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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN HALL lived near Basking Ridge, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. John, Jun. He died unmarried at Basking Ridge, about 1845, an old man.

2. Richard, who married Elizabeth Roy, the widow of William Roy, and daughter of Eliphalet Whitaker.

NOTE.--William Roy was son of judge John Roy, of Basking Ridge, who also had a son, Joseph Roy, the father of Major Peter Roy, of Vealtown, now Bernardsville; married Nancy Rickey, daughter of Colonel Israel Rickey, who lived at the saw-mill on Passaic River, east of Basking Ridge.

NOTE.--Elizabeth Roy, and William Roy, had two children:

1. Hannah, who married Aaron Hand, son of Jonathan, of Basking Ridge.

2. William Roy, Jun., married Deborah Whitaker, daughter of Stephen, and lived in Yates county, New York.

3. Isaac Hall.

4. Jacob married Theodocia Fairchild.

5. Robert married Mary Hand, daughter of Jonathan, of Basking Ridge.

RICHARD HALL, (2d child of John Hall,) and Elizabeth Roy, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Isaac, who married Betsey Strimple, daughter of _____ ; lives near Liberty Corner, and had children: 

1. Jane; 2. Eliza; 3. Samuel; 4. William; 5. Platt; 6. Sarah; 7. John; 8. Catherine; 9. Helen; 10. Elisha.

2. Elipahlet Hall, (2d son of Richard, son of John, 1st,) married Electa Ward, daughter of Samuel C. Ward, of Bloomfield; lived there, and was a justice of the peace; they had children: 1. Sarah; 2. John; 3. Richard; 4. William; 5. George; 6. Catherine.

3. Platt, who died a young man, unmarried.

4. Ruth married Levi Dayton, son of Jonathan, of Basking Ridge, and had an only son, Elias H. Dayton, who married Huldah Conover, of Monmouth county, and had children: 1. Frank, who died in infancy; 2. Huldah.

5. Samuel married Mariah Finley, daughter of Alexander, of Basking Ridge; lived in Newark, and had children: 1. Elizabeth; 2. Alexander Finley; 3. Sophia; 4. Anne.

6. Catherine married Joel C. Homan, son of Thomas H., of Mendham; lived there, and had children:

1. Samuel Hall Homan, born 6th September, 1819, married Caroline Vance, daughter of Elias Vance, of Mendham, and had children: 1. Samuel Hall Homan; 2. Annie Mosely Homan; and died in August, 1847.

2. Melancthon Homan.
3. Elizabeth Sarah Homan, who died at four years.
4. Thomas Homan.
5. Elizabeth Sarah Johnson Homan.
6. Louisa Homan.

7. Sally married Isaac Conklin, son of William, Esq., of Basking Ridge. [See Conklin.]

8. Betsey married David Howel, of Mendham; lived there, and had children: 

1. Anna Mariah Howel; 2. Amelia Howel; 3. Elizabeth Howel; 4. Charles Howel.

9. Miriam married John Drake, son of Daniel, of Mendham, and lived there, and had children; 1. Sarah Drake; 2. Aaron Drake; 3. Caroline Drake.

10. John married Mary Alling, daughter of David, of Newark, and lived there; had children: 1. David Alling; 2. Antoinette; 3. Louisa; 4. Horace.

JACOB HALL, (4th child of John, 1st,) and Theodocia Fairchild, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Jacob Burrows Hall, who married Rachel Hall, daughter of John, son of Richard, 1st, had children:

1. Charles Hall, D. D. a Presbyterian minister, and secretary of the A. H. M. S. of New York. He married Sarah Lawrence, of Geneseo, New York, sister of the wife of his uncle, Israel Hall, and had children: 1. Charles; 2. James; 3. Cornelia; 4. Mary; 5. Anne.

2. Sarah married George Carkner, of Michigan; lived there.
3. Benjamin Hudson is an elder of the church, at Tecumseh, Lenawa county, Michigan.
4. Eliza married her cousin, Sherrod McKane, son of William.
5. Maria married Samuel L. Spafford; lived at Tecumseh, Michigan.
6. Lewis Austin married Fanny Landen, daughter of Doctor Landen, of Michigan.
7. Sophia.
8. Rachel Catherine married Mr. Keith, of Monroe, Michigan, and lives there.

