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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DANIEL HEATH lived at Mine Brook, Somerset county. He married Eleanor Runyon, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. John, who married Polly Kirkpatrick, daughter of Thomas. [See Kirkpatrick.]

2. Hugh married Betsey Layton.

3. Elizabeth married Anthony Layton, son of John Layton.

4. Margaret, or Peggy, married Peter Layton, brother of Anthony.

5. Nancy married Samuel Dunham, son of David.

6. Daniel married Jane Wilson, daughter of Stafford, of Long Hill.

7. Polly married John Mooney.

8. Robert married Sally Coon, daughter of William, near Amboy.

JOHN HEATH, and Polly Kirkpatrick, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Elizabeth, who married, 1st, Nathaniel Lyon, son of Stephen, and had children: 1. John Lyon; 2. David Lyon. Mr. Lyon then died, and she married, 2d, James Hill, and had children: 1. Phebe Hill, who married David Dunham, son of Amos; 2. Margaret Hill.

2. Margaret, who married Lewis Douglas, son of Samuel, of Basking Ridge, lived in Newark, and had children: 1. Nathaniel Douglas; 2. _____ Douglas.

3. Thomas married Eliza Brees, daughter of Col. John Brees, of Basking Ridge, and had children:

1. William; 2. Robert Finley; 3. David; 4. Crowel; 5. Charlotte; 6. John; 7. Mary Kirkpatrick.

4. Anne married Silas Brees, son of Col. John Brees.

5. John married in New York, and lived and died there.

HUGH HEATH, (son of Daniel,) and Betsey Layton, had children:

1. Sally.

2. Nancy, who died at near 40 years of age, unmarried.

3. Fanny.

4. Eliza died a young woman.

5. John, who married Suffrona Umsted, at Stonehouse Village.

6. Margaret.

7. Martha, who died at about 25 years, unmarried.

8. Hugh Heath, Jun., who married Rachel Berry of Pompton, Morris county.

9. Robert married Sarah Mariah Campbell, of Plainfield.

DANIEL HEATH, (son of Daniel,) and Jane Wilson, lived at Long Hill, and had children:

1. Catherine Anne, who died at 29 years, unmarried.

2. Agnes, who married Samuel Southard, son of Lot, lived at Newark, and had children:

1. Sarah Jane Southard; 2. Susan Southard, when she died.

3. Alphacene, who married the same Samuel Southard, as his 2d wife.

4. Jane married Barkley Dunham, son of Amos, of Liberty Corner, and had children:

1. Oscar Wilson Dunham; 2. Charles Dunham; 3. Mary Jane Dunham; 4. Daniel Heath Dunham.

5. Emeline married Willet T. Conklin, son of Stephen, of Somerville, and lived there. [See Conklin.]

6. Stafford Robert Wilson Heath, married, 24th January, 1843, Catherine Woodruff, daughter of Archibald Woodruff, of Newark. S. R. W. Heath is a merchant of Newark, and has children: 1. Martha Crane; 2. Jane.

7. Daniel, who died in Newark, aged 24 1/2 years, unmarried.

8. Sarah Caroline, who married, 1st May, 1849, Elias Dayton, of Long Hill, son John Dayton, of Basking Ridge.

ROBERT HEATH, (son of Daniel, 1st,) and Sally Coon, lived at Mine Brook, where his father did, and have children:

1. Daniel, who married Matilda Johnson, daughter of Job Johnson.

2. Sarah Anne married Cornelius Lane, son of Job Lane, of Peapack.

3. William married, December, 1849, Anne Voorhies, daughter of Garret Voorhies, Esq.


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