tucker; [see Tucker;] 2d, George Holley, of Perth Amboy, and had a son, 1. Philip Holley, and lived at Amboy.

2. Sophia married Thomas Smith, of Connecticut Farms, lived where her father did, and had children:

1. Asa Frazee Smith married Mary Anne _____ .

2. Joseph Smith married Miss Jennings, and lived in New York, and had children: 1. Silas Smith; 2. Andrew Smith; 3. Charles Smith.

3. Margaret Smith married Thomas Wright, and had children:

1. Margaret Anne Wright; 2. Susan Wright; they lived in Williamsburgh, opposite New-York.

4. Harriet Smith married Noah Clark, son of Elias Clark, Jun., and had children: 1. Smith Clark; 2. Frazee Clark; 3. Thomas Clark. Noah Clark then died, and she married John Bryson, of New-York.

5. Thomas Smith married Lydia Eliza Hoffman, of Dutchess county, New-York; lives on Long Island, aud has children:

1. John W. Smith, born 27th August, 1828.

2. James Henry Smith.

3. Adelia Smith.

4. Charles Smith, born 25th July, 1835.

5. Mary Eliza Smith.

6. George W. Smith married Phebe Jane Presley, and kept a large store of brooms, baskets, pails, &c., near Fulton Market, New York, and had children: 1. George H. Smith; 2. Sarah Anne Smith; 3. Mary Jane Smith; 4. Delia Smith; 5. Emma Smith; 6. William James Smith.

7. Anne Eliza Smith married Timothy Murry, and had a son,

1. John Murry, who lived on Staten Island.

8. James Smith, who died at 11 or 12 years.

9. Servia Jane Smith, who married Thomas Cruger, and had a son, John Adolpha Asa C. Cruger.

3. Betsey Frazee married John Curtis of Monmouth county; lived where her father did, and had children:

1. James Buckeliew, who married Eliza Swan, daughter of Benjamin. He removed to Zanesville, Ohio, and had children;

1. Mary Curtis; 2. John, who died at 1 1/2 years; 3. John, 2d, who died in infancy; 4. Rebecca Curtis; 5. Elizabeth Curtis; 6. James Curtis; 7. Catherine Curtis; 8. Almira Curtis.

2. William Curtis is unmarried.

3. Asa Frazee Curtis married Martha Smith, daughter of Jacamiah, son of Elijah Smith, of Long Hill, and had children:

1. Cornelia, who died 21st November, 1850, at three years.
2. Caroline, twin to Cornelia.

4. Jonathan Curtis married Hannah Angleman, of Plainfield, and had children: 1. Henrietta Curtis; 2. Alfred Berry Curtis.

5. David Curtis, born 8th November, 1820, married Catherine Long, daughter of Israel B. Long, and had children: 1. Mary Elizabeth Curtis; 2. Esaias Curtis; 3. Luthetter Curtis.

6. Eliza Curtis married Cornelius Williamson, son of John, of Somerset county, and had children: 1. Martha Elizabeth Williamson, born 12th May, 1835; 2. Jonathan Curtis Williamson; 3. Harriet Jane Williamson; 4. Abraham Parrot Williamson; 5. James Henry Williamson.


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