2. Phebe married William McKane, and had children:

1. Sherrod McKane married his cousin, Eliza Hall, daughter of Jacob B. Hall.
2. Mahlon McKane, twin to Sherrod.

3. John married Miss Howel.

4. Nancy married Mr. _____ Baldwin, of Orange, New Jersey.

5. Theodocia married Mr. _____ Bryan.

6. Abraham B. married Sally Hate, of Albany; is a silversmith, in Geneva, New York, and had children:

1. Harriet, who married Truman P. Handy, cashier of the Commercial Bank, at Cleveland, Ohio.
2. Samuel, who is a Presbyterian minister in Marshall, Michigan; he married Miss Rankin, of Newark.

7. Israel married Mary Lawrence, of Geneseo, New York, sister of the wife of Charles Hall, D. D.

8. Lydia married the Rev. Mr. _____ Myers, of Geneva, New York.

9. Mariah married Foster Bernard, of Geneva, New York.

ROBERT HALL, (5th son of John Hall, 1st,) and Mary Hand, had children:

1. Catherine, who married Samuel Rickey, son of John Rickey, Esq.

2. Sarah married Joshua Bullman, son of Joseph, of Long Hill.

3. Mary married Thomas Gibbs, of Illinois.

4. William married at Jacksonville, Illinois.

Robert Hall, with his family, removed to Illinois.

RICHARD HALL was a younger brother of John Hall, 1st; lived at Basking Ridge; married a Miss Compton, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. John, who married Sarah Austin, daughter of Moses Austin, and sister of Moses Austin, many years deputy sheriff in Elizabethtown.

2. Joseph married Ruth Austin, sister of Sarah, John's wife; he lived between the Cayuga and Seneca Lakes, N. Y.

3. Samuel married Hannah Webster.

4. Jonathan married Rachel Austin, sister of Sarah and Ruth. He lived west of Seneca Lake, in Yates Co., N. Y.

5. Richard, Jun., married Peggy Rogers; lived in Lycoming Co., Penn.

6. Nathaniel married Nancy Jones, in Pennsylvania; removed to Ohio, and was there killed by lightning.

7. Margaret married, 1st, Jacob Howke; 2d, Enos Sillsby.

8. Polly married, 1st, Mr. Parker, and had a son, James Parker; Mr. Parker died, and she married George Chapin.

JOHN HALL, (1st child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st,) and Sarah Austin, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Moses, born 25th August, 1776, married, 1st, Phebe Burrows, daughter of John, of Lycoming Co., Penn. She died, and he married, 2d, Mary Whitaker, daughter of Stephen. She died, 18th November, 1835, and he married, 3d, Phebe Whitaker, sister of his 2d wife. He lived at Geneva, N. Y.; carried on an iron foundry there.

2. Rachel married Jacob B. Hall, son of Jacob, (See Jacob B. Hall.)

3. John Hall, Jun., married Priscilla Fanning, daughter of Asher, of Canandaigua, and went to Zanesville, Ohio, and died 11th July, 1851.

4. Joseph married Polly Black, daughter of Archibald, and went to Michigan.

5. Mary married Stephen Whitaker, son of Stephen, and lived in Cleveland, Ohio. (See Stephen Whitaker.)

6. Jacob Burrows married, 1st, Abigail, daughter of Esq. Townsend; lived in Geneseo, and had children: 1. Sarah; 2. John; 3. Emily; 4. Abigail; 5. Elizabeth; 6. Catherine; 7. Wealthy Anne.

7. Catherine married Amzi Bruen, of Newark, New Jersey.

MOSES HALL, (1st child of John, son of Richard,) and Phebe Burrows, his 1st wife, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. John Burrows, who married Agnes Millspaw, of Geneva; lives at Williamsport, on the Susquehannah River, and has a large iron foundry there.

2. Harriet married William C. Tighlman; and had children: 1. Burrows Tighlman; 2. Phebe Tighlman; and then Harriet died.

Moses Hall's wife Phebe then died, and by his 2d wife, Mary Whitaker, he had other children:

3. Jane, born 25th April, 1809, married John Humphrey, went to Michigan, and had children: 1. William Humphrey; 2. James Humphrey; 3. Charles Humphrey; 4. Henry Humphrey; 5. Mary Humphrey.

