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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


CHARLES HOLE lived close by Blue Brook, between the mountains, and owned a tract of land between Uriah Hedges' and the large tract of John and James Badgley, and had children:

1. Rachel, who married Abraham Osborn, 23d July, 1769.

2. Zachariah married _____ _____ .

3. Daniel married, 31st March, 1785, Mary Bedell, daughter of William Bedell, and went to Ohio. [See William Bedell.]

4. Charles, Jun., married Polly Scudder, and went to the Beech Woods, New York, and had a son, Daniel, and perhaps others.

5. John, (who was a doctor,) married, 1st, Hannah Clark; 2d, Mercy Ludlow, daughter of Jeremy Ludlow, [see Jeremy Ludlow,] and went to Ohio, and by whom he had children:

1. Jeremiah; 2. Mary; 3. Elizabeth; 4. Jane, who married Jacob Mulford, son of Caleb, son of Job. [See Job Mulford.]

6. Betsey, who married _____ _____ .

7. Polly.

8. William married, 5th July, 1785, Ruth Crane, daughter of Joseph. [See Crane.]

DANIEL HOLE, (son of Charles,) and Polly Scudder, had children:

1. Isaac, who went to the lakes, New York, and was there drowned.

2. Jacob married Phebe Leonard, daughter of David, in the Great Swamp.

3. Caleb married Betsey _____ .

4. Charles married Abby Headley.

5. Polly went to the Beech Woods, and married there.

6. Daniel, Jun., married Polly Martin, daughter of Thomas, son of Alexander, and had children: 1. Sally; 2. Nancy; 3. Thomas; and went to the Beech Woods.

ZACHARIAH HOLE, (son of Charles,) had children:

1. Effa, who married Peter Banta, and had children:

1. Christiana Banta, who married Isaac Roberts, son of Isaac.
2. Albert Banta married Miss Brown.
3. Hanna Banta married Martin Foutz.
4. Peter Banta, a new-light preacher, married Keziah Bridge, daughter of John, of Wisconsan.
5. Isaac Banta, also a preacher, married Miss Rica.
6. Mary Banta married William De Groot.
7. James Banta married _____ _____ .
8. Anna Banta married George Brewbaker.
9. Rachel Banta married Samuel Johnson.
10. Effa Anne Banta married, 1st, Thomas Wills, also a preacher; 2d, Mr. Rusk.
11. Henry Banta.

2. Polly Hole married John Auckerman, and had children:

1. Lewis Auckerman, who married, 1st, Miss Wilson; 2d Miss Brower.
2. George Auckerman married Barbara Brewbaker, sister of George Brewbaker.
3. David Auckerman was killed by lighthing at 18 years.
4. Zachariah Auckerman married _____ _____ .
5. Elizabeth Auckerman married David Dillman.
6. Fredrick Auckerman married _____ _____ .
7. Solomon Auckerman married Miss Schenk.
8. Catherine Auckerman.
9. John Auckerman married Miss Schenk, sister of Solomon's wife.

3. Sarah Hole married William B. Wilson, from Kentucky, and had children:

1. Henry Wilson, who married Margaret Sellers, daughter of William, from Kentucky.

2. James Wilson married Catherine Shidler.

3. William Wilson married Huldah Doty, daughter of John, son of Daniel Doty. She, with her child, was drowned in the canal, near Middletown.

4. Mariah Wilson married Robert Swisher.
5. Madison Wilson married Margaret Neff.
6. Sarah Jane Wilson.
7. Eliza Wilson married Joseph Hunt, lives in Illinois.
8. John Wilson.
9. Jackson Wilson.
10. Washington Wilson married Anne Shippan.

4. James Hole married Miss Black.

5. William Hole.

6. Hannah Hole married Anthony Atkinson.

7. Lucretia Hole married Mr. Brandon.

8. Charles Hole married _____ _____ , and died.


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