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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


SETH HURIN married Mary Hazen, both born in New England, from whence they removed to Morris county, New Jersey, where all their children were born.

In 1787, they removed to Ulster county, New York, and from thence, in 1795, to Hamilton county, Ohio. He was born 22d November, 1729, and died in October, 1815. His wife was born 22d May, 1735, and died 30th June, 1794. They had children:

1. Hannah, born 4th July, 1754, married John Tharp, in Morris county, and died in Ohio, 29th November, 1841. They had children:

1. Elizabeth Tharp, who married John Leming.
2. Hurin Tharp, who died in infancy.
3. Athalia Tharp, who married Robert Porter.

2. Elizabeth married Uzel Bates, of Morris, and had children:

1. Othniel Bates; 2. Catherine Bates.

3. Othniel married Bethia St. John, of New York, and went to Ohio.

4. Phebe, born 17th April, 1761, married Bethuel Norris, and had no children.

5. Mary, born 6th February, 1764, and died in infancy.

6. Enos, born 19th September, 1766, married, 1st, _____ _____ ; 2d, Lydia Marsh; had no children.

7. Mary, 2d, born 11th October, 1769, married Jesse Genung and had children:

1. Hurin; 2. Rebecca; 3. David Genung.

She died 4th July, 1844.

8. Eli, born 21st April, 1772, married Lucretia Martin, in Ohio, and died 21st January, 1828.

9. Silas, born 22d July, 1774, and married Agnes Ludlow, daughter of John, son of Col. Cornelius Ludlow. [See Ludlow.]

10. Catherine, born 22d March, 1777, married Mr. McHenry, and died 19th March, 1829.

SILAS HURIN, (9th child of Seth Hurin,) lived at Lebanon, Ohio. He and Agnes Ludlow had children:

1. Catherine C., who married Richard Skinner, lived at Delphos, in Van Wert county, Ohio, and had children:

1. Myrilla Skinner, who married Dr. Guilford D. Coleman, and had children: 

1. Catharine M.; 2. Mary E.; 3. Laura G.; 4. Lyonel O. Coleman.

2. Catherine Sophia Skinner.
3. Edwin Skinner.
4. Anna Maria Skinner married Riley O'Neil, and had children: 1. Laura Kate; 2. Guilford K. O'Neil.

5. Richard L. Skinner.
6. James Hurin Skinner.
7. Harriet Skinner.
8. Mary Skinner.
9. Agnes Skinner.

2. Mariah married George Pierson, and had children:

1. Mary Agnes Pierson, who married, 24th March, 1851, Beniah E. Brower, of Lebanon.
2. William Pierson.
3. James Pierson.

3. Susan married Dr. Caleb Clements, lived in Labanon, and had children:

1. Agnes Clements.
2. Jane Clements.
3. Sarah Bell Clements married, 3d January, 1851, James Monroe Smith, son of George J. Smith, of Lebanon.
4. Alfred Clements.

4. Sarah Hurin married James M. Fisher, lives in Lebanon, and had children:

1. Samuel Fisher; 2. Eveline Fisher; 3. Amanda Fisher; 4. Mary Fisher; 5. Henry Fisher.

5. John Hurin, who died in infancy.

6. Amanda Hurin married John S. Weaver, and had children:

1. Susan Weaver.
2. James Weaver.
3. Catherine Weaver.
4. _____ Weaver.
5. John Weaver.

7. Hannah Hurin, who died in infancy.

8. James Kemper Hurin, who married, 1st, Mary Foster, and had a child, Mary Foster. He married, 2d, Eliza Littell, daughter of John Littell, Esq., of New Jersey, and had a daughter, Eliza Littell Hurin, who died 27th July, 1843, aged 5 months and 6 days. Mrs. Eliza Hurin was born 16th December, 1815, and died 19th of May, 1843. He married, 3d, Cynthia Halsey, daughter of Daniel Halsey, of Ohio, and has children: 3. Alice; 4. Ella Mariah; 5. James.

9. Silas, who died at 17 years.

10. Agnes Hurin married William Logan, and had one daughter, Sarah Catherine, when Mr. Logan died.

11. William Hurin, who died in infancy.


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