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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOSEPH HALSEY lived near the Wheatsheaf Tavern, between Rahway and Elizabethtown. He married Elizabeth Haines, sister of Richard Valentine's wife; he had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Sarah, who married Joshua Conklin, of Williams Farms. [See Conklin.]

2. Abigail married James Miller, of Piscataway.

3. Rebecca married Thomas Williams, near Elizabethtown.

4. Joseph, Jun., married Mary Armstrong, daughter of John, from Ireland; lived in Springfield.

5. Hannah married Benjamin Miller; (their daughter married General William Crane, of Elizabethtown.)

6. Phebe married Benjamin Crane, of Westfield. [See Benjamin Crane.]

7. Daniel married Miss Williams, daughter of Samuel, and sister of John Williams.

8. Isaac married Rebecca Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown.

9. Rachel married Benjamin Magie, son of John, of Elizabethtown.

10. Deborah married, 1st, Jonathan Magie, brother of Benjamin; 2d, Isaiah Meeker, of New Providence. [See Meeker.]

11. Nancy married John Hamilton; lived in Westfield; had no children.

JOSEPH HALSEY, Jun., and Mary Armstrong, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Joseph, 3d, who married, 1st, Mary Brookfield; 2d, Miss Frazee.

2. Daniel married Miss Pierson, of Westfield.

3. Mary married Matthias Ross.

4. Hannah married Daniel Baker, of Westfield, son of Nathaniel.

5. John married Nancy Sayre, daughter of Isaac.

6. Abigail married Doct. John Condit, of Orange.

7. Isaac married Sally Smith, daughter of Walter, of Springfield.

8. Rhoda married the same Doct. John Condit.

JOSEPH HALSEY, 3d, (son of Joseph, Jun.,) and Mary Brookfield, had children:

1. Joseph, 4th, who married Sally Bryant, daughter of Samuel.

2. Mary married John Clarkson, son of John, and by Miss Frazee had other children.

DANIEL HALSEY, (2d child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Miss Pierson, had children: 1. Gitty; 2. Harriet, and others.

MARY HALSEY, (3d child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Matthias Ross, had children:

1. Ogden Ross, who married Lydia Ludlow, daughter of John, of Butler county, Ohio, and lives there. [See Ludlow.]

2. Abigail Ross married Capt. Jonathan Burnet, near Springfield.

3. Joseph Ross married, and lived near Springdale, Ohio.

HANNAH HALSEY, (4th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Daniel Baker, had children:

1. Rhoda Baker, who married James DeCamp, son of James, of Rahway, and had children:

1. Caleb DeCamp, who married Elizabeth Ward, of Urbana, Ohio.
2. Mary DeCamp, who married Taylor Webster, of Hamilton, Ohio.
3. Daniel DeCamp, who died at 18 years.

2. Mary Halsey Baker married Cornelius Ludlow, son of John, of Westfield, and had a daughter, Jane Ludlow, when Mr. Ludlow died. Jane Ludlow married the Rev. William Spencer; preaches at Sidney, Ohio.

3. Lewis Conklin Baker married Margaret Dunham, daughter of Joseph, and had an only daughter, Margaret.

4. Caleb Baker married Sarah Williams, daughter of Marsh Williams, and had children: 1. Daniel; 2. Marsh Williams; 3. John; 4. Hannah.

5. Nancy Baker married Jonathan Cory, son of Joseph, of Westfield, and had children: 1. Daniel Baker; 2. James; 3. Samuel; 4. William; 5. Sarah Jane.

6. Betsey Ryerson Baker married Samuel Young, of Butler Co., Ohio, and had children: 1. Josiah; 2. Hannah Elizabeth.

7. Hannah Baker married Andrew McClary, of Rossville, Ohio, and had children: 1. Mary McClary; 2. John McClary: 3. Andrew McClary.

JOHN HALSEY, (5th child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Nancy Sayre, had children:

1. John, who married, 1st, Hannah Pool, daughter of John, of Long Hill. [See Pool.] They removed to near Lebanon, Ohio, and had children:

1. Caleb, who married Ruth Wood, and had children:

1. Hannah, who married Edmund Monroe, son of Nathan;
2. Rosetta married Marsh Noe, son of Ellis;
3. Sarah Anne; 4. Mariah Josephine; 5. Joseph; 6. Eliza; 7 John Newel.

2. Joseph, who died at about 22 years, unmarried.
3. Rhoda married Rev. David Montfort, of Indiana, brother of the Rev. Francis Montfort.

John Halsey married, 2d, the widow of Capt. Cushion, and daughter of the Rev. Mr. Vanhorn, and had,

4. A daughter Eliza, who married, 1st, Asher Corlas; 2d, Doct. Elias Fisher.

2. Rhoda married Moses Ogden, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. John Ogden; 2. William Ogden; 3. Joseph Ogden; 4. Moses Ogden.

3. Jane married David Miller, of Madison, son of Ichabod, of Rahway, and had children: 1. Caroline; 2. Matthias; 3. Sally Anne; 4. Charlotte; 5. David; 6. Ichabod. Mr. Miller died at Madison.

4. Joseph, 3d, married Mary Potter, daughter of Jacob Potter, of New Providence; removed to near Lebanon, Ohio, and had children:

1. Mary, who married John Dynes, son of Chamber, and had children: 1. John Dynes; 2. William Dynes; 3. Abigail Dynes; 4. Mary Dynes; 5. Clarissa Dynes; 6. James Dynes; 7. Milton Dynes.

2. Abigail married James Dynes, cousin of John, and had children: 1. Clarissa Dynes; 2. John Dynes; 3. James Dynes; 4. Sarah Dynes; 5. Martha Dynes.

3. David.

4. Joseph S.

5. Jacob Potter Halsey married Sally Banta, daughter of Daniel, from Jersey City, and had children: 1. John Russel Halsey; 2. William Henry Halsey.

ABIGAIL, (6th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and,

RHODA, (8th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Doct. John Condit, had children:

1. Caleb Condit, who was killed by a fall of a horse.

2. Silas Condit, who lives in Newark; he has been clerk of the county, member of the legislature several times, and a member of congress; he had a son, Doct. John Condit; and by Rhoda, Doctor Condit had children:

3. Joseph Condit, who went to Canada.

4. Abigail Condit.

5. Smith Condit.

ISAAC HALSEY, (7th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Sally Smith, had children:

1. Mary, who married David Bryant, son of Samuel, of Westfield.

2. Daniel married Jane Miller, daughter of _____ , of Westfield.

3. Elizabeth married Samuel Meeker, of Springfield.

4. William married Abby Woodruff, daughter of Stites.

5. Smith married Betsey Miller, daughter of Nathaniel, of Springfield; he lives in Newark.

6. Joseph A.

7. Samuel.

DANIEL HALSEY, (son of Joseph,) had a son, Ichabod, who went to Ohio, and married Mary Smith, daughter of John Smith, of Warren county, Ohio, and had children: (3d Generation. 2d Generation.)

1. James Smith Halsey, who married Catherine Hinkle, of Springfield, Clark county, Ohio.

2. Ichabod Benton Halsey.

3. Martha married Doct. Jennings, of Warren county, Ohio, and went to Indiana.

4. Mary married Charles Anthony, of Springfield, Clark county, Ohio.

5. Cynthia married, 5th June, 1845, James K. Hurin, merchant, of Lebanon, Ohio, as his 3d wife. [See Hurin.]

6. Daniel, who is editor of a newspaper at Hamilton, Ohio.

Three daughters have died.


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