4. Phebe, born 5th November, 1810, married Nelson Rowley, went to Michigan, and had children: 1. Stephen Rowley.

5. Rachel, born 7th November, 1812.

6. Stephen Whitaker, born 5th August, 1815, married Nancy Graham; lives at Williamsport, with his brother John, and had children: 

1. Sarah Jane; 2. Hetty Amelia.

7. Henry Axtell, born 9th February, 1817, married Susan Claghorn Babcock, daughter of Joseph M. Babcock, of Lenox, Massachusetts; lives in Geneva, and had children: 1. Lenox.

8. Mary, born 9th March, 1820, married, 30th September, 1847, the Rev. John Jermaine Porter, son of the Rev. Stephen Porter, of Geneva. He is pastor of the Presbyterian church, and settled first at Kingston, opposite Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania.

9. Hetty, born 18th September, 1823, married Chauncey B. Ackley, son of Oliver Ackley, of New England; lives in Geneva, and had children: 1. Mary Ackley.

JOHN HALL, Jun., (3d child of John Hall, son of Richard,) and Priscilla Fanning had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Austin married Mary Mitchel.

2. Eveline married Mr. Harvy; had a daughter Jane, and then died; and the child died.

3. Elizabeth married Doct. John Scott; lives in Toledo, Ohio, and had a daughter Frances.

4. John married Kate Mitchel, sister of Austin's wife.

5. Mary married Mr. Throgmorton, of Zanesville, Ohio.

6. Jacob Burrows, who studied medicine, started for California, and died on the way.

7. Charles married Miss Withington, daughter of Daniel, who married Sarah Hall, daughter of Joseph, son of John.

8. Frances married Mr. Howard, who went with his brother-in-law, Jacob B. Hall, to California.

9. Jane, who died at 3 or 4 years.

10. Henry.

11. Sarah Jane married William Rogers, lived in New York, and had a daughter Molly.

JOSEPH HALL, (4th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) and Polly Black, lived in Michigan, and had children: 1. Elizabeth; 2. George; 3. Catherine; 4. John; 5. Charles; 6. Agnes; 7. Sarah married Daniel Withington, and had a daughter, who married Charles Hall, son of John, of Zanesville.

JACOB B. HALL, (6th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) and Abigail Townsend, lived at Geneseo, and had children: 1. Sarah; 2. Emily; 3. John; 4. Abigail; 5. Elizabeth; 6. Catherine; and by a 2d wife, 7. Wealthy Anne.

CATHERINE HALL, (7th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) and Amzi Bruen, had children:

1. John Bruen.
2. George Bruen.
3. Sarah Bruen.
4. Horace Bruen.
5. Eveline Bruen.
6. Austin Bruen.|twins.
7. Anson Bruen.|

JOSEPH HALL, (2d child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st,) and Ruth Austin, had children: 1. Richard; 2. David; 3. William; 4. Isaac; 5. Joseph, Jun.; 6. Susan; 7. Sarah; 8. Deborah; 9. Mary. (4th Generation.)

JONATHAN HALL, (4th child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st,) and Rachel Austin, had children:

1. Jonathan Austin married Anne Whitaker, daughter of Stephen; lived near Penn Yan, Yates county, New York, and had children:

 1. Mary Anne; 2. Deborah married John Littell, son of John Littell, Esq.; 3. Moses; 4. Stephen Crosby.

JOSEPH HALL, (son of Jonathan, and brother of Jonathan Austin Hall,) married Sarah Flowers; lived in Michigan, and had children: 1. William; 2. Austin; 3. Charles; 4. Francis.

RICHARD HALL, Jun., (5th child of Richard, brother of John Hall,) and Peggy Rogers, had children:

1. Samuel.

2. Joseph.

3. William, and others to the number of fourteen.

MARGARET HALL, (7th child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st,) and Jacob Howke, had children: 

1. Mary Howke; 2. Betsey Howke; 3. Margaret Howke; and by Enos Silsby, had children: 4. John Silsby; 5. James Silsby.


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