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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN JOHNSON lived in New-York, and did a large grocery business. He had several partners at different times, but became most extensively known as John Johnson & Sons. He married Betty Ward, daughter of David Ward, of Chatham, New Jersey, and had children: [See Ward.]

1. David Johnson, who married Laura Parmalee, and had no children. He retired from business to a farm on Long Island, and died 4th June, 1849, with cholera, without children.

2. John Johnson, who married Abigail _____ .

3. Sarah Johnson married William M. Halsted, who was a large dry-goods merchant, in New York.

4. Mariah Johnson married Richard T. Haines, son of Benjamin, of Elizabethtown. [See Townley.]

5. Enos Ward Johnson married Harriet Morton, in England.

6. Philip Johnson married Mariah Freeman, of Bridgetown.

7. William Johnson married Sarah Freeman, sister of his brother Philip's wife, and had children: 1. William; 2. Mariah Louisa 3. Augustus; 4. Madora.

JOHN JOHNSON, (2d son of John Johnson,) was a dry-goods merchant in New York. He and Abigail _____ had children: 1. Laura; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Adaline; 4. Mary; 5. Augustus; 6. Cornelia; 7. _____ ; 8. William.

SARAH JOHNSON, (3d child of John Johnson,) and William M. Halsted, had children: 1. Mariah; 2. David Johnson; 3. Thaddeus; 4. Enos; 5. William M., Jun., who married, 20th February, 1851, his cousin, Mary L. Haines, daughter of Richard T. Haines; 6. Sarah.

MARIAH JOHNSON, (4th child of John Johnson,) and Richard T. Haines, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. William A. Haines, who married Miss _____ Stagg.

2. Benjamin Haines.

3. Elizabeth Haines.

4. Sarah Halsted Haines, who married, 22d May, 1850, Samuel Knox, of New York.

5. John Johnson Haines.

6. Mary L. Haines married, 20th February, 1851, her cousin, William M. Halsted, Jun., son of William M. Halsted, of New York.

7. Stewart Haines.

ENOS W. JOHNSON, (5th child of John Johnson,) and Harriet Morton, had children: 1. Robert Morton Johnson; 2. Edward Johnson.

PHILIP JOHNSON, (6th child of John Johnson,) and Mariah Freeman, had children:

1. Philip; 2. Louisa; 3. Elizabeth. His wife Mariah then died, and he married again, and went to Michigan.


UZEL JOHNSON came from Newark to Long Hill in 1767, lived where Abraham Clark now lives. He married, while in Newark, Phebe Wick, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. William, who married Phebe Bonnel, daughter of Captain Nathaniel Bonnel and had children: 1. Theodocia; 2. Abigail.

2. Theodocia, who died young, 29th November, 1772.

3. David, who also died young, 16th November, 1772.

4. Theodorus married Susan Brown, of Newark, removed to Franklin, Ohio, and died there.

5. Charles married Phebe Bedell, daughter of William Bedell, and died 2d June, 1787 leaving children, Charles and Betsey Johnson, who went to Ohio with their mother. [See Bedell.] Betsey Johnson married Boaz Murphy, he died, and she went to the Shakers.

6. Gabriel, who was born 8th December, 1768, married, 19th November, 1790, Lois Bonnel, daughter of _____ Bonnel, of Connecticut Farms. She was born 6th April, 1772, and died 26th April, 1827, and he married, 19th July, 1829, Miss Fanny Smith, daughter of Doctor Peter Smith, of Flanders, Morris county. He died 16th March, 1850; had no children by his 2d wife.

7. David, 2d, who married, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Lewis; 

2. Charles; 

3. Susan; 

4. Phebe; 

5. Daniel; 

6. _____ ; 

7. David. And by his 2d wife, Polly Cauldwell, daughter of Dan Cauldwell, of Butler county, Ohio, he had children:

8. William, who married, and went down the Ohio river.

9. Betsey, who married Robert Cunningham, and had children: 1. Lucinda; 2. Zenas Henry Cunningham.

10. James married Jane Pierson, and lived in Montgomery.

11. John married, 1st, Harriet _____ ; 2d, _____ _____ .

12. Mary Anne married, 1st, Mr. Everhard; 2d, Francis Stevens.

8. Uzel married Phebe Woodruff, of Elizabethtown, and soon died.

Phebe, the wife of Uzel Johnson, Sen., died 18th Nov. 1788, aged 54 years, and he married, 15th October, 1789, Polly, the widow of Mr. Hole, and a sister of Capt. John Scudder, of Westfield, and had children by her:

9. John, who married, 22d June, 1811, Phebe Squier, daughter of Henry Squier, of Long Hill, and removed to Ohio. [See Walker.]

10. Theodocia, who married William Kint, had one child, and he died, and she went to Ohio, and there married a Mr. Tharp.

