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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


URIAH HEDGES owned lot No. 39, of the Elizabethtown lots, and lived on it between the mountains. Joseph Doty owned part of the same lot afterwards. (2d Generation.)

Uriah Hedges married Betsey Badgley, sister of John and James Badgley, and had children:

1. Uriah Hedges, Jun., who married Phebe Dayton.

2. Stephen, who lived in Stony Hill Vallay, east of William Robison's farm.

3. Joseph, who lived at Rockaway, Morris county.

4. Gilbert, who married Peggy Porterfield.

URIAH HEDGES, Jun., died 10th October, 1797, aged 72 years. He, and Phebe Dayton, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Gilbert, who married, 1st March, 1773, Margaret McCarty.

2. Edward, who died 16th July, 1775, unmarried.

3. Dayton, who also died unmarried.

4. Benjamin, who married Polly Willcox, daughter of Peter Willcox, Jun.

5. James married, 3d April, 1788, Susannah, widow of Jonathan Elmer, Jun., and daughter of Benjamin Bedell, and had children:

1. Polly Bedell, baptized 17th May, 1789; 2. Jane, baptized 1st July, 1792; 3. Sarah, baptized 8th January, 1797.

6. Farata, who died, an old woman, unmarried.

7. Betsey married 27th March, 1788, Thomas Martin. He died and she married, 2d, John Leonard.

8. Abigail married Anthony Badgley, Jun., son of Anthony.

9. Chloe married, 2d March, 1789, Timothy Bedell, son of Benjamin, and died 3d August, 1793.

GILBERT HEDGES, (son of Uriah Hedges, Jun.,) and Margaret McCarty, had children; (4th Generation.)

1. John, who died 20th July, 1783.

2. Jane married, 12th May, 1793, Matthias Dean, son of John Dean, and went to Ohio.

3. Edward, who died 12th July, 1785.

4. Sally, who married Lewis Miller, of Westfield.

5. Polly married David Willcox, son of Noah Willcox, Sen. He died, and she married Nathaniel Roberts, of Green Village, Morris county.

6. Phebe, who died unmarried.

7. Catherine married Zophar Hetfield, of Westfield.

8. Betsey married Capt. Aaron Doty, son of Elder Joseph Doty.

9. Edward, 2d, born 1793, twin to Betsey, married, 24th December, 1815, Phebe Doty, born 1798, daughter of James Doty, and had children: (5th Generation.)

1. Salina, who died at 4 years of age.
2. Gilbert, who died at 14 years.
3. Mary, who died at 21 years.
4. Jenette, born 18--.
5. Nancy Mariah, born 18--.
6. Edward Locey, born 1833.

Gilbert Hedges, died 5th August, 1822, aged 78 years. Margaret Hedges, his widow, died 18th March, 1838, aged 84 years.


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