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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN HIGH lived in Westfield. He married Deborah' the widow of Mr. Brooks, and daughter of Mr. Crane, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Esther, who married Deacon William Sayre, and had no children.

2. Jacob, who married Hetty Dunham, daughter of John Dunham, Sen.

3. Sarah married John Dunham, Jun., brother of Jacob's wife. [See Dunham.]

4. Benjamin, who died unmarried.

5. John, Jr, married Rachel Squier, daughter of Benjamin Squier.

6. Eupheme married Robert Woodruff, of Westfield.

JACOB HIGH, (son of John,) removed from Westfield to Sterling Valley, (the great swamp.) about the year 1787. He and his wife, Hetty Dunham, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Ephraim, who married, 1st, Abby Ross, daughter of Joseph Ross; 2d, Polly Case, daughter of John Case.

2. William, born 19th December, 1777, who married Abigail Williams, daughter of Noah Williams.

3. Polly married Captain Benjamin Conklin, son of Joshua. [See Conklin.]

4. John married, 1st, Nelly Weir, daughter John Weir; 2d, Jane Weir, sister of his first wife.

5. Jacob, Jr., who died at 22 years, unmarried.

6. Miriam, who married, 1st, Charles Wilson, son of James, of New Vernon; 2d, Sylvester Andrews, a Yankee.

7. Hetty, who married Thomas D. Jones, son of Luther Jones. [See Jones.]

EPHRAIM HIGH, (1st child of Jacob,) and Abby Ross, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Margaret, who married, 1st, Abraham Harman; he died without children; 2d, Isaac Denman, son of Philip, of Springfield.

2. Marsh, who married Anna Sutton, of Basking Ridge, and went to Ohio.

By his 2d wife, Ephraim High had children:

3. Eliza Anne married Peter Thomas, son of Griffin, of Logansville, and had 6 children.

4. Catherine married Simon Emmons, son of John, of Mendham, and had 5 children.

5. Esther married Henry Baird, son of William, of Logansville, and had 5 children.

6. Martha married James Colwell, son of John, son of Hugh Cauldwell, had 3 children, and went to Illinois.

7. Hannah married Byram Baird, brother of Henry.

8. Amadee married Lucinda Parcels, daughter of James, of Green Village.

WILLIAM HIGH, (2d child of Jacob,) and Abigail Williams, had children:

1. Eliza Marsh, who married Floyd Ferris, son of Randolph, went to Ohio, and had children:

1. Margaret Jane Ferris, who died at 14 years.
2. Anne Eliza Ferris, who married Cyrus R. Spencer, of Ohio.
3. Walter Ferris.
4. Emanuel Ferris.

2. Lucinda High, daughter of William, married William Douglas, son of Peter, and had children:

1. Caroline, who died at 9 months.
2. Abby Anne Douglas, married Daniel Willcox, son of Ezra.

JOHN HIGH, (4th child of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) by his 1st wife, had a son, Ezra, and by his 2d wife had children: 2. William; 3. Jacob; 4. John.

MIRIAM HIGH, (6th child of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) and Charles Wilson, had children:

1. Martha Wilson, who married James Darling, son of Thomas, of New Vernon, lives at Bloomfield, and has children: 1. Albert Darling.

2. John Wilson, who married Mary Bristol, of Connecticut, lives near Green Village, and had children: 1. Miriam; 2. Charles Wilson.

By her 2d husband, (Sylvester Andrews,) she had two children

1. Lorinda, who died 14th November, 1826, in infancy.

2. Harriet, who died 18th August, 1828, in infancy.

HETTY HIGH, (7th child of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) and Thomas D. Jones, had 6 children:

1. Martha B.; 2. Matilda; 3. Margaret Jane; 4. Mary; 5. Wealthy Anne; 6. Emma. [See Jones.]

JOHN HIGH, Jr., (5th child of John High,) and Rachel Squier, lived in Westfield, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Rebecca, who married John Denman, son of Christopher, had no children:

2. Mary married Ezra Miller, son of Moses, son of John Miller. [See Miller.]

3. Linus married Anna Scudder, daughter of Ephraim, and sister of Smith, of Elizabethtown.

4. Rachel married James Mooney, son of Nicholas, of Westfield.

5. John, 3d, married Sarah Meeker, daughter of James Meeker, and sister of J. F. Meeker, of Elizabethtown.

LINUS HIGH, (son of John High, Jr.,) and Anna Scudder, had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Ephraim Scudder High, who became a Presbyterian minister, and went to Wisconsan.

2. John, who married Elizabeth Meeker, of Elizabethtown.

3. Martha Anne.

RACHEL HIGH, (daughter of John High, Jr.,) and James Mooney, had children:

1. Linus High Mooney.

2. Sarah Mooney, who married Jeremiah Price, son of Edward, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Elizabeth Price; 2. Linus Miller Price; 3. Anna Price;
4. Edward Price; they live in Columbia, South Carolina.

3. James Mooney, who died at about 18 years.

JOHN HIGH, 3d, (5th child of John High, Jr., son of John High,) and Sarah Meeker, had children:

1. Hannah, who married John B. Oliver, son of Joseph, of Rahway, and had children: 1. Joseph Oliver; 2. Augustus Oliver; 3. Edward Oliver.

2. Rachel.

3. Mary.

4. Phebe married Amos Woodruff, and had children: 1. Sarah Meeker Woodruff.

5. Sarah Anne.

6. John James.

7. Linus.


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