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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


THOMAS HALLOCK lived between the 1st and 2d mountains. He married Sarah Bedell, (daughter of Moses Bedell, and Elizabeth Littell, daughter of David Littell,) and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. David, who died unmarried.

2. Smith, who married Jane Raddin, daughter of Jeremiah Raddin, as her 3d husband.

3. John married Betsey, the widow of Moses Roff, and had a son, John.

4. Betsey married, 1st, Abraham Walker; 2d, Jonathan Walker, sons of Asher. [See Walker.]

5. Polly married Hugh Davis, son of John Davis, of Washington Valley.

6. Catherine married Alexander Freeman, son of Henry, of Elizabethtown.

7. Susan married, 11th February, 1815, Thomas Mulligan, from Ireland; lives in New York.

8. Thompson, who died a young man, unmarried.

9. William married Sarah Tucker, of New York; lived there.

10. Fanny, born 20th June, 1804, married Joseph Pope, son of Samuel.

11. Caroline married John Van Buren; lived in New York.

12. Sibbel, who died in infancy.

SMITH HALLOCK, (2d child of Thomas,) and Jane Raddin, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Lewis, who died young.

2. Thompson, who died a young man, unmarried.

3. Catherine died at 13 years.

4. Jeremiah.

POLLY HALLOCK, (5th child of Thomas,) and Hugh Davis, lived in Newark, and had children:

1. Abraham Davis married Elizabeth _____ ; she died 1844.

2. Elizabeth Littell Davis married, 1st, David Higby, who died, and she married, 2d, Garret Skinner, and lived at Cleveland, Ohio.

3. Henrietta Davis married James Rogers; lives in New York.

4. John Davis, (twin to Henrietta,) died a young man.

5. Hugh Littell Davis married Elizabeth Hicks, of Dover, and lives in Newark.

6. David Littell Davis.

7. Thomas H. Davis.

8. Sarah Davis married George Canuff; lives at Cleveland, Ohio.

9. Catherine Ross Davis.

CATHERINE HALLOCK, (6th child of Thomas,) and Alexander Freeman, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. William Henry Freeman; 2. Sarah Eme ine Freeman; 3. George Agustus Freeman. Mr. Freeman removed to Ohio, when his wife, aud all his children, died.

SUSAN HALLOCK, (7th child of Thomas,) and Thomas Mulligan, lived in New York, and had children:

1. Bridget Mulligan, who married William Seaman.

2. Fanny Mulligan married Woodruff Crane.

3. William Mulligan married Anne _____ .

4. John Mulligan.

5. Daniel Mulligan married _____ ; lives in Rahway.

6. Harriet Mulligan.

7. Anne Mulligan.

8. Emma Mulligan.

FANNY HALLOCK, (10th child of Thomas,) and Joseph Pope, lived at Plainfield, and had children: 1. Lucinda Adaline Pope, born 3d October, 1827, married 28th February, 1848, John Stites, son of Samuel Stites, of Sussex, son of John Stites of Monnt Bethel; lives in Sussex; 2. James Nelson Pope; 3. Amanda Walker Pope; 4. William Lewis Pope; 5. Frances Adelia Pope; 6. Newton Hill Pope; 7. Harriet Matilda Pope; 8. _____ .


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