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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DOCTOR JACOB JENNINGS built the "red house" that stood by the well west of Nathan Elmer's house, and lived there. He had children:

1. Sarah, baptized 28th January, 1770.

2. Samuel Kennedy, baptized 29th September, 1771.

He sold his house and farm to Thomas Sanders, of New York. I do not know that Sanders ever lived there. Nathaniel Littell lived there from April, 1784, until April, 1786.


JACOB JENNINGS, who married Phebe Ball, daughter of Nathaniel Ball, [see Ball,] lived where William Parrot lately lived and died, and had children:

1. Keziah, who married, 6th November, 1788, Jonathan Stevens, Jun., son of Jonathan. [See Stevens.]

2. Esther married, 6th November, 1788, David Burnet.

3. Nathaniel married, 30th September, 1793, Sally Scudder, daughter of Thomas. [See Scudder.]

4. Sally.

5. Salome.

6. Jeremiah, baptized 7th December, 1786.

7. Rebecca.

NOTE.--David Harris married one of the daughters. Jacob Jennings, Nathaniel Roff, and Jonathan Stevens, went to western Pennsylvania, the Redstone country, a little after 1800.


WILLIAM JENNINGS married the widow Bedell, who lived where Jacob Davis Mulford now lives; I have not learned with certainty her first husband's name, but probably it was Jeremiah Bedell, who lived in this neighborhood in 1768. She was the mother of Gershom Bedell; Israel Bedell; Chloe Bedell, who married, 8th January, 1784, Joseph Ludlow, (son of Jeremy,) who afterwards lived where his mother-in-law lived; and Sally Bedell, who married 8th January, 1784, Seth Jewel, of Connecticut Farms.

DAVID JENNINGS was son of William Jennings, and married Phebe Wood, daughter of Daniel, son of Joseph Wood, of Rockaway. She died 3d May, 1838, aged 63 years. They had children:

1. Catherine, who married John S. Bedford, son of Stephen. [See Bedford.]

2. Daniel, who went to French Creek, Pennsylvania.

3. Henry married Rhoda Sayre, daughter of Benjamin Sayre, of Connecticut Farms.

4. Eliza, (twin of Henry,) married Squier Parsons, son of Samuel. [See Parsons.]

5. Mary married Amos S. Nichols, son of John, son of Jonathan Nichols, of Madison, and had children: 

1. Sarah Elizabeth Nichols; 2. Rhece Nichols; 3. John Henry Nichols; 4. Albert Brant Nichols; 5. David Oscar Nichols; 6. George Nichols.

6. Joanna married the same John S. Bedford, son of Stephen Bedford.

7. Phebe married, 1st January, 1839, Albert Brant, son of Samuel, of Madison, and had children: 1. Samuel Brant; 2. Daniel Wood Brant.


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