11. Betsey married David Samson, son of Isaac. [See Samson.]

Uzel Johnson, Sen., died 10th September, 1804, aged 73 years. Mrs. Johnson, after the death of Mr. Uzel Johnson, married, on the 19th June, 1813, John Dean, of Springfield. She had by her first husband, Mr. Hole, children:

1. Sally Hole, who married Stephen G. Leonard.

2. Jane Hole, who married Elias Stanbury, of Rahway, and had children:

1. Frazee Stanbury, who died at 26 years, unmarried.
2. David F. Stanbury died at 28 years, unmarried.
3. Susan L. Stanbury, who married James M. Whitehead, and died 1846, at 26 years.
4. William Stanbury, who died 1833, at 21 years, unmarried.
5. John Stanbury, who died 1836, at 18 years.

3. Rachel, who married Joseph Rutan, son of Abraham, as his 2d wife. [See Rutan.] He died, and she married Samuel Frazee, son of Morris.

THEODORUS JOHNSON, (4th child of Uzel,) and Susan Brown, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Jesse, who married Elizabeth Baldwin, and had children:

1. Frederick H. Johnson; 2. William Baldwin Johnson; 3. A daughter, who died young.

2. William, who died in Ohio, unmarried.

3. Phebe, who also died in Ohio, unmarried.

4. Daniel Brown was a Presbyterian minister, and died in Newark.

5. Mariah died, a young woman, in Ohio.

6. Cyrus married in Ohio.

7. Samuel.

8. Catherine.

9. Gabriel.

GABRIEL JOHNSON, Esq., (son of Uzel,) was a justice of the peace twenty years in Morris county. He and Lois Bonnel had children:

1. Sinesey, who was born 7th July, 1793, married, 1st, Anna Crowel, born 27th March, 1816, daughter of Samuel Crowel, of New Vernon, and removed to Dayton, Ohio, and had children:

1. Matilda A., who married, 25th September, 1834, Jesse W. Harker, son of Jesse Harker, of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, and died 1st July, 1836, leaving a daughter, Elizabeth Anne Harker, born 21st August, 1835.

2. Augustus, born 27th February, 1820, married 5th Janu- ary, 1847, Caroline Gilbert, daughter of James H. Gilbert, of the state of New York.

3. Samuel Crowel, born 27th February, 1822, and died 20th December, 1842.

4. Pamelia Elmer, born 27th March, 1824, and married 25th September, 1845, Nathan S. Lockwood, son of Jabez Lock- wood, from Connecticut.

Mrs. Anne Johnson died 26th April, 1827, and Mr. Johnson married, 2d, Anne Lindley, daughter of Joseph, son of Benjamin Lindley, Esq, of Morristown; has no children by her.

2. Charles, born 1st October, 1795, married Charlotte Ferris, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and had children: 1. Mary Charlotte; 2. Catherine Tichenor. His wife then died, and he married Jane Hopping, of East Madison, and had children: 3. Virginia Bishop; 4. Charles Emmet. His 2d wife then died, and he married, Sept. 1849, Arabella Jones Floyd Nichol, youngest daughter of Benjamin Nichol, of Shelter Island, near Sag Harbor, Suffolk county, Long Island.

3. Electa, born 25th December, 1797, married 26th April, 1815, Abraham R. Colwell, son of John Cauldwell, and went to Urbana, Ohio, and died 15th November, 1826. [See Cauldwell.]

4. Pamela, born 29th January, 1800, married, 8th December, 1822, Dr. Henry G. Elmer, son of Dr. Moses G. Elmer. He died 11th February, 1824, aged 25 years, and she married, 3d August, 1825, Sylvester Britton, son of Col. William Britton, of Madison. He died soon after, and she died 3d June, 1826, without children.

6. Aaron, born 27th February, 1802, married, 18th February, 1828, Betsey Sayre, daughter of John Sayre, son of Isaac Sayre, Jun., and had children: 1. William; 2. Rebecca; 3. Fanny Lois, who died at 5 years.

7. Uzel E., born 29th June, 1806, married, 4th April, 1833, Catherine Tichenor, only daughter of Caleb Tichenor, of Livingston, and lives there. His wife died, leaving children: 1. Mary Tichenor; 2. Pamela; and he married 5th December, 1840, Caroline Wood, daughter of Baldwin Wood, near Spring Valley, and had other children: 3. Frances Henrietta; 4. Julia Day.

8. Mariah, born 14th May, 1809, went to Ohio, and married Calvin Eddy, and soon returned to New Jersey. He died at Stanhope. She died at her father's house, 31st August, 1845, and left children: 1. William Eddy; 2. Anne Mariah Eddy.

9. William, born 20th October, 1812, and died 21st May, 1821.


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