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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DAVID KIRKPATRICK came from Scotland, and settled at Mine Brook, in Somerset county. He married in this country, Miss McEowen, a sister of the father of Dr. Hugh McEowen, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Elizabeth, who married Henry Sloan, son of William, of Lamington.

2. Anne, who married Moses Esty, Esq., of Morristown.

3. Alexander, who was born 14th September, 1751, and married, 4th May, 1774, Sally Carle, daughter of Justice John Carle, of Long Hill.

4. Andrew, who became chief justice of the supreme court of New Jersey. He married Jane Bayard, daughter of Col. John Bayard, of New Brunswick. She died 16th February, 1851.

5. Polly married Hugh Gaston, lived at Peapack, and had but one child, Samuel Gaston, who married Nancy Cooper, daughter of Henry Cooper, Esq., of Chester, in Morris county. He inherited his father's farm of 300 acres, now owned by John Jeroloman. Samuel Gaston had but one child, Henrietta Gaston.

6. Jennet, who married Dickinson Miller, son of Jonathan Miller, of Basking Ridge, lived at Somerville. [See Miller.]

7. David, who lived on the homestead of his father. He married, 1st, Mary Farmer, of Parcipany, Morris county; 2d, Sarah, the widow of his nephew, David Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander, and sister of Peter Cooper, of Long Hill, by whom he had no children.

ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK, (daughter of David,) and Henry Sloan, lived at Lamington, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. William Sloan, who was a Presbyterian minister, settled as pastor of the Greenwich church, in Warren county, 40 years.

2. John Sloan was a physician, went to North Carolina, and died there, unmarried.

3. Mary Sloan, who died young.

4. David Sloan was a physician, went to Ohio, and settled near Hamilton, married a Miss Crane, and died about 1820, leaving two children.

5. Elizabeth Sloan married Dr. Ebenezer K. Sherwood, and died, leaving no children.

6. Henry Sloan married Phebe Suydam, was a major in the militia, and lived where his father and grandfather did.

7. Samuel Sloan married Elizabeth Boylan, went to Raleigh, North Carolina, as a merchant, and died there, leaving one son.

NOTE.--William Sloan, (the father of Henry Sloan, Sen.) and his wife, whose maiden name was Mary Shields, emigrated from Ireland previous to 1750. They had three sons and six daughters: (they may not be placed in the order of their births.)

1. Henry, who married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, daughter of David.

2. John, who died an old man, unmarried.

3. Samuel, who was an Episcopal minister, and settled in Maryland, and married, and had but one child, a daughter, who married and died there.

4. A daughter, who married Samuel McCrea, a son of Parson McCrea, who was a long time the pastor of Lamington church; he removed to Ballston, New York.

5. A daughter, who married David Chambers, a colonel in the Revolutionary War.

6. A daughter, who married Hugh Gaston, as his 1st wife, and died without children. Mr. Gaston married, for his 2d wife, Polly daughter of David Kirkpatrick, and had a son, Samuel Gaston, who married Nancy Cooper, daughter of Henry Cooper, Esq.

7. A daughter, who married John Maxwell, Esq. She soon died without children, and he married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, the widow of Henry Sloan, Sen., for his 3d wife.

8. A daughter, who married Robert Maxwell, (brother of John Maxwell, Esq. and also a brother of old General Maxwell, of Revolutionary memory,) and had children:

1. John Maxwell, who married Mary Williams.
2. William Maxwell, who did not marry.
3. Mary Maxwell, who is unmarried.
4. Anne married Adam Ramsey.
5. Elizabeth Maxwell, who married Mr. Kennedy.

9. Mary Anne, who married John P. Bryan, of Peapack, and had children:

1. Elizabeth Brvan, who married the Rev. Mr. Grant, a Presbyterian minister, who settled near New Hope.
2. Mary Bryan, who died young.

3. Rachel Bryan, who married the Hon. George Maxwell, son of the above, named John Maxwell, Esq, by his 2d wife. George Maxwell was a member of congress, and had a son, John P. B. Maxwell, who was subsequently a member of congress.

ANNE KIRKPATRICK, (2d child of David,) and Moses Esty, Esq., had children: (3d Generation.)

1. David K. Esty, who went to Cincinnati, was judge of the supreme court of Ohio. He married Lucy Harrison, daughter of General William Henry Harrison, subsequently president of the United States.

2. Charles Esty, who was surgeon in the United States Army, in the war of 1812, and died unmarried.

3. John Esty, who died in Philadelphia.

4. Sarah Esty, who married Lewis Mills, merchant, of Morristown.

5. Eliza Esty, who married Mr. Nottingham.

6. Hannah Esty married Mr. _____ Burnet, son of Judge Jacob Burnet, of Cincinnati. He was president of Texas previous to the annexation of that state, to the United States.

7. Mary Esty married _____ _____ . She is principal matron of the female seminary at Cincinnati.

ALEXANDER KIRKPATRICK, (3d child of David,) and Sally Carle, lived in Passaic Valley, Somerset county, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. David, who married Sarah Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper, 2d, and sister of Peter Cooper, and had a son, who died in infancy.

2. Mary, who married Lafferty Cross, son of Robert, and had children: (4th Gen.) (4th Generation.)

1. David Cross, who died young.
2. Carle Cross married Anne Barcalo, daughter of Stoffel, of Basking Ridge.

3. Martha Cross went to Illinois, and married there, 1st, Mr Wilson; 2d, Mr. Baird.
4. Sarah Cross married Joel Cory, son of Parkhurst, and went to Jerseyville, Jersey county, Illinois.
5. Bryant Cross went to Illinois, and thence to Missouri.

3. John married Mary Ayers, daughter of David Ayers, Esq., of Liberty Corner. He was a captain of the militia; removed to the lakes, New York, and had children: 1. William; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Sarah; 4. Hannah; 5. Samuel; 6. Walter.

4. Jacob, who become the "Rev. Jacob Kirkpatrick, D. D." He was settled at Amwell, Hunterdon county, over the Presbyterian church, and had children:

1. Alexander, who married Miss Johnson, of Philadelphia, is a merchant at Bridgeton, Cumberland county, New Jersey.
2. John, who died young.
3. David Bishop married Miss McNair, of Pennsylvania; is a farmer at Ringoes.
4. H. Augustus married Miss Quick, of Flemington; is a physician at Redington.
5. Calvin is a merchant in New York.
6. Newton married Miss Sebring of Easton, Pennsylvania; is a teacher in Easton.
7. Charles W. is a harness-maker.
8. Jacob.
9. Lydia married Dr. _____ Lossey.
10. Anne.
11. Frances.
12. Elizabeth.
13. Sarah married Joseph G. Brown, a farmer.
14. Mary.

5. Sarah married William I. Annin, son of John, of Liberty Corner, and had children:

1. Elizabeth Annin married Mr. _____ Locey, son of Jacob Locey, Esq., of Pluckemin.
2. Sarah Annin married Joseph Annin, son of William C. Annin, of Liberty Corner.
3. Martha Annin married Mr. Castner, son of Peter Castner.

4. Mary Annin, (twin to Martha.) married William Boyle, son of Robert, and went to Illinois. [See Boyle.]

5. Lydia Annin married Ferdinand Boyle, son of Solomon, son of Joseph. [See Boyle.]

6. John A. Annin graduated at Princeton college, studied theology, and was ordained to the gospel ministry, by the presbytery of Elizabethtown, 8th October, 1851; he preaches at Franklin, Warren county, Ohio. He married, 25th September, 1851, Elizabeth D. Fisher, daughter of the Rev. Jesse Fisher, of Windham, Connecticut.

7. Antoinette Annin.

6. Elizabeth married Alexander Vail, son of James Vail, of Stone house Village; children:

1. Kerenhappuck Vail, who married Dr. William Cole, son of Elias, of Scotch Plains [See Cole.]
2. Thirza Vail married Clark Squier, son of Ludlow, of Plainfield. [See Squier.]

Mr. Vail then died, and she married William B. Gaston, Esq., son of Joseph, and lives at Somerville, and has other children:

3. Alexander Gaston; 4. Joseph Gaston; 5. Hugh Gaston; 6. Frederick Gaston; 7. John Gaston; 8. William Gaston.

7. Lydia, who married Peter Demut, son of John Demut, lives at Peapack, and has children;

1. Sarah Demut; 2. Ida Demut; 3. John Demut; 4. Jacob Demut; 5. Vroom Demut; 6. Anne Demut.

8. Anne, who married John Stelle, son of Oliver, lived in Bernardstown, Somerset county, and had children:

1. Jephtha Stelle, who married Sarah Mandell, lives in Brooklyn, New York.
2. Jacob Stelle married Jane Compton, daughter of Moore Compton, and went to Illinois.
3. Freeman Stelle married Martha Runyon, daughter of David R. Runyon.
4. Lewis Stelle.
5. Provy Stelle.

9. Rebecca, who married Squier Terril, Esq., son of Thomas Terril, Esq., and had children:

1. Aula Terril; 2. Mary Terril; 3. June Terril; 4. Anne Terril; 5. Margaret Terril; 6. Thomas Terril; 7. Edward Terril; 8. Walter Terril; 9. George Terril.

10. Jane married John Cory, son of Parkhurst Cory, and went to Ohio, lived about 30 miles from Dayton, and had children:

1. Sarah Cory; 2. Johannah Cory; 3. David Cory; 4. Joel Cory.

11. Alexander married Eliza Tingley, daughter of Ebenezer Tingley. He lived and died on his father's farm, and left children

1. Ebenezer Tingley; 2. Hugh James; 3. Mary Elizabeth.

12. Martha married Israel Squier, son of Ludlow, and went to Illinois, and had children:

1. Harrison Squier; 2. Agnes Squier; 3. Caroline Squier; 4. John Squier; 5. Mary Squier; 6. Elizabeth Squier; 7. Ludlow Squier.

13. Robert Finley, who married Charity Terril, daughter of Thomas Terril, Esq. He lived on his father's homestead farm, and had children:

1. Lewis, who married Agnes Smalley, only daughter of Nathan, 1st January, 1851.
2. Amanda. 3. Lucinda. 4. Walter.

CHIEF JUSTICE ANDREW KIRKPATRICK, (4th child of David,) lived in New Brunswick, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Bayard, who lived in Washington City, and had no children:

2. Littleton married in Philadelphia, and lived in New Brunswick.

3. Mary Anne married the Rev. Samuel B. Howe, D. D.

4. Jane married the Rev. Mr. Cogswell, D. D.

5. A daughter, who died unmarried.

JENNET KIRKPATRICK, (6th child of David, 1st,) and Dickinson Miller, lived at Somerville, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. John Miller, who married Rebecca Williamson, daughter of Matthew, of Somerville, and went to Ohio.

2. David K. Miller, who married Jane Quick, daughter of Abraham, of North Branch, lives at Plainfield, and had children:

1. Jennet Miller; 2. Abraham Miller; 3. Mary Miller.

3. Andrew Miller is a lawyer, married Eliza Chamberland, of Flemington, and lives in Philadelphia, and has no children.

4. Caleb Miller is unmarried; lives on the homestead at Somerville.

5. Dickinson Miller is a lawyer, married Eliza Van Voorst, and lives in Jersey City, and has no children.

6. Samuel Miller is unmarried; lives with Caleb.

DAVID KIRKPATRICK, (7th child of David, 1st,) and Mary Farmer, lived on his father's homestead, and had children:

1. Walter, who married 1st, Maria Cobb, daughter of Lemuel Cobb, Esq.; 2d, Elizabeth Howel, daughter of Benjamin Howel, and niece of his first wife. They were both of Parcipany.

2. Hugh was sheriff of Somerset county; is unmarried; lives on his father's homestead.

3. Elizabeth, who married Alexander Cobb.

WALTER KIRKPATRICK, (son of David,) was a lawyer; lived on the homestead; represented Somerset county several years in the council and assembly of the state of New Jersey. He had children: 1. Walter; 2. Mary.

NOTE.--I know of no connection between the families of David Kirkpatrick and Thomas Kirkpatrick.


By tradition in the families of Thomas Kirkpatrick, and Hugh Gaston, William Logan, and James Cauldwell, I am led to believe that Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Kirkpatrick, and the wife of Captain William Logan, of Peapack, were sisters of Hugh Gaston, and that the father, of Hugh Gaston, was brother of Mary, the wife of James Cauldwell. [See Cauldwell.]

THOMAS and ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK lived about a mile westerly of Liberty Corner, and owned a farm of 300 acres, on which was a sawmill; they had children, John and Jane. Jane died unmarried at some 60 years of age.

JOHN KIRKPATRICK, (son of Thomas,) inherited his father's property, married Anne Coriell, daughter of Elias Coriell, and had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Sally, who married John Layton, lives in Plainfield, and had children: (3d Gen.) (4th Generation.)

1. Josiah Layton.
2. John Layton, who married Deborah Melissa Bedell, of Green Village.
3. James Finley Layton.
4. Thomas Layton.
5. Mary Anne Layton.

2. Elizabeth married John King, son of John, of Liberty Corner, and had children:

1. James King; 2. Elias King; 3. Mary Anne King; 4. David King; 5. Jane Elizabeth King.

3. Thomas married Mariah Hurd, and had children:

1. Anne Eliza, who died at 3 years old; 2. Jacob Hurd; 3. Manning Rutan; 4. Eugene; 5. Amanda Bausabin.

4. Elias married Jane Squier, daughter of Ludlow, lived at Plainfield, was a justice of the peace, and had children:

1. Anne Amelia; 2. William; 3. Emily; 4. Abby; 5. Walter.

5. James married, 1st, Aletta Van Arsdale, daughter of Philip, and had children: 1. Anna; 2. Frederick.

He married, 2d, Mary Stout, and had other children: 3. James Harris; 4. Josiah Layton; 5. Hugh.

6. Lydia married Stephen Woodard, son of Samuel, and went to Chicago, Illinois, and had children:

1. Phebe Anne Woodard; 2. William Woodard; 3. John Woodard; 4. Benjamin Franklin Woodard.

7. Jane married David Kline, and had children:

1. Anne Eliza Kline; 2. Phebe Kline; 3. Peter Fisher Kline; 4. John Cassedy Kline; 5. Jacob Kline; 6. Franklin Miller Kline; 7. Ellen Taylor Kline; 8. Mary Malvina Pohlman Kline; 9. _____ _____ .

8. Mary married Tunis Vannest, son of John, of Martinville, and had children: (2 Generation.)

1. John Vannest, who died young; 2. Anna Mariah Vannest; 3. William Vannest; 4. John Vannest, 2d. 5. Sarah Elizabeth Vannest; 6. Mary Jane Vannest.

9. John, who died in Newark, aged about 30 years, unmarried.

10 Anne married Philip Van Arsdale, son of Peter, and had children:

1. Peter Van Arsdale; 2. John Van Arsdale; 3. Elizabeth Van Arsdale.

11. Hugh married Elizabeth King, of Bellville, and had children: 1. John Franklin